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"Ga-Gajeel?" Levy stuttered out, unable to figure out what was going on. "Wh-What are you do-doing?"

She watched as Gajeel walked around the bed in her bedroom where he had been waiting. She glanced at the bed, where two iron chains were attached to the bedposts, and back to Gajeel, who continued to walk towards her. She felt panic raise as she backed up and hit the wall. There was no way he was gonna chain her to the bed. Right?

Gajeel stopped as he smelt her fear. Looking at her, her eyes were huge saucers and she was breathing erratically. It appeared that even though they were friends, she was still scared of him. And while that saddened him, he honestly wasn't that surprised. He had, after all, attacked her and her team without warrant.

"Calm down," he commanded as gently as he possible could, holding his hands up and out in a placating gesture.

"I...you… what are…" she trailed off, seemingly unable to find the words to express what she was feeling, but as he watched her once again glance at the chains on her bed, he realized she was probably scared that he was going to do something she didn't like. Which was absurd because he would do anything before he ever hurt her again.

"Those aren't for you," he blurted out quickly, seeing her edging towards the door. She stopped moving as she stared at him, her eyes seemingly getting even bigger.

"Not… for me?" she asked hesitantly. If the circumstances were different, he would find her stuttering adorable.

"Look, we need to talk," he sighed gently, knowing this would be the only way to help her not be frightened of him. "I… care for you. A lot." He said, never one to beat around the bush. "And I know you do too." He said bluntly, watching the blush spread across her cheeks.

"Well I-" he interrupted before she could continue.

"And your defiantly attracted to me," he said, laughing slightly. He watched with a smirk as the blush spread down her neck to her chest. She shook her head at him.

"I can't," she croaked out. She could see where this was going. He obviously wanted to have sex, which of course had her body reacting, heat pooling low, her mind easily supplying the image of the two of them intertwined. "You're so much stronger and I'm…" she trailed off, afraid that if she told him she was afraid of him, she would hurt his feelings.

"Scared." He finished for her. "I know, I can smell it." He turned around, walking away from her and she couldn't help but feel bad for hurting him like this. But to her surprise, he walked over to the bed, pulling off his shirt. She could only stare at the ropes of muscle lining his body. He then laid down on the bed, arms stretched up to the bed posts.

"I made these chains so I won't be able to break free," as he said that, he snapped his wrists in the cuffs, yanking to make sure they were secure. "Now you won't have to worry about my strength."

Levy felt her mouth go dry, and not just because his arms being stretched above him showed off all those delicious muscles. What he was offering her was incredible. She knew that a man like Gajeel was a dominate man, taking charge of everything. So to give up control just so that she would be comfortable with him was incredible and she felt tears well in her eyes. Who knew Gajeel Redfox could be so… sweet.

Gajeel lay there casually, as if he was chained to woman's beds all the time, but inside he was a nervous wreck. If she wouldn't even do this, then there was no hope for the two of them. And he desperately wanted this to work. He wasn't the type of man to want anything serious with any woman, a love 'em a leave 'em type of guy. But levy was so different. She was so smart and kind and absolutely adorable. Despite never having felt this way, he wanted everything with the small mage. And he desperately wanted her to want that too.

"Okay," she said quietly. How could she say no to this?

"Okay," he said just as softly when he really wanted to shout.

It was quiet for a moment as they just stared at each other.

"W-what now?" she asked, stumbling over her words in embarrassment. He just laughed, amused.

"Do whatever you want," he said with a smirk. She fidget with her dress for a moment longer before walking over to the bed. She gently bit her lip as she sat down on the side of the bed next to him. He didn't say anything, merely watched her.

She took a deep breath, steeling herself for what was about to happen, even though part of her was still deigning this was happening, that this had to be a dream. But in no dream she'd ever had was he tied up. It just seemed a little too farfetched.

She gently placed a hand on his bare chest, for a minute just absorbing the feel of his bare skin. Then she leaned down slowly, gently placing her lips against his. She was surprised that despite his lips being thin, they were incredibly soft. He didn't move at all as she gently moved her lips over his. She closed her eyes as she deepened the kiss, her tongue gently tasting his lower lip. With a soft groan, he opened his mouth, allowing her entry.

He tried to stay as still as possible, allowing her to have control, but as soon as her tongue met his, he took over the kiss. He dominated, his tongue sliding out to taste her, twining with hers, enjoying the sweet taste that was pure Levy. She moaned, one hand shooting out to rest on the side of his head, bracing herself, while the other started to wander over his chest.

