hey guys so this is my first grimm story and an idea that's swimming around in my head for a while now so here it is. I'm am several dyslexic so if theres any mistakes I'm sorry, so let me know what you think by reviewing

chapter 1:best day of my life

Nick and Hank were currently working on a case that involved a wesen that would eat their victims tears and in the process blind them by infecting them with a parasite that orientated from flies in Africa. They had later found out that this practically wesen was called Jinnamuru xunte which was a fly like creature that would pray on the most vulnerable people in order to eat their tears. So far all they knew was what he was, the name that he gave to all of his victims which was Andre who seemed to be from south Africa and that he seemed to chose his victims from Grief support meetings around the Portland area. However he left his latest victim alive due to be interrupted by the victim's sister, they recently went to visit her to discover that not only were the parasites growing but that the worms were crawling in and on her eyes. That was when they were giving the tip that their suspect was attending a grief support meeting at a local high school. Which is what had led Nick to be alone with the suspect in an empty classroom while the others checked out the rest of the building, just as he was about to arrest him Andre sprayed him in the eyes with the parasites causing Nick to fall back in pain. Just as Andre picked up a table and threw it at the window to escape, the door was thrown open to reveal a young woman with long brown hair dressed in a dark grey dress with a black blazer, black pumps, a grey bag and navy blue scarves. The young woman ran over to Nick

" hey you okay? I know its stings but you need to stop moving around, otherwise you're going to hurt yourself...what's your name?" the woman asked hoping that it would calm him down slightly as she tried to keep from falling around the place as well as distract him

" Nick, I'm a detective for the Portland police department... oh god this is really beginning to sting" he said rubbing his eyes hoping that somehow he would be able to wipe the sand and parasites out of them,

"Im Mia and yeah I kind wish that was the worse of it but I'm guessing as a Grimm you already know right?" she said surprising him with the fact that not only did she know about the wesen world but also knew about him when she seemed to be a normal human

" I think its getting worse...we need to find my partner, he could help" he said knowing that they had to move quickly before Andre got away, just then Hank and Wu came in after hearing all the noise down the hall

" Nick what happened?" he asked seeing that Nick was clearly in pain and that his eyes were becoming more and more red like Kelly's was before the worms took over

"and who is this ?" Wu asked gesturing to the woman, briefly wondering whether or not she was threat to them or if she was simple being a good samaritan by helping Nick

" I'm Mia. I'm a teacher here, I was just about to leave for the night when i heard all noise coming from here so I came to see what was going on. He got sprayed in the face with some kind of red mist by the other guy" she said rambling slightly as she tried to explain what had happened while leaving out some major details and trying to prevent Nick from hurting himself

" He blinded me, I cant see! He went out of the window!" he said as Hank caught him from behind as he began to fall backwards again, Wu went to the window to see if he could spot the suspect

" he's running! Officer down, the suspect is fleeing from the local high school. I repeat he is on the move!" Wu said into his walkie talkie as he began to make his way out of the high school to pursue the suspect

" we need to take you to the hospital" Hank said as he and Mia supported Nick as they began to make their way out of the classroom, Hank wondered why Mia was so willing to help them but figured that she was probably a nice person who wanted to help out

" no they wont be able to help him, I know someone we can take him to" she said with confidence, she knew that whatever was going with him wasn't something that a hospital saw everyday

" call Monroe, him and Rosalee will be able to find something to help" he said quietly enough so only him and Hank could hear, all the while the image of Kelly's worm infested eyes were filling his head as he prayed that they would be able to prevent it from happening

Eventually they arrived at Rosalee's spice shop where Rosalee and Monroe were waiting for them, Hank realised that Mia had driven to the spice shop and wondered how she knew to come here or what her connection was to the place. Inside Rosalee was reading about how the parasites worked once they made the contact with the eyes, while Monroe was pacing the length of the shop worrying about Nick's current condition. They had been doing research on the parasite all afternoon and had still yet to find a way to bring back someone's sight or a way to reverse the effects of the parasites. Hank had called ahead to tell that Nick had been infected by the Jinnamuru xunte, he had also hinted to the fact that they were bringing an outsider with them but couldn't say too much since Mia was with them. Nick with the support of Hank and Mia came bursting through the spice shop door, Monroe ran over to them and took over the side that Mia was holding up as they led him over to the couch in the other room.

