If you've read my original version of 'Saving Alois' you will notice that this story is basically the same.

After rereading it myself I came to the conclusion that it wasn't written as well as it could be, and thus, I'm rewriting it.

So the story may seem extremely similar until chapter five but do hang in there, as there will be more to come.


Alois Trancy was a smart boy, contrary to what most believed.

He was aware he was dying. He knew by the way his blood seeped through his clothes, turning the gentle green vest turned a rich crimson. He knew by the way his skin paled, his breathing became laboured and slow, and by the way his heart felt as though it were giving up. He knew by the tears that stung his eyes, the pain from the wound that had begun to numb, and his vision became diluted.

Yes, Alois Trancy was indeed a smart boy, and he knew he was dying.

The blonde boy, who had been left alone in the woods, broken and bleeding, to fend for himself would have never expected to be saved. Especially by the young Earl, Ciel Phantomhive.

It had been the toy maker who had wounded him in the first place, as Alois recalled. The blood lust look from the shorter of the two had burned into Alois as he laid on the floor of his mansion, sword in his stomach. And yet, it was Ciel Phantomhive who held an umbrella over his head as the rain began to pour. It was Ciel who had called upon his butler to carry the blonde into the carriage, and it was Ciel who now petted Alois' hair in a calming manner as they headed towards the Phantomhive Estate.

At some point, the Earl Trancy had lost consciousness, something Ciel was truly thankful for. Now he wouldn't have to watch the blonde's twisted expression of pain and agony as the Earl and his butler attempted to stop the bleeding.

Despite his being accustomed to having those he deemed dangerous killed, the young Earl Phantomhive had felt a great sense of guilt after leaving the Trancy manor, pacing throughout the corridors of his own as he waited to hear any sort of news on Alois' condition. Sebastian was the one, who after getting sick and tired of listening to repetitive clinking of the boys fitted boots, suggested he check on the boy himself, and so, after little-to-no persuasion, he and his butler headed back from where they came. When they had arrived at the Trancy household, Claude and Alois were no where to be seen, leaving Sebastian to find the boy himself. With his demon instinct, it wasn't hard at all the sense the strong smell of rust in the thick stormy air. The scent of Alois' blood was much too easy to follow, allowing him to quickly find the body of the boy so close to death, leaning against a tree as it began to rain.

"What is the likelihood that he will recover?" Ciel asked after the bleeding had come to a standstill. His clothes and the carriage were now reeking of the smell of Alois, and the blood had stained nearly everything it had touched. Alois laid with his head in Ciel's lap, a gesture the Earl had insisted upon as a substitute for a pillow, but the rest of his body rocked and jolted as the carriage made it's way through the uneven roads of the London countryside.

"It looks as though he has a chance." The demon insisted, yet his eyes told a different story. He knew Alois had little time, especially with the amount of blood he had lost, but the demon would say what he needed to please his young master.

"That's not good enough." Ciel glared at the demon, "I demand - No. I order you to make sure he lives."

The demon looked at the boy for a moment, and replying with a gentle nod. "Yes, My Lord."

Ciel seemed to relax a bit after that, yet he continued to run his hand along the boy's head. For some strange reason, the mere feeling of the other's hair, the way each strand would curl at his touch, and slide between his fingers with ease, made Ciel feel comfort. It reassured him that Alois was indeed going to live, and then this awful feeling of deep regret would leave completely.

Many times Ciel had others killed, but never before was he the cause of such a thing. It was true that on many occasions he had held a gun, pointed to those whom he felt needed to die, but never had a bullet been fatal. Sebastian had always been the reason for the final blow. Yet here was a boy, only a year older than himself, dying from the cause of Ciel's swordsmanship.

It wasn't long before the carriage came to a halt. Sebastian took the blonde from his Master's arms, carrying Alois into the manor as gentle as he could and trying his best to walk evenly so the boy moved as little as possible in his arms.

"Good evening, Master!" The three servants chimed happily, only to lose their smiles at the appearance of the soaked Earl and the nearly lifeless Trancy boy they had met merely once at his own costume ball.

"Get back to work." The Earl waved them off, removing his own top hat and making his way up the main stairs.

Sebastian, of course, followed the boy's lead, skipping past the guest room and stopping in front of Ciel's own bedroom.

"Set him in my bed," Ciel opened the door to the master bedroom of the house, "He need something much more comfortable than the beds provided in the guest rooms."

"And where will you sleep?" Sebastian questioned, setting the ill boy down on the bed and taking off his vest and shirt, exposing the wound into the chilly evening air. "And where will you sleep?"

"My parent's room." Ciel sat at the end of the bed, watching the blonde's rapid breathing. He was sweating now, despite the efforts of Sebastian to be as gentle as possible while cleaning the wound. "Should we call a doctor?"

"I've read multiple medical books left by your Aunt," Sebastian spoke, stitching up the now cleansed wound, "I had to do so after learning about your health condition. I will be able to take care of him without the aid of anyone in the medical profession." He bandaged the the broken boy well, wrapping thick layers of gauze around his torso to hold everything in place. The blonde continued to sweat, tossing his head side to side every once in awhile as one would do while having a bad dream. "Besides, since you were the cause of this, you'd have to explain everything to the yard. We can't have that, now can we?"

"I suppose you're right." Ciel watched every movement the demon made and how Alois responded to each effort put into healing him. He watched as the boy flinched, as his breathing hitched, and how he settled down when all was let be.

The rain continued to fall outside, creating a gentle song against the windows of the manor. Mey-Rin came in, changing the candles after Sebastian ordered her to do so, and Finnian brought up an arrangement of colourful roses to set at the bedside of the injured boy. Ciel, though regretting to do so, left the room eventually, heading towards his parents to prepare for bed.

It wasn't the first time he had spent the night in their room since their death, but it didn't take away from the surreal feeling that came along with doing so. It was unnerving at moments, with the often feeling of being watched lingering in the back of the boy's mind, but he wouldn't disclose this, not tonight.

Sebastian entered the room only moments later, but Ciel quickly shooed him away, insisting that all of the butler's attention should be focused on Alois for the time being. After he left, the Earl changed, which was very difficult, especially when it came to the buttons of his nightshirt. After the fifth attempt of trying to align them up, the boy decided it wasn't worth the effort and headed to bed without bothering to fix them properly.

As he laid in bed, he watched the flame of the candle slowly die down, his eyes growing heavy as he did so. He remembered back to his childhood, his mother and his father, and how they sat with him through the long evenings after his asthma attacks. The Earl began to wish to sit beside Alois, holding his hand like a family would, but he decided against the idea, and instead stared at the dying candle until he could no longer keep his eyes opened.

He dreamt that night of regret, anguish, and losing his parents over and over. Every time he would wake with a scream, and every time he promised himself that tomorrow, yes tomorrow, he would sit at Alois' beside.

He was determined to save Alois Trancy.