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"Master, what's our next move?"

"Patience young Zybron, all will be revealed in due time."

"But what of the Tythos? They got away with the descendant of Revan. Who knows what they could be teaching him?"

"Zybron, all will be revealed in due time. You'll see."

Tythos Consular Class Corvette, Hyperspace
1200 Hours, 13 BBY

Tython was like nothing he had ever seen before. From space, it appeared as a luscious green world without a single spec of pollution. When they reached the ground, he saw a mismatch of canyons, cliffs, and forests in between the valleys. Ruins and ancient buildings were scattered in the clearings. But the actual city was spectacular. Towering stone spirals reached towards the sky, beautifully designed marble structures stretched out as far as the eye could see, and yet there was a feel of complexity, steel platforms jetting out from the buildings, large anti aircraft artillery turrets swiveled around, and speeders sped down the roads.

"This is Tython?" Taranto gasped.

"Yep," Dustil responded, his eyes not leaving the controls. "Welcome to Tython, the world of Jedi, soldiers, and fit beautiful girls."

His extra comment earned him a slap on the back of his head from the brunette girl. "Oh come on Dustil, you're just jealous that you keep getting ditched by every Sage that you flirt with. I'm telling you boy, they're too smart to fall to your words. You need to flirt with the Guardians. Their heads don't have enough brain to detect your trickery."

"You saying something about yourself Miss Guardian?"

The girl's face scrunched in annoyance. "Hey, just because being a little ditzy actually helps build good endurance doesn't mean that all Guardians are airheads."

"What are guardians?" Taranto asked.

Both teens suddenly remembered the new boy that had joined them. "Taranto, just like the army is divided into separate divisions based on specialization, the Tythos Jedi divide themselves based on specialization. I'm a Jedi Guardian. You might become a Guardian like me or you might choose a different path. In the meantime we should get you introduced to the Council." The girl explained.

They exited the shuttle to find a welcoming committee waiting for them. An elderly Twilek man wearing a simple brown cloak stood at the front of the group, escorted by a series of what appeared to be Jedi Knights, clad in a mix of Jedi robes, durasteel plates, and plastoid armor. Taranto was in awe. He had seen pictures of Jedi before, but those Jedi wore simple brown and tan tunics, these Jedi looked more like advanced storm troopers than monks. In addition to the Jedi escort were several soldiers armed with laser rifles. Taranto had to admit, they looked like Stormtroopers on steroids with their bulky plastoid armor that looked like it could stop a turbo laser shell and only leave a scratch. The elder Twilek Jedi raised his arms to welcome them. "Young Ra'chelle, you have returned. Welcome back, I'm glad you're safe."

He then noticed the other boys. "And it is good to see you as well young Okar, but who is this other boy? I do not recognize him, but I can sense his strength."

"Master Kifar, this is Taranto Shan, the descendant of Grandmaster Satele Shan. He was being targeted by the Revanites, but agreed to come with me for refuge and training." Ra'chelle explained.

The elder master nodded, "I see, you can explain more during your report. In the meantime, let's get you two some medical attention. You personally look like you've been through hell and back."

Dorm Room 813, Tython
1500 Hours, 13BBY

Taranto found himself in a small room, quite Spartan in furnishings, similar to the barracks he lived in back in the academy. He had first been taken to the medical wing where several robed Jedi had examined his injuries. To his surprise, they merely stood around him, closed their eyes, glowed their hands, and bam, he felt better. His wounds had almost vanished, save a few hairline scars, including one on his left cheek. It was amazing what the Force could do if it merely patched up his wounds like that. However, it was quite lonely being in a room by himself. It also gave him some time to prepare himself.

He had just arrived in a secret planet he didn't know even existed. A group of Jedi would be interrogating him and determining his fate. A cute girl had faith that he was the descendant of an ancient line of Jedi. He now was a refugee from the Empire, separated from any friends and family he had previously had. A dark warrior had shown him what he truly was up against, merely letting him go because he "wanted to see where it would go". Altogether his life had just gotten very complicated in the matter of three days.

A faint knock jolted him out of his thoughts. When he opened the door, he found two armored Jedi Knights before him. Now that he had a closer look at their armor he could see exactly what they were made of. It looked almost as though the armor was weaved together with thread rather than plates fastened together like trooper armor. It was truly a masterpiece to look upon.

The Knights clearly were uncomfortable with his gaze and cleared their throats. "Erm...the Council is ready to speak with you."

The boy immediately snapped to attention, "Right, let's go?"

The two knights led the boy outside the dormitories and towards a large building in the center of the compound. Taranto glanced around curiously.

It really did look like a real town. Children chased each other down the streets, parents and grandparents watching them; plenty of people sat happily sat around tables in cafes, whether it be friends getting together or couples on dates; and there were even marketplaces, offering rare and exotic foods from other worlds; yet at the same time, it was clearly a Jedi Military compound: Jedi Masters sat in mediation circles, instructors could be seen training the future generations of Jedi in combat, and even the same people who seemed to live a happy and carefree life had the silver saber hilts strapped to their belts, a reminder of the dangerous galaxy they lived in. Several large anti aircraft cannons dotted the landscape and armored soldiers could be seen manning them.

The central building, on the other hand, was more traditional in design, built of stone and marble rather than plastoid and duralsteel. Several banners draped from the two stories of stately marble. At the top, a glass covered dome reached for the sky.

"Is that the Council Chamber?" Taranto asked.

The lead knight nodded. "That is correct, it is the only building that has remained untarnished since its first construction during the founding of the Tythos. Everything else has gone through thousands of renovations and reconstructions."

