*Club TBD*

T stands behind the counter , wiping down glasses and straightening things from the noon rush. As the door opens he turns and a huge smile comes across his face. He drops the cloth and hurries out from behind the counter to grab onto a very handsome man , in a black leather jacket, worn biker boots, worn jeans and a motor cycle helmet under his right arm.

"Uncle Tim!" T hugs the man hard. Then steps back and grins at his clothing. "Out for another ride I see. How long are you in town for?"

"Hey T! Great to see you. Yeah I felt all cooped up and thought to myself...why not go see my favorite nephew?"

"I am your ONLY nephew Uncle Tim." T laughs at the old joke.

"Well that makes no difference. You are still my favorite. So How have you been?"

T shows his uncle over to a table, as he walks he motions to Steve, the other barissta working, that he is taking a break. Steve nods and heads back behind the counter. His uncle Tim places his helmet on one of the chairs and sits down across from his nephew and waits for an answer.

"I am good Uncle Tim. Working here and just chilling and waiting."

"Waitng for what exactly?" Tim looked at his nephew. So proud of how he has grown up so much in the past years. He was concerned when he heard how T reacted to his friend Will coming out and before that hearing of Sonny Kiriakis being gay. For a while he thought that they would lose the close relationship they had because he himself was gay. Everyone in the family had known but they hadn't told T. He was glad he waited though because if T had reacted to him the way he did Sonny and Will, it would have killed Tim.

"Waiting for what I have been waiting for my whole life. Someone to come into my life, see what a great catch I am and fall head over heels for me!" T grinned and winked but Tim knew T was just putting on a front. His nephew wanted to find love with someone special and Tim wanted that for him as well. He had done such a 180 in his thinking and had even stood up as best man when Will and Sonny got married last year. His nephew had been hurting, watching his friends fall in love and marry. Other friends meeting someone and having great relationshipes and T, like everyone else, wanted that in his life, like Tim did as well.

"T it will happen I promise! Although why you would want to listen to your old Uncle here when it comes to love I don't know." Tim smiled but his smile too was strained.

"What happened Uncle Tim? I thought you and Steve were doing great? Mom said that you seemed happy?"

"Well seeming happy and being are two totally different things as you know. We broke up a few months ago. Steve felt that I wasn't as into him as he was me and so he broke things off. Of course it was AFTER he left that I found out that he found someone younger..can you imagine that? That is what I get I guess for liking older men. He was older but younger if you see what I mean?"

"Man that's a bummer. Sorry Uncle Tim."

"Yeah me too. But that is water under the bridge as they say." Smiling , he looked around the club. "This is a really nice place. Will I get to meet your friends Will and Sonny and their daughter Arianna? Every time I come something comes up and either they can't make it or I get called home. I am on vacation for a whole month so I am here to harass you."

"A whole month? That is awesome! How'd you, a busy and sought after, mom's words...lol doc get to take a whole month off?"

"Well I haven't taken a vacation in a long time and I thought why not? Come see you, clear my head, meet the imfamous Horton-Kiriakis men and maybe get back to the person I was before I let Steve almost destroy who I am."

T just looked at his Uncle. The man always had T's back, even when T had been such a jerk to Sonny, then Will so long ago. He still wished he hadn't said all he had to his uncle about them. He hadn't known his uncle was gay and so didn't watch what he said. He had unknowingly hurt him. He was so glad they were past all that. Will and Sonny were now his best friends and Uncle Tim and he were as close as ever. Very grateful for that, T had an idea pop into his head. His Uncle Tim seeing the look in his nephews eyes grew wary. "What exactly is going through that mind of yours T? It has me worried.'

T, giving the smirk he is so well known for and that has frightened many who know him and love him but know what that look usuually means, just continued to look at his uncle.

"Nothing , it's all cool Uncle Tim..honest"

"Why don't I believe you?" Tim chuckled. Then he stretched and yawned. "I'm sorry but that was a long ride here and I am beat. I am going to head to the Salem Inn and crash for a few hours. What time do you get off? We can meet for dinner if that works for you?"

