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Daisuke's POV.

"Little Secrets"

Too close. We aren't supposed to get this close. No one is supposed to be this close to another person; humans just aren't made to function that way. They need to keep their little secrets to feel "safe."

But we already ARE this close, and I couldn't feel safer if I tried.

I can hear your heart beating in my ears; and it's always there, no matter what. I feel your pain and your sorrow and hear your voice in my head. You are perfect; horribly, inescapably perfect, and I am left the lesser half of our pairing, but I don't even care.

You look at me, and I'm wet and cold and dripping with mud from playing soccer all day and feeling so gawky and stupid even as I flash you a sheepish smile. But in your mind, I hear only one thing.

// beautiful //

Just one word, only there for an instant, and yet it makes me weak in the knees. Because you thought of it because of ME. Because, however ridiculously, however misguidedly- just for an instant, I was beautiful in your eyes.

I can't tell you how I feel about you. When I try, it's just too much to get out, so instead I babble and tease and skirt the topic and you just smile at me the whole time, like you might love me back. And I know that you do, but I also know there's no way you can love me the same as I love you. To you, I'm your brother, your partner, your beyond-best friend . . . to me, you're just . . .

It. There is nothing else but you. You are idolsexloveenemyobsessiongod . . . you are the last line in the sand. The moment I first saw you, there was never anything else and no chance or desire to go back.

Your knuckles brush over the back of my hand, too lightly to be purposefully- yet you blush when I look to you.

I understand everything and nothing about you.

So if I kiss you, forgive me. If I tell you I like you as a "more than friend", forgive me.

And if I ever tell you "aishiteru" . . .

Please say it back if you can.

* ende *

"aishiteru": "I love you" [implied: I worship you; I adore you]

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