" Mia? please tell me you weren't anywhere near the guy that did this to Nick?" Monroe said pulling her side to check her eyes out to see if they were infected while Rosalee hurried around the shop as she tried to find the right books that could possible help them

" no I came in just as he smashed a desk through one of the windows, he was a Jinnamuru xunte wasn't he?" she asked remembering how the wesen looked liked a fly, she knew there weren't many of them that looked like that

" wait you two know each other?" Hank asked as he realised that there were some similarities between them such as their dark curly hair and their dark eyes

" Monroe's my brother and I'm guessing this is the grimm best friend that you're hiding from mom and dad?" she said placing her bag, scarves and blazer on one of the chair before going to help Rosalee with the books after giving her a hug to say hello

"wait? your brother? thats why you didn't seem surprised by the Jinnamuru xunte because you're one of them, you're a blutbad" Nick said welcoming the distraction from the agnosing pain coming from his eyes

" So sue me I'm a blutbad but I'm like Monroe, I don't eat meat and I never have. Anyways you can get my whole life story later when you can see me" she said walking towards him to get a closer look at his eye to see what was going on with them, she felt him as he chuckled at her use of words

" she's right man, this is bad well actually its terrible. I mean Rosalee and I have been working on this for a while now and the only thing we've figured out for sure is that these worms have barbs that stick into you ey-" he said beginning to explain what they had just found out from one of Rosalee's book before Rosalee interrupted him

" Monroe!" she said cutting him off, she knew that if Nick heard any of the glory details of how these worm like parasites worked then it would likely make him more anxious and distressed

" what?! I'm telling him, its better to know. If it were me, I'd want to know...I think maybe not...i don't know, I'll shut up now" he said trying to defend himself slightly before realising that he was probably making it worse

" seriously? why don't we just focus on helping Nick rather than freaking him out even more...Ok we have to keep his eyes open, the worms thrive in the dark" Mia said after a few seconds after reading a section in one of the books on the parasites's weaknesses

" the light would slow them down" Rosalee said figuring out that in this case that the light would help them to prevent the worms from further growth or from eating anymore of Nick's eyes, she began to try and find a way to put direct light into his eyes

" Nick, open your eyes" Hank told him following the girls research and instructions, he knew by this point that they were probably right since Rosalee had yet to be wrong about this kind of thing

" can you see anything?" Monroe asked wondering whether or not Nick could see blurred images or the slightest hint of a dark shape, it wasn't like you came across this kind of thing a lot

" no...Rosalee?" he asked after listening carefully to her foot steps as they came closer to the backroom where they were all gathered

" I thought you couldn't see anything, how did you know it was me?" Rosalee said wondering how he knew it was her and not Mia that was entering the room, just then Mia went back to the books to see if she could find something to explain this

" I don't know, I just knew it was you" he said not being able to explain how he knew, just that he did

" He has an heightened sense of hearing, its like when a normal person goes blind their other senses get heighten. However since it was a supernatural occurrence, his hearing ability is almost supernatural" Mia explained as she read from the book about the effects on being blinded by the parasites

"ok we need to get light into his eyes, Monroe would you grab that lamb? Mia would you grab that table and out it here?" Rosalee asked them as she quickly came up with a plan to have direct light in Nick's eyes at all times

" yeah of course, Rosa" Mia said as she did what she was asked, before quickly kicking her heels off. She knew that there was no way she be able to go through the night's event in the way she currently dressed

" Nick I want you to look right here and don't move ok? This will slow down their eating process and buy us some time" she said giving him a gentle squeeze on his arm as she tried to reassure him before heading back to the books

" hey Nick, I'm sorry this happened to you... I can't help but think that if I came sooner then maybe this wouldn't be happening to you, I promise you I am going to do everything I can to help you" she said before giving him a small kiss on the cheek after checking that no one was looking

"we were just at the hospital and the last girl that got attacked had no eyes left" Hank told Monroe, trying to let him know how bad this could get for Nick

"Oh my god!" Rosalee said as she read something in the books, she couldn't believe what she reading

"I think Rosalee found something" Nick said after hearing her exclamation, he knew that whatever she found probably wasn't good

" what are you talking about, man?" Monroe said wondering how he could know that or why she had yet to inform them with whatever she had found out

