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To Love-Familiar

Chapter 25

Lying in her bed, wearing the long pink pjs she sometimes wears, Lala slowly opens her eyes to the sound of birds chirping in the morning hours. She sits up and stretches causing peke next to her to stir.

"Good morning Lala-sama." Peke says sitting up, "I'm afraid I haven't fully charged yet."

"Good morning Peke." She says getting out of bed, "It's alright." She then walks into her closet, moments later she walks out wearing one of her dresses then walks out of her room. She then enters the main Yuuki Household in a flash of light and walks towards a door with a sign that reads 'Rito's Room', standing in front of it she take the knob, turns it and opens the door to find an empty room, "Rito." She says with a hint of sadness and worry. She then closes the door and walks down the stairs to find Rito's younger sister Mikan cooking breakfast, "Morning Mikan. Rito still hasn't come home yet?" She asks walking in.

"Morning Lala-san. No he hasn't, I thought maybe he stayed over at dad's but when I called this morning he said that Rito had left last night." Mikan informs the first princess as she begins to set the table.

Lala sits down at the table, "I wonder where he could have gone."

Outside the kitchen Nana is leaning on the wall next to the entrance, "That beast, I'll make him pay for worrying big Sis." She says as Momo comes down the stairs with Celine in her arms.

"Nana, we're all worried about Rito-san. I know you're just expressing it in your own way." She says walking past her into the kitchen.

"I'm not worried about that beast." She denies following her twin.

Later around noon Lala, now wearing Peke, is walking through the shopping district following a little robot dog, "Find anything yet?" She asks.

The dog stops sniffs around then turns it's head and whimpers with it's tail down.

"Okay then, let's keep going." Lala tells it and they continue walking. As they approach a crosswalk the dog takes off running and barking, "Have you found Rito!?" Lala asks as she chases the dog around the corner. As she turns the corner she hears a high pitched scream and finds Haruna sitting on the ground with her hands pressed on the bottom of her skirt to stop the dog. "Haruna!"

"Oh, Lala-chi hello. " The two girls behind Haruna say together.

"Risa, Mio..." Lala then notices someone else behind them shivering with fear, "...Oshizu, hello." She says happy to see her friends.

"H-hello La-Lala-chan." The ghost girl says with a voice full of fear from behind her human shields.

"Hmm Lala-chan." Came Haruna's voice as she tries in vain to push away the robot dog, "Can you please recall your invention." She requests and Oshizu nods in agreement.

"Oh, sorry Haruna." Lala says pulling out her D-dial. She pushes some buttons causing the dog to be pulled into it, both Haruna and Oshizu relax afterward, "So, what are you guys up to today?" She asks as Haruna stands up.

"We're just shopping together, what about you?" Risa asks.

"I'm looking for Rito, he never came home last night." She tells them.


"Yeah, we thought that maybe he stayed the night at his papa's place after helping him, but his papa said that he left last night." Lala explains.

"Yuuki-kun's missing?" Haruna asks, she then gets a very worried expression, "You don't think he's been kidnapped do you?" She asks turning to Risa.

Risa turns to Haruna and grins, "Yeah, Amazons traveled here from deep within China, kidnapped Yuuki and are forcing him to marry all of them as we speak." She says wickedly.

Haruna steps away from her, "Don't say such things, Risa-chan." She tells her as Risa places her hands behind her head.

Lala puts a finder on her chin, "Come to think of it, that has happened once."She says.

Haruna turns to Lala, "I know, that's why I don't want her to joke around about this." She says.

Risa giggles a little, "Alright then, let's split up and search for Yuuki." She says lowering her hands.

"Then we'll regroup later." Mio says.

Lala looks at her friends, "Thanks you guys." She says, they then head in different directions.

A few hours later the five girls walk to the door of the Yuuki Household, "Even with all of us looking we couldn't find Yuuki." Risa says with her hands behind her head.

"I'm sure he'll turn up sooner or later." Oshizu says as Lala opens the door.

"I'm home." Lala shouts closing the door behind them after they enter.

