The Other Sides


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[At Platform 9 and ¾...]

It was a bright, sunny day. The sort of day you'd expect when you're excited to go to a school of wizardry. Yet not the sort of day to expect everyone to be...a tad different.

"Ron? Hermione's late! It's half an hour before the train leaves! Do you think there's something wrong?" Harry clutched his spell books as if they were life supporters. His prescription had gotten worse over the summer...which meant larger glasses than usual. Which didn't exactly turn on the girls.

"Eh?" Ron was currently walking with a "History of the Soil and How It Made A Great Foundation for Magical Wizarding Schools" in his face, deeply engrossed in it. Thereby, running his cart of luggage into many people. Harry vaguely heard Lavender and Parvati push hurriedly passed him saying things like "UGH! Divination! I can't STAND IT!" or a "Why don't we sign up for double potions again next year? I can't WAIT!". In the far corner of his mind, Harry absently wondered why anyone wouldn't want to take Divination.

"Harry! Buddy old pal!" Malfoy waved jovially. Harry waved back just as jovially, and Ron held his head up for a second to kindly acknowledge him. Crabbe and Goyle were sporting matching glasses, which made them look goofier, if not semi-intelligent. They, too, were engrossed in books, though the ones they're studying is of extremely complex spells.

"Oh, look Crabbe! A super difficult love you think we could use it to help us?"

"No! We can't USE it! It's positively against the rules! You know how badly I want to be Head Boy. Besides, boomslang skin isn't allowed for us students. Completely against the rules,"

"You're absolutely right Crabbe. Hmm...OH MY LORD, WHAT'S HAPPENED TO HERMIONE! I cannot bear to behold the disgrace..." Goyle turned his head, blushing furiously. Hermione walked through the barrier...wearing nothing but a very revealing tube top and a skirt that showed too much leg. And heels that made her legs look even longer. She immediately noticed Harry and Ron.

"Harry! Ron! Yo!"

"Huh?" Harry looked up, readjusting his glasses further up the bridge of his nose. His jaws fell open and he dropped his books. Ron looked at Harry, then looked up at the direction he was shakily pointed at, sputtering at a loss for words.

"Agh...wh...her..." Ron absentmindedly carefully bookmarked his place, promptly dropped his book, and rushed over to drape his long coat around her and fasten it...uber-securely. Harry found words after much gulping.

"HERMIONE! You are such a...a..."

"Slut?" she let the word fall naturally out of her mouth.

"Don't say that!" Harry blocked his ears briefly. Ron winced as badly as he would normally react to the word "Voldemort". Although he could endure "Voldemort" a teensy bit easier than "slut" or any other four-letter words.

"Oh, you guys are NO fun at all! I'm guessing you guys just READ all summer," Hermione threw the long coat back at Ron and tossed her head, rolling her eyes.

"As a matter of fact, we did," Harry said peevishly. "In fact, Ron and I even took a trip to America's capital city and browsed a bit through the Library of Congress, one of the biggest libraries ever, you know,"

"....And how much would 'a bit' be?" Hermione let out a heavy sigh, knowing what the answer would be.

"Just through a couple hundred court cases, how the Supreme Court worked, the different representatives of different branches over the past century, and-" Harry spouted.

"OKAY! I get it!" Hermione flung her scarf over her neck, and yelled, "Who wants to help me with my luggage?" And struck a very naughty pose. Harry and Ron, speechless with horror, hurried off to take care of their own luggage. They narrowly missed the stampede of boys, crowding around Hermione's luggage (which roughly amounted to about 9 boys per suitcase), of which they were speechless (again) with shock to find Percy very actively involved in.

After all the luggage was piled onto the train, the whistle blew. Harry and Ron struggled to heft all their "reading for pleasure" books, which included "The History of Magic Itself" and "10,000 Ways to Apply for the Ministry of Magic". They headed towards their usual last (very quiet) compartment, when they passed Hermione splayed on some boy's lap, making very loud, rude noises (which I'm sure I need not go into detail for). Harry promptly fainted. Ron turned white and gagged, gasping "WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO??"


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