Earth has many stories of wishes and magic. In the ancient tale of the little mermaid, the mermaid wishes to be human, that she might gain the love of her Prince Charming. The sea witch Ursula warns her that if she does not gain the prince's love within three days, she will turn to foam on the sea. The little mermaid agrees, and receives legs in place of her tail. Alas, the prince marries another, and the little mermaid becomes foam on the waves. In the tale of the Pied Piper, the small town of Hamelin wishes to be rid of their plague of rats. The Piper appears and offers to relieve them of the rats for an expensive cost. The townspeople agree, and the rats disappear. But when the time comes, they do not wish to pay the fee, and so the Piper lures their children far away with his magic pipe, never to be seen again. In yet another story, a woodcutter and his wife free a fairy, and in return she gives them three wishes. The man wishes for a plate of sausages. His wife, outraged at his wastefulness, wishes the sausages were stuck to his nose. When her wish is granted, no amount of pulling or cutting can remove them. At last, they are forced to use their last wish to remove the sausages.

These stories were intended to teach children that everything comes with a cost, and that they must not be hasty in expressing their desires, for they know not what they ask. In the modern vernacular: be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it…

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