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Nervous butterflies did battle in my stomach as I lifted the veil over my face and studied my reflection in the massive mirror before me. The dress I wore had a demure bodice, with long, tightly fitted sleeves, of lace. It hugged my figure perfectly, until a froth of delicate satin, with mother of pearl appliqu├ęs, spilled out from my knees to end in a small train. My shoes were high sparkling sandals, showcasing my sea green nails and the ever-present ring on the second toe of my right foot.

Despite the fact that this day had been thought out and planned for three weeks, I was a nervous wreck.

It was only the thought of Edward waiting for me at the other end of the aisle that made this spectacular ceremony bearable at all. I'd never minded taking center stage, but since the Stuart incident, my fondness for being in crowded places seemed to have waned even more than it had after he first attacked me. My hands slid across my bodice, smoothing an imaginary wrinkle out of the pristine expanse of gleaming teal, turquoise, and emerald green. As if a magnet drew my hands, they slid easily across the satin fabric towards the slight, barely noticeable bump on my lower abdomen.

My little fighter.

An all-encompassing surge of love filled me at the thought of the tiny baby cradled so trusting within my body. I stared at myself, finding none of the fear that had dogged me for so long. All I saw was the serenity that filled my soul and my entire being.

Cradling the bump gently I swung around and studied my hair, which had just been styled by Giovanni, a famously, overpriced hair stylist who apparently was worth every cent.

My hair flowed down my back in a profusion of ringlets and curls to reach my buttocks. Freesia had been carefully intertwined with a few strategically place tendrils around my crown. A few others grazed my cheeks framing my face perfectly. An intricate snood of seed pearls had also been woven through my hair, giving it the illusion of water. The snood held my veil in place, which was the type that hung down the back of your head with only a little to cover your face.

Would Edward think I was beautiful?

My heart stuttered and then pounded on at the mere thought of his name.

My hero, my everything, and soon to be my husband and the father of my child.

Surely, every dream I'd ever dreamt about him had come to pass, bringing with it the promise of things too good to be true; things I'd always been afraid to dream of for myself.

"Thank you" I whispered softly, to the room at large, and to God above.

Tears formed in my eyes, and I blinked rapidly to stop them falling and ruining my intricate eye makeup.

"Ugh, don't cry!" I wailed to myself.

"You okay, Bella?" My dad said from the doorway.

I dabbed at my eyes gently and smiled, "Yes, Daddy, I'm fine. Jus thinking about all I have to be thankful for. I felt overwhelmed for a moment...I've have everything I always wanted and then some; things I'd never thought to ask for."

"You deserve it Bells," Dad said as he hugged me close. "Every damned thing."

I placed my arms around his waist and hugged him back with every ounce of the love I felt for him.

"I love you, Dad. Thank you for everything." I paused. "Thank you for Edward."

Dad pulled back and looked at me quizzically. "I didn't do that part, baby, you did that all on your own..."

I shook my head, grinning up at the man who had raised me and who had always been there for me. "You gave me your blessing and your understanding, and that's more than I could ever have imagined."

"Ah, my sweet baby girl, I'd give you the damn moon and the stars too if you wanted them. I love you too, Bella; more than you'll ever know. From the day you were born, you held my heart in these small hands. Thank you for being the best daughter any man ever had."

Tears pooled in my eyes again, and I dabbed fiercely at them. "Daddy it sounds like we're saying goodbye. I hate this! I'm only at Edward's, not the other side of the country!"

Dad grinned at me. "Feels like I'm giving you to Edward, and in a way I am." As a short laugh escaped him, "But then again, I think I may have done that many years ago."

I smiled up at him, leaning a little away as I checked my makeup in the mirror.

My father watched my careful ministrations with an amused all male smirk, "you look perfect, Bella." he said "Are you ready?"

I nodded. "I've been ready for a very long time, Daddy."

Dad drew my arm through his, and we left the bridal room slowly.

I felt as light as air as I walked towards the double doors which led into the church. My heels made no sound at all, as they passed over thousands of flower petals strewn across the floor. The doors opened as if by magic, exposing a sea of seated people all waiting for me to arrive.

My heart raced the closer I got to the guests, and finally I raised my eyes to find the only gaze that mattered.

