A/N: I felt the urge to do a couple of crossovers, so this and my other story Fire Sword, are the results. As always, I hope you enjoy my work!


"Kirito," Asuna said as she bit her lip nervously. "Are you sure this is going to work? What happens if this project fails? Will Yui be okay?"

Kazuto smiled patiently at his girlfriend and replied with as much reassurance as he could: "Don't worry about it. I made sure that Yui's data is saved on multiple back-ups, so even if something happens this time around, her core programing will be alright."

Kazuto turned his attention back to the dome-like machine that he had worked so hard to create over the past two years. In theory, it would convert Yui's electronic data into real-life flesh-and-blood. He plugged in his World Seed cartridge and then moved onto hook up his Nerve Gear in another port. He lit up his computer console and began typing in commands at a furious pace. Asuna watched him nervously, praying that their daughter would come out of this whole thing safe and sound.

The machine whirred to life, and Asuna turned her attention to it. Inside the glass dome, a shape made of light began to take place. She gasped as the shape began to consolidate into the form of a small girl.

Kazuto smiled broadly as he saw all of his hard work begin to pay off. Then the monitor began to flash red.

Asuna noticed it and frowned. "Kirito? What's happening?"

"I'm not sure," the boy frowned as he began to type new commands into the computer. Looking over at Yui, they both saw that she was nearly formed, and nothing appeared to be out of order. But…

"The computer says that there's some kind of external influence, adding an extra flux of power," Kazuto frowned harder. "And I can't locate the source! It's locking me out, and I can't shut it down!"

"What?! What'll happen to Yui?!" Asuna looked back at the little girl, who appeared to be a sleeping child with a soft glow about her- almost like an angel. But this little angel might also be in trouble.

"Isn't there any way to override it?" the flame-haired girl asked as she placed her hands on the dome.

"Only one," Kazuto said as he got off of his seat. He grabbed a crowbar that he had used during construction and prepared to swing it at the dome. "Stand back!"

"You might hurt Yui!" Asuna protested.

"I'd rather fix a few cuts that have her program messed with!" Kazuto snapped. "Now get back! I don't want to hurt you, either!" Asuna reluctantly stepped aside and renewed her prayer that all would be well.

Kazuto swung at the glass- and the world went blindingly white. The two teenagers were flung backwards from the force of the explosion, and they couldn't see Yui. Then, when the light faded, all was black.

"What the hell…" Kazuto muttered. He groaned as he got up off the- sand? Looking around, he noticed a great number of things. First was that he was in some kind of sand arena, up against a cleft in the wall that mostly hid him from view. Second was that Asuna and Yui were also coming to. Third was that there was a massive battle going on between an army of robots and humanoids wielding what looked like his light blade from Gun Gale Online to Kazuto. The only difference was, the blades were green and blue, not purple- well, he saw one purple blade, but that was beside the point. The last thing he noticed was that there was a number of dead biological sword-users, and their swords were lying around, deactivated.

A massive, silver robot treaded heavily over towards Asuna and Yui before extending its arm, which bore a built-in gun. Not bothering to consider his actions, Kazuto picked up one of the hilts and hit the biggest button on the bar.

The battle droid took careful aim and was about to trigger its execution function when its arm was suddenly sheared off by a blue blade of light. Before its processors could determine what had just happened, Kazuto slashed it in half.

Swinging the blade experimentally, he muttered, "Not bad at all. A little light, but I like this thing." Then he focused on getting his girls to their feet. Asuna was the first to get a hold on the situation, also picking up a light blade and activating it.

Yui was still a little out of it, so Kazuto told her to stay between him and Asuna. The girl agreed groggily and stood a trifle unsteadily. Asuna and Kazuto then stood back to back, with Yui in between them.

A laser blast flew at Kazuto, but he deflected it with his sword. Who knew all that time in GGO would pay off like this? He thought to himself. Then he focused on defending his family.

