A/N: Inspired by a line in "By the Light of the Night Rose," by Alexanna on Archive of Our Own.

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Warnings: This is stupid. And silly.

Reverse Psychology, or How Severus Wound Up Giving Potter A Poisoned Apple Labelled "Don't Eat This."


"My Lord?"

"What is Potter's greatest weakness?"

What to say? He has to give something, if only to preserve his position in the Dark Lord's circle, but he can't give anything that could lose the war. Could kill Lily's son.

"I'm waiting, Severus."

"An inability to do as he's told." The words slip out without thought, but they are harmless enough.

Voldemort cackles madly. "I have the most excellent plan, Severus. Have you heard of 'reverse psychology'?"

As Dark Lord whispered his plot into Snape's ear, Snape resisted the urge to bang his head against the wall. Barely.