"yeah go ahead..I don't get off til 6 so we can head over to the Brady Pub..does that sound ok?"

"Sounds good T." Tim stands up as does T, they hug each other. "Ok I will see you there at 6:30, sound ok?"

"Yup, I am good with that. It'll give me time to change clothes and meet you there. It is so awesome you're here Uncle Tim. It's been too long since we saw each other. Hey! Do I get to take your bike for a spin after dinner?" T smiles knowing the answer he'll get but couldn't stop himself from asking anyway.

Tim grins at T and says the expected, since they have this same conversation every time they see each other. "You can RIDE on the back as I drive T." He grabs T and gives him one more backslapping, tight hug. Then turns and walks out to his bike. As he sits down he takes a deep breath and looks around him. Salem is such a beautiful place. No wonder T loves it here. The month off will do him good. he needed this break, not only from work but from...everything else too. He puts on his helmet, and starts his bike up and turns towards the Inn and his home for the next month.

*Four hours later*

Tim slowly opens his eys and stretches. Man he needed that! The ride form Chicago may not have been all that long but after having come off a 12 hour shift it took it's toll on him. He was only 39, but being an Orthopedic Surgeon takes a lot out of a person, especially with back to back surgeries like he had before he went on vacation late yesterday. After getting his stretches out of his system he looked at the clock, then pushed back the covers, got up and headed for the shower. The man was VERY well built. With a gorgeous back, muscled thighs from standing on his feet for long periods of time and riding a motorcycle along with working out whenever he could. Then add his 6 pack that he had going on, slightly hairy but not overly so, chest and drop dead gorgeous face. His eyes were what people noticed first. Deep blue with long lashes that women envied. and a full head of dark , slightly curly, hair.

After his shower he decided, as he ran his hand over his face, he would go without shaving tonight. After all it was T and T didn't care if his uncle shaved or not. Smiling he left the bathroom and got dressed in a medium blue dress shirt and jeans. He put on his watch and grabbed his keys and coat as he headed for the door. He decided to walk to the Pub since it was just a few blocks over. That was what was great about Salem, you didn't really need a car. Everything was pretty much, all within walking distance to most things.

As he walked through the Horton Town Square he noticed a very nice looking man sitting by himslef drinking a coffee. If he had to guess he's say he was about 58 or so, just the age he liked his men to be. Light brown hair, beautiful eyes and that smile he just saw? Wow! Let's not forget the great body ..what he could see of it anyway. Immediately Tim stopped himself from thinking like that. It was way too early to be thinking like that about someone. He was still working through all that Steve put him through. Shame really, cause that man was...STOP IT! he told himself. Keep walking. So he did. But he couldn't get the man out of his head. Smiling he let the mans' face linger in his mind. Nothing wrong with that right? Of course not. As he walked closer to the Pub, he started to whistle. He hadn't done that in a long time. A sure sign he needed to look into who that man was later and if he might be interested.

T sat at the table he got for himself and his uncle when he got here 10 minutes ago. He was so happy that his uncle Tim was in town. He wanted to show him all around the town that he loved, introduce him to his friends and maybe someone else that had popped into his head earlier today. Smiling he nodded slightly to himself..yup that was a great, some might even say brilliant, idea.

The bell above the door jingled and T looked up to see his uncle Tim come in, look around and smile once he spotted T. He walked over and T got up to hug him. As they sat down T said. "So did you have a nice nap? You look a lot better, not that you didn't look..oh! you know what I mean." They both laughed and Tim said "Yeah I did T thanks. Before I headed to see you I had worked a 12 hr shift and it was a busy one. So I definitely need to get some sleep. The Salem Inn is a very nice place."

"So are you hungry, cause I have to tell you they make the BEST burgers here!" T said, huge grin on his face, rubbing his hands together. Tim grinned at his nephew and decided to take his suggestion and order the "Horton Deluxe Burger" with fries and a cola. T ordered the same from the pretty waitress. They then sat back and talked over little things. About how the family was, what the lastest gossip was and how often T's mom called "just to say Hi". They both laughed at that because she called a lot.

