Briar: I just thought this idea was a sweet romance one shot and I had ta write it. I'm not an expert in how Alzheimer's patients are but I hope I did it justice.

Alzheimer's was now another enemy that could not be killed by Grimmjow Jeagerjaques. At first things with Ichigo we going well; they were in love, happy and Soul Society had finally accepted them. It took a few years but then Ichigo began to forget things. They were small things here and there: forgetting where he placed the keys, if he did the laundry, ending in him doing it three times or a few words here and there. There were time he would forget about meetings or if he worked from time to time. Many people forgot those and remember so Ichigo brushed it off as nothing as simple forgetting. It wasn't until Ichigo was fighting a simple hollow that he forgot the name of his zanpaktou and what he was doing with it. His friends had been around at the time but he had just stood there not knowing where he was. The area was foreign and his heart began to race as his breathing increased not knowing where he was or the danger he was in as a hollow lunged for him. Thankfully he was on the ground or he may have fallen but the deadly teeth from a hollow would have pierced his flesh if not for a red like light that Ichigo perceived as a large laser beam.

"Ichigo what are you doing?!" a man in blue shouted.

It was then that Ichigo's disorientation fled him and he remembered where he was and what he was doing. He had been fighting hollows and he couldn't help but have fear strike through him. Grimmjow could see the fear and distraught in his lover's eyes and he couldn't help but his anger to see why there was fear in those chocolate brown orbs that were filled with such confidence.

"Ichigo, is there something wrong?" Grimmjow asked.

"Yeah," Ichigo whispered, "I wouldn't have been concerned before...but, Grimm, I forgot where I was, what Zangetsu was and even that there was a hollow in front of me."

Grimmjow grabbed Ichigo's shoulder's and pulled hiim into a hug. "I'll be okay Ich, your old man's a doctor, he can see what is going on. Either that or we can go to that stuck up cousin of yours, Ryuuken."

Ichigo nodded his head and they had done just that. Heading to the Kurosaki Clinic, Ichigo went to see his father, explaining his symptoms. Isshin couldn't help but glare at Grimmjow before looking at his son. Of course he would hold animosity towards the Sexta espada; the man had tried to kill his son. Three times. Yet, part of said hatred was more for the sake of fun. Old men had to have their kicks somewhere.

"Grimmjow, can you leave for a moment?" Isshin asked.

"Tch, say what ya need ta say," Grimmjow grunted. "Ich is scared and I sure as hell ain't leaving him."

Ichigo would't deny the fear he felt as he tightly held his lover's hand in his dad's small clinic. He didn't know what was going on from time to time and it had Ichigo weirded out. There were times he had repeated a sentence over a second time or he'd go back to it. He wasn't quite himself anymore and that was saying something considering he had an inner hollow; one that had been silent more often.

Isshin sighed before nodding his head and began to ask questions. It was a typical routine procedure and he had to make sure the symptoms matched his theory.

"Are you depressed?" Isshin asked, "how's the home life? Are you able to support yourselves? Financially I mean."

"We're fine," Ichigo answered. "Grimm and I were saving up for a house to live in. We were gonna take a vacation somewhere to avoid hollow and soul reaper work. My inner hollow has been quiet lately too."

"When you forgot where you were did you feel any tightening in your chest? What about dizziness or numbness?"

"No," Ichigo replied. "I was a little scared and had an increased heart rate but that was more adrenaline than anything. I mean, wouldn't you have a fight or flight response?"

"Was your day unusual?" Isshin asked, "like a lack of sleep or something?"

Ichigo shook his head. "I sleep better now that they have two soul reaper's patrolling Karakura Town as well as Grimmjow's help with the hollows."

"Has that changed at all?" Isshin wondered.

"No," Ichigo answered.

"Are you taking drugs or alcohol?" Isshin asked.

"I drink on occasions but not a lot," Ichigo asked. "A few beers here or there or a shot. You'd know if I was on drugs which I'm not."

"How long have these symptoms been happening? Ones that are more than simple forgetting," Isshin asked.

"A little over a year," Ichigo answered while looking down at his hands. "You know I was always bad with names Dad but when we went to Soul Society I was introduced to a few new squad members in some divisions and then not even an hour later I didn't know who they were at all. I'd introduce myself to them and they looked at me like I grew two heads."

"...Ichigo, I don't want to worry you but I think we should do an MRI to see if you have a brain tumor," Isshin offered.

Ichigo nodded his head and tried to swallow the lump in his throat. A brain tumor? That could be really risky if he had such a thing. Grimmjow didn't understand the severity of it all until Isshin explained what a tumor was and if Ichigo had one the severity of it all. They would have to go to the hospital owned by Uryuu's father and he wouldn't have to wait as long as normal patients thanks to his blood ties. They would try to get him in within the week. If it was indeed a tumor Ichigo could survive but at the same time he felt dread that if he had a tumor that it could return. Could Orihime's powers heal this? Ichigo wasn't sure and it made him even more nervous not knowing. It was Grimmjow's thumb stroking his hand that calmed him down slightly.