After what seemed like twenty minutes, the droids suddenly stopped fighting. They stood stock-still, awaiting new commands, Kazuto was certain. He noticed that only about twenty of the sword-users stood now- the rest were dead. They were gathered more or less in the middle of the arena, a bad position, the two warriors knew.

"Daddy, what's happening?" Yui asked in a very small voice.

"I'm not sure, honey," he said. "But I think those people over there might need our help."

"You want us to go over there?!" Asuna hissed. "Are you insane?!"

"Strength in numbers," Kazuto replied evenly. "Come on. We might as well go while these things aren't moving." And he began to move with his family through the field of robots. On the way, Kazuto made sure to pick up several more of the swords and tuck them into his belt, just in case something might happen to the one he was using now. Asuna and Yui followed suit, although her parents told the little girl to try and stay out of the line of fire.

A powerful pair of voices traded arguments for some time, one coming from the podium above the arena, and the other from the group of warriors. When the exchange was over, the family had reached the circle, just in time for the droids to take aim again.

"Aw man," Kazuto gulped.

"Who are you?" a young man with a green blade asked.

"Let's just say that we're here to offer what help we can and leave it at that," Asuna replied sharply. "We've got more important things to worry- what the…?" Her voice trailed off as a loud hum filled the air and she looked up.

Kazuto and the rest of the fighters looked up to see an entire armada suddenly swoop down to decimate the robot army. The ships formed a perimeter around the survivors, shielding them from the laser blasts that began heading their way, and granting them a much-needed rest.

The doors on the ships began to open, and the family headed for the nearest one. Incidentally, they boarded with the young man that had questioned Asuna earlier, along with a relatively young woman and an older man with a beard and long hair.

The ship began to take off, and Yui sat down on a chair, exhausted. "What is a youngling doing here?!" the older man shouted. He was outraged.

"Believe me, I wish I knew!" Kazuto shouted to be heard above the noise. "But we have no idea how we got here, or why!"

The three people exchanged glances before the two men closed their eyes and furrowed their brows. Then the older one said, "You speak truthfully. May we have your names?"

And explosion rocked the ship, causing Kazuto to check on Yui and Asuna before he answered. When he was certain that they were safe, he turned back and said, "My name is Kirito. Asuna is my girlfriend, and Yui is our adopted daughter."

"Your what?!" the bearded man said. "How- Oh, never mind. We'll figure this out later. My name is Obi-Wan Kenobi. My apprentice here is Anakin Skywalker, escort to the Senator Padme Amidala." He gestured at each person as he named them.

"Sir Kenobi, may I ask what is happening right now?" Asuna asked.

"We're attempting to prevent a man's escape," the man answered. "His name is Count Dooku, and he's basically responsible for this whole battle. And if we don't catch him, he could be the start of an entire war that will consume the galaxy."

"Hmm…" Kazuto mused. "In that case, you might want these." And he handed Obi-Wan an extra light blade. Asuna did the same with Anakin, but when she attempted to give one to Padme, the woman turned it down, saying that the blaster suited her just fine.

"Target sighted!" the pilot announced.

"Then shoot him down!" Anakin shouted.

"We're out of rockets, sir!" was the reply. Anakin scowled deeply.

"You're gonna need some help!" Padme insisted.

Obi-Wan shook his head. "There's not enough time! Anakin and I can handle him!" Padme looked unconvinced, but she made no further objections.

"We'll go, too," Kazuto announced. Asuna nodded her agreement to the statement.

The warriors looked at one another before nodding again. "We would be grateful to you," Obi-Wan said. "But why are you so eager to help?"

"Because if that guy is responsible for all those deaths back there, he reminds me of a certain someone," Kazuto answered. "And I'm not too fond of said character. He-" An explosion rocked the ship, causing Asuna and Padme to be thrown out the open door.

Kazuto barely managed to keep Yui from falling out as well. "ASUNA!" he shouted. "Damn it!"

