She wasn't really sure if she was the real Elizabeth anymore. But even if she was just a fragment, a copy she still contained the vital part; humanity. It had been hidden, she had put everyone in Atlantis in danger for her own selfish desires but in the end she had sacrificed herself to save them.

If she could she would be smiling but her body was shutting itself down, readying itself into an unending sleep in the cold vacuum of space. She had seen everyone she cared about, got to reassure herself that both them and Atlantis would strive into the future. Even if she couldn't experience it with them. She was happy that she got to see them all one last time.

She was at last able to say goodbye.

Whether or not she was the real Elizabeth, it had been the up most importance to her to be able to say goodbye to each and every one of them. She had left them all messages, video recordings of her in her original body. It had been hard work, trying to get the image of herself and her voice but she had been able to manipulate the previous recordings of herself to make a new one. The computer had done the rest, synthesised her voice to how she used to sound. It had taken so long but she had succeeded without the other Replicators knowing.

She pictured them all, sitting on their quarters, starting up their computers or laptops and the look of suspicion and surprise on their faces when they discovered what she left them. She would have laughed if she could when they thought they should notify someone but then deciding to watch it, curiosity getting the better of them. Then she would frown and evade her eyes as the realisation took hold of them and some of them would cry silent tears and curse the gods or lady luck that she had been taken from them for the final time.

She knew with absolute certainty that they would all save her messages to them forever, a final keep sake of her time with them. She hoped that it would provide comfort to them when they needed it. When they felt guilty for not being able to save her, they would be reassured that she had made the decision. She had never blamed them, she had thanked them for everything and told them she loved them.

There was one of them that she thought her message might not be as comforting as she planned. He was always a stubborn one. Far too hard on himself for things that were out of his control. She had tried so hard to find the words to put him at peace but she wasn't sure if he would let himself.

Her feelings towards John had always been difficult. She trusted him from the very beginning, she just knew that as soon as she landed her eyes on him. There had just been something about him that drawn her to him, like so many others. But she had thought the two of them were closer to one another than the others. She didn't truly believe that it was just simply the burden of command.

They were friends sure, best friends, but there had been something else too. A spark, a bond that went beyond friendship, or at least had the potential to. Perhaps in a different life, another reality they had ended up together. She suddenly wished she could witness that possibility.

She would have laughed again but the vacuum of space was closing in on her and she reluctantly allowed her systems to shut down, to enter the internal slumber. She hadn't realised just what is was exactly she had wanted when she had briefly returned to Atlantis but now she did.

She wanted John to see her, truly see her as the real Elizabeth even if she was just a fragment. She needed him to accept her, to believe in her. If she had stayed she wanted from him something she had never asked before and now never would.

Still she had left him a message, a final attempt to close the never ending distance between them. To finally close door so he could open another one. She let him go in order for him to let her go. She had told him everything and regretted nothing. She didn't say the words but she just knew he would understand.

It had been selfish of her but she just had to and she hoped it saved him rather than destroy him. But she would never know.

Her friends faces flashed through her mind one last time as she finally let go. She held an image of John as her mind went dark and she welcomed the start of oblivion.

She would have smiled and sighed with content as her mechanical life left her to slumber for eternity. It may not have been perfect or ideal but it was enough. She did not begrudge how her story ended.

It was a conclusion that left her at peace.

A/N: So this is a little random thought I had about how Elizabeth felt at the end of Ghost In The Machine episode. Hope you liked it anyway. Let me know what you think.