A tight knot formed in my throat as my eyes met Edward's. I took a deep breath and finally the organ began to play, and I started to follow the ebb and flow of the melody, every step bringing me closer to the man I loved more than anyone or anything in this world. Every one of our seven hundred guests turned to look at me, and I heard countless gasps as they saw my gown.

It was all the colors of the ocean, delicately blended into one amazing dress. It wasn't white, but it was me, and I adored it.

I ignored their reactions as I walked towards my future with my hand firmly grasped by my father's, the other placed on his sleeve.

Edward took my breath away. His tuxedo was traditional black except he wore it better than any man I'd ever seen. His drop-dead gorgeous face was completely focused on me, his intense green gaze fixed on my face, a tiny, barely discernible smirk on his lips. His usually chaotic hair had been somewhat tamed and was much shorter; its titan colour a startling contrast to the somber one he wore. The lines I adored showed around his eyes as he winked at me, a brief flicker of an eyelid that no one saw but me.

A familiar flutter of awareness filled my stomach, and I licked my suddenly dry lips, just as a smile tugged at them.

The gravitational pull I'd always felt held me firmly, dragging me to him. And I went gladly, eager for my fate.

Finally, the long walk was over, and Dad pressed my hand before placing it in Edward's and stepping back to his place as best man.

A burning tingle radiated across my skin from his touch as our fingers knotted and we turned to the pastor.

Would I ever grow used to his touch, I wondered? I hoped not.

We had agreed on a traditional ceremony. I'd always imagined saying those words to him and now my dream was becoming a reality as I repeated after the pastor, binding myself to Edward for the rest of my life.

Through sickness and health, 'till death do us part...and not even then...I told myself fiercely.

I was trapped by glorious green as I said the words and Edward watched me possessively as his finger stroked my palm again and again, that faint smirk still firmly in place.

When he said his final vow, voice smooth and mesmerising, I felt my insides quiver with triumph and elation. He was mine! Finally and completely.

"I love you, Bella, I always have and I always will." He said unexpectedly, loud enough for all to hear, as he pulled me into a kiss, which may have singed my hair and definitely made my legs wobble.

Applause exploded through the cathedral, and the sound was deafening, but nothing mattered to me, except Edward and his mouth.

The pastor grinned at us as we pulled apart. "May I introduce to you all - Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen!"

The already deafening applause swelled to new proportions.

I looked at Dad and saw that he had tears in his eyes and I felt my heart squeeze tighter with love for him.




The reception was being held at my old home, Dad's house. I didn't change out of my gown, opting instead to remove only my veil. We walked around, talking to our guests, my arm through Edward's, his hand over mine on his sleeve. I'd never felt happier, even after all that had happened.

We smiled and accepted numerous congratulations from friends and colleagues alike. Jealousy gleamed at me from several sets of eyes, but I ignored it all, smiling sweetly as we passed.

The news that I was expecting our child had not been publisized yet, and I was going to keep it that way for a few more months until I simply couldn't hide my condition any longer.

Stuarts 'disappearance' had been widely documented. His father launched a full-scale search for him a week ago, which had, up until now, remained fruitless.

I felt no regret or sadness over his death, I was only grateful to Edward for having removed him from our lives forever.

Charlotte had disappeared too. Apparently, she had left Miami soon after our last encounter. I'd never asked Edward just what had happened after he had confronted her with her sins. He had evaded the question on more than one occasion, but it didn't bother me because I knew that he had taken care of it and that she would never again be back to haunt me.

We cut the three-tiered cake with plenty of laughter from me as I shoved a huge amount into Edward's mouth. Pictures were taken, and I ignored the camera and lost myself in the hungry green gaze and sensual lips of my husband.

The photographer seemed very pleased with us and continued snapping away for several minutes.

"Are you ready for our first dance, Mrs. Cullen?" Edward asked eyes amused as I nodded and he pulled me into his arms on the edge of the dance floor.

Music swelled and dipped as the classical notes of Mozart's, Blue Danube filled the room. A shiver of pure joy danced its way down my spine as I absorbed the beautiful melody and gazed up, enraptured, at my handsome husband. Just like everything we did together, dancing was effortless and naturally synchronised. Edward's nose rubbed against my temple as he drew me closer still, his voice deep and filled with intense desire. "Fuck, Bella, I can't believe that you're finally mine." He ground out as he pressed a somewhat fierce kiss onto my temple.

