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~Letty's POV~

Jesus! Mia wasn't kidding! The market is buzzing by 9:30. First comes the business mom with her two kids in tow, grabbing her coffee while they beg for pop-Tarts flavors that we don't have.

"Ok, so that's a black coffee and a box of Pop-Tarts?" I ask the frazzled woman while ringing it up.

"Ye-What?" she looks at her son and daughter as they tug at her skirt.

"We only want tha pawp-tawts, if they ahrr Chehwwy flava-d, wif no spwinkles en dee icing." The little boy looks up at his mother, and the little girl nods. She sighs and looks at me.

"Do you have the cherry flavored ones without icing?"

I look to answer her, when a man leans against the counter. "I need a paper, pronto." I raise an eyebrow at him and gesture to the customers I'm assisting. "But I've got to get to work." He insists. I glare and point to the stack next to the counter. I think the confrontation is over but he slaps it on the counter with a $5 and nods to it, looking for change. I let out an exasperated sigh and slam his change onto the counter.

"One second. let me check." I return to the woman and then the phone rings. I grab the cordless while walking into the back of the store to search for a crate of icing-less cherry pop-tarts. "Yeah?"


"Hi Dom. What dya need?"

"I was thinking we could go out tonight?"

"Not at this rate." I mutter.


"Nothing. Sure, where did you want to go?"

"I was thinking Ciao Trattoria?"

"Yeah." I smile. "Sounds great. I'll have to go home and change, but then we could go."

"Why don't I just bring you something when I pick you up?"

"Ok." I agree. "But I've got to go, cuz I got customers. See you tonight."


"Sure. Bye." I hang up the phone and return to the front, definitely deciding there is no such thing as an icing-less cherry Pop-Tart. "Uhh, I don't think there's-" I start, but no one's in the store. A couple of dollars are left on the counter, presumably by the woman for the coffee, but that is the only trace proving she'd ever been here. I sigh for the hundredth time that morning and lean all the way over the counter to grab a Motor Trend and settle in for a long day.

The screeching of wheels draws my attention to the street outside. Gin's car is stopped with the windows down in front of the store and she's staring in."Hey Gin. You comin' in for a minute?" I ask. There is no reply and she just continues to stare strangely at me for a few more seconds, and then blows on by. "Right..." I shake my head and go back to reading about the new Lambourghini coming out next year.

~Dom's POV~

"Yo Dom, where you want me to move this?" Leon calls out of the window of a Mustang.

"I don't know. Park it down the street if you have to, but this garage has gotta be pretty clear. We don't need the candles blowing shit up."

"Aight. So you want the flowers like 6 miles down from the Net, by that big rock?"

"Right. But put a trail in the sand from the last parking spot before the rock, ok?"

"Gotcha." He pulls the car out of the garage. Jesse comes out of the office mumbling into a cell phone.

"So call when you get this message. Please, Gin. We're not bad. It just happened." Jesse hangs up and takes a draw from a cigarette.

"What's wrong?" I ask as I set up a table and chairs in the available space the Mustang left.

"So yeah, I told her, about, well us and.....you know. She just looked at me for a while and then got out of the car and went inside. I didn't know what I was supposed to do so I just left. And then I called her when I got home and she hung up when she heard it was me. And so I've been leaving messages and she hasn't called back."

"I don't know, Jess. Maybe you shouldn't have told her."

"Yeah no shit. But it woulda come up at some point, right?" he frowns.

"Yeah probably."

"I don't know." He rubs a hand through his hair. "I'm gonna go for a drive."

~Letty's POV~

Lunchtime rolls around quickly, though a steady stream of customers have left me on the same Lambourghini article all day. I am seriously pissed and don't know why I told Mia I'd work the store. My next customer is a pleasant surprise considering the lot of people I've had to take crap from today. Jesse rolls up and gets out, looking almost hung over.

"Yo Jess. How you livin', dare I ask?"

"Yeah. I've been driving around for about a half a day."


"Shit to sort out. So I told Gin about my scar and I think she flipped."

"You think?" I ask.

"Well I haven't actually talked to her. She keeps ignoring my calls." He recounts the story to me and I nod.

"So that's why she drove by here acting weird."

"She was here?" he asks hopefully.

"Nope. She stopped outside and looked at me all strange and shit, and then just kept driving."

"Right, well, I think I'm gonna go to her house before tonight's shindig goes down." He says.

"What shindig? Are you coming to Trattoria too?"

His eyes go wide for a second, but then he answers. "No. What I meant was, was that me and the guys were gonna do a movie marathon and I didn't want to miss it."

"Oh," I say and then glance back at my magazine.

"Yeah so I'm gonna go now. I'll see you later." He hurries out to his car and is gone as fast as he came.

As soon as I get into the good parts of the article, a whole crowd of high school kids runs in demanding their orders so they can get back to