From behind him, Tim heard , "Hey T! Didn't know you'd be here! How's it going?" T grinned over his uncle's shoulder, as Tim was turning to see who was there. Standing there was a gorgeous dark haired young man holding a little blonde beauty and his arm around a very handsome blonde man. You could see the resemblance between the little girl and the blonde man. Tim wondered if they were who he thought they were...seconds later he knew. T stood up and walked over to the men, gave each a hug and grabbed the little girl who squealed "T!" while wrapping her arms around his neck.

T turned to his uncle and said "Uncle Tim," as Tim stood, "I'd like you to meet Will and Sonny and this little beauty is their daughter Arianna Grace Horton." "Guys, this is my Uncle Tim, the one I have been trying to get you to meet for the last year." Tim shook the men's hands and admired their daughter.

"Nice to finally meet you boys. T has told me a lot about you over the years."

Will and Sonny smiled at him and Sonny said , "Nice to finally meet you as well. Seems our schedules never seemed to work out before. We were hoping to met you the next time you were in town!"

"Good thing I burned dinner then hey babe?" Will asked while smiling at Sonny and putting his arm around his husband.

T , still holding Ari smirked "When haven't you burnt dinner Will?" dodging the hand he saw coming for the back of his head, T stepped to the right and snuggled Ari while grinning like a loon.

"Keep it up T and you won't be watching Ari anytime soon." threatened Will.

"Hey no fair! Why punish Ari with not seeing me because you can't admit you suck at cooking?"

Tim, looking at Sonny and smiling says "Do they always act like this?"

"Worse!" Chuckled Sonny as he grabbed Will and gave him a big smooch. "Hey babe you know I didn't marry you for your cooking skills" as his eyebrows went up and down. All four men and even Ari, as well as many people around them ,chuckled at that.

"We don't want to interrupt your dinner, since I see Cathy is coming over with it right now. So if you are staying in town for a while, maybe we can get together some night at our place, Sonny is cooking right babe?" Sonny grinning and nodding at Will seconds the invite.

"Yeah I will be here for a month, much needed vacation, so that would be great..thanks."

"Ok great! here..T give me back my daughter!" Will complains. As T slowly and reluctantly hands over the little girl to her dad, the pub door opens. Distracted by the sound, Tim looks over and stops and stares.

T, seeing where his uncle is looking grins and says "Ok fine take her for now but I get her when we come over."

"Ok fine T whatever" says Will as he and Sonny also notice what has T's uncle distracted. All three of the young men are grinning and enjoying watching T's uncle stare at the man who, not knowing his is the object of such great admiration, sits down at a nearby table and looks at the menu.

T clears his throat, which finally gets his uncles' attention. As Tim turns back to the boys, he says "What? What are you three grinning at? Ari what are your daddies and Uncle T grinning about?" Ari has no answer and the boys aren't saying. Will, Sonny and Ari say good bye , head to the counter to get their order, then after paying they head out with "See you soon's" being said.

Tim and T sit down to their meals with Tim sneaking looks at the gentlemen that caught his attention in the Horton Square and now just happened to come into the pub. What are the odds right? Tim turns back to see T just looking at him, grinning and shaking his head.

"What? T What is your problem?" he too is grinning.

"Oh I am not the one with the problem Uncle Tim, you are." Smirking T points a finger at him and then digs into his dinner.

"What is that supposed to mean?" he asks as he feels his eyes go back to the man now ordering his dinner. Then looks back at T.

"Never mind Uncle Tim. Eat your dinner, then I will introduce you to him."

"Him who?"

"The man you have been staring at since he came in the door a little while ago." T just chuckles and waits for his uncle to start eating. All the while T is thinking to himself. "Man I am good! I KNEW Uncle Tim would like Rick." mental fist pump! T was so happy that Rick stuck to his normal Thursday night routine and came here for dinner. It couldn't have worked out better if T had planned it.