" Hank, Monroe can you come in here for a second?" Mia asked as she read the passage that Rosalee had just read to see what the big deal was and soon realised that the thing that could save Nick was something that could kill the other guy

"there is a cure" she said although Monroe noticed that Rosalee didn't exactly sound happy or uplifted by the knowledge that they would be able to save Nick

" thank god" Hank said relieved that they would be able prevent Nick's eyes from being eating away and becoming a nest for the red little worms in his eyes

" yeah I wouldn't thank him just yet, we've got to pull his eye out" Mia told them sensing that Rosalee was still processing what they would need to do

" pull his eye out? how is that a cure?" Monroe asked wondering how his sister and girlfriend could possible think that this was a good thing

" not Nick's eye, the Jinnamuru xunte. Its like antibodies that only the host has, that why he isn't blind" Rosalee explained trying to make it as clear as she could for those who hadn't read the passage in the book

"ok so how are we supposed to pull out one of this guy's eyes?" Monroe asked thinking that it wasn't exactly an easy task to do, he hoped it involved a Grimm weapon from Nick's trailer

" with a spoon, see" Mia said taking the book from Rosalee to show the guys the picture of someone scoping a Jinnamuru xunte's eyes out with a spoon

" oh that's gotta be uncomfortable" Monroe said after looking at the picture, it reminded him that sometimes people from their world didn't always get a happy ending and mostly they get hurt or killed

"we're supposed to do this while he's still alive?" Hank asked wondering how they were possible going to get this guy still enough to be able to do that to him

" yeah and he had to be in full form" Rosalee said feeling a little sick at the thought of forcing someone to remain woge while they did something like this to them but also knew that they had it for Nick

" Full woge?" Monroe asked feeling the need to clarify the details, he knew what Rosalee was feeling. Even though this guy had killed and seriously hurt people including one of their own, it was still hard to contemplate hurting another wesen

" how much time do we have before these worms finish their meal?" Nick asked by the door way as he struggled to keep himself up so he leaned against the door, no one had noticed that he had moved away from the light

"the next 3-4 hours are critical, which is why we've got to keep you lying down and looking into the light. That is the only way to slow this thing down" Mia said leading him back to the bed in the backroom as well as repositioning the light, just Hank's phone went off

" he just took a car" Nick asked after a few minutes of intense listening in on Hank and Wu's conversation about the suspect, he just wanted this to be over already

"wait what? who just took a car?" she said trying to work out what he was talking about, she could tell that whatever it was seemed important to him as well as had him worked up

After a while Nick seemed to relax slightly as he stayed in bed with the light shining into his eyes, he could tell that the others where busy at work. Hank was chasing down leads and following up any progress that Wu had made to see if it lead anywhere useful for them. Mia had decided that since things had calm down to take the chance to take Monroe's car back to her apartment so that she could changed and bring back coffee for everyone. She came back dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans, a grey tank top with red design, a red cardigan, a pair of brown combat boots and a black biker jacker. She also wore a red hat and scarf over her slightly wavy hair. When she came back she saw that Rosalee and Monroe were making some form of paste so she joined them to see if she could help

"hey just so you know this is a one time thing ok? there is no way I am letting you anywhere this Grimm stuff" Monroe said warning her that he was going to put a stop to her helping, she knew that he would eventually become protective

" yeah because having two people from our family working with him would bring even more disgrace, I'm pretty sure I've all but been disowned by this point don't you?" she said remaining him that her not being the blutbad that everyone wanted her to be was seen as a dishonour, if only they knew the truth

" he's right, our people don't take too kindly to wesens that help Grimms" Rosalee said as she crushed up the ingredients, she had always wondered whether or not her brother would be alive they were normal people

" except the wesen don't like me already because I refuse their ways and methods. I decided before I first woged that I was going to become a Wieder blutbad " she said without going into details, she knew that rejecting the violent nature of her kind was a big deal for some people

" you've never eaten a human or explored your wild side?" Rosalie asked since she always knew that Monroe was protective of her for a reason, he had only ever told her bit and pieces about her

" no when I was younger Monroe would take my share so I wouldn't need to or he would cover for me so no one found out. Then when I was about to leave for college I told my family the truth... Anyways what's all this? " she asked trying to change the subject back to their current problem

