Manhattan was gigantic. It was a big and easy to get swallowed up in. One could say that they escaped there to get lost; Emma certainly said she went to big cities to do that when she was young. It was easier to survive that way. There was more marks, a lot more places to hit and crime was harder to pin down in bigger cities.

Here though, now that Emma was older, she moved Henry to New York after the fire in Boston to give him the best of all opportunities. New York was once told to her a place where you'd have to be crazy to live there and crazy not to want to live there.

And Henry, her little English Literature Genius was going to have everything she never had here. She was going to make sure of that. She'd work her fingers to the bone if she had to in order to give him those opportunities. She wouldn't complain, she never did. Henry had a home, a good one at that. Emma had come so far since her fast food joint after jail to provide for him.

And she was happy. They were safe here. They'd lost almost everything in the fire but after building themselves up again, the fresh start was successful.

They were safe and they were happy. That's all Emma could hope for.

They were small, just her and him but they were a family. Emma was happy with that. IT was hard sometimes, especially when he was asking so many questions about his father and needing a male father figure now that he was getting older. He had friends who had father figures but what was she going to do?

It wasn't so bad now. Emma still played video games with him; they still talked and sat at meals together like a family. She just worried about what was going to happen when he got older and that would stop.

What would she have when he was gone?

Him, in some degree yes, but could she be alright with going to an empty home by herself for all these years when he was off making his own life? What would she have? Henry's friend's parents that she was acquaintances with? She might not have them in the next year, let alone six

Maybe she was a bit too walled off for her own good when it came to other people.

But she had him….for six years more she was going to have him…and letting him go was going to be the hardest thing. He was her son though and she was going to enjoy the time they had together as much as possible.

She put his breakfast in front of him, "Finish your math homework last night?"


"You need to bring that grade up," she sat down, "You're the only one that I Know that would rush to do a book report before anything else."

HE blushed and looked around, "Mom…aren't you forgetting something."

"Oh," she went and grabbed the cinnamon and put it next to him for his hot chocolate.

She sat down just as there was a knock at the door. Emma looked over confused at Henry, "We expecting someone?"

He shook his head.

Emma wiped her mouth with a napkin and went to answer the door, on the other side there was an older man, maybe middle aged, leaning on a cane. Emma took note of his expensive suit for a second…but then he met her eyes and his face lit up. Something like relief crossed it, "Sheriff Swan, you're safe."


She narrowed her eyes; she couldn't place his face, "I'm sorry, I'm not a sheriff. Do we-?"

His face fell, "Surely you remember."

"I'm sorry, I don't…."

"What did they do to you?" he looked confused.

"Mom?" Henry asked behind her.

The man tried to look behind her, "Henry?"

She made sure the door was closed so he couldn't see her son, "Who are you?"

"I was hoping that you'd remember but something's happened, of course it wouldn't be this easy but I Think I might as well just cut to the chase, we'll figure out some way to restore your memory."

"I think…..I should go now," Emma started to close the door. When he put his cane in the door to block it, Emma froze, "You back away right now before I call the police."

"Your family is in danger," he told her simply, "Your mother and your father-."

"Abandoned me. Don't you dare speak to me about them"

"Oh, so you believe that again do you?" he sighed, "Emma, I don't expect you to believe this but you found your family and you are needed yet again to save them."

"You're insane," Emma whispered, "My family is my son and he's not in danger."

"No, but any family he could have will be, you'll be robbing him of that if you do nothing. Emma, just….let me in and we'll talk."

"Get away from my door," Emma shoved the cane away from the door and slammed the door. She locked it. He'd be gone by the time they were ready to go. IF he wasn't, then she'd call the police. She had her connections; she could have one down here in five minutes.

"Who was that?" Henry asked.

"I don't know," She tried to play it off and looked back behind her, "Someone probably left the door open down the hall. Let's have breakfast."