Authors Note: So many people have requested that I keep going with this story so I will bow to your request. So I suggest you take a look at the last few chapters of Flower of Camelot for more detail about some of the stuff that's gonna be mentioned here. There might be a sequel I don't know yet. I own nothing.

Three Months Later

Three months was such a short time for so much to have happened. Merlin Contemplated this while she changed into the new dress Arthur was making her wear. Three months ago she had been a simple servant, well that's what everyone around her had thought. Three months ago Lancelot and Giaus had been the only ones who knew her secret. Three months ago she had been content to wait for her destiny in silence but things had changed so much in such a small amount of time.

Merlin looked down at the dress and laughed. It was blue, Gwen said it was one of the best colors on her and Merlin had to admit that it did look pretty good on her. Arthur had decided to have a sense of humor about it though so the whole thing was designed to look as if it was covered in dragon scales in varying shades of blue.

"Are you alright Merlin?" A voice came from the other side of the changing screen that made Merlin smile even wider. Stepping around the screen she held her arms out so the dress was more visible.

"Well how do I look mom?" Gwaine and Arthur had surprised her two weeks ago when they had said she had someone there to see her and it had turned out to be her mother. The two women had spent a good two days catching up. Arthur had put Hunith up in one of the best guest chambers in Camelot. Hunith hugged her daughter.

"You look so beautiful my little Merlin. You've grown up so much." There were tears in Hunith's eyes and Merlin hugged her mother tight. Hunith smiled at her as they pulled away.

"Let's do something about that hair shall we?" Merlin grinned as her mother sat her down and began to brush her hair. Merlin had been so busy over the past three months she hadn't even bothered to cut it and it now almost reached her shoulders. She let herself sink back into her thoughts as her mother ran the brush through her hair.

Little by little over the past three month Arthur had introduced pro magic laws. The changes had started out small and the lords had been resistant at first but the people, though cautious, seemed excited about it. Today would change everything, her life would truly change today, everyone's would. Merlin felt her mother curling her hair with the hot iron Gwen had showed her how to use just the day before. Merlin could have just done it with her magic but she liked spending this time with her mother. Once she was finished curling she set the iron down and picked up the hair pin Gwen had picked out. It was gold with two inset rubies. Merlin had never thought she would be wearing something at all like this but Gwen insisted. Once it was pinned securely in place Merlin picked up the necklace that rested on the vanity in front of her. It was a beautiful piece of workmanship, gold pendants making up the circumference of the necklace each with a ruby set in the center. Camelot's colors, gold and red. She smiled slightly as she opened the clasp and put on the necklace with her mother's help. Her mother laid a hand on Merlin's shoulder and squeezed it gently.

"You'll be brilliant Merlin. I know you will." Merlin smiled at her mother and hugged her again. Then she straightened her dress and smiled. There was a knock at the door.

"Merlin? You ready? Princess is getting a bit antsy." Merlin smiled and walked over to the door. That was something else that had changed over the last three months. Gwaine had been her best friend and now he was so much more to her. She would admit that she'd had feelings for him for quite some time but she'd never acted on them. He had made the first move about a month ago. She smiled wide at him. Hunith cleared her throat and held up a pair of black gloves. Merlin blushed.

"Thanks mom, I almost forgot." Merlin pulled on the gloves, hiding a tattoo that began on her right hand. She had gotten it about a month ago from the triple goddess herself. It stretched from the top of her right hand to the heel of her right foot and gave her access to the power of the earth itself along with quite a few other things she had yet to try out. Gwaine held out his hand to Merlin and she took it with a blush and a grin. He escorted her to the doors out to the balcony. Arthur Gwen and the rest of the knights were already waiting for them. Arthur spoke without looking at them.

"About time you two! What took…" Merlin grinned as he turned and stopped midsentence. Gwen laughed and hugged her friend.

"It takes time to look like this King Prat." Merlin stuck her tongue out at him, he smiled warmly and stepped up to the doors of the balcony.

"Ready Merlin?" Merlin steeled herself and nodded. Arthur pushed open the doors and stepped out onto the balcony with Gwen followed closely by Merlin, then the knights. There was a massive crowd in the courtyard below each face smiling and cheering up at their king and his friends. There were several murmurs when Merlin stepped out onto the balcony dressed like a lady of the court and not a servant but they soon died down as Arthur spoke. Merlin smiled to herself as he addressed his people.

"People of Camelot, today is an anniversary. The anniversary of the greatest wrong my father visited on his people. Twenty-six years ago the great purge began and my father outlawed magic. I can never fully undo the wrong he did to so many but I can do something to free those who have been forced to hide in the shadows because of how they were born, because of what they can do. From this day forward I declare magic legal in the kingdom of Camelot." There was uproar from the crowd below but not a malicious or even frightened one. Many people still remembered what life had been like before the purge. They were celebrating, but Arthur wasn't done yet. He cleared his throat and spoke again as the crowd quieted.

"This decision was not made lightly but after the discovery that magic has had a hand in protecting Camelot for the past six years." He motioned Merlin forwards. Merlin felt her legs trembling slightly as she stood next to Arthur and he nodded to her. She took a deep breath and cupped her hands to her mouth. She breathed out and opened her hands as her eyes flashed bright gold. Several dozen gold and blue butterflies appeared out of nowhere flying out among the crowd who cheered. Arthur motioned for Merlin to kneel and she did so knowing that everyone was watching. He pulled Excalibur and tapped it to each of her shoulders.

"For your service to the crown, for your guidance and your friendship, I appoint you Lady Merlin, Court Sorceress of Camelot." There was riotous applause as Arthur helped Merlin to her feet and hugged her. They smiled at each other for a moment before Merlin stepped back and Gwaine stepped forward sweeping her off her feet and spinning her in his excitement. She laughed as the cheering took another upswing in volume. Gwaine set her back on her feet but didn't let go this time as he smiled at her. She was running on excitement and the high of finally being free. She leaned forward and lay a short kiss to his lips. He smiled wide as she pulled away blushing bright red.

"Where do you think you're going my lady?" He asked sarcastically as he pulled her back in for another kiss. The knights were cheering along with the crowd and Arthur and Gwen were laughing. Somewhere in the back of Merlin's mind she registered that Arthur was speaking to the knights.

"You lot owe me five gold each. She kissed him first, just like I said she would." Merlin somehow couldn't find it in her to care that Arthur and the knights were making bets about her love life. She was happier than she could ever remember being.