Derek had kissed me and it had been amazing. We smiled, hand in hand when we walked back to the hotel.

I have felt weird the past week after our kiss. I don't know if it's nerves or stress or what. I hang around the others still so they don't realize I am sick but I can't help that I have been acting different. I am quieter than I normally am; I am not as skittish, mostly because I just don't care about it when people have been trying to talk to me. I come across to them as a zoned out zombie. I overhear them chalk it up to shock from all our recent events. A form of PTSD.

Tonight we finished dinner and soon retired to our hotel rooms. Tori wanted to talk to me about convinced Kit to let us go shopping. She really wanted me to get a new hair color even though the black was mostly gone. I brushed her off though and went to bed my stomach not feeling too good. My mind drifting off to dreams as I fell asleep. It was me and Derek in the bathroom that night we met Liam. Derek scrubbed me clean of all the werewolf blood on me and then said one thing that eerily stood out and echoed around my dream,

"There are two ways to become a werewolf. Either you are born one or you get bitten by one..."

"Derek, I wasn't bitten."

"If saliva gets into your bloodstream, it turns you. There is no way to reverse its affects.

Then it flashed to all the times he's told me that our mutations have made us unpredictable.

I bolted up from my sleep, sweat sticking my hair to my face. I was breathing fast and shaking. No, it couldn't be, that couldn't happen. He only kissed me. No. Our mutations could not allow it to happen to me.

I climbed out of bed and walked out onto the balcony. Gripping the railing tightly as I breathed in the soothing cold air. I allowed myself to calm down I knew I had overreacted to a simple dream. Once I had somewhat calmed I tried to think this out more logically. No one else had noticed I was sick, only that I was acting different. Maybe it was all in my head. Maybe I was just wishing to be a werewolf like Derek. I needed someone to talk to about this. I don't trust Aunt Lauren just yet, Tori would not be of any help, and Derek obviously was one I couldn't talk to, Simon, well maybe he could help. Simon would probably suggest I talk to Derek and he would if I didn't. This left me one option. I needed to talk to Kit. I wouldn't now though, until I had more evidence that it was true. If it was true, I corrected myself. I knew that this was all silly.

I opened the door to go back in the hotel room. The door was much louder than I remember it being a while ago. Super-sensitive hearing... No, I was not a werewolf; I was just imagining the door being louder. I went back to bed but it took a while to fall back asleep.

"Chloe," I heard a voice calling to me but I didn't want to get up, "Chloe," the voice said again. I mumbled a quiet, "go away." Then a hand touched my shoulder and I shot up. I shot across the bed, away from the hand and growled. I actually growled I think. Oh god, no I didn't just growl did I? It was Tori who had tried to wake me, she laughed.

"Looks like someone is spending too much time with wolf boy," Tori said, "Breakfast is in the boy's hotel room, come on over already, everyone's waiting on you."

I nodded and Tori left so I could change out of my unicorn pajamas. Man I needed new pajamas or I would start sleeping in my clothes. The moment after she left, I crawled back into my sheets and fell back into a restless sleep. I dreamed of Derek and myself in wolf form, chasing animals through the woods. Half an hour later there was another knock at the door. I didn't answer; my back was to the door. I heard it open and heavy footsteps enter. I knew that sound. It was Derek; Tori must have given him her room key.

"Chloe," he sounded very concerned, "Chloe come on, you gotta get out of bed."

I said nothing, falling back asleep. His hand gently touched me, as if he was going to shake me awake. I did the same to him as I had done to Tori. I jumped away and something resembling growling came out of my mouth at him because it scared me. Derek froze in confusion. Like he didn't believe what he just heard. He shook his head like he imagined it.

"I don't feel good, please leave me alone," I said quietly, trying not to hurt his feelings

"Oh, I'll go get your aunt since she is a doctor," Derek said, he turned for the door

"No," I whispered quietly, already buried in my blankets, I had not realized I spoke the next part until after I had said it, "Only Kit can help."

Derek turned back towards me, "What?"

I sat up in my bed, and sighed, no use in denying it now, "I need your dads help."

I could see the hurt in his eyes; he thought I didn't trust him to help me. Derek turned and left. A knock on the door about a minute later. It was Kit.

"What's going on?" He asked when I let him in, "You've been pushing everyone away this past week and now you've hurt Derek."

I sat down on my bed and hugged a pillow to my chest. Kit looked like I was preparing to tell him I was pregnant. He sat down beside me.

"Derek kissed me the night we came here, on our walk."

"And so? It's just a kiss."

"Werewolf saliva turns a human into a werewolf." I continued, bit by bit

"Yes but only when it comes into contact with the blood. A kiss wouldn't do that to you."

"The mutations changed things."

I let go of the pillow and hugged him tightly. Kit processed it for a moment, trying to see how this was true; an arm draped around me awkwardly trying comfort me.

"Are you sure? Why are you thinking this?" he asked, he looked like he didn't believe me at first glance but studying his eyes showed nervousness and a little anger.

I then explained to him everything about the past week. My appetite had changed; my vision was getting better in the dark, several things like this. Then I told him about the semi-growling I had done. Kit sat silent for a moment. Then pulled me into a hug.

"I'm so sorry Chloe, I think that you are overthinking things with the stress of the situations you have been in. But if you think your suspicions are true, as weird as the situation sounds," Kit said, "Then Chloe, you need to tell Derek. This isn't something you can keep from him. He and I will help you through this. None of the others will know. Besides, he would find out anyway, he would smell the change in your scent if that's really whats going on."

I cried, I did not want to tell Derek. I knew he was right though and nodded. Kit left to go get Derek back. I curled up in a ball, knees drawn up to my chest and my back to the door. Derek and Kit reentered. Derek immediately rushed over when he saw that I was crying. He pulled me up onto his lap and massaged my shoulders with his thumbs, trying to calm me. I flinched at his touch and he knew something was really wrong. He thought he had done something wrong.

"Chloe, just get it over with, tell him," Kit said, he seemed concerned that this might have happened to me but also very mad that we let it happen.

"Derek, I'm a werewolf now," I said quickly, he looked into my eyes. I tried to look away, keep my back to him but his grip on me made me face him.

"Chloe that's not a funny joke. Being a werewolf is not a good life," Derek glared at me

"It's no joke," I said and cried into his shirt suddenly. Derek, well I don't know how to describe the look on his face, disbelief probably. He looked to his dad for answers.

Kit nodded, "It could be true. Your genetic modifications changed things about you, possibly including that saliva would have you infect others. When you kissed Chloe, you could have infected her."

Derek shook his head, fist tightening, "No, I wouldn't be that careless. That can't be." The past week and the growling incident of earlier flashed through his mind; he gripped me tighter in his arms. Saying no no no over and over. "I am so sorry Chloe. We're going to find a way to help you."

"You said it yourself, it's like a virus, can't be cured," I said, "We can't tell the others though. Please, I can handle this as long as they don't know."

Kit then ripped into Derek for being careless enough for this to happen. He yelled at Derek and put the blame all on him, even though it was both of our faults. Derek was silent during the yelling. He knew that if he said anything it would make the situation worse. He let Kit take it out on him. Kit yelled at me a few times too. He scolded that we should have thought about that possibility before we kissed. But I said that he doesn't see it as a possible thing either, when I responded with that. I regretted it because it only made him angrier.