* meanwhile a few tables over*

Rick can't believe it! What are the odds that the handsome guy he saw checking him out in the Horton Square half an hour ago was here now, eating dinner and with someone Rick knew and better yet liked? After he had seen, out of the corner of his eye, the guy checking him out he hoped that they might run into each other. He looked to be about 38 or 39, just the age difference that he liked , since he was almost 59, but not til April thank you very much! . Then to run into him here and see him with Will, Sonny , Ari and T? Perfect. He really liked the boys and their daughter and T who was a great kid too. How he pulled off not staring at him as soon as he saw him in the pub and to be able to walk over to a table, sit down and look at the menu, right side up mind you, all the time aware that the man was staring at him , he had NO clue! Wow he hadn't had this kind of reaction to anyone in a long time..if ever. Slowly his heartrate slows down and he is able to coherently order a meal and sit there reading his newspaper. Let's be honest here, he hasn't absorbed a single word but has turnd the pages, he doesn't wanted to look like a TOTAL idiot. Softly Rick chuckles to himself for his inner dialouge. Keeping a watch on what is happening at the other table Rick can see a strong resemblance between T and the man he is with. Laughter can be heard coming from that table quite often and that makes Rick smile as well. He could tell those two had a great relationship which was great to see.

*Back at T &Tim's table*

Finishing their meal T and Tim sighed at the same time, then both broke into laughter.

"Omg! That was the best burger I have had in a long time T. thanks for the suggestion." Tim smiled at his nephew as he wiped his mouth. he hadn't been kidding. That was delicious.

"I have been working so many hours over the last few months . All I have been eating is vending machine food and as a doctor I know that stuff is not good for you. But with hardly anytime to eat between patients, you take what you can get."

"Well I am glad you liked it so much. I am also happy that you finally got to meet Will , Sonny and Ari. isn't she a cutie?" T grinned.

"Yeah she is adorable and her dad's are cute too." he looked at T with a twinkle in his eye, teasing his nephew.

"Ewwww Uncle Tim! Do not tell me you think by best friend's are cute. Kinda creeps me out ya know?" T teased back. "Plus I thought you liked older guys." glancing at the table to his right, T quirked his eyebrow, then did the eyebrow up and down gesture.

Tim, who at 39 , who could not remember the last time he blushed, did just that. He had been successful during the meal, in not looking at the man at the table over by the coffee machine. Now that his nephew had brought his attention, he couldn't help but look...right into the eyes of the man he had been thinking about. Both the men suddenly turned their gazes away and found their own tables extremely fascinating. Hearing T chuckle, Tim looked over at his nephew to see him grinning like he didn't know what!

"Ok this is long enough. Let's do this already."

"Do what?"

"Uncle Tim...seriously? You have been oogling that poor man since he walked in here. If I hadn't know for sure you were gay before , that would have definitely convinced me." T stood up out of his chair and motioned for his Uncle to do the same. reluctantly Tim stands up and straightens his clothes. Runs his hands through his hair. At T's laugh he looks at his nephew, a slow blush covers his face and he grins then shrugs. T drapes his arm over his uncles shoulder and walks him the few steps to the other table. The man sitting there, slowly stops eating to wipe his mouth , then turns to T. A big beautiful smile spreads across his face.

"T! Hi how have you been? Haven't seen you for a while at the gym. Everything ok?'

"Yeah hey Rick. it's all good. Long hours at work, you know what a slave driver Sonny is."

They both chuckle at that because they both know Sonny is a great boss.

"Yeah you need to get him and Will to come play a game of pick up with us. We killed them last time we played them." He squints his eyes "Maybe THAT is why we haven't played them in a while. " He leans closer and whispers to T.."We scared them off." Then he winks at T who then high five's him. A throat clearing pulls the two men from their conversation.

"Oh! Uncle Tim, I'm sorry. This is Rick , he owns the best jewelry store in Salem "Parker's Jewelers", Rick this is my Uncle Tim, Orthopedic surgeon extraordinaire!." Tim blushes as Rick looks on in admiration and not only because the man is a doctor. Rick stands up to shake Tim's hand. When their hands touch, honest to God there is a spark that flows from ones hand into the others. As they continue to just stand there , hands clapsed and no longer shaking, looking into each others eyes, T clears his throat for not the first time. The men jerk their hands apart, blush and look anywhere but at each other.