"Welcome back." Mikan calls from the kitchen, "Any luck out there?" She asks.

"No, nothing yet." Lala says as she walks into the living room to find, "Mikado-sensei, Tearju-sensei, and Yui!" She says as she sees the intergalactic doctor and her friend sitting on the couch sipping tea and her strict classmate sitting on the arm chair with Celine sitting on her lap.

"Hello Lala-chan, I heard about Rito-kun. I hope he's alright." Mikado says setting down her cup of tea.

"I'm sure he's just out doing shameless things again." Yui says then turns and glares out the window.

Celine turns and looks up at her, "Mua?"

"Oh Shameless-senpai, just admit you want him to do those things only to you." Mea says walking into the room.

"I do not, and don't call me that!" Yui yells looking at the redheaded assassin with redden checks.

Mikan walks out of the kitchen with a tray of cups filled with tea as the front door opens, "I'm home."

Mikan turns to see the third princess, "Welcome back, Momo-san. No sign of him either?"

Momo shakes her head as a light green haired girl walks up to Mikan, "Mikan-san, is it true that Rito-kun has disappeared?" She asks.

"Yeah Run-san, he never came home last night and we haven't been able to find him." Mikan informs her, "I hope this doesn't effect your work." She says expressing her concern knowing how the idol feels about her brother.

"Don't worry about that, Kyouko and I are taking some time off. We were hanging out when we ran into Momo-san." She says gesturing to her fellow idol and friend standing next to Momo.

Lala suddenly runs out of the living room, goes right to Kyouko and hugs her tightly, "Kyouko!" Run glares at her rival as she pulls the magical fire girl into the living room.

Mikan looks from the living room to Momo, "Momo-san, can you brew some more tea, please?" She asks then walks into the living room followed by Run.

"Okay." She then walks into the kitchen to find her twin washing dishes, "Hey, Nana. No luck in you search either?" She asks.

"That beast is nowhere to be found, but when I do find him, I'm gonna..." She is then interrupted by a nearby window opening. She turns to see Zastin stepping through the small window, "Zastin! Use the front door!" She shouts.

"Zastin-san, what is it?" Momo asks.

"Nana-sama, Momo-sama, I heard from Saibai-sama that Rito-dono has gone missing." He says standing before the twin princesses, "And on my way over here I found this." He says holding up a plastic bag.

Momo takes the bag from Zastin and looks in it, "These are the clothes Rito-san was wearing yesterday." She says looking up at him.

"Yes, it seems he's wearing the clothes that Ringo-sama sent Saibai-sama, or so he told me." Zastin tells the two, then there's a beeping sound coming from his belt, "Excuse me." He says turning away holding a communicator to his ear, "Yes, report... I see, continue scanning and keep me informed." He then turns back to the twins.

In the living room Yui is looking out the window as a humming sound begins to slightly shake the house, "She's here!" She says standing up holding Celine as she watches a shiny black spaceship land in the yard.

Zastin walks into the living room with Nana and Momo while everyone else is walking outside though the sliding glass door, "What's going on?" He asks.

Nana walks past him, "We're going to use the tracking systems on Yami-san's ship." She tells him.

Momo joins her sister, "Great idea, with Yami-san's ship we'll be able to find Rito-san and go to him even if he's on another planet."

Zastin looks up at the ship, "Golden Darkness..." He then notices Mea walking into the ship with the other girls. He then clears his throat, "I will accompany you." He says sternly.

The twins turn and look at him then look at each other.

Meanwhile three girls are walking past the Yuuki Household, "Oh, Zastin-sama for where art thou my beloved?" The blond girl between the other two asks.

"I'm sure he's around here somewhere, Saki-sama." The girl with glasses says.

The girl with long brown hair and a wooden sword at her side looks towards the Yuuki Household's back yard, "Saki-sama, there he is."

Saki looks and sees her love, "Good work. Rin, Aya let's go!" She then jumps the wall followed by her two friends. They enter the ship just before the doors close behind them. They then look around as they walk further in, "Zastin-sama." Saki says as she spots him behind the other girls at the control center in the front of the ship. She then walks over to him and locks arms with him while a blush forms on her cheeks.

