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~Letty's POV~ I close the hood of the Civic and sigh. I arch my back, stretching all the tense muscles that formed from my leaning over the engine for so long. I rub the back of my neck and tuck sweaty loose strands of hair behind my ears. God, it must be 100 degrees today! My sweaty wifebeater clings to my back and I try to fan some air onto my skin by lifting the back if it. Finally! It's 12:30.

"Hey guys?" I ask the team, who are still working on various cars.

"What?" Vince asks, rolling out from under a Sunfire.

"I'm goin' to the store. You guys want anything?" They give me their orders and I peel out in my car with the windows down. The air feels so good on my sweaty body. When are they getting that garage some kind of AC! I pull up to the store a few minutes later and make a mad dash for the drink case behind the wire in the back.

"Water!" I yell to Mia and she laughs at my desperation. "Oh and could you make some sandwiches for me and the guys?"

She just laughs and nods.

Dom sits back there, nursing a Corona, and frowning over some paper work. After chugging my Aquafina for a good minute, I grab a chair from the table where he's sitting and sit on it backwards. "Hey," I say, rubbing his head and neck for a second.

"Hey," he replies, a small grin playing on his lips. I pull his head to mine and we kiss. Our tongues tease each other for a moment and then I pull back. He looks surprised as I place a finger to his lips.

"Later." I whisper. "I've got to get back to the garage. That Civic needs some serious revamping. I just came in to get lunch for me and the guys."

I go back out into the main market feeling his eyes following me. I grab a seat on a swivel stool at the counter to talk to Mia.

"Hey Mia. How you livin' girl?"

"Apparently not as well as you are." She grins and nods to Dom. I smile and the girl sitting on the stool next to mine laughs, almost spitting her drink.

I hadn't really noticed anyone else in the store, but now I turn to look at her. She has straight, dark brown hair about the same length as mine that hides her face for a moment. She looks at me and smiles and I can see she has very green eyes, her skin a bronze color. She looks maybe Brazilian or Costa Rican. Her clothes were casual, lowrider jeans and a navy wifebeater with the words Navy SEALS in silver. As she puts down her Coke I see a tattoo on the inside of her right wrist. It almost looks.tribal.

"Virginia, this is Letty. Letty, Virginia." Mia introduces us. Virginia rolls her eyes.

"Gin." She says and then glances at Mia. "Usted mira mejor su espalda si usted me sigue llamando Virginia." ~You better watch your back if you keep calling me Virginia~ I laugh and Mia looks bewildered.

"What did you say? What did she say?" Mia looks to me for help as she finishes the sandwiches. I just hold up my hands in surrender. "I'm not getting into this."

"Well, I'd like to stay Mia, but I've got to get going. If they find out I'm off campus again, my school will pitch a fucking fit, so I need to roll." Gin slides off the stool and tosses a $20 on the counter. "Keep the change. I'll probably be back in a day or two. Bye Letty. It was nice meeting you."

"Nice meeting you too. Stay cool." I reply.

"Ciao, Gin. I'll see ya whenever." Mia waves and Gin walks to her car, a fly yellow Integra with a spoiler and decals. I wonder if she races. I haven't seen her with Hector's crew, and she's not a usual race skank. Besides, she seems too.classy?

"How do ya know her?" I ask Mia, pointing to the lingering smoke from her wheels.

"Oh, she comes in occasionally. She goes to that private school, Eastwood. You know the one that you practically need a retina scan to get on and off campus of?"

"Oh, rich kid."

"I guess. Here, sandwiches are done." She hands me a bag.

"Thanks, Mi. Oh and she said watch your back if you keep calling her Virginia." I smile devilishly. Mia stands there with her mouth open, half- smiling, as I leave for the garage.

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