They broke apart, both breathing heavy. She just stared at him, not really sure what to do. It wasn't like she'd never had sex, but he made her mind go blank, especially when he was staring at her with such fierce arousal.

"Take off your dress," he commanded, his voice a husky growl that sent shivers down her spine and heat to pool low. She stood up, slightly shaky as she did as he said, her hands gripping the bottom of her dress and practically yanking it over her head. He let out a growl as she stood there in a light blue lace bra and purple panties.

"Sorry, I wasn't expecting…this" she said, gesturing to him. "When I dressed this morning," she said, blushing.

"Don't apologize,"

"I mean, I definitely would have worn something sexy-"


"And something that obviously matched, because this is so not sexy-"

"Levy! I don't really give a shit what you're wearing since it's coming off anyways," he growled, interrupting her nervous babbling. She blushed fiercely, smiling shyly. "Get over here." She complied, straddling his waist instead of next to him this time. She gently ran her hands down his chest simply enjoying the feel of him. He leaned up, taking her by surprise as he nipped at the lace bra. "Off," he growled, his warm breath sending goose bumps over her skin.

She reached behind her for the clasp of her bra, unhooking it and pulling it off while he watched, his eyes never leaving her chest. As she took it off, the cold air caused her nipples to harden into hard points, and for a minute, he just stared, in awe of her. She was so fucking beautiful, her breast were small but the perfect handful topped with the most beautiful pink nipples he had even seen.

"Gajeel" she breathed out breathlessly, needing him to touch her.

"Lean down," she couldn't help but shudder as his voice went over his like a physical caress. She could feel his chest rumble between her thighs whenever he growled like that, and she couldn't help but squeeze her thighs together to try to relieve the ache he had started without even really touching her. "Levy," he growled, obviously irritated with her spacing.

She smiled at him shyly before leaning down, pressing her chest against his bare chest, loving the feel, before capturing his lips. He kissed her a moment before pulling back, shaking his head.

"Move up," he demanded. She was confused, but did as he said, crawling up his chest until his mouth was level with her breast. She stopped moving as soon as she felt his breath on her hardened nipple, moaning at how good it felt. He took advantage, wrapping his mouth around her, licking and sucking. She moaned again, arching into his mouth, a hand coming up to wrap in his hair.

He worked his way to her other breast, nipping her skin here and there, laving away the sting with his tongue. He then went to work on the other nipple, being just slightly rougher, biting down until she moaned, unconsciously withering her hips in need. He pulled away, gently blowing air on the wet flesh causing her to moan. But no matter how delicious her breast were, she wouldn't distract him from his original goal.

"I didn't say stop," he growled, at which she just stared down at him, confused. "Keep moving up," she blushed when she caught his meaning, but none the less, continued to move up his body until her thighs were on either side of his head. He inhaled her delicate scent, leaning up and licking the skin where her thigh met her sex, determined to tease her to a mindless heap of lust. He used just the tip of his tongue to gently go over her covered sex, going to the other side to lick that patch of skin as well.

He continued this, gently teasing her with his tongue until her hips were constantly moving, unable to keep still as she chased his tongue in a need to ease the pressure building in her. He gently nipped at her thighs, leaving marks on the smooth pale white thighs.

"Gajeel, please," she pleaded, needing him to relieve the constant ache between her thighs, unable to take it anymore. He laughed a husky, somewhat strained laugh.

"I would, but these damn things are in my way," he growled, his tongue swiping over the cotton panties. She cried out, her hips jerking down towards him before his words registered. She shot off the bed, pulling her panties off as fast as she was able. She then crawled back over him, too far gone to blush at such an intimate position. He had no hesitancy as he immediately got to work, his tongue thrusting and twirling, assaulting her with pleasure. Gajeel gave a growl at the first taste, the vibrations traveling through her and causing her to let loose another moan.

She couldn't control her hips, constantly jerking into his tongue. Later, when she wasn't overcome with lust, she would feel embarrassed about practically riding his tongue, but as it was, she could only brace her hands on the headboard above him, pleading and begging for him to relieve the building pressure.

Gajeel had never wished for his hands more than right then, wanting to feel her body clenching around his fingers. As it was, he just enjoyed this, loving how she jerked into him, begging for more. He moved up to her small clit, sucking on it and flicking it with his tongue, determined to make her come. She nearly shrieked, the coil winding so tightly inside her she was sobbing incoherently. He then bit down, just slightly, and everything exploded. Her body was flung over the edge and she couldn't see, knew she was babbling something but couldn't make herself care as complete pleasure assaulted her.