Zastin turns to see her, "Saki-sama, when did you get here?" He asks her.

"Just now." She tells him, "So, what is happening?" She asks as her friends join her.

Mikan hears them, so she turns to answer, "We're going to use Yami-san's ship to find Rito, he never came home last night." She tells them.

"Yuuki-kun is missing?" Rin asks worriedly with a light blush in her checks.

Mikan nods and they continue talking.

Meanwhile at the controls Yami has her hands on the wheel as she and everyone behind her lookout the view screen as the ship leaves the ground. A screen to her left flashes and an image of a face that would be seen carved on pumpkins for Halloween appears, "Master, my scanners haven't detected the target yet." A robotic male's voice says.

"Keep scanning and Lunatique, I told you before call me Yami-chan." The assassin says with no hint of emotion.

"Yes, right Mast... Yami-chan." He says then disappears from the screen.

Tearju turns to her old friend beside her, "She named her ship's artificial intelligence after me?"

Mikado grins and looks at her friend, "I told you she really does care about you." She says.

As the ship flies slowly through the sky, the girls notice something odd, "Hmm, hey, why is it getting dark all of a sudden, it's too early." Nana notes.

Mikado has a look like she remembered something, "Oh, that's right. Yami-chan, turn the ship to face the sun." She requests.

Yami turns the ship, not questioning the intergalactic doctor, till they're facing the sun or rather half the sun, the other half is being blocked by a large black circle. Yami then presses a button and the view screen darkens slightly.

"Wow, What's that?" Mea asks.

"It's a solar eclipse." Oshizu answers, "Wow, I haven't seen one in 400 years."

They all watch as the moon moves to cover the sun, blocking more and more of it's light. When the moon completely covers the sun an alarm goes off,"Master, I mean Yami-chan, I've located the target!" Lunatique informs her popping up on his monitor.

"You found Rito!? Where is he!?" Lala asks leaning over Yami to look at the monitor.

"I... I don't now how, but his signal is coming from within the solar eclipse." He tells her.

Everyone looks at the natural phenomenon, "Alright, let's go!" Lala says as she pushes the lever for the turbo boosters.

The sudden burst of speed sends everyone except Lala and Yami backwards. Some grab chairs to keep from sliding, some are holding onto rails. Zastin wasn't so lucky as he slid all the way back to the door. Celine on the other hand has a big smile on her face as she slides down with her arms up in the air.

The ship flies into the solar eclipse faster then the eye can see and disappears in a flash.

As the ship flies through a tunnel of swirling dark clouds Yami struggles to maintain the ships balance.

They then approach a bright light blinding them as they enter it. Yami transforms her hair to cover her eyes and Lala pulls the lever as she covers her eyes.

As the light fads everyone picks themselves up, "Zastin-sama, are you alright!?" Saki asks as she rushes over and helps him up.

"I think, I'm alright." He tells her, "Lala-sama, please refrain from sudden actions." He says walking towards the princess.

Lala meanwhile is looking out the darkened window, "Where's Rito!?"

"Lunatique, visual please." Yami orders.

"Right!" The window then flashes and shows a plane.

"A plane?" Mio asks.

"Yeah, and look who's flying it!" Risa points out.

"Yuuki-kun!?" Haruna exclaims.

"But, who is that with him?" Nana asks.

Just then the plane is almost hit by something, "What was that!?" Yui asks.

"I believe... it was a man riding some kind of dragon." Mikado answers her.

They then watch as the person with Rito stands up as the dragon peruses Rito and the man attacks with pressurized air. Eventually the man's attack hit's the wing of the plane blowing it clean off, "Rito!" "Rito-san!" "Rito-kun!" "Yuuki-kun!" "Onii-chan!" They all shout as there is a bright white flash then the screen turns static.

"Rito? Onii-chan!?" Mikan looks at the static screen then turns to Momo, "What just happened?" She asks grabbing Momo's shirt, "Rito!? If Rito..." She then lowers her head.