My stomach tightened and then did a delicious flip-flop at his words.

"All yours." I reaffirmed softly, pulling back to look at him. "And you're all mine now, Mr. Cullen. No one can take me from you now."

"No one would dare to try, Cricket. I'll never let you go. Not ever." He said, and my heart sang because I'd always longed to hear those words come from his lips.

We swirled around the makeshift dance floor that now surrounded the beautifully lit swimming pool, the overhead lights turning my gown into iridescent blue. Slowly I raised my hand that had been resting on his shoulder and traced a line along his jaw. And then, with a sigh of pleasure, I sunk my fingers into the thick copper strands of his hair.

His eyes momentarily slid shut at my touch and bored into mine as they opened. "You always were my greatest temptation, Bella, don't push your luck tonight, or you might find yourself thoroughly fucked." He said, voice low and as smooth as melted caramel, his words reaching my ears alone.

I grinned up at him cheekily. "My hero." I sighed.

Edwards gaze darkened. "I've told you, Bella, I've never been the hero in this story."

"You're the only hero I've ever wanted," I said.

"You're all I've ever wanted too." He replied as he bent to kiss me.

Heat exploded through me at his touch.

His words set my heart on fire, and his touch inflamed my blood.

Edward was all I needed, just him and our child.

I felt complete and happy at the thought of our family.




Many hours later, we arrived home to a welcoming, darkened apartment and Edward's warm arms. We had decided to forgo a honeymoon, and I was quite happy with that decision. I wasn't ready for that, my ordeal having left its marks on me psychologically.

We would eventually go to some exotic destination and enjoy ourselves, but for right now, this place was heaven on earth to me because I was home.

Edward carried me across the threshold rather traditionally, and I giggled up at him, mischievous energy filling me at the thought of us being finally alone.

"What?" He demanded, grinning at me.

"I never knew you were so - romantic, thats all."

"Maybe I'm just thorough. I don't want anything going wrong tonight..."

I felt my smile fade as I tightened my hold on his neck and pulled my face up to his.

"Sshh, nothing will go wrong again Edward, tonight it's just us, in our own home and in our own bed. Kiss me." I whispered.

Our lips met with the force of a tidal wave, and I was immediately swept away. Awash in a sea of desire, I was mesmerised by his lips and tongue. Every move was magical, every swipe of our tongues sublime, our teeth bumped as we devoured each other like cannibals.

Edward carried me to our room, where I was tossed gently onto the smooth satin expanse.

I laughed as the air was knocked out of my lungs. "Edward!" I squealed.

He was soon to follow me down, his mouth finding mine once more, hungry and demanding.

I arched into his touch as his hands cupped my breasts, thumbs running across my taut nipples, before plucking at the tight buds with merciless fingers.

He knelt between my thighs, widening his own to spread me out as far as my legs would go. I felt the satin of my gown rip as Edward claimed me. His hands were everywhere at once, stripping me bare and devouring my heated flesh.

Time stood still and ceased to have any meaning as I followed my husband's lead and drowned in our passion, gladly, easily.

Edward was like the most addictive drug in the world, and I was an addict. No amount of being together could ever lessen the burning, all-consuming need I had to be with him. He tasted like the best thing in the world, and he was all mine.

The moment before we were joined, as his body waited, poised at my entrance, our eyes met, and I was drowning. Slowly, with achingly tortuous pleasure, Edward eased his body into mine. I whimpered and then cried out as his length filled me.

My fingers tangled in his hair and pulled his face to mine as my legs lifted to wrap around his waist.

"Ah, fuck, so good Bella." He groaned as he flexed his hips against mine, driving his steel-like flesh deeper inside me than ever before.

I licked at his lower lip as I moaned with him, sensation flooded every cell of my body as he began to move, his powerful hands sliding down to cradle my ass, lifting me up onto him with each thrust of his hips.

He held nothing back as he pounded into me, and I relished each thrust, meeting his need with my own.

We were one as never before, just as we'd always been meant to be.

We were complete.

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