Gajeel laughed as he heard Levy shout his name over and over as her body clenched and jerked above him. He had never been so proud of making a woman come then he was of the beautiful woman above him.

As she came back down to earth, she realized she was still hovering over Gajeel's face. She blushed, gently moving back down his body, gasping when she felt his covered hard on. He smirked at her, all though his face looked as though he was in some pain. She smiled shyly, leaning down to give him a gently kiss. Before he could deepen the kiss, she worked her way to his neck, nibbling her way down before she found the intriguing spot where his shoulder meet his neck, sucking gently and laving the spot, leaving her own mark on him to match the ones on her thighs.

Gajeel groaned, loving the feel of her mouth on him. He watched as she made her way down his chest, trailing little butterfly kisses down his chest, licking the lines of his muscles, and even giving little bites now and then. He groaned when she met the waistline of his pants, licking around the edge. His erection jumped, his hips jerking. She started unbuttoning his pants, nibbling her way to his hip bones, a surprisingly sensitive spot for him. Once she had his pants completely unbuttoned, he lifted his hips to help her take them off.

She blushed as she noticed he went commando. As she examined him, she couldn't help but smile as she noticed he was pierced there as well, up the length of his shaft. At least until she realized that those were supposed to go inside her. Suddenly, she was extremely nervous.

"Will these hurt?" she asked as she gently touched one of the silver balls.

"Depending on the person, it might hurt at first," he said gently. He noticed the apprehension in her face, and for once wished he didn't have the piercings. "We don't have to do this," he said, even though he wanted to beg and plead with her to continue.

"No," she said, shaking her head. "I want to." He sighed with relief before choking on it as she gripped him in a small fist. She started to pump him gently, and he let his eyes close, his hips jerking into her fist. Then his eyes shot open as he felt a small tongue gently lick the tip, causing a riot of sensations.

Levy found she almost liked his piercings as she followed them down with her tongue, Gajeel making the most amazing sounds. She also found that, while it was hard to get him to do so, when he did make sounds, they were the sexiest things she had ever heard.

She followed the piercings back up, liking the contrast of cold metal and hot flesh, before wrapping her mouth around his head and gently sucking. He groaned, unable to control the harsh thrust of his hips. She made a small sound of protest as he hit the back of her throat but she continued anyways, sucking and swirling her tongue and creating a maelstrom of pleasure. He groaned, his hands straining against the metal around his wrists.

"Levy, shit," he swore, his head falling back, before jerking forward again to watch as her pink lips slide down him. She laughed, the vibrations causing his hips to jerk forward again. She had honestly thought that she wouldn't enjoy this, but seeing Gajeel lose control, to watch him writhe and curse and make those sinfully sexy sounds, she found that she enjoyed it immensely. She felt powerful and sexy and wanted. And despite the recent orgasm, she was wet and ready again, her hips grinding into the bed, seeking some sort of friction to easy the ache.

"Fuck!" he yelled, jerking on the chains. "Levy, you've got to stop," she smiled as she heard his voice tremble slightly. She lifted her head up, looking at his face, the hard lines etched with desire.

"Why?" she asked, pouting. "I'm enjoying myself." As if to prove her point, she stuck her tongue out, flicking it around the head, hitting the sensitive spot just under the crown.

"Son of a- look here, you keep doing that and I'm gonna shoot down your throat, and I'd rather be so deep inside you you'll feel me for the next fucking month." He panted, his sensual glare promising that he could do just that. "But it's up to you," he said as an afterthought, his hands gently pulling the chains to reminder her he was relatively helpless to her whims.

Her breath hitched, his words sending another wave of heat crashing through her. She bit her lip, staring up into lust-filled crimson eyes. As much as she loved the idea of teasing him while he was tied up, she also wanted him to fill the empty ache between her thighs.

She crawled back up his body until her sex rested above his, and as she sat down, rubbing against his erection, they both groaned. She rubbed herself over him again, loving the feel of him between her legs. She raised herself up, grabbing his shaft before gently lowering herself onto him.

"So fuckin' sexy," He groaned, unable to tear his gaze away from him disappearing into her moist heat. She moaned, shifting to get a little more comfortable. It had been a long time since her only lover, and Gajeel stretched her to the point of burning. She could also feel all his cold piercings rubbing against her too sensitive nerve endings.