Yami looks at her friend then turns to her monitor, "Lunatique, switch to secondary viewers." She orders. The screen turns black then an image of the plane burning on the ground appears.

Mikan looks at it in disbelieve, "Onii-chan..." She then lowers her face on to her hands.

The view then shifts to Rito sitting on a rock with the person that was with him in the plane, "Rito!" Lala exclaims.

Mikan looks up with tears in her eyes, "He's alright." She says relieved.

"For now at least." Lunatique tells them.

"What do you mean?" Momo asks.

"I mean this..." The screen then shifts from Rito to a battleship emerging from the clouds, "...Some kind of flying battleship, scanners indicate that the level of hostility is similar to the man on the dragon." He explains. Lala then starts pressing buttons, "Hey stop, don't press those! You're going to..." Lunatique says but is cut off when the ships laser weapons fire at the battleship destroying it.

"Yes, direct hit!" Lala then turns and runs to the door in the back.

"Lala-sama!?" Zastin turns.

"Peke, dress form!" Lala tells her.

"Right!" Peke then transforms into Lala's Devildukean clothes.

Lala then pushes the button by the door opening it, "Lala-sama, wait!" Zastin shouts but stops to grab the railing as wind blows through the ship.

Lala jumps out of the ship, wings form behind Peke on her head. Outside the ship the door closes behind her as she looks towards the ground. She sees Rito standing several feet away from the rock he was sitting on earlier, "Riitttoooo!" She shouts as she flies towards him gaining speed. She soon tackles him to the ground sending up dust and dirt.

Moments later the dust settles and they're in the center of a small crater with Lala on top of Rito holding him in a tight bear hug, "Rito, I finally found you!" Lala cries overjoyed.

Rito taps her shoulder frantically, "Lala... you're... crushing... me..." He says losing his breath.

"Oh, sorry Rito." Lala says letting go of the boy, stands up and helps him up, "Rito, what happened to you? Why'd you leave us so suddenly and how did you get here?" She asks as Rito recovers from their encounter.

"I'll explain later." He says standing up straight, "Anyway, how'd you find me?" He asks.

"Well, you see..." Lala then explains the events that lead them to him.

Louise watches them not understanding a single word Lala is saying to Rito, "Wha... who is she?" She asks.

Leaning on the rock, "I don't know, but they seem to know each other. I wonder if she's the love from his world he mentioned." Derflinger says.

Louise looks down at the sword, "What?" She asks. She then notices the 'Dragon'/Yami's ship, the Lunatique landing a few yards away.

The main door opens and most of the girls come out.

"And that's it." Lala finishes telling Rito her explanation.

Rito looks at her, "You came here through the solar eclipes, wow if I had gone through it we would have past by each other." He says.

"Rito!" Rito turns to the sound of the voice as Mikan runs up to him, "Rito, you idiot!" She yells. "I thought I'd lost you." She says with tearful eyes.

Rito looks at her and smiles then reaches out and removes the tears from his little sisters eyes, "I'm sorry for worrying you Mikan, please don't cry." He says causing her to smile.

Momo and Nana approach next, "Rito-san, you really scared us back there." Momo tells him as Nana looks away with her arms crossed.

Rito turns to them, "Sorry I made you worry." He says scratching the back of his head. He then turns to the other girls as they approach, "Everyone, I'm sorry for causing you all this trouble." He says bowing slightly. He looks up to find a blade attached to golden hair coming towards him, he jumps out of the way just in time, "What the, Yami?" He looks at his younger sister's friend as the blade returns to her.

"You made Mikan cry, for that you shall be punished." She says with no emotion as she hair transforms into multiple golden fists that then attack Rito.

Rito dodges them and runs around, "I said I was sorry!" He shouts.

"I don't care." Yami says moving nothing but her transformed hair.

Louise watches this in completely shocked, "Wh-what the... What's going on, who are these people?" She asks watching the scene.

"All's well that ends well, we found Yuuki-kun only a day after he disappeared." Tearju says joyously as she looks to her friend next to her.

Mikado looks to her, "Yes, now we can return home without delay." She says.

