Forgotten Friendship

Chapter One


Teris Xenite

The room was dark, illuminated only by moonlight, and filled with the one sight he'd never thought to see again. Sami Brady, in his bed none the less. Granted it had been hell getting her there, but the rewards were going to be worth it. In her he had found an equal, someone to hold in his arms at night and hold back from their enemies throats in the light of day. She was lying on her stomach, with one arm supporting her head, and her hair flowing down over her back and shoulders, hiding half of her face from his view. Looking around the room it was obvious that she'd fallen asleep waiting for him.

He sat in the padded chair that sat by the bed and watched her sleep. She looked so young, so innocent now, as she slept. None of the harshness that intruded upon her in day to day life seemed to touch her in her dreams. Odd to think now that it was ultimately a dream that brought her too him in the first place. Shaking his head at the time they'd wasted, he slid off his shoes and his suit and slid into bed beside her. She rolled over and clung to him in her sleep, nuzzling his neck and kissing him on the cheek.

He took the opportunity to press a kiss in her hair. The sweet scent of her surrounded him as he drifted off to sleep comforted by her warmth. He was hard pressed to believe that this was real most of the time, that he had finally been given the one thing that he wanted. As he drifted off into dreams he pulled Sami a little tighter against him, as always a little frightened that she wouldn't be there when he woke up.


Lucas turned the corner and paused as he heard Will's voice. He'd stopped by Nicole's room before he headed out to see Jennifer and was preparing to get on the elevator when he had heard Will. What's going on? "See what Lucas bought me?" Ok so he's showing her his plane. That's good.

" Lucas?" Lucas heard the question in her voice, and the suprise. He had to admit that he understood, one of the sweetest sounds in the world was hearing your child call you 'daddy' or 'dad', but he had wanted Will to call him those names because he wanted to, not because he had to. It meant far more that way.

"I call him that sometimes, just like I called you Sami before."

"Well, I don't like it, Will."

"Fine. Then I won't do it. It's really cool, huh?" What? Just like that? You don't like it so I won't do it? He hadn't given in on anything that he'd asked him to do when he was in Africa, thus being the reason he'd had no bed time.

"Oh, yeah, it is so cool. I bet you could take it to school tomorrow and show all your friends."

"I am not going to school." Yeah that's more like the kid I was dealing with all summer. That's ok, let Sami be the bad guy for once.

"Yes, Will, tomorrow's the first day of school. You have to go."

"Lucas will explain to them."

"Well, this isn't your father's decision, okay? Everyone your age has to go to school."

"No way!" Lucas flinched hearing a crash and realizing that it was most likely the model plane he and Will had spent hours gluing together, after he'd spent three days looking for one in Africa. "I'm not going, and you can't make me!

"William, stop it."

"Dad said you can't boss me around anymore. I'm not going to school tomorrow, either!"

Lucas winced again. So much for having a chance in hell at having Sami respect me as a parent. He didn't know why her approval on that mattered so much more than anywhere else in his life, but for some odd reason it did. Then he heard whispers of the nurses walking past.

"What a brat…"

"Yes and it's a shame too, he was such a well behaved little boy before he left. Lets hope it's just a phase."

"A phase? With those two for parents? You've got to be kidding me."

He hadn't realized that he'd let Will slip so far until someone commented on it. It's a necessary evil. He reminded himself as he watched Brandon send Will off with a nurse to get ice cream. Jeeze Sami, our sons been home for less than an hour and you're already sending him away. But wait. She's crying. I made her cry…and not crying for sympathy. Those are real tears. "Oh I'm screwed." There had always been an attraction for him when Sami was genuinely upset. It was like an undeniable urge to comfort her. She was pushing Brandon away. Does that mean she doesn't want him anymore?

He saw her eyes widen, and fill with panic as Victor walk up behind Brandon. So that's part of what Victor wants from you, besides joint custody for me. Nicole wanted you away from Brandon. Hmmm…This I can work with. Lucas turned to the elevators to continue his errand. I think I'll let her stew for a bit. Soon, Sami. Soon I'll have you right where I want you.