"MOMMY!" Yui screamed. In the distance, they could see that two ships were following them, firing plasma blasts at them, seeking to shoot them down. Even further back, Kazuto and Yui could see that Padme was unconscious, but Asuna was upright. She was making a motion that clearly said to keep going.

"PUT THE SHIP DOWN!" Anakin roared.

"NO!" Obi-Wan and Kazuto shouted right back. "Follow Dooku!" the older man shouted at the pilot.

"They'll be fine!" the younger warrior said to the enraged fighter. "Asuna can protect them both!"

"I don't care, put the ship down!" Anakin shouted, half angry, half pleading.

"Asuna says to keep going, so that's what we're going to do!" Kazuto shouted back. "I trust her! Don't you trust your friend?! What would she say if your positions were reversed?!"

This stopped Anakin cold. Finally, he said, "She would do her duty."

Asuna watched the ship fly off, hoping that they could accomplish their task. But for now, she needed to find a way out of this desert. Padme was slowly coming to, for which Asuna was grateful. She didn't want to half to carry a full-grown adult through the sand, and there was the possibility that she might have a way to contact some of the other rescuers.

"Ugh…" Padme groaned. "What…" Then Asuna saw the light of memory return, and she helped the other woman to her feet.

"Do you have any way to contact your friends?" the flame-haired girl asked.

"Up until a few minutes ago, I wasn't even aware that I had this many friends," Padme said groggily. "So no, I don't. Sorry."

"Then I guess we better start walking," Asuna sighed. "Come on, and keep that gun of yours handy. I'm hoping that we run into those soldiers instead of the robots, but there's no guarantees about either."

"When we land, get out of here and get some reinforcements!" Obi-Wan ordered. "I don't care who they are as long as they can help us capture Dooku!"

"Yessir! We are transmitting our coordinates right now, sir!" the clone trooper at the helm said sharply.

"Do you think someone can reach us with help in time?" Kazuto asked.

"Not very likely," Obi-Wan admitted. "But we have to try to stop him ourselves, help or no help. This war depends on it."

"My daddy will help you, no problem!" Yui said brightly. "He always catches the bad guy, no matter where he goes!" And she gave a bewildered Obi-Wan her brightest smile.

Before he could ask a question, though, Kazuto pointed at some rapidly approaching cliffs. "Is that our destination?" he asked.

"I think so," Obi-Wan answered. "I see a landing platform and a docking bay."

"Yui, once we get inside those cliffs, find some place safe to hide, and stab anybody you don't recognize that tries to get you out, understand?" He looked at the little girl seriously as she nodded back at him.

"I will," she said. "Don't worry about me, Daddy. I'll be fine. Just get the bad guy."

When they landed, the ship was finally hit directly by the laser fire, causing it to blow up and send Kazuto flying down the catwalk. He was the last to emerge, shielding Yui with his body as Anakin and Obi-Wan ran off the ship.

They stopped when they saw that he was hurt, but he groaned and waved at them. "Go!" he shouted. "Get your man! I'll be fine!" They hesitated only a split second more before dashing into the caves. Then Kazuto passed out.

When he came to, Yui was pulling on his arm frantically. "Daddy! Get up! I think Mr. Kenobi and Anakin are in trouble!"

"Hunh?" Kazuto sat up and shook his head foggily. "What… Oh, right." He got up quickly, swaying slightly as dizziness washed over him, but he managed to right himself again. The unsteadiness vanished, but the explosion had left him aching and with minor burns.

Looking down at his daughter, he was glad to see that she was unharmed except for a couple of scrapes on her arm. "Okay," he said. "I'll go find them. You stay hidden like I told you, all right?"

"Yes, Daddy," Yui nodded. Then they headed into the caves.

Kazuto walked in just in time to see Anakin have his arm removed and be flung by an invisible force to lie beside his master, who was suffering from some very severe burn marks. Their attacker was a surprisingly older man wielding a red light blade. And said blade was coming up to finish off the two warriors.