Yami turns towards her while holding Rito up in the air by the back of his shirt, "I'm afraid that is not possible." She tells them.

Everyone looks at Yami shocked, "What!?"

"And what do you mean by only a day after I disappeared? I've been here for over two months." Rito tells them getting another shocked reaction from everyone.

"Okay, okay, first things first." Yui says after a short silence, "Yami-san, why can't we get back home?" She asks.

Yami looks at Yui and letting Rito fall to the ground, "To start with, it seems that last attack from the ship's lasers was too much, it seems to have drained the ship's energy to the point that it is temporarily unable to fly." She tells them. Everyone then looks at Lala whom has locked arms with Rito, "It also seems that traveling through the solar eclipes has caused some malfunctions with Lunatiques computers and navigation, it seems we have no idea where in the universe we are." She tells them.

"So, we're trapped here!?" Oshizu says turning to Mikado.

Mikado fold her arms, "It would appear so." She says looking at her ghostly apprentice. She then looks back at Rito, "Yuuki-kun, you said over two months have past for you?" She asks.

"Yes, and a lot has happened to me in that time." Rito tells her.

Mikado places her hand on her chin, "Interesting, we seem to be facing a space-time phenomenon of some kind." She says then turns to her friend, "This could get interesting."

Meanwhile as the group talks a certain pinkette's irritation grows, "I can't understand a single word any of them but Rito is saying." She grumbles. She then stands up and pulls out her wand, she then says the spell she used on Rito when he first came to be with her. An explosion follows leaving behind a cloud of black smoke.

As the smoke clears revealing the group on their backs, "What was that about!?" Nana shouts.

Louise hearing Nana's voice in her language, "Hmm, so it worked? I guess the normal silencing spell works as a language translation spell for me." She says to herself as she looks at Nana.

Nana looks at her and she jaw drops, "What the?" She then stands up and walks towards Louise. She then stands in front of her and they look at each other, "What is this? She looks like me." She says looking at Louise, "It's a little weird."

"That's my line." Louise says leaning back.

Lala and Momo join them, "Wow, she does look like Nana, a little." Lala says looking at her.

"Yeah, it's like I got another twin sister." Momo smiles at Louise then turns to Nana, "Looks like we're now triplets." She says.

"We are not!" Nana yells at her twin. She then turns and walks to Rito as he stands up, "Alright beast, start talking! Who is this girl!?" She asks grabbing him by his caller.

"Take it easy, Nana." He tells her and she lets go, "Her name is Louise and she's the reason I'm here." He tells them.

"What do you mean, Yuuki?" Haruna asks stepping up to him.

Rito looks at her then to Nana in front of him, "She's the one that brought me here, she summoned me to be her... hmm... familiar." He tells them.


"He's basically my servant." Louise tells them folding her arms.


"Yuuki Rito? How disappointing, going to another world to find a master, when you could be my servant." A seductive voice says behind Rito.

Rito then sees tanned hands and arms appear over his shoulders and wrap around his chest, "Nemesis!?" He says turning to his left to see the girl composed of Dark Matter. He gulps, "I've told you before, I'm not going to be your servant, but I wouldn't mind being your friend." He tells her.

Nemesis let's go of him as she sprouts butterfly wings and starts flying upward, "I know." She says.

Momo glares at her, How did she get here? She thinks annoyed.

"Hi, Neme-chan!" Mea shouts waving at her Master and friend.

"Hi, Mea." She says waving back. She then notices Zastin pulling out his sword, "Well, I'll be seeing you around, new world more fun things to keep me entertained." She says with a giggle as she flies upward and disappears as Sylphid flies over them and lands nearby.

Everyone turns to the newcomers as they dismount Sylphid, "W-who are they!?" Haruna asks stepping back.

"It's alright, they're friends." Rito tells them.

As the three approach the group, Guiche is the first to reach them approaching Lala and taking her hand, "What beauty I've discovered on the field of battle." He says pulling her hand up and kissing it.

"There he goes again." Kirche says as she and Tabitha join them.

