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Now, of course you might wonder: Where did I get this Idea? Well it was after a few role-playing questions with my stepsister and advice from my ex-Beta that this was born. If a German accent annoys you, this fic might not be for you.

Chapter 1: A Strange Encounter vith a God of… Toilet Paper?

Is it normal to vake up and see a hot black haired boy vith chocolate brown eyes staring at jou? I thought not, but being zhe German zhat I am, makes it very hard to believe zhat zhere is an Egyptian god in front of me saying zhat mein family is connected to some ancient Egyptian bloodline from over three thousand years ago? I believe he has zhe wrong guy, my family has never, never ever moved out of Germany, even during the World Wars, well my Mutti* vas from France, but zhe male side of zhe family never moved.
"Vhat do jou vant?" I ask, the German accent coming on thick and serious.
"You are Mathias Beilschmidt, correct?" The boy asked.
"Ja, und vhy are jou here for?" I smartly replied. "I'm pretty sure none of mein** family relates to Egypt."
"You…" the boy growled, like a dog.
"A hund***, jou are?"
"In a manner of speaking, yes and no, I am Anubis, god of Funerals and death. A jackal is more correct, in a manner of speaking." The boy responded.
'Hell, I am into Japanese Anime, not old myths, but how vould I explain to Mutti about zhe boy? Ah, to hell vith it I'll just pull out Lutz, to scare him off.' I thought it was a pretty good idea so I got out of my sky blue bed and valked down zhe hall to where Lutz, my Vati's*` dog, was stored. See, Lutz is a special German Sheppard, he is half German Sheppard, half Doberman.
Lutz was bred to protect his owners and vhen they are in danger, zhey attack, nein~? Lutz was already sniffing zhe air around my room as being off und out of place, he valked strait in und started barking at Anubis.
I vhispered out the command, "attack." Vhich Lutz promptly vent flying at zhe boy, but zhe boy only disappeared.
"I will be back for you!" He yelled before disappearing.
"Oh, nein, jou von't!" I yelled before locking my windows and putting Lutz back in his room with Mutti and Vati.

I vonder how long it vill take for Mutti to notice…

"Mathias! Get jour Arsch down here now!" My mom Françoise said.

I rushed down zhe stairs, if she got mad zhen zhere vouldn't be any wurst for me to eat. Vhich was my favorite food that Gilbert made vhen he vasn't out drinking vith Antonio or Uncle Ludwig und Feliciano.

"Mathias, vhat took jou so long?" Gilbert asked as I sat down at my seat.

"I vas busy cleaning through Kiku's stash of manga upstairs zhat he left me last time he visited." I replied, zhat was zhe truth since it vas vhat I vas doing before zhe boy appeared.

"Oh?" Françoise asked, looking into my red eyes that I got from my Vati.

"Yeah, I vas vorking on zhe Bleach series before I came down here." I responded, before putting another piece of wurst in my mouth und chewing.

"So much like his uncle, but nicht``."

"Ja, but he is more pro-strictness und all."

*Later that nacht~~*

As I vas preparing to go to bed, at the vindow, a low rapping of knuckles can be heard, just barely audible, but I heard it. I vasn't scared so I vent to the guest room, vhere my extra stock of manga is und stayed in zhat room for the night. Vhen I voke up, I vas in Gil's private game cave, und Gil was looking at Arthur like something vas vrong vith me.

"Vati, vhy ist Arthur here?" I asked.

"Jou almost fell out of the guest vindow last night and jou have been knocked out for most of the day since." Gil replied.

"I—vhat!" I stood up. "Verdammt. It vas zhat boy from yesterday, vasn't it!"

"The boy?"Arthur asked.

"Ja, a strange boy appeared before dinner last night." I replied.

"Oh?" Arthur thought about it for a minute or so it seemed as if that is vhat he vas doing. "Anyway, I have put a protective spell around the house for you and put a protective spell on you as well, Mathias."

The British man vas very into Black magic, even thought Alfred, his boyfriend didn't get that or Mutti as Arthur still called her a frog for earlier years, before I vas born.

"Was does that mean?" I asked Vati.

"Mathias, he is basically saying jou can't leave the haus." Gilbert replied.

"Not even to visit Peter or Elizabeta?" I questioned.

"Nein, ve vould habe to request zhat zhey come over to visit jou und such."

"Vell zhen, may I go to my room then?"

"I guess it would be safe now." Arthur said.

"Oh, gut, then guten Abend, I'm going to go eat some dinner then if I'm not need to be a test subject anymore." I responded before valking up zhe stairs to get myself some Königsberger Klopse vhich are Prussian meatballs vith caper on the side.

Zhey are very yummy to eat, as zhey aren't really pasta-like vhat Feliciano or Lovino makes, but zhey are Gil's favorite dish as he is Prussian after all. He guards his German beer stash so vell that uncle Ludwig can't even find it, even vith the help from Lutz, vho vas also trained to smell for beer. Und so, after that I vent to bed, hoping the boy vouldn't be able to break through Arthur's spell und all…

I voke up to Ivan, the Russian man that vas "friends" vith Gil in front of me, if he vas here that meant the Gil vas serious about me not disappearing from him sight, since Ivan gives everyone the chills up their spines.

"Privet, Mathias, I will be visiting with you for a while now." Ivan said once he had noticed that I had awoken.

"Guten morgen, Ivan," I replied. "It's good to see zhat Vater finally trusts jou enough to habe jou here for a vhile."

"Oh, that is very rude of you to say Mathias, da?" He replied, his click of the tongue on his yes vas not surprising. "Your mother has made you breakfast, so you'd be best to go and eat, da?"

"I guess…" I muttered.

"Hmm? I didn't hear what you said."

"I vill being going down then."

"Oh, really?" Ivan said before pulling me into one of those Russian bear hugs. He smelled of sunflowers and vodka, vhich strangely vas quite relaxing.

I placed my head upon Ivan's chest, if Vati ever saw me like this, he vould be mad, very mad at me. "Mmm, Ivan jou smell nice…" I muttered into his chest.

"I…" Ivan vas clearly shocked by my reaction apparently. "I'm shocked."

He smiled as we began valking down the stairs to get breakfast.

"Guten morgen, Vati und Mutti," I said, before sitting down at my seat. "Apparently, no one decided to varn me about my new present?"

"Oh, Ivan vill be staying for a vhile until ve figure out vhat to do about zhe incident." Mutti replied.

"Zhat's gut to know now," I muttered before I started eating zhe pancakes that vere set out before me. "So, Vati vhen vill Elizabeta be coming over?"

"Vhen ever she can get Roderick away from his piano long enough to drag him over here." Gil responded.

I grumbled, 'Vhy did that Austrian have to be so obsessed vith his piano?' I vould really never fully understand vhy he vas.

"Anyway, I know zhat Berwald and Tino vill be visiting soon." Gil continues.

Berwald is a tall, imitating Swedish man und Tino is his Finnish lover, they adopted Peter, vho is one of my best friends. They also are friends vith Emil, the Icelandic man vho takes care of Peter on zhe veekends, Lukas xhe Norwegian man vho is love vith the person Vati named me after, Mathias Køhler, vho is Danish und one of his most trusted friends. Ivan is one of Vati's fri-enemies that has long since brewed over und Ich has fallen in love vith… sadly.

End of Chapter 1


Mutti- Mom/mother childish way of saying Mutter (Mother).
Und- and
Hund- Hound/dog.
Vati/Vater- dad/father, originally written "v's" are pronounced as "f's".
Nein- no
Nicht- Not, (in most cases).

Nacht- Night.

Habe- have

Ich- I (in most cases)

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