"Things are going to be alright," Grimmjow promised in a hushed tone.

Of course, when the testing went through, the results were nice and clean and his blood work was fine. Ichigo nodded his head at the results and he was given the option to wait and see if things changed but Ichigo shook his head. He felt a little at ease that it wasn't a tumor but his symptoms had yet to stop which made him wonder what could be giving him these symptoms. Given that, Ryuuken said that they could have him see a neurologist since a MRI could miss simple aspects not shown in a brain scan. Both Grimmjow and Ichigo agreed and in under a month Ichigo met with a neurologist.

Within that month Ichigo seemed to have the same symptoms more frequently. Disorientation, forgetting simple tasks in life. Ichigo even forgot a word and replaced it with the word thing. Said word still evaded him to today and it had been on the tip of his tongue but he couldn't remember it. His relationship with Grimmjow was a little more strained with all the testing but Ichigo didn't let it deter him from having sex with his boyfriend. He was a twenty-five year old man and he had fought Soul Society for over five years on their relationship and eight years to not have him killed. Yamamoto had been killed and Shunsui had been a little more lenient on Grimmjow surviving as long as they added someone who was at least a third seat of power in Karakura Town. Rukia had been stationed there once more even though she was unable to kill Grimmjow when they first met but she had achieved bankai so there was a higher chance if he ever went rogue in the head captain's eyes.

"No matter what, I'll always love you and I'll never leave you," Grimmjow told Ichigo before entering the neurologist's office.

"Me too," Ichigo agreed, hoping that they wouldn't have to say goodbye because of death.

They were in the memory disorder unit in the hospital and when they were allowed in, Ichigo shook the doctor's hand before sitting down with Grimmjow. The man was in his mid-thirties at least and wore thick rimmed glasses that matched his coal black hair. He seemed like an average man but somewhat knew to the field because of his young age.

"So, Ichigo, what's going on?" Dr. Takashi asked.

"I've been feeling more forgetful and disorientated," Ichigo answered. "It doesn't feel like your average forgetting anymore."

"How long has this been going on?" the doctor asked.

"A few years but it's been worse the last eight months," Ichigo answered. "I...Uh, forgot I was in the middle of the street and almost got hit by a car a few days ago when I went to the grocery store by myself. If the driver hadn't had such fast reflexes I probably have serious injuries or dead. Thankfully none of us were harmed."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Grimmjow asked incredulously.

"I didn't want to worry you," Ichigo answered while looking at his hands, a blush dusting over his nose and cheeks.

"Okay," Dr. Takashi replied as he wrote down what Ichigo said. "Are you taking any medication?"

Ichigo shook his head in the negative.

"What about drugs? Sleeping pills, pain killers, that kind of stuff?" Dr. Takashi wondered.

"None," Ichigo replied.

"Any sort of injuries to the head? Past or present," Dr. Takashi asked.

Ichigo wanted to refrain from the countless time he had been hurt in battle so he had to revamp it.

"Sometimes when I would box or do karate," Ichigo lied. "They weren't bad though. Nothing to strong since it was simple fun and my partner was Grimmjow do he pulled his punches a lot."

"How'd your diet?" the doctor asked.

"It's fine," Ichigo answered. "I try to get all the basic food group servings in. Grimm and I are eating organic, thinking maybe that'll help a little."

"That's good," Dr. Takashi said. "A lot of people forgo the nutrition chart. What of your stress levels?"

"Not as bad as it was in high school," Ichigo answered. "I had a lot of tests but had to leave a lot in my last year and first year. Family problems or I had to go to camps for training."

"What about your parent's health?" Dr. Takashi asked.

"My mother died when I was young and my father is pretty healthy," Ichigo answered. "Old man still tries to give me sneak attacks but I manage to kick his ass. He doesn't even have grey hairs yet."

"Any other family?" Dr. Takashi wondered.

"Not really," Ichigo answered. "My parents weren't that close to their distant family so I don't know much about them except the Ishidas."

"Okay," Dr. Takashi said. "I'm going to say a phrase and I want you to repeat it back to me. Wayne Gretzky lives in Canada and last known as a member of the New York Rangers."

Ichigo did.

"How old are you?"


"What's the season?"


"What kind of plants do you see during this time of the season blooming?"

"Tulips, primroses, daffodils."

"Count back from a thousand by seven,"

Ichigo did but Dr. Takashi stopped after he counted down by seven eight times. It was then he pulled out some cards of varying pictures and numbers and asked Ichigo what they were. There were other tasks such as multi-tasking such as touching your nose with one hand and using the other to point out the window with the other, writing down sentences like what Grimmjow was wearing today. Dr. Takashi also had pulled out a flashlight and shined it in Ichigo's eyes at a dull light to have him follow it with his eyes. Then he did another exercise by having him pick out certain objects within the room: a pen, a clock, a blue book. It was after that that the man asked Ichigo to repeat the name of the man, where he lived in the world and a sports team he played for.

"...He lives in Canada," Ichigo started but couldn't remember anything else.

Did I not listen carefully? It's on the tip of my tongue but I don't know the answer. This is so frustrating.

