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Forgotten Friendship

Chapter 10

Teris Xenite

They had stayed at Pizza Palace until Will was so tired that he could barely hold his head up. It had been so long since he'd seen his parents even attempt civility that he didn't want to miss a moment of it. They ignored his protests that he wasn't tired when he started falling asleep in his pizza.

Sami knew why he was fighting so hard; he thought that this was a one shot deal. God what kind of mother was she, that her own son would be scared to go to sleep because he thought that when he woke he would be forced to choose between the two people he loved most?

"It's alright little man, go to sleep. Daddy and I will be right here when you wake up."

"Both of you?"

"Yes buddy, both of us."

With that reassurance he fell asleep in Lucas' arms, too tired to even protest that he wasn't a baby any more and was entirely too big to be carried. Lucas and Sami walked in silence, until they reached the car and Lucas buckled him in. Sami reached out, and ran a hand over his hair and wondered just for a moment where the time had gone. When did he get so big?

Lucas watched Sami as she watched their little boy, and tender feelings that he'd always tried to hide bubbled up in to his throat. He reached out and gently stroked her hair, and ran the back of his fingers along her cheek. She looked at him in stunned surprise, but didn't pull away. "He's beautiful, just like his mother." He whispered. "Thank you Sami, thank you for sharing him with me."

"Thank you for loving him."

"How could I not, every inch of him is you."

"I beg to differ…that mouth, the way he smiles, the way he crinkles his nose. He's a slightly shorter version of you."

"I meant where it counts, he may look like me, but in here-" He tapped his chest over his heart. "In here, he's all you Sami. He's loyal, and he's strong, and he's so many of the things that I wanted him to be because of you."

Her eyes filled up with tears and she shook her head and looked away from him. "Let's get him home and in bed. He's going to have a busy day tomorrow."

"What do you mean? He hasn't got school."

"No but he is going to have a very full day with the two of us."


"Yes us. Look at how happy he is-" She gestured towards Will with a sweep of her hand.

"You were right Lucas, he needs this. He needs us, together. Loving him apart just isn't enough. We're hurting him, and nothing on earth is worth that."

"I couldn't agree more." He put an arm around her shoulder, and gave her a small squeeze before opening her door. "Your chariot awaits my lady, we've got a lot of things to talk about."

Minutes spent in comfortable silence later they arrived at their apartment building, and Lucas gently lifted Will into his arms and they made their way to her apartment and his bed. Sami gently unlaced his shoes as they lay him back on the bed, and taking in his clothing carefully decided that a t-shirt and lose pants would do for night clothes just this once. Lucas lifted him out of the way, and Sami pulled the covers over him. Then they each leaned down and touched his hair, and kissed his forehead. Without thinking, the echoed each other, and said almost in unison.

"Good night little man."

"Good night buddy." They looked at each other and smiled slightly, then moved silently out of his room to let him sleep. As the door slid shut Will's eyes shot open, and a smirk painted his face. It was beginning to look like his plan was working perfectly. Picking that fight was the best thing that he'd ever done.

In the living room the two sat companionably on Sami's couch. "I think it's time to start figuring out how to get Victor and Tony off of your back. What do they have on you?"

"Well Victor's got the tape, and Tony's got the fact that I'm his friend or was, and as such have lost any credibility with my family so he can tell them any damn thing he wants and they'll believe it."

"You sure you didn't do anything like…oh change the paternity results on Lexie's baby?"

"Not the way you're thinking. Lexie switched them to say that Brandon was the father, trying to set me up. I switched them back to saying that Abe was, and he is. I had it double checked. Then I let Doctor Bader know that there was a mix up. She won't come forward unless it becomes an issue for obvious reasons…"

"Such as not wanting the hospital to be sued. But on that one you're covered. You corrected a clerical error. Nothing more, and didn't tell the family as it would only cause unneeded upset. I'm impressed."

"Come on even wouldn't get into that mess again. Once was enough." At his raised eyebrows she said, "You know damn well I didn't change Will's paternity test Lucas, no matter what everyone seems to think. I just was too chicken to tell you the truth when I found it out."

"Would you have ever told me?" He looked at her seriously, wanting to know that answer.

She considered carefully, her fingers tracing the patterns on her sofa slowly. "I think I would have eventually yes."

"But you were willing to take him to Hawaii with Austin, where I'd almost never see him." There wasn't accusation in his voice, just curiosity.

"You wouldn't have let that happen. You'd have bought a damn tiki hut right next to mine, and proved once again what a pain you can be in my ass." There was a quiet certainty that filled her voice, and he knew then that deep down she'd never really thought that Will would grow up without knowing his father.

