With My Love by My Side

Tony walks in after a long winter day at work. Christmas is over but the house is still decorated. He puts his gear down by the door and very quietly makes his way to the living room, a soft singing voice guiding him. He can't help but smile at what he sees, his chest filling with love and pride at seeing his wife..."Ziva." he whispers. She is sitting in a rocking chair, gently moving back and forth. Ziva looks up at him, smiling though looking a bit tired.

"Hey...She was getting restless and wouldn't stop kicking." Tony smiles as he comes and kneels beside her, his hand resting on the soft red fabric of her shirt, gently putting his hand on her 8 1/2 month pregnant belly. He grins widely, his eyes lighting up with love. "So to calm her down I decided some rocking was in order..not to mention a back rub." Ziva moves his hand to the side of her belly, on the left a little near the bottom. There he gently started rubbing. After about five seconds, Ziva's stomach shifted and the baby turned her back to the outside, getting a back rub from her father. Tony smiled. "She has it easy for a little while longer." He gestured with his hands. "Float and get fed that is it...that's when life is simple." He then lifted up Ziva's shirt and rubbed more.

Ziva breathed out her relief at the child within her finally settling down. Lately when their baby moved it was uncomfortable, especially big stretches and kicks in the ribs. For the baby, it was getting kind of cramped in there now. But Ziva wouldn't trade anything for this. "You're so sure it's going to be a girl." Tony commented with a smile. Ziva knew he wanted a son though he'd be happy either way. But for some reason, Ziva just new. Her eyes then closed and her head dropped. Tony looked at her as she was falling asleep and decided it was best she lay somewhere more comfortable.

He smoothed the fabric of her shirt and covered Ziva's belly then gently placed a hand on her shoulder. "Ziva, honey." She stirred, opening her eyes tiredly and looking at him as he was level with her. DiNozzo smiled. "Let's get you two to bed huh. Our bed is so much more better than a little rocking chair." Ziva nodded and Tony helped her up. Upon standing she grimaced a tad, not to go unnoticed by her husband. "Looks like someone else could use a back rub." Ziva chuckled as they made their way to their bedroom. "I'll be fine once I get settled in bed." She commented as she yawns. 'Oh the trials of pregnancy.' Tony thought to himself.

Ziva had been a trooper up to now. But he was getting worried as her time drew near. Enduring a pregnancy had been quite taxing on her body and the labor and delivery of their child had been the last thing he'd wanted to inflict upon her. He helped her into her pjs and into bed. After he tucked her in, Tony changed himself. "Don't worry, Tony." Ziva said when he got in bed next to his wife. "We only have a little more to go. And soon we will have our baby." She caresses his cheek at seeing his worried face. "Everything will be fine."

Tony covered Ziva's hand with his larger one, taking it and kissing it. He knew she was scared as well, but they knew that as long as they we're together and held true to each other, they could accomplish anything.

Hope you enjoyed reading this Oneshot story as much as I did writing it. I'm thinking about writing more little Tiva/Ziva pregnant baby fanfics because there aren't that many new ones out there lately. I'm still working on my other story -The Joys in the Jorney. I just feel like writing Tiva baby fanfics. Hope that's okay with you. :) Oh and don't forget to tune in to CBS on March 31-April1 for Cote's new role in a miniseries called The Dovekeepers. If you want more information on the please don't hesitate to ask questions.