"Was his name John Tavares, Wayne Gretzky, or Brad Richards?" Dr. Takashi asked.

"I'm unsure," Ichigo answered.

The fact that Ichigo didn't know the answer had him more flustered and his fists clenched. He kept trying to search his mind but he was coming up blank. Why? How come he didn't recognize any of the names that Dr. Takashi spoke of or what sports team he played for?

"Well, why not guess? I gave you the names to try and help," Dr. Takashi offered.

"Brad Richards," Ichigo answered after a few seconds.

"The last team he played for?"

No answer.

"Pittsburgh Penguins, Calgary Flames or The New York Rangers?"

Ichigo remembered that the man lived in Canada so he responded with the only Canadian team that was there. "Calgary Flames."

The doctor's face never reveled whether or not he answered correctly. They scheduled meetings but Ichigo wasn't sure whether or not things would be solved or not. When they left it was Grimmjow who drove and Ichigo just looked blankly out of the window wondering what was wrong with him. All these questions and testing were annoying but they were going to help him solve what was wrong with him.

"Why not have Orihime heal ya?" Grimmjow had asked one day.

"There is nothing to heal," Ichigo sighed as he fumbled with a ball point pen, not knowing how to use it.

Ichigo pressed a button on the side, twisted it in attempts to have the pen point move up but nothing helped and he threw the pen across the room in agitation. Fuck the pen, it wasn't worth bothering over. Ichigo was angry but he was also near tears at how useless he was becoming. It was Grimmjow who walked over to where the pen lay and picked it up. When he grabbed it, Grimmjow went over to Ichigo so that he could sit beside him. He understood his lover's predicament and showed the utmost of patience. He didn't remember his human life so he tried to be understanding.

"Let me show you," Grimmjow offered.

Ichigo scowled fiercely but nodded his head in agreement and watched as Grimmjow hit the button on the top, showing the tip of the pen. Ichigo said 'thank you," before leaning over and giving his lover a kiss on the lips. No matter how much he was forgetting the warm feeling Ichigo received from kissing Grimmjow had yet to fade. Things seemed to be better even with Ichigo's memory issue since they had just bought a house that was near his father's home. It made it easier for them to see Ichigo's family. Yuzu could finally see ghosts but Ichigo thought it was rude to show up in their soul reaper and espada form since Ichigo didn't have that much control over his spiritual pressure. It never bothered Karin but Ichigo preferred the confinement his human body held over his powers so he didn't lash out with his spiritual pressure by accident.

"What do you say to ordering take out and making out on the couch like horny teenagers?" Ichigo asked Grimmjow.

"Do I get sex too?" Grimmjow wondered.

"Duh," Ichigo answered with a smile.

The two did just that. Even with that nagging feeling in the back of his head, Ichigo was able to kiss his boyfriend as they waited for the pizza man to show up. Sitting on the blue haired man's lap, Ichigo felt Grimmjow's fingers grip his hair as his tongue pressed against his lover's mouth. The actions between the two began to get heated but just as they were going to take it to another level the doorbell rang.

Damn, both men thought.

It was Grimmjow who went and paid for the pizza and in that short time from the living room to the door and back Ichigo managed to fully undress. A smirk formed on Ichigo's feature's when Grimmjow dropped the box of pizza on the floor only to move forward to ravish Ichigo. It wasn't often they had sex in the living room but the curtains were drawn and Soul Society hadn't been showing up as frequently as they had before. But right now that wasn't on Grimmjow's main thought as he had Ichigo on top of him. When his soul reaper lover leaned over to the right in a wooden box under their coffee table Grimmjow couldn't help but smirk at seeing the lubrication. His soul reaper was becoming a tainted soul it seemed.

"We haven't done this in awhile," Ichigo said out loud. "I'm gonna ride you so hard. It's been too long so fuck foreplay."

"Mmmm," Grimmjow groaned. "I love when ya talk dirty to me."

A smile formed on Ichigo's face as he leaned forward to capture his lover's lips, opening the cap to the lube at the same time and coating his fingers with the wet liquid. The first finger made Ichigo squirm since he was still tight from the lack of sex lately with all the doctor's and testing. Now was a perfect time since they had yet to Christen the house let alone the couch. At the same time that Ichigo hit his prostate, Grimmjow had began to stroke Ichigo's erection causing him to moan loudly at the dual stimulation. No matter what Grimmjow would never forget how to pleasure his lover and he would make sure Ichigo's body never forgot him.

At the same time Ichigo knew he was close to completion but every time he felt close to climaxing Grimmjow slowed his pace in a teasing manner. It irked Ichigo but he felt that he had prepared himself enough, causing him to slick Grimmjow's cock with lube. Ichigo lifted himself up and positioned the hardened penis above his entrance before sinking down and taking him in one go. The action caused Ichigo to bite his lip to stop the pained groan that wanted to spill from his lips. The burning sensation was still there from being stretched from the size difference of a few fingers to Grimmjow's girth. Beads of sweat trickled down the side of Ichigo's face but after a few minutes he began to lift his hips and bring himself down.

Grimmjow learned the pace after a few minutes and grasped his lover's hips and thrust up, striking Ichigo's prostate and causing him to shout Grimmjow's name. Of course, Grimmjow couldn't deny his lover and enjoyed the wanton moans spilling from Ichigo's lips.

"When we're done here I'm gonna bend ya over and fuck ya into oblivion," Grimmjow told Ichigo as he slammed Ichigo's hips down onto his cock.

Ichigo nodded his head in agreement. "Yes! Take me nice and hard until I pass out from pleasure. Not later, now!"

Grimmjow chuckled and began to move out of Ichigo causing him to whine at the loss of his pleasure but at the same time he knew something better would come of this. He was correct as he was flipped over onto his hands and knees. Grimmjow spread Ichigo's cheeks before aligning himself and thrusting in powerfully. The force caused Ichigo to jolt in shock but it was exactly what he wanted. The rapid, rough pace that had him moaning incoherently and unable to think of anything else but Grimmjow. Their bodies began to be coated in a light sheet of sweat and Grimmjow kissed the back of Ichigo's neck before moving to the side of his neck; his favorite spot to bite down on. Ichigo didn't mind and titled his head for his lover to suck and leave his mark for all to see. It wasn't like Ichigo was working tomorrow and by the time he did work it would be faded enough not to bring alarm or teasing.

"I'm close," Ichigo whined as he pushed back to meet Grimmjow's thrust.

"Me too," Grimmjow said. "I love ya, Ich."

"I love you too," Ichigo said.

Grimmjow's finger's snaked down onto Ichigo's neglected erection and began to match the thrusts and the tugging on Ichigo's cock to match the pace. It didn't take long before Ichigo reached his completion and his body clamped down on Grimmjow's cock with a firmness that Grimmjow had forgotten, causing him to release without a second's hesitation. Grimmjow pulled out of Ichigo and grabbed him so that they leaned back against the arm of the couch on the other side and Ichigo was in his arms. Grimmjow was glad that Ichigo hadn't looked in the other box because there was something special in the box beside the one with lubrication. Even though things were strained and difficult, Grimmjow couldn't help but reach for it. Ichigo was none the wiser since he was tuckered out from the romp they just had. When he opened his eyes he looked at Grimmjow from the movement.

"I've been thinking," Grimmjow began," it's been five years and we're somewhat stable enough. Your dad and Kisuke explained what marriage is. It's like hollow mating. I already consider you my mate...Did you want to have it in a way human's know it too? Will you marry me?"

Ichigo's breathe was stuck in his throat at the question asked to him. It wasn't often he got emotional but tears began to form in his eyes at being asked the one question that he had been waiting for the past few years, before his condition had worsened. Ichigo didn't know much about hollow mating except for what Grimmjow and his hollow had explained but to be considered a mate meant a lot and to have Grimmjow do a human tradition had his heart swell. This was happening. This was really happening.

"Of course," Ichigo whispered.

It was a few weeks later that the two had a celebration party at their home. Isshin had been ecstatic and claimed that Ichigo was finally becoming a man, only to have Ichigo kick him into a wall. Yuzu had begged to do the cooking and design the wedding. Ichigo agreed only because he'd rather not have a chappy the rabbit themed wedding from Rukia, if she had the time to attend the wedding that was. Karin was indifferent but gave Grimmjow a high-five for finally asking. The two wore matching gold banded rings.

There were many people from the Soul Society attending as well as his human friends. There were a few alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages but Ichigo told his sister's to stay away from the punch, knowing that Rangiku might spike it and offered them canned juice or pop. They were in the fridge to be kept cool. It was the beginning to feel like summer time even if it was the end of May. They had a barbecue outside and a table full of food. Everyone was enjoying themselves until the phone rang. Ichigo answered it only to hear Dr. Takashi's voice over the phone.

"I know it's unprofessional to tell you this over the phone but I've figured out the results of your testings," Dr. Takashi began. "I'll keep terms simple enough for you to understand. There is memory impairment as you know which shouldn't be happening to someone as young as you. It's affecting your live at home and from what I saw it was proven when you could remember who the hockey player I named was nor the team he last played for. You got his location correct though, but it was still bad that your short term memory seemed to have faded. You had pretty good scores in some aspects of our testing though but in others you weren't as strong it seems. I wish we could have caught this sooner but it's not often someone as young as you to have this condition. I'm sorry to tell you this Mr. Kurosaki, but you seem to fit the criteria for early onset Alzheimer's disease."

The last words said by Dr. Takashi had Ichigo dropping his beer onto the cement. The shattering was deafening as the words Alzheimer's rang through his brain. The sound of Dr. Takashi calling his name wasn't heard or Grimmjow grabbing the phone either. All Ichigo could think of that just as his life was finding happiness it was ruined by him. Tears were unknowingly gathering in his eyes and the commotion he had created garnered attention from the guests attending the party.

"Kurosaki-kun, are you alright?" Orihime asked.

It was Orihime's voice that brought Ichigo out of his stupor and he shook his head. He felt sick and to others they noticed that Ichigo began to pale. They were concerned and Ichigo sat down on a chair, his hands between his knees at the results he was given. This was unbelievable. A tumor would have been easier but Alzheimer's? No, that was something unfixable and soon enough Ichigo would lose all this strength.

"Ich, what's Alzheimer's disease?" Grimmjow asked.

Ichigo looked up with tears in his eyes, he could see how it pained Grimmjow to see his sadness and that the ex-espada didn't understand the severity of it all. The pain clenched Ichigo's chest and the grip was strong. The innocent question had his human friends looking at him, knowing what the disease was and what would happen to their friend.

"'s a deterioration of the brain," Ichigo whispered in a strained voice. "It explains my memory loss...I'm going to keep on forgetting things one by one and soon enough I'll forget everyone in my life. I might remember them from time to time but I'll lose a lot of my life; it's not fair!"

The sudden outburst had some flinch. Though Ichigo's body was meant to contain his spiritual pressure he felt it flush out in angry waves. This wasn't fair one bit that he was going to forget everyone. He'd forget how to do daily tasks and become dependent one Grimmjow. It was best that he left Grimmjow rather than have him take care of Ichigo. Ichigo didn't want to be depends on someone to the point that his lover became a care giver. There was also the point of when Isshin got old. He wouldn't be able to help his father and it would fall on to Karin and Yuzu. His brain cells were killing themselves one by one and losing their function and turning his brain to mush, effectively rendering Ichigo useless in a few years; he'd probably need to go into a dependent living facility.

"Orihime, her fairies can heal you," Grimmjow offered.

"Maybe, but for how long?" Ichigo asked. "It won't stop the brain cells from committing suicide."

"Her ability has the power to reverse an object to their original state," Grimmjow pointed out.

Ichigo sighed but looked up with determination in his eyes. "Alright, I'll do this for us. Orihime, do you think you can reverse the effects on my brain?"

"Soten Kisshun, I reject," Orihime spoke without hesitation.

Ayame and Shun'o came out and formed a shield over Ichigo's brain, trespassing into God's territory and reversing the effects of time on Ichigo's brain and fixing what was once wrong. The girl who could once not harm an enemy had grown stronger over the years and could even resurrect the dead. Restoring spiritual pressure didn't take as long as it used to either. It didn't take long but soon the shield was taken down and everyone looked at Ichigo.

"How do you feel, Kurosaki-kun?" Orihime asked.

"The same as normal," Ichigo responded. "Alzheimer's doesn't effect me all the time, just every so often."

"Will you tell me if you feel your memory loss returning once more?" Orihime asked.

Ichigo nodded his head but decided that if Orihime's powers to reject didn't work then he wouldn't go back to her again and accept his fate that even in God's domain her powers could not reject something like Alzheimer's. Her powers were like the medication that would just slow down the process and the symptoms. Even if her power's limit, negate and reject the events that occurred to the person she was healing, Ichigo was still skeptical and hoped that it could truly heal his disease.

And in three months, Kurosaki Ichigo married Grimmjow Jeagerjaques. Rather than have a white bouquet of flowers, Grimmjow had chosen a indigo colored flower: Chinese forget me nots. It was a symbolism to Ichigo's recovery to Alzheimer's so that he would never forget him. It was sweet, both men wore them as bracelets. Grimmjow wore a black tuxedo with a red tie and Ichigo wore a white tuxedo with a red tie to incorporate the colors of a wedding. They smiled, they laughed and they loved. Yet, little did they know that the effects Orihime's shield had down were reversing and coming back faster than before. Soon Ichigo would forget, lose and die on the inside.

And in a year, when the summer breeze Ichigo knew that Orihime had failed. It had hurt, he cried at his mother's grave, passing the tears off as grief to fool his family but Ichigo knew better. He was getting worse but with Grimmjow working he wasn't able to see Ichigo forget or repeat procedures, move his hands in motions in his delusions in activities such as dusting when there was no cloth. There were times in the middle of the night he would leave and wander out, get lost but after an hour at most he remembered where he was. Ichigo had a cellphone on him but he didn't remember to call Grimmjow in those moments; forgetting who he was, where he was and what was going on. Grimmjow never really asked where Ichigo went since it was most likely hollow hunting. If asked that was the reply Ichigo got or that he couldn't sleep. It was definitely an anomaly but Ichigo never had normal occurrences.

It was hard to handle and when Ichigo forgot the words to his sentence it made it difficult so he had to find a substitute word. When Grimmjow asked what was wrong Ichigo would reply that he was searching for the right word to use rather than the one he was currently thinking of.

Sometimes Ichigo would repeat sentence too, those were his slip-ups but he said it was an accident but that lie could only work for so long before someone got suspicious of his condition worsening. It was when they went to a cafe that Grimmjow got suspicious of Ichigo and Ichigo was suspicious of Grimmjow as a caregiver, unknowing to Ichigo it meant his condition was worsening. Ichigo had gotten earl grey tea which was a tea Ichigo wasn't too fond of sending Grimmjow on red alert into the change in taste. However, what had Ichigo suspicious of Grimmjow was his late night arrivals. Though they were married, Ichigo thought that Grimmjow might be unfaithful. Maybe the vows they had exchanged were nothing but lies that he would be there and together until Soul Society claimed them for one of their own.

All while Ichigo was thinking Grimmjow tapped the table causing Ichigo to jump, knocking over his tea on to his lap causing him to hiss in pain. Grimmjow without thinking moved to help Ichigo but the orange haired soul reaper slapped Grimmjow's hand away angrily.

"Don't touch me!" Ichigo shouted.

"I was only trying to help," Grimmjow said.

"I didn't ask for it," Ichigo snapped, his volume causing citizens to stare.

"Are you okay?" Grimmjow asked.

"Fine," Ichigo said. "I want to go home."

Grimmjow nodded his head and couldn't help but wonder what the change in attitude. It wasn't often Ichigo got crossed with Grimmjow unless it involved him being lecherous or doing something abnormal that attracted too much attention and could involve law enforcement. However, they hadn't had an instance like the latter in almost six years. When they stood up, Grimmjow wrapped his arm around Ichigo's shoulder and the younger male leaned into the touch, reminding Grimmjow of the old Ichigo. He figured maybe Ichigo was stressed over work after coming back. They still saw the neurologist from time to time to keep up the facade that Ichigo had Alzheimer's but they refused to medicate, telling the doctor that they would let the chips fall where they may and enjoy the time they had together. Dr. Takashi had admired their bravery and accepted the choice of the couple and soon after they had stopped. Not many people knew of the condition.

It wasn't until Ichigo started to hide himself, something he didn't do a lot. Grimmjow had grown a garden full of forget me nots and gave them to Ichigo in bracelet over the months as a symbol of their love and he was attending to the garden when Ichigo was hiding. He had somehow locked himself in his closet but Grimmjow didn't hear the banging. The panic didn't take long before it became full force and Ichigo felt his chest clench, his head was spinning and he began to hyperventilate. He was unable to control his breathing and he passed out.

When Ichigo came to he opened his eyes and he was in a strange side ways world. A frown marred his features as he walked along the buildings. It was then he saw a black veil that had something white come out. Ichigo didn't know what that was and moved back, tripping over his feet causing him to crawl backwards, away from the figure. IT was then that the body came out and Ichigo recognized himself. Yet, it wasn't himself.

"Who are you?" Ichigo asked the replica.

"I'm a part of Zangetsu, your zanpakto, inner hollow; your horse," Hollow Ichigo answered.

"Horse?" Ichigo parroted in confusion.

"You are the king and I carry you as a horse since you're so powerful, but not anymore," Hollow Ichigo explained.

"What's your name?" Ichigo asked.

"Me? I have no name," the hollow said, a warm smile on his face forming, remembering the last time he had told his king that sentence.

It was then he took Zangetsu off of his back and placed it down so that he could move towards Ichigo. The size of the sword had Ichigo's eyes widen like saucers.

"Isn't that heavy?" Ichigo asked.

Hollow Ichigo shook his head in the negative. "It seems your Zangetsu isn't with you but you used to wield a black version of this zanpakto."

Ichigo nodded his head, not knowing who Zangetsu was or what a zanpakto was. This counterpart of him was strange but when the creature came forward and held him he couldn't help but wonder if this was normal. He was still unknown to his whereabouts or how he got here.

"You're in your inner world," the hollow replied, somehow knowing what Ichigo was thinking. "Though, you don't know what that means. You can go back whenever you want but I wanted to see you one last time before we disappear completely. You have Alzheimer's and soon enough you won't remember me or your life as a soul reaper, but can you promise me one thing?"

"Depending on what it is," Ichigo replied.

"Tell Grimmjow," the hollow said. "Tell Grimmjow that your condition is returning."

Ichigo nodded his head. "Okay, thanks Byuakuya."

Hollow Ichigo laughed. "I ain't that stick in the mud."

"But it means 'white night' or 'arctic night' in Japanese and I thought it was unique," Ichigo said. "I wanted to give you a name."

"How 'bout we try again before ya leave," Hollow Ichigo offered.

"Yuriko," Ichigo offered.

Hollow Ichigo thought about it before nodding his head. "It's a female name but hey, some could say your name is girly depending how it is written. 'Lily child' seems befitting since I am white. Better than Shiro; I like it.

"I'm glad," Ichigo smiled.

"It's time for you to keep your promise now, my king," Yuriko said, kissing Ichigo's head.

It was then that Ichigo woke up and he noticed Grimmjow standing there in the doorway, fear in his eyes for some reason. Ichigo didn't understand the reasoning behind the fear.

"Ichigo, I've been calling you all over the place, what happened?" Grimmjow asked.

"...I locked myself in the closet," Ichigo answered. "Then I went into my inner world and met Yuriko."

"The closet was never locked," Grimmjow said. "Who's Yuriko?"

"My inner hollow. There's something I need to tell you," Ichigo said, "my's come back. I've been hiding it from you; Orihime failed."

The look in those cyan eyes broke Ichigo's heart as he saw Grimmjow's world crumble before him. He fell to his knees and held Ichigo tightly. The sobs that shook Grimmjow's body had Ichigo startled. Grimmjow, the sexta espada never cried before and now it made Ichigo feel worse. If he hadn't had Alzheimer's they could have their happily ever after.

"I'm sorry," Ichigo whispered hoarsly.

"Don't," Grimmjow said. "You got nothing to apologize when it isn't in your control."

"Okay," Ichigo said sadly.

"I'm so sorry I never noticed fully," Grimmjow apologized.

"Don't, I didn't want you to," Ichigo whispered. "It explains my night wandering or regular wandering, the forgetfulness. There was a day I did laundry three times again. I also bought a second jug of milk that one time thinking we were out. I actually thought the picture of my mom was Yuzu since they look so alike. Hell, I almost named my inner hollow Byuakuya. I didn't know at the time but it dawned on my who Byuakya was when I returned."

That had Grimmjow laughing because if the noble man heard that he would most certainly have Senbonzakura attack Ichigo for dishonoring his name.

"What do we do now?" Grimmjow asked in a serious tone.

"I can't cook anymore," Ichigo admitted. "Sometimes I forget how to open the fridge. Those nights we have take out are the times I forget. Work is getting harder and harder even if it is simple things are Uruhara's shop. I begged him not to tell you. I think I should go into dependent living...will...will we still be husband and husband?"

"Of course," Grimmjow said with a smile. "No stupid disease will change my affections for you; you're mine, soul reaper."

"And you're mine, espada," Ichigo said with a smile.

It had been a year since that day and it broke Grimmjow's heart but he went to visit Ichigo every day. It didn't take long for Ichigo to forget his life as a soul reaper, all the training he had went through to save Orihime and Rukia. The only thing he seemed to remember was Grimmjow and sometimes his sisters but he completely forget his teenage years. There were times he forgot where he was or who he was but he was always happy to see Grimmjow until one day he forgot.

Ichigo had screamed for the man known as Grimmjow to get away from him. Calling him vulgar names and that the man was not his husband. Such words burned a hole in Grimmjow's heart and he was escorted out of the facility by a nurse but as Grimmjow struggled to leave he noticed that Ichigo was sedated. They did that to patients that weren't in the correct state of mind and became unruly. That night Grimmjow had gone home and looked over pictures of him and Ichigo, tears gathering in his eyes, splattering on the protective plastic and landing on Ichigo's perfectly photographed face.

"I wish you'd come back to me, soul reaper," Grimmjow whispered in sadness as tears fell freely while he was in his own home.

Each visit Grimmjow gave Ichigo forget me nots so that Ichigo wouldn't forget him and though he was not hostile to the flowers the sentence said to Grimmjow from Ichigo hurt. The blue haired man tried to forget and remind himself that that wasn't his Ichigo in that moment. The two were husband and husband even if Ichigo ever forgot him.

"Your advance is sweet, but I'm married," Ichigo had told Grimmjow and showed him the ring, "I'm waiting for my husband to visit me today."

"Ich, I am your husband, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques," Grimmjow told Ichigo.

"Oh," Ichigo had replied only to look hurt, trying to remember who this Grimmjow was only to fail. "I'm sorry I don't remember you."

"It's okay," Grimmjow said and kissed Ichigo's forehead and placed the forget me not bracelet on Ichigo's wrist. "So you don't forget me."

"I won't," Ichigo smiled and kissed Grimmjow's cheek before Grimmjow left, holding in the tears, knowing that Ichigo only kissed him out of kindness.

That night, Ichigo sat at his windowsill as the moon shined over his skin. He could wander all he wanted but the halls had a security key with a pin pad password that changed every day, but it wasn't like anyone could remember the password. Alzheimer's was a bitch that way. As little as Ichigo's memory was, he couldn't help but wonder who this Grimmjow fellow was. He seemed familiar but at the same time he didn't. Ichigo wished he could remember but there was nothing for him to come up with. A sigh escaped his lips and he laid on his side, not moving but not sleeping.

It was then in the morning that an orange haired woman came to visit Ichigo. She had a busty form and Ichigo greeted her with happiness.

"You must be my beautiful wife who came to visit me!" Ichigo cheered in happiness.

Orihime blushed at such words said but shook her head having Ichigo confused. "Are you a friend of mine then? I don't get many visitors but I had a blue haired man come yesterday."

"Ah, Grimmjow-san came, that's good to hear," Orihime said. "I'm Inoue Orihime. I'm glad you remembered Grimmjow-san."

"Grimmjow," Ichigo repeated, tasting the name on his tongue.

The memory hit him like a brick. The day was sunny and the two were in a chapel, Ichigo in white and Grimmjow in black.

"Do you, Kurosaki Ichigo take Grimmjow Jeagerjaques to be your lawfully wedded husband?" the priest asked.

"I do," Ichigo answered.

"And do you, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques take Kurosaki Ichigo to be your lawfully wedded husband?" the priest asked.

"I do," Grimmjow said.

"I know pronounce you, husband and husband," the husband said, "you may now kiss your respective partner."

A tear fell from Ichigo's eyes, remembering the memory of his wedding day with Grimmjow. It still felt like the sun was shinning on his skin and the eyes on him as it was the happiest day of his life. The one time Ichigo felt like him. He remembered that they wore the forget me not flowers that were placed on each other's wrist and it had Ichigo look to the exact wrist to see the bracelt of the flowers that were starting to die but he couldn't help but smile warmly.

"He's such a sap," Ichigo whispered and looked at Orihime. "There isn't much I remember about you, I forget so many people completely but they come back in bits and pieces but you healed my husbands arm...Could you, could you heal me and sign me out so I can see Grimmjow?"

Orihime nodded his head. "I'm stronger now Kurosaki-kun. I didn't want to see you go through this pain and I worked hard to heal you. Soten Kisshun, I reject."

The warm healing shield covered Ichigo and he felt as if his brain was mending itself, memories that had been banished and killed off by the deterioration of his brain were rebuilding itself and this time, this time it seemed as if in God's domain that it was truly working. It didn't take long before the fairies said that it was all done and healed. Ichigo couldn't help but smile and Orihime lead Ichigo to the desk where they told Orihime that it usually was unorthodox for friends to take them but Ichigo said they went to high school together and they were going to surprise his family.

"We'll need a nurse for a supervised visit," the desk attendant said.

"That's fine," Ichigo said, "my husband doesn't live far from here. I want to surprise him so you better keep up."

"It isn't best for you to run, Kurosaki-san," the nurse advised.

"I don't want to miss him," Ichigo said.

The nurse nodded her head and smiled, seeing Ichigo truly happy to see someone with some sort of recognition. It was then they had a nurse that was fit enough to follow Ichigo and Orihime. As soon as they left the doors Ichigo began to sprint at a fast speed that not even the nurse knew Ichigo was capable of since he didn't move that often. Ichigo was proud of himself and though his chest ached and he was breathing heavily he couldn't help but ignore the burn as he noticed he was only a few blocks from his home. When he reached his home, he took some flowers from Grimmjow's garden, ran to the front doors and made his way to the living room. No one was there so Ichigo ran into the kitchen where Grimmjow was, a glass of milk in hand only to be dropped and shatter on the floor, soaking his jeans.

"Ich?" Grimmjow said in confusion.

"I remember," Ichigo whispered as tears fell freely from his eyes. "Orihime healed me, for good."

"Ich," Grimmjow whispered and ran to hold Ichigo in his arms, burying his face in Ichigo's neck. "I missed you."

"Never again," Ichigo whispered. "Your forget me nots worked."

Briar: I forgot my real ending so here is the alternate ending to after Orihime heals Ichigo,:

The warm healing shield covered Ichigo and he felt as if his brain was mending itself, memories that had been banished and killed off by the deterioration of his brain were rebuilding itself and this time, this time it seemed as if in God's domain that it was truly working. It didn't take long before the fairies said that it was all done and healed. The facility had a lock down at night, however, during the day the patients were free to roam around.

"Let's blow this popsicle stand," Ichigo said with a smile. "I'm breaking out to see my honey."

"Hurry, Kurosaki-kun," Orihime pleaded. "You have your memory back. I wasn't going to tell you this but Grimmjow-san is leaving to go back home to Hueco Mundo."

Ichigo's heart sunk at that. Grimmjow was going to leave? Ichigo wouldn't have that. There was a pitcher of fresh forget me nots in a vase that Grimmjow must have placed last night. They were still fresh so Ichigo removed them from the vase. He'd give these to his blue haired husband so that he'd never forget Ichigo.

Thankfully the facility wasn't that far from home so Ichigo began to sprint. His muscles were fine, the woman even helped some of the patients who still had enough brain activity to exercise. Ichigo was still capable of exercise so they had him training. He enjoyed it and was glad he did or he wouldn't have been able to make the distance he had. The weather was hot since it was the summer time but Ichigo didn't care. He continued to move forward in attempts to prove that this was something he could do to save his marriage.

By the time Ichigo reached the house his breathing was labored but he didn't care. He ran for the door and swung it open, feeling Grimmjow's spiritual pressure in the living room. When Ichigo arrived there, sweat coating his skin, his hair in disarray and a bouquet of flowers that were now near dead from Ichigo's tight grip, Grimmjow thought he was hallucinating. There was no way that his Ichigo was here.

"Ich?" Grimmjow said in confusion. "Am I dreaming?"

"No Grimm," Ichigo said, "I remember. Orihime healed me. For good."

"Impossible," Grimmjow gasped.

Ichigo ran towards Grimmjow and leaped into his body for a hug. Grimmjow wrapped his arms around his lover, tears in his eyes as he buried his face in Ichigo's neck. He was so happy. Finally, someone had listened to his prayers. how long Grimmjow had waited for his Ichigo to approach him like so.

"It worked," Grimmjow whispered.

"Forget me not," Ichigo whispered back.

"Forget me not," Grimmjow agreed and sealed the deal with a kiss.