" Rosalee is trying to make the make the paste that goes with the extracted eye but this isn't going to do any good if we don't get this guy's eye right?" Monroe asked glad that they were talking about something other than his sister

"I know but we have to be ready in case we do" she told them while Hank was on the phone to Wu to find out the latest with the case

" Hank!... Hank I know where he is, he abandon his car between Quinnby and Ashton terrance" he said piecing the clues that he heard from Wu while he was on the phone to Hank

"wait you heard them talking on the phone?" Mia said bringing herself into the conversation, she briefly wondered how good his hearing was now that he was using more than one sense

"yeah thats Kelly's neighbourhood, she lives two blocks away. Remember in the books it said that Jinnamuru xunte would often revisit the victims families and go after them" he said remembering the bits of information that they had over looked since it didn't apply to the case yet

" he didn't go after the first victims" Hank said thinking that they would have heard something about another murder on the first victims family

" that's because she didn't have any family, Kelly does... Her sister Casey!" he said realising that Andre planned to go back to her and Kelly's house to attack Casey who would be upset and crying about Kelly

" if she goes home, she will be alone" Monroe said realising that no one would be there this time to interrupt Andre from fully feeding on her eyes like she did with Kelly

" you might be right but Nick you've got to stay here with Mia" Hank said to both of them, he knew that with Nick being blind he was more trouble than his worth and he didn't want to put Mia in a dangerous situation with her being Monroe's sister

" You don't know he sounds like, I do... he makes this noise like a buzzing" he said trying to intimate the noise that he heard Andre make in the classroom while something occurred to Mia

" plus with his super hearing ability right now, Nick would be able to hear it before we see him and that would give us a fair advantage on this guy" Mia said thinking that they would need something other than guns and claws to fight this guy, they would need to be smarter than that

" Mia's right, Nick has to go in fact we all do. We'll pack this and if we find him and make the extraction we'll only have a few minutes to mix the paste then apply to Nick's eyes" Rosalee told them as she and Monroe began to fill a pouch filled with the paste, while Mia helped Nick up so that she could lead him to the car

" Lets go" Nick said knowing that time was not their side, Mia took his hand so that she could lead but for some reason both of them felt very comfortable for only have just met. Nick felt that he could trust Mia on a more personal level than he did with Monroe, maybe she was just what he needed after his break up with Juliette

Soon they arrived at Kelly's and Casey's house where they heard crashes and screaming coming from the house, Hank and Monroe jumped out of the car as fast as they could when they saw that Nick was beginning to get out of the car. Monroe gave Mia a look that told her to not dare step a foot out of the car as she began to get out, she knew there was no way that he would let her near this if he could help it

"Nick you and the girls stay in the car!" he said knowing that he and Monroe would be able to handle this without them out getting involved, he didn't want any of them getting hurt or getting in the way

"Hank I-" Nick began to argue with him as he stopped him getting out of the car, he wasn't used to be sitting on the bench while the others save the day and the victims. He needed to be involved, he wasn't one for sitting on his hands while others do the work

"listen to me, stay put... both of you" Hank said sensing that Mia was like Nick, they weren't ones to sit back and let other do the work but they also weren't ones to do as they were told

" are you sure don't want another blutbad on your side?" she said trying to convince him that he could use her since she in better control than her brother when it came to humans

"no we're good but if he's in there then it means that you need to come in from the back, you ok with that?" he asked thinking that she had a good point of offering her help based his shaky control, he needed to make sure that this arrest would stick

"I'm good" Monroe said as he showed Hank and everyone else his blutbod red eyes before going around back to guard the back door in case he came out that way

"we're not really just going to sit and wait for them are we?" Mia asked as if she could read Nick's mind, she could tell that he was picking something up with his super hearing

" no we're not, he's in the house" he said as he and Mia began to move as she jumped out of the car and went to his side so that she could guide him, he immediately knew that it was Mia who was helping him from the scent of strawberry shampoo

"what are you two doing? Hank said to stay here" Rosalee said knowing that she wasn't a cop like Nick or someone who would recklessly put their life in danger like Mia was, she was someone who stuck to the rules the best she could

As fast as they could they entered house to find Casey in the living sobbing while Hank and Monroe were out by the back door. Nick stopped Mia from walking any further so that he could listen to find out where Andre was hiding, Rosalee was trailing behind them since she was one that couldn't exactly defend herself against someone like this where as Nick had a gun and Mia had claws.

