Inuyasha's Confession-A Songfic to "My Will"

Okay, this is sung to the TV version of the song, you know, when the episodes end.
Anyway, this is just a songfic that Inuyasha sings (Wait, no, he doesn't sing, but it would be fitting) okay, basically, this might be something that Inu should say to Kagome at the end of their quest or something.
Yeah, I just wrote this as I though it up, so it's a bit OOC (Can you imagine Inuyasha actually admitting to Kagome? Althought the WOULD be really cute! Everyone together, come on: Awww!)
Since I only know a bit of japanese, it's not a translation or anything, but if anyone does have a translation of it, please e-mail me! *begs*
Well, just enjoy the songfic, it's my first try at one!

Disclaimers: Yeah yeah, you knew this was coming, Inuyasha does not belong to me (although I wish he did, I could stare at that gorgeous hanyou all day...*drool*) All standard disclaimers apply, Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahasi, etc.


Inuyasha's Confession


Sometimes you like to pull my hair,
And give my ears a big tweak,
Or sometimes you'd sit me so much,
My back would hurt for a week!

But, we still have something that you could call...friendship,
But why can't you,
Tell that I feel something more?

...For you?...

Yes, there used to be someone,
That I loved,
But that was in the past.

But here you are,
Together here with me,
For forevermore,
And evermore...

I know my future's with you.

...I love you...

So dumb I've been,
To not see this,
The whole time you've been here, by me.

Please promise me this one thing:

...To stay here...

Without you I feel torn apart,
Please don't break this Hanyou's heart.


Yes yes, very sappy for Inuyasha, but we all know how he feels *jerks thumb at red-faced Inu*

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