What in the world is wrong with Tea?

( It's a warm June day and Tea and Yami are sitting on a park bench talking when Tea screams in pain)


Yami: What's the matter Tea?

Tea: I don't know. But it will go away. I've had this cramp before. Don't worry. What were we...( Is interrupted by another shocking pain) Ouuuuu!

Yami: We better get you to a doctor.

Tea: No, I'll be fine. ( Has another cramp) OUUUUUUU!!!! This is really getting old!

Yami: That's it! You are going to the doctor! ( Picks her up and takes her to the car)

Tea: Put me.( Another shocking pain shoots through her) Ouuuuu!

( They get to the doctor and they have to wait. A little bit later, a nurse comes in and tells her to go to room 219. They go back there and sit to wait for the doctor. The doctor comes in about a minute later)

Doctor: Sorry I am late. I had to go make a phone call. Now, what seems to be the problem?

Tea: I keep getting these awful cramps and they really hurt! OUUU!!!

Doctor: ( Turns to Yami) Could you please go wait outside so I can check her out to see what is wrong with her? I'll tell you what's wrong later.

Yami: Alright. ( He walks out into the hall and waits) I wonder what the problem is. I hope it's not serious. If something happened to her, I would die.

( A half an hour later the doctor tells Yami to come in. He takes a seat next to Tea and waits.)

Doctor: I'll let her tell you in private. ( Walks out and shows no emotion whatsoever. Yami looks at Tea and Tea smiles sheepishly)

Tea: I am having problems with my stomach.

Yami: What problems, Tea?

Tea: I have stomach cancer.

Yami: What!

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