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Steve has always been good with his hands. He supposes it is a blessing for him considering for most of his life (excluding frozen bits) he was a tiny asthmatic shrimp. It started with drawing, if he could get his hands on a pencil and a bit of paper he would make worlds rise up. He would draw people too, from memory, his mother before she died, Bucky when he left. As he became older, and his mother health plummeted, she discovered his talent for cooking. He could take very few ingredients and make them delicious. His team had called him a miracle worker when they had tasted his food, later in the war, Steve wasn't sure if it was because of his food or the fact they really hadn't had much other than army rations for a long long time. His mother had enjoyed his food too. And he never really lost those skills, they were just pushed to the side really. He still drew occasionally when he wasn't out fighting baddies and Red Skull, it was just the fact he was so busy during the war. But when they are sitting at a base waiting before being deployed to their next mission when Steve gets the itch in his hands. There's nothing to cook really and there's no paper that isn't being used, so Steve turns mechanic. He picks it up quickly, and soon is modifying his own little black bike for missions. (the team takes the motorcycle on joy rides in-between missions, it gave him a heart attack for about half a minute but it makes him glow to see that they like something that he's done, rather than what Captain America has done. They tell him later that it rides like a dream, and how on earth did he get it to go so fast? He glows at the first compliment and feels slightly worried about the second.) He couldn't tell if he actually made a difference but his team insists he did.

Then the plane crashed, and his whole world shattered.

It's been 70 years since he last saw anyone. His future, their future, this generations present, and he has too much time. Too much time to think, to reflect, on what could have been. He needs something to do, and after the he was defrosted, SHIELD has apparently forgotten about him, at least for now. He tries to take up drawing again, but stops when he learns that they have psychologists take and analyze each drawing. The drawings scare him anyways, so much death leaks from his fingers, on to the page. He goes back to hitting things, being swallowed whole by his memories.

Then there is the Chitauri invasion, and he feels so alive, so useful and needed, even if Tony Stark and the others hate him. And then too soon (which he knows is a horrible thing to think, but he hasn't felt useful for so long) its over, they all kind of separate then mush back together, in a sort of awkward family/friends/teammates/group(no ones really sure what they are exactly), at Stark/Avengers tower, and now there has been very little (for him at least) to do. But it seems he still can draw, yet the past is the only thing that shows up on the paper, and the pencil burns his fingers. He doesn't draw for awhile after that, the past is too painful already. He tries to cook again but after struggling to understand how the kitchen works and being mocked for it, he quits. It's not worth the mocking. He'd do mechanics again, but everything Tony owns is so far ahead of his time, so far ahead of today, or is so specialized, he'd probably never understand it. (Because, as good as Steve is at mechanics, things like the Ironman suit are so advanced that he will probably never understand it. And let's not even start on other technology like JARVIS and other electronics that litter the tower)

He's wandering around the tower, caught between exploring and trying not to get in the way so that they don't send him away, back to nothingness, when he finds Tony's workshop and wanders in. (It's only later that he learns how off-limits Tony's shop normally is and wonders just how much did JARVIS know and help him with.) He ignores most of the futuristic technology on one half of the shop and focuses on the cars. Cars, he knows how to work with cars. Still he doesn't want to touch with out permission, but Tony would probably say no before he even opened his mouth, so who to ask?

"JARVIS?" Steve starts hesitantly, still feeling awkward that he's talking to a building "Can I work on Tony's cars? I promise I won't break anything."

"Of course Captain," JARVIS responds.

Steve lets loose a breath he didn't even know he was holding, "Thanks JARVIS."

He gently opens the hood of the nearest car, signing almost imperceptibly, its almost exactly the same as he remembers it. The next hour is spent with him reacquainting himself with the parts of a car, after working with a motorcycle for so long, JARVIS occasionally pulling up a touch screen with simple instructions on the parts he has questions about. By the end of it, Steve is covered in grease but also in a much happier mood. He has found himself a purpose. He turns to leave the shop, he doesn't want Tony to find him here, he doesn't want to hear more reminders of the life that he missed because of the ice, more jeers about what stole away his future. As he is leaving he asks JARVIS,

"Will you not tell Tony unless he asks directly?" JARVIS seems to hum as if thinking about it "I just don't want him to have more ammunition against me," he continues quietly.

"Of course Captain Rogers, I believe that can be accomplished."

"Thanks, JARVIS," Steve says before slipping out of the workshop. He manages to get to his floor right before Tony goes down to the shop.

Steve tries to go to the shop every chance he gets, slowly fine tuning each one of the cars Tony has in there. When he finishes tuning he goes and starts making improvements, little tricks that he has learned from experience. JARVIS's concerns about having Steve in the shop are gone now. Steve doesn't touch anything he doesn't know how to fix and always asks for permission to use things. It's obviously doing him a lot of good, JARVIS records less nights of Steve waking up shivering, or calling a dead mans name, or his lost love.(JARVIS monitors the whole team of course, but it's nice to see that he can help ease some of their ghosts.) It's helping Steve move on and JARVIS isn't going to take that away from him as long as he can help it. Eventually JARVIS notes that SHIELD has finally straightened out Captain America's accounts, meaning Steve will actually have some cash. Steve had mentioned that he would, as soon as he had enough cash, buy himself a bike to tinker with and upgrade. If JARVIS was programmed to feel emotions he might feel sadness as he doesn't want to lose the easy camaraderie that they have built.

When Steve does finally buy the bike, JARVIS has to remind himself that, Steve will not be coming down to the shop anymore. Except Steve does, and tentatively asking if he can keep his bike in the garage area of the shop, JARVIS readily agrees, and mentally makes a note not to let Sir destroy it.

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