Nana sees Guiche with Lala's hand, she then walks up to him and grabs him by the front of his shirt, "Don't touch my sister you creep!" She shouts then hits him sending him flying.

Kirche watches him go flying, "Hmm, good air time and distance." She remarks. She then turns back to the group and spots Zastin, Oh, he's handsome. She thinks, then walks up to him. "Hello, handsome." She says seductively as she grasps his free arm.

"Hmm, hello." He says confused as he turns to her.

"Back off, Sir Zastin is mine." Saki says protectively as she tries pulling Zastin away from Kirche.

Kirche tightens her hold on Zastin and pulls him towards her, "We'll see about that."

"Do your best, Miss Saki." Aya says cheering on her friend as everyone else sweet drops.

Guiche then runs back to the group and right up to Nana, "How dare you hit me!" He yells, "Why I oughta..." He rises his right hand.

"GUICHE!" Rito shouts causing the noble boy to stop and slowly look at him to see him holding up Derflinger, "If you value your life, you will NEVER raise a hand to ANY of these girls, do I make myself CLEAR!?" Rito says in a tone that says that he is very much serious.

Guiche, eyes wide in shock, lowers his hand and backs away slowly, "I...I... I'm sorry..." He says letting his cowardness show.

Everyone stares at Rito in shock and wonder, Nana even has a deep blush on her cheeks.

"Wow Rito, you must have been here for a while to have grown a spine like that." Mikan says after a short silence.

Rito lowers Derflinger and looks at his sister, "Are you saying that I was utterly useless before?" He asks, "That hurts Mikan. It really hurts, especially when it's coming from my own sister." He says looking away.

Mikan only smiles and giggles a little.

Louise looks at Mikan, This girl is Rito's little sister? She thinks.

Kirche, having let go of Zastin, approaches Mikan, "You're Rito's little sister?" She asks looking down at the young girl.

"Y-yes." Mikan answers looking up at Kirche.

Kirche grabs Mikan and pulls her close, hugging her between her breasts, "Oh, you're so cute!" She exclaims, she then turns to Rito, "Rito darling, can I keep her?" She asks.

"No!" Rito tells her.

Mikan pushes away from Kirche but can't escape from her, "Ri-Rito... wh-who is... this person?" She asks before Kirche pulls her back in. Yami glares at the woman holding her friend.

"Yeah, and why'd she call you darling? What have you been doing here you beast!?" Nana yells still a little flustered.

As Rito tries to explain to and calm Nana down; Henrietta, Agnes, and some of the soldiers ride towards them. When they are close enough Henrietta dismounts and rushes to Louise followed by Agnes, "Louise!" She shouts as she approaches her.

Louise turns and walks to her, "Princess?" She says as Henrietta hugs her.

"I so glad you are alright, Louise Francoise." She says holding her tightly, she then pulls away, "That was an amazing thing you did Louise, both you and Rito have done a great service to Tristain." She says to her friend.

"Your Highness."

Tabitha then approaches them followed by Sylphid who is carrying the unconscious Cromwell, "Princess..."

Henrietta turns and looks over to see the man that declared war, "Cromwell? You've captured the leader of Reconquista?" She asks to witch Tabitha nods. Agnes then gestures to the men to apprehend him. They do so and ride off.

"This is excellent, with Cromwell apprehended..." Henrietta starts but is cut off.

"I'm afraid it won't be that simple your Highness." Agnes tells her, "Reconquista will not be defeated so easily, before too long they will have another leader and will attack once again." She tells the Princess.

"You may be right, our kingdom is too small and our army's strength has been severely weakened in just one battle." She says saddly.

Rito hears this, Man, I want to help more but what can I do? He asks himself. He then remembers what Henrietta had said before they left for Albion, "To keep our small country of Tristain safe from harm my family must form a strong alliance with a much more powerfull kingdom." Rito then looks at Lala, That's it! He thinks, he then grabs Lala by her wrist, "Lala, come over here for a moment." He says pulling her with him over to Louise and Henrietta.

"Rito?" Lala says as he walks her to the Princess of Tristain. Nana and Momo see this so they follow them.