Kazuto leaped forward at top speed, two blue blades coming to life in his hands. One turned the red blade from its course, and the other sped towards the count's neck. Although he managed to save Anakin and Obi-Wan's life, his second blade missed its mark.

The count spun away and under the attack, showing a surprising amount of agility and dexterity, despite his white hair and beard. Then with the voice that he recognized from the arena, the man said, "These younglings seem to equate foolishness with bravery." He scowled.

"What's the matter, Count?" Kazuto taunted. "Feeling tired already? Our duel hasn't even gotten started yet."

"There will be no duel for you, Padawan," the man replied. Then he sheathed his blade and stretched out his right hand. Blue lightning shot out from his fingertips, straight at Kazuto. He responded by crossing his blades in an 'X' to block the lightning like he would a magic spell. The block worked, but he was finding it harder to do than he remembered.

After a few seconds, the man let up on the lightning, and Kazuto smirked while taking his stance. "Out of manna?" he grinned.

"Hardly, if you are asking if I am having difficulty connecting to the Force." Dooku responded. Then he activated his blade again. "But I can sense that the force is also strong in you, young Jedi. So you will have your duel."

"I don't really get half of what you just said, kinda like everyone else in this world," Kazuto said. "But I do get the part where you said 'let's fight', so let's get on with it." And he charged at Dooku, his twin blades moving quickly into position.

He tried to use the fact that he had two blades to his advantage, but his opponent was clearly a master of his craft. Dooku moved with both elegance and ferocity in equal measures, and Kazuto found himself with his hands full, despite all of his own skills.

Also, the count never seemed to tire, which puzzled Kazuto. Shouldn't the old man be tiring faster than him? It just didn't make sense.

At one point, one of his hilts was sliced off near the top, killing the blade and forcing Kazuto backwards, both from surprise and the shock of the burn on his hand. But he quickly recovered and activated one of the spares on his belt. With both green and blue blades in hand, he redoubled his efforts to take down the strange old man.

But in the end, Kazuto once again found that his own power was insufficient. Dooku disabled both of his blades with a hyper-fast swipe before throwing him the length of the room with the same unseen force that he had thrown Anakin with.

"Aaaaa-oof!" Kazuto grunted as he was thrown against the wall, near to where Obi-Wan and his apprentice lay. All three of them were utterly exhausted, one was crippled by burns, one was missing a limb, and the last one was thoroughly disoriented. None of them stood a chance as Dooku moved to finish the job.

"Get away from my Daddy!" a small voice cried out from the entrance. Dooku whirled to see a little girl with long black hair and fierce gray eyes in a white dress, holding a smaller-length green light saber. She couldn't have been more than eight years old. The sight was enough to make Dooku smile with amusement.

Kazuto saw Yui standing at the entrance in a fighting stance, and his heart was filled with terror. "Yui, no!" he shouted. "Get out of here, what are you doing?!"

"I was under the impression that it is still forbidden for Jedi to have be married, or have children," Dooku mused. "Have the rules changed as of late?"

Nobody answered him, half of them because they were out of it, and half because they had no idea what he was talking about. The man shrugged and began to move towards Yui, his blade ready to kill.

"Sunk down, you truly have," a very old, gravelly voice said from around the corner behind Yui. "Moving to attack a youngling, mmm?"

A green little alien relying heavily on a walking stick moved into the light behind Yui, followed quickly by Asuna and Padme. The two women saw the men al collapsed, and they tried to go help them, but the little alien stopped them with his staff.

"Need help they do," he said. "But only after the danger is passed. Handle this one alone, I will." And he began shuffling towards the old man, although compared to the count, he looked positively ancient.

"We'll help you," Asuna said, but the old alien waved her back.

"Help me, you cannot. End up like you friends, you will. And enough friends we have lost today." His pointy ears drooped sadly as he said this. Finally, he stood face-to-knee with the count. And then Kazuto passed out from exhaustion and pain.