A/N: Little Jounouchi x Honda snippet. Shounen ai, implied yaoi, and both tickle and pillow fights- plus enough fluff to stuff said pillows to bursting. ^_~

Jounouchi's POV.

"What You Know"

"Stop laughing," you scold.

"But it's funny," I protest, grinning up at you.

You give me a dubious look. "I'm trying to be seductive here, Jounouchi."

"Thus the funny part," I reply with an even wider grin, lacing my fingers behind your neck.

You growl in mock annoyance and pull away, snatching a pillow off the couch and hitting me in the face. "Bastard," you mutter. "You don't watch your ass, you're gonna die a virgin."

"And who said I was I a virgin?" I ask mischievously.

"Well, I sure as hell don't know anyone who'd bed you," you reply dryly.

"I'll have you know that Seto-kun is quite good in the sack," I say primly.

You practically fall off the couch, and the look on your face is absolutely priceless. "That was NOT funny!" you yell over my laughter. "You had SO better be lying!"

"A gentleman never tells, my dear Honda!" I cry mockingly.

You growl again and tackle me, tickling shamelessly, and I shriek with laughter. I love being with you. It's fantastic. You and I, we've been friends for so long- probably for longer than anyone else in our little group. Maybe Yuugi and I are best friends now, but for a long time it was you and you alone.

Now though, you're something else. Something so much better.

"Kiss me, Honda," I say breathlessly, bolting up and grabbing your shoulders. Funny how we never got over using our last names.

You blink at me in surprise; then frown. "You just don't want me to tickle you anymore," you accuse.

"Are you complaining?" I ask with another laugh.

"Hell no!" you exclaim, and do as I've asked.

My first kiss was not with you, but that never matters when we're together. Every time that I do kiss you, it's like it's my very first time all over again, and I love learning the way your lips move time after time.

And it's in my heart again: this feeling that hurts as much as it warms. It makes me feel so weak and so powerful, invincible like some kind of legendary hero but at the same time totally vulnerable before you. It means that I love you.

But you knew that.

* finale *

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