"Princess Henrietta," He says getting her attention, Louise and Agnes also look to him, "Allow me to introduce to you a friend of mine from my homeland, the first princess of the Deviluke Empire, Lala Satalin Deviluke." He says causing the three girls before him gasps.

Lala just smiles at them, "Hello, it's nice to meet you." She says.

Rito steps away and pushes Nana and Momo before them, "And these are her younger twin sisters, Nana Aster Deviluke and Momo Velia Deviluke." He introduces them.

Guiche, standing with Kirche, overhears what Rito says, "A Princess? I almost hit a Princess?" He then slopes down and lays on the ground thinking of what disgrace would have fallen on his family if Rito hadn't stopped him.

"Hm, h-hello..." Nana says.

Momo bows and lifts up her skirt a little, "Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you." She says.

"Hello, my name is Henrietta, the Crown Princess of Tristain." She says bowing.

Rito then steps next to them, "Lala, Princess Henrietta's country had war declared on them and you intervened by destroying one of their enemy's ships..." Rito tells her.

Zastin then joins them, "He's right, your Highness. If his Majesty were to find out that you had put the lives of yourself and your sisters in danger..."

"Yeah, we know Zastin." Nana jumps in folding her arms, "Father would lose his temper and start blowing stuff up."

"Yes, and also we can't meddle in other world's affairs." Zastin continues, "Unless they are within the boundaries of our kingdom or..."

"...Or we form an alliance with them!?" Momo finishes Zastin's sentence, "Sis, you should form an alliance with Henrietta, we don't know how long we'll be here. We may even be able to help them." She says.

"We'll have to get permission from their Majesties." Zastin informs them.

Lala pulls out her D-dial, "No problem." She says pressing buttons.

Rito walks away and Louise follows him, "Rito, are you seriously friends with three Princesses?" She asks him with shock in her voice.

"Yeah, why?"

"Didn't you say there weren't any nobles in your world?" She asks him.

Rito looks towards Saki and her friends, "There are nobles in my world, but none that use magic anyway. There are people who act as though they are nobles and live higher up in society than most others." He tells her.

"Than, what about them?" She says looking back at Lala and the others, "Are they really..."

"Lala and her sisters are Princesses, but they are not originally from my world." He tells her, Louise looks at him very much confused. Rito then tries to explain to her the best he can.

Meanwhile a large holographic screen appears out of Lala's D-dial and an image of an older version of Lala wearing a veil appears. She has a look of surprise and relief, "Lala, where are you? Zastin's subordinates just reported to us that they had lost your signal on Earth." She tells the princess.

"Sorry to worry you Momma, we just traveled through a solar eclipse to another world." Lala says laughing it off.

Henrietta looks at the woman in the hologram before her, Lala called her 'Momma' she must be the queen of Deviluke. She's so beautiful. Henrietta thinks awestruck.

"You traveled through a solar eclipse? Then you found Rito-san then?" She asks.

"Yes!" Lala says with a smile, "We also met the Princess of this other world, and I was wondering if we could form an alliance with them." She asks her mother with pleading eyes.

"An alliance?... I think that's an excellent idea!" She says cheerfully, "It'll be great practice for the future." She says causing Lala to become overjoyed and hug Henrietta, "You said you found Rito-san, right? May I have a word with him?" She asks.

"Okay!" Lala then turns towards Rito, "Rito! Momma wants to speak with you!" She calls out.

Rito looks at her, "Really!?" He then walks over to them.

The queen wants to speak to Rito? Why!? Louise thinks as she watches him walk back to the princesses.

"Miss Sephie, it's good to see you again." He says rubbing the back of his head, "I hope I didn't cause too much worry for you." He says apologetically.

Sephie just smiles warmly at him, "No need to apologize, Rito-san." She tells him, "Although, Gid was really worried about you. He is such a caring person."

"Sephie! Who are you speaking with!?" A loud booming voice asks.

"That voice..." Rito knows that voice and the owner of it well.

"I'm speaking with Rito-san, Lala and the others found him on an undiscovered planet beyond our borders." Sephie tells her husband.