"hes up here, i can hear him" he said hoping that he was pointing in the right direction but also knew that Mia would figure out where he might as he felt her move again

"ok watch you're step... stairs..." Mia said making sure that he didn't hurt while she was guided him as he followed the sounds he heard, he could hear the familiar buzzing as before that he recognised as Andre

"Rosalee go and get Hank, call him" he said holding a hand up to stop her from going any further, he knew that it was probably best to get Rosalee out of harms way and to take Mia as back up as Rosalee ran back downstairs

Nick and Mia quietly creeped up the stairs where the buzzing only got louder, Nick gestured for her to keep back as he used his super hearing to fight Andre. After a while Mia decided to help Nick out when it looked like Andre was going to win. With his grim strength and super hearing combined with her blutbad abilities they were able to pin him down

"Hey guys hurry! We've got him!" Nick shouted hoping that the others would be able to hear him from down the stairs, just then they made their away into the attic

" Rosalee you need to make the extraction quick ok? I don't know how long we can him like this" she said nodding to the fact that Nick had a hold of his arms and she was currently sitting in his legs

" ok just keep him still" she said as she grabbed the spoon and began to scoop out Andre's eye then started to mix it with the paste she made earlier with Monroe before applying it to a bandage and giving it to Mia

" here we go Nick, I should warn you this is going to sting like hell but I promise it's going to work" she said as she tied it around his head as he began to yell and scream at the pain

" is it working? " Monroe asked after a few minutes, hoping that his friend was going to get his eye sight back rather being a host for some South African worms

" yeah I think it is... You must be Mia, you look way prettier than you sound" he said without thinking since this wasn't just any girl but Monroe's sister plus she wasn't Juliet which was a good thing just now

"thanks, I have to say your eyes are far more beautiful when they aren't all red and worm filled" she said helping him up before they began to head downstairs to see what Hank was up to with the victim Casey while avoiding the look that Monroe was giving her

It was a few days later when Nick and Mia saw each other, Nick had just finished some target practice with Monroe to test his new found hearing abilities that he had discovered after being cured of the parasites. He had tried to ask Monroe more about Mia without giving the fact that he might be interested in his sister, although he sensed that Monroe already knew that. He also asked if Monroe knew where she would be so that he could go and thank for you for her part in getting his sight back, he then began to head to the lake that Monroe said she liked to go swimming in. When he got there he could see a form swimming gracefully in the water, he waved her over when she stopped to breath then started to swim over to him. As she got out of the water he noticed her red and white bikini showed off her well toned body, she quickly dried off her body and hair before throwing it into a messy bun and putting on a white cardigan

" hey you, what are you doing?" she asked wondering how he knew she would be here, let alone where to find her since she told most people she swan in a local pool

" Monroe told me you come here a lot, something about him having his Pilates and you having your swimming" he said as she started to chuckling slight as she imaged her brother saying it

" reformed blutbads tend to stay on the wagon more when they have a daily exercise plan and have a well balanced diet, for me swimming helps mostly because i love the water but I'm guessing that's not what you came here to talk me about" shed said smiling knowing that he had something else on his mind, he was suddenly thankful he could see her

"no I just wanted to say thank you for keeping your promise and helping me get my sight back, I don't think i could have done it without you" he said knowing that he meant every word, he also knew that this felt right and not strange that he was flirting with someone who wasn't Juliet

" its not problem and honestly I felt like I kind of owed it to you, I felt it like if I had been earlier then maybe he wouldn't have infected you" she said being honest as she gathered her things since she figured that they could head back to her car

"don't, there was nothing you could have done really... there was one more thing and if its too weird then you can say no" he said hoping that she wouldn't say no though, for some reason he could things going the way they were meant to

" ok I'm officially intrigued" she said smiling brighter as they started to walk towards her red beetle that was pride and joy, she had had since she was in high school and refused to get rid of it

" I was wondering whether or not you would want to go out sometime like maybe Friday?" he asked hoping that she would say yes, although he would understand if she said no since her brother was one of his best friend and he was Grimm

" sure, why don 't you pick me at seven... oh and here's my number" she said grabbing a pen out of her bag so that she could write it on his hand which made him laugh slightly