She braced her hands against his chest once he was seated fully inside her. She took a moment, breathing heavily as she tried to work past the unfamiliar feeling of the piercings and accommodate his sheer size. He was sweating, trying to hold back when he so desperately wanted to brace his feet and ram inside the tight body above him.

She started to move, slowly at first, as she tried to get use to the cold metal. She pulled up until he was nearly out of her before sliding down just as agonizingly slow, swirling her hips at the end, gasping at the feeling while he let out an agonized groan. She opened her eyes, not sure when she had shut them to see him look so strained, obviously fighting the urge to take control.

Seeing him try so hard to let her have this moment convinced her to push her own comfort to the side and make sure he enjoyed himself fully. So when she rose up again. She slammed back down in a quick movement. She expected the noise to come from Gajeel, but not the one that came from her. The metal seemed to scrape ever nerve ending, cause fire to race through her veins. She did it again, wanting to feel the fire again.

Soon she had a rough fast pace, her nails digging into his chest, needing something to anchor onto in the storm of pure fire. Gajeel couldn't stop his hips from slamming up every time she slammed down, loving the sounds escaping her. She was so fuckin' sexy he couldn't think straight.

She threw her head back, hands moving from his chest to behind her on his thighs, the new angle causing her to give a small scream as the piercings caught on something inside her that made her see stars. She keep the angle, the fire in her building rapidly to an inferno she had no plans of putting out. Her body was out of control, moving without her consent and she couldn't love it more.

Her body would tighter than ever, hotter than ever, and she felt like she was going up in flames, every movement those glorious metal balls scraping against every nerve, build higher and higher, higher than she'd ever been. She opened her eyes again, seeing him with his eyes closed, his face straining in obvious pleasure, and just like that, the coil unwound, throwing her into the most intense orgasm of her life. Pleasure roared through every limb as her body clenched so hard around him it was painful to move. She could hear the noises coming out of her mouth but couldn't seem to care.

Gajeel watched as Levy came undone, mouth parted as the sexiest moans he'd ever heard fell from her lips, her body clenching him so hard he had no choice but to follow, throwing his head back and groaning her name with reverence. She collapsed over top him, breathing heavy. He smiled down at her, still panting himself.

They stayed this way for quite some time, just basking in the afterglow. Gajeel had never been this happy before, so glad she'd takin him up on his offer and extremely proud of himself for thinking up this solution to they're problem.

"Oi, unchain me, shrimp," he finally said, breaking the peaceful silence. Levy merely made a small grumble before giving a very small snore. Gajeel let out a small laugh as he realized the little bookworm had fallen asleep on him. "Oi," he tried again, louder, as the chains were really getting uncomfortable. "Levy!" he grumbled, shooting his body upward in an attempt to shake her awake.

"Mmm," she groaned, unhappy at being disrupted. "Whadda you want," she said, her voice sleepy.

"Unchain me," he demanded.

"Why? I'm tired." Gajeel mumbled something quietly. "What? I can't hear you."

"I said I want to hold you, woman," he grumbled, sounding both embarrassed and slightly defensive at the same time. Levy stared at him for a minute before a huge, sleepy smile appeared on her face.

"Where's the keys?" she asked, laughter evident in her voice.

"On the nightstand," he said, jerking his head towards the small tabletop next to the bed.

As soon as she had the chains unlocked, he grabbed her with lightning speed, pulling her on top of him and wrapping his arms around her. She laid her head on his chest, listening to his strong heartbeat. It was quiet for a while before Gajeel spoke up.

"Levy…" he trailed off, unsure if she was even still awake.

"Hmmm?" she hummed softly.

"I wanted you to know… you need to know… I mean, I… what I feel…. I…" he trailed off, uncomfortable with saying what he knew she needed to know.

"I love you too Gajeel," she mumbled, already half way asleep. He looked down at the mop of blue hair on his chest and smiled, finally falling asleep as well.

Levy was on fire. Her eyes opened, a moan already on her lips as she felt the sun on her face and fingers already moving deep inside her.

"Gajeel," she protested lightly, her hips already moving against his hands, seeking more. He merely laughed, twisting his fingers inside her.

"Last night I wasn't able to show you what I could do with my fingers. How 'bout I fix that?" he questioned, already moving his other hand down her side.

And he did. All day long.