"Damn right I wouldn't have, but the intention was still there." This time the resentment crept in against his will.

"That was more to get him away from your mother than from you." No artifice, only a long buried truth.

"Do you hate her that much?" Soft surprise, that she'd hate his mother enough to hurt him so.

"Yes Lucas, after what she's done I do hate her that much." She continued on catching the look of disbelief that he gave her. "Remind me, who was it that talked you into framing me for Franco's murder?"


"And who was it that sent you out of town when she knew I was going to be executed so you couldn't interfere?"


"And who came up with the idea to drive me insane by drugging me and tormenting me with every mothers worst nightmare?"


"And who got you married to Nicole, and broke your heart and Eric's?"


"And who convinced you that I was a lying bitch who intended to keep your son from you."


She noticed that with each answer his face had grown colder, and the phrase Mom became more of a curse than a compliment. "Now-" She said out of breath from her rant. "Do I really have to explain why I hate your mother?"

"No, I guess not. I guess I just needed to know if you really hated me that much." There was hurt now in his voice, instead of anger.

"No I didn't-" She said softly. "But there were a whole lot of times that I had to pick you being pissed off at me or Will being safe. Kate's gotten so twisted up in winning against me that she doesn't even think about him or his best interests anymore. He's just a tool to her."

"Like you haven't gotten caught up in winning? Isn't that why you wouldn't let him see me in the hospital?"

"No, I wouldn't let him see you because I thought it would scare him. Plus it didn't help that mommy dearest kept telling him that he could wake you up if he just tried hard enough. If he wanted it badly enough you'd wake up. If he loved you enough you'd come back to him. Do you have any idea what that would have done to him if you hadn't woken up?"

"She didn't?"

"She did…And I'm the one who had to hold that night while he cried and asked me: Mommy, why didn't it work? Grandma said it would, don't I love Daddy enough? Then the next day they drug him back in there with you, because Kate didn't care that she was breaking his heart, and Austin was too stupid to see it."

"But that time it worked…"

"Be thankful, if he had come to me crying like that again I might well have smothered you."

"If that was the reason then I wouldn't have held it against you. I don't want to hurt him Sami, I never wanted to hurt him. And I don't want to hurt you anymore either." He stroked her cheek gently, and looked very seriously into her eyes. "Hurting you is the last thing that I want to do Sami."

"And what exactly do you want to do?"

"This-" He leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to her lips, and was surprised when she didn't start. Instead she wrapped her arms around him. He kept the kiss light, not overly passionate, and pulled away much sooner than he wanted to. "You get stars in your eyes when I kiss you." He kissed her cheek and held her too him. "I've always loved that about you Sami."

"Sure you have General-don't think I've forgotten that sleeping with me was like a punishment crack. You are in for some serious groveling and sucking up before I let go of that one."

Lucas' happy and playful demeanor disappeared in that instant. He leaned back on the couch, still turned towards her, and took her hand. "I didn't mean that Sami, that night." He paused as memories threatened to overtake him. "That night was magical Sami. It was the first time I understood the difference between sex and love. It wasn't a punishment baby, it was perfect."

He brushed a lock of hair back from her face and his fingers lingered on her face for just a moment. "You were so sweet that night, and you trusted me so much. I knew that night I wanted you, needed you, loved you, but I was an idiot and I let you go. The only thing about that night I regret is that I didn't chase you down and hound you until you admitted you loved me."

"Lucas-" She whispered, but he shushed her with a finger over her lips.

"Let me finish, Sami. I need for you to hear this." He cupped her cheek gently. "Every woman I've been with since that night has been a consolation prize Sami. Every time I'd compare them to you, and every time they'd fall short. No one compares to you, they never have and they never will."

Tears streamed down her face, and he brushed them away with his thumb. She reached up and stroked his face. "Oh Lucas, we've wasted so much time. Do you really think we can go back to the way we were that night?"

"I think that we at least owe it to ourselves to try." She leaned in to and shyly pressed her lips to his in a soft kiss. Just as it was deepening the phone rang. "Don't get that…" He groaned in frustration.

"Mhh-I have too. Might be important." She panted an pulled away reluctantly. He gave her a quick kiss as she pulled away, and watched delighted as she answered the phone with a flushed face and kiss bruised lips. He thought she'd never looked more beautiful. His hope for a quick return to previous activities was shattered when he saw her eyes narrow, and watched her hiss the name of his ex like a curse. That conversation he'd been planning with Victor could come none too soon.

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