"What!?" The view then shifts from Sephie to a short figure with spiky black hair, wearing a purple colored robe and a not so pleasant expression on his face, "YUUKI RITO!" He shouts angrily.

Rito takes a step back, "G-Gid... hmm... ha..."

"Quiet, you weak Earthling you. I should destroy the Earth for all the trouble you've caused us in such a short amount of time!" The king of Deviluke threatens.

"Now dear, behave yourself now." Sephie scolds him from out of view.

Gid looks at her then turns away, "Anyway..." He says in a slightly softer tone, "If you cause any more trouble for my daughters..." As he says this his body is engulfed in blue electricity. Electricity is then shot out of Lala's D-dail zapping Rito for a few seconds until he falls to the ground, everyone looks at Rito in shock. Gid then turns to his loyal guard, "Zastin, report!"

Zastin then steps up and kneels before him, "Yes, your Majesty..." Zastin then begins to inform Gid and Sephie of the current events.

Momo and Louise tend to Rito as he sits up holding his head, "Man that stung, what was that?" He asks.

"Are you alright, Rito?" Momo asks, "I should have warned you about that, father had Sis equip all Devilukean communications to be able to transport his electric attacks to the receiver who delivers bad news from great distances away." She tells him.

"I doubt that would have helped much." Rito tells her as he stands up.

"I've never seen magic like that." Louise says looking back at the image of Gid.

Gid looks from Zastin to his daughters, then those around them, then to Rito, "Very well, you may proceed. We'll keep in touch." He says, the hologram then disappears.

Zastin stands and faces Henrietta, "We are all set." He tells her.

"Excellent." Henrietta then turns to Lala, "Please allow me to escort you to the palace." She says then walks back to her house followed by Agnes.

Rito then looks towards Yami's ship, "Yami, what are we going to do about that if it can't fly?" He asks.

Zastin steps up, "Leave that to me, Mister Rito." He says then walks over to the ship.

Everyone watches as Zastin lifts the ship up as though it was nothing; Louise, Kirche, and Guiche watch in amazement, Tabitha meanwhile has her nose in a book.

Sometime later in the Tristan throneroom, Henrietta has just finished awarding Louise, Kirche, Guiche, and Tabitha with medals of honor, "In the name of Tristan, I thank you." She tells them. They bow then walk to the sideline, "Now, the three Princesses of Deviluke, please step forward." Lala and her sisters step up and Zastin stands a distance behind them.

Rito and his friends from Earth watch as the Princesses sign the papers that had been prepared.

On the other side Louise holds the medal in her hand and smiles, she then looks over at Rito who then turns and looks at her, she looks away blushing, Why am I blushing!? She asks herself.

Rito looks back as they finish with the signing, "Thank you, we look forward to working with you." Henrietta says bowing to them. She then straightens up, "I don't know if you're accustomed to this, but an alliance also means that a member of both parties must get married."

Momo eyes at the Princess before her, Hmm, I wonder... She thinks.

"We're not accustomed to that, and besides big Sis is already engaged." Nana tells her.

"Oh, really?" Henrietta then looks from Lala to Zastin behind her, "Well, he seems to be quite reliable." She says.

"Yeah, isn't Rito the best." Lala says with a smile as Henrietta looks at her confused.

Louise turns to them, not sure of what she heard was right, "Wait, wait." Louise walks up to them, "What do you mean by that?" She asks.

"Rito and I are engaged to be married." Lala tells Louise. She as well as Henrietta, Kirche, and Guiche are shocked by this news.

Rito comes up to Lala, "Lala, why did you tell them that?" He asks.

But before Lala can answer him, "Rito, you're engaged to a Princess and you didn't even tell me!" Louise says glaring at him.

Rito steps back, "Now, Louise..."

"I don't want to hear it, you dog!" She then pulls out a wipe and runs at Rito who then runs out of the room.

Nana goes running after them, "Get back here you beast, I haven't punished you yet!" She yells leaving the room.

Henrietta smiles, "Well, looks like things are going to get really interesting around here." She says.

Kirche is eyeing Lala, More competition? She thinks.

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