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Professor McGonagall Sat in the corner of a non-descript Muggle Pub near Kings Cross Station awaiting the arrival of the student of an old friend. Truth be told she wished she could have met with her old Friend Jedi Master Kenobi but he had passed some years ago. She had only spoken to his student a few times but Knew he was a prodigy in his field and despite being mostly self-taught was a master when it came to defeating dark Lords as well as seeing the truth, which is something she desperately needed. She was so lost in thought that she almost did not see him walk and sit down.

"Thank you for agreeing to meet with me Master Skywalker or is it Grand Master Now? I know you are very busy running both the Jedi order Back Home."

Her companion who looked to be in his late twenties possibly early thirties was dressed in Blue Jeans emerald green sweeter and leather jacket to blend in with the crowed but McGonagall Knew he had his normal gear stored in the Kaki Rucksack at his side. "Let's not Quibble over Semantics Professor I Have never been a fan of formal titles or positions of power to be perfectly honest."

"Yet Leadership roles keep being thrust upon you how do you stay sane?"

"Meditation Helps or I take a break to do some sole searching. But this isn't about me when you called you sounded distressed what can I help you with?"

"Well as you know from our communications last summer

"I know you are concerned for your student's wellbeing, one student in particular, Harry Potter right?"

"That is correct. In truth I feel Dumbledore has done very little to prepare him for his supposed destiny let alone protect him. As we speak young Mr. Potter is facing an expulsion hearing for using magic outside of School."

"Don't Your Laws allow for exceptions in cases of self-defense? As you explained to me in your last communication he was defending himself and his Cousin from a creature from your world."

"It is supposed to and with this, the abusive relatives and the series of underqualified teachers I think Dumbledore is definitely up to something, which is why I would like you to go under cover for me and find out what his end game is."

"Did you have a plan for that, because Dumbledore will definitely notice someone sneaking around the school despite how good they are at being unseen."

"Well we still had a teaching position that needs filling and I think you may be able to teach the students things the other teachers haven't even thought of. "I've already have a cover for you as well as the lesson plans from the last two instructors. I just need your help with the rest." McGonagall

Luke Looked over the information McGonagall had given him and after several minutes of silence nodded his head in agreement." When does the term start?"

"September first"

"Ok that gives me time to make some arrangements and for you to convince Dumbledore you found someone for the position."

"I'll meet you back here on August 25th."

With that the two parties parted ways the conspiracy set in motion.