"It is very nice to meet you Tim. T has spoken of you often and very highly over the last few months. I go into Club TBD a lot for coffee during my lunch breaks and got to know him quite well. He is a very nice young man". Smiling, Rick continues to look at Tim. Waiting to see what he might say.

"Thank you, it's nice to meet you as well. T can be a great kid, when he is not teasing me mercilessly that is." At that he grabs T is a choke hold and gives him a noogie.T squirms out of his hold and smacks his uncle on his chest. "Knock it off Uncle Tim." he turns to Rick and says "Don't let him fool you, he may be MR. Big Shot doctor but he is a goofball. I get my goodballedness, is that a word? from him." T looks at his watch. "Oh man! I am late for...something!" With that and a quick hug for his uncle and a "see you" to Rick, he bolts out of the door, after paying the waitress on his way out, for their meal.

"T! We were supposed to..." Tim looks back at Rick and grins "Kids, what can you do?"

The men then stand in a slightly awkward silence after being, what appears to be , abandoned by T.

"Um so Rick. I will let you get back to your meal. Sorry we interrupted you." Tim gestures to Rick's plate and slowly sticks out his hand to shake Rick's.

"Tim, I was done anyway. They put too much food on the plate." he chuckles and reaches out to shake Tim's hand. Only they don't let go, as they look into each others eyes. After a little while they start talking at the same time.

"If you..."

"Would you be..."

They both laugh and Tim gestures for Rick to go first.

"Well what I was going to say was, If you don't have anywhere to be, would you like a cup of coffee? I'm buying"

"Yes Rick, I think I'd like that... a lot." Tim pulls out the chair opposite Rick and sits down. The waitress comes over and pours them both a cup of coffee.

As the two men sit and get to know each other over several cups of coffees, outside the put T is standing, watching his Uncle and Rick. With a smile on his face he reaches in his pocket and gets out his phone. After finding what he wants, he waits for the phone to be answered.

"Hey Will...yeah...yeah I introduced them. They are sitting talking right now...yeah it looks to be going real good... yeah Rick is a great guy...Uncle Tim seems to like him too. I hope I did the right...yeah me too I think I did but what if?...yes I know ..don't second guess myself. Ok thanks. See you later. Kiss Ari for me . No don't kiss Sonny for me...NO WILL I don't want to know what you do to..I am hanging up now! Sick man...you are seriously sick and twisted!...hahaha yeah love you to man! Later"

T puts his phone away. Looks one more time at the two men who mean a lot to him and hope that it works out. His Uncle deserves to be happy as does Rick.


The two men sitting in Brady's Pub, are learning all they can about each other. Likes, dislikes, past relationships, favorite sport teams, star crushes (They are both crushing on Colin Farrell and Johnathan and Drew Scott on W Network ), what authors they love to read. Movies that they have both watched way more than is find they have a great deal in common. Over the next few weeks they grow closer together and soon Tim, who barely spends any time at the Salem Inn, just moves in with Rick for the rest of his stay in Salem. They are professional, well established, respected men and if anyone thinks it's wrong, which no one does, that's too bad because what they have found with each other is the best thing either has ever had in any past relationship. As Salem watches this romance grow, eveyone is hoping for a new Orthopedic surgeon at the hospital soon. They have always loved Rick, shoot, half the town has gotten engagement and or wedding rings from him, Will and Sonny included, and they want him to be happy. They have come to love T's uncle as well. T is very happy that his uncle came to visit and it looks like he may be staying permanently. That is fine with T. Family is important and his Uncle Tim is the best!

The two men in question, are unaware of all the gossip going on around them. All they know is how amazing that a spur of the moment vacation could bring such happiness into both their lives. Hand in hand, as they walk through the park, Tim and Rick talk about a future together that neither man dared to dream about before.

**I am a sucker for happy endings so I will tell you that Tim does come to work at the hospital and he and Rick do marry. The second marriage for a same sex couple in Salem. Another amazing thing to celebrate! You will be seeing them in the next story...so stayed tuned.**

Next? T's story ;)