Taranto entered through a pair of double doors to find a large round chamber. The room didn't quote look grand, like he had expected. He had expected a serene place with cushioned seats filled with ancient Jedi discussing philosophy and the Jedi ways. Rather the room was Spartan in design, simply being several desks set up in a semi circle around a large holomap. But rather than ancient masters in stately robes, there wasn't a man or woman over fifty, all of them wearing the now familiar hybrid of robes and battle armor. And instead of the serene atmosphere with calm and thoughtful masters, well...

"I'm telling you, the Revanites are making their move. This incident is just the beginning! We need to mobilize now!"

"Calm down Master Kyo, we understand where you are coming from, but what you're asking is too drastic."

"Drastic? Must I remind you what this order is dedicated to?"

"Stop the Revanites from controlling the Galaxy, yes but..."

"But what? The Revanites are making their move. We were too late last time, thus I feel like we must take drastic measures to prevent it from happening again. If we don't take a unified action now, someone will. And we don't want another Dias incident do we?"

Taranto's escort led him towards a pair of seats in the corner. To his relief, a familiar brunette was already sitting on one of the seats. He sat uncomfortably down on the seat next to his friend. The two sat in silence, watching the council members debate heatedly.

He turned to the girl. "So umm..."

"Are they normally like this?" The girl guessed, "yes they are. Don't worry, they'll remember us once they all calm down. This is a normal occurrence."

She pointed towards the raging man. "Master Kyo is very...passionate. He takes any Revanite sighting as the end of the Galaxy. While I do agree that we need to take action sometimes, he needs to tone down his furor about it or we'll get anywhere."

The boy nodded, watching the councils members continue to squabble. "This isn't what I expected."

The girl moaned in agreement. "I know right?"

The two giggled. One of the more elder members took notice of the giggling teens. "Masters, masters, it appears we have visitors." He called softly, trying to calm the raging members.

Master Kyo cocked his head. "I see them Master Kifar. What do you have to report?"

Ra'chelle gestured for Taranto to wait before standing up. "Master, my mission to Anaxes was a success."

"As in..." Master Kyo gestured on.

"I found the Revanite's target. However, there were complications."

"You're saying that..."

"I encountered a Revanite."

The room burst into shock. "A Revanite, straight on Anaxes."

"Enough!" A brown haired man interrupted. Taranto noticed the man's hair and facial features shared a striking resemblance to Ra'chelle. "Padawan Shino, you said you encountered a Revanite. Would you care to elaborate on their target?"

"Of course Grandmaster Carsen." The girl bowed in respect, "The Revanites were searching for a legend."

"Which Legend?"

"The descendant of Revan himself."

The crowd gasped in shock. "Impossible!" Master Kyo cried, "there hasn't been a sensitive Shan since Satele."

"Believe it or not, the Revanites were chasing after the descendent of Revan. This is Taranto. He's not only Force sensitive, but he's quite strong as well."

The entire council faced the young teenage boy. Taranto gulped. "Err...hi?"

Imperial Spaceport, Coruscant
1800 Hours, 13 BBY

The orange skies preceded the darkness of the Imperial Capital. It made for quite a beautiful sunset for the ISB agent. Terra Rain trudged down the ramp of her shuttle. She gestured to her escorting Stormtroopers. "Rick, Victor you may go. I've held you long enough."

The two troopers nodded before returning to the shuttle. Rain smiled softly. Just because she was an imperial agent didn't mean that she couldn't exercise Jedi philosophy, which made her quite popular amongst the troopers who served alongside intelligence agents. She had made a point to get to know the troopers under her command, which had led her to shocking reality. Stormtroopers weren't evil, they were simply soldiers who had nowhere else to go. They had homes and families, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters as well as young children for the older members. Perhaps that was why it was so hard to carry out her job as a Tythos agent when sometimes it called for abandoning her post to complete jobs and operations.

She made her way to headquarters by speeder, zipping across the skyline. Thankfully her military status authorized her to skip many overcrowded highways, clogged with the evening rush hour. Soon enough, the imposing tower of the imperial capital came into view, bringing awe to any who approached it. This is where it got tricky. Focusing tightly, Terra clouded her mind with gibberish, effectively creating a barrier in the force around her, concealing her force signature and resisting basic mind probing. The emperor was very powerful, being able to hide his Sith identity from the Jedi for so long, but even he was considered an amateur to the Tythos and Revanites when it comes to concealment. The Tythos Revanite war had been going on for over three millennia, and as far as she knew, neither the Jedi nor the Republic were aware of the secret war being waged in the shadows. So while Palpatine had successfully fooled the Jedi Order and the Republic, neither Tythos nor Revanites were fooled, having been experienced deceives themselves. Why they hadn't intervened, Terra still questioned the council's decision not to assassinate the Sith follower.

She slowly pulled up to the identification booth. After allowing the droid attendee to scan her identification card and retina, she made her way into the intelligence branch of the large palace. She shuffled past rows of desks and officers until she reached the office of her superior. Knocking softly, she entered the office of Darius Draven. "Ah...Agent Rain, come in. I assume you have a reason for abandoning your post on Onderon?"

"Yes sir, I was alerted to a Rebel infiltrator on Anaxes, not only that, he was a Force user. With no time to alert anyone, I rushed over as fast as I could." She called on the Force and exerted the tiniest touch with the Force onto the suspicious director's mind, putting him at ease.

"I see," the director nodded, "Very well then, you may continue on with your assignment, but I expect a full and complete report in my inbox tomorrow."

"Of course sir." The agent bowed respectfully before exiting the room.

"Well that went better than expected." She muttered, "Now to find out just what Vowrawn is up to this time."

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