Snow Angels

Short, sappy romantic winter ChLana. Because I felt like it. And because 7 years before Chloe came to smallville, she met an angel. And they made snow angels together.

Happy winter time, solstice, Yuletide, Christmas, and other assorted holidays.

The first time I met her, it was snowing. Snow is very rare in Smallville, where she came from, but in Metropolis not so much. It was snowing, and it was her first time in the city. She ran away from Nell and ran to the park. She sat down in it and cried. I sat down next to her. Our apartment was only a block away, so I was always in the park. I'd never seen anyone crying in the park before. I sat down next to her, and I offered the only sympathy my 7-yearold mind could come up with.

"Wanna make a snow angel?"

She looked up at me and nodded, teary eyes lighting slightly. We made snow angels together, for 20 minutes before Nell came and found her.

Lana didn't remember me when I came to Smallville in 8th grade. I recognized her at once.

2 years later we were friends. And for Christmas break we decided to go away together. Get away from Clark and his doe eyes. For my part I also wanted to spend time with my beautiful Lana. Falling in love with her was easy. Lana wanted to get away from Lex, I know. Seems he'd realized neither Lana nor Clark were going to make a move, and decided to make his own. Lana and I decided to go to Salt Lake city, to snow and cold weather so unlike Smallville. So while I put the Christmas edition of the Torch to bed, she packed us up.

We arrived into a Christmas wonderland.



"Ever met an angel?"

"An angel? Um, don't really believe in them."

"You believe in meteor mutants, but not angels?"

"Meteor mutants are common where we live. I deal with them just about once a week, God knows you do too. But what's your point?"

"I think I met an angel once. I was just a little girl, in Metropolis for the first time, and I was crying in the park and an angel found me and made snow angels with me" she laughs

"Sounds stupid doesn't it?"


"Chloe? Wanna make snow angels?"

She winks at me. And she knew all along, she recognized me too. She called me an angel. And after we come in, covered in snow, we warm each other up under the covers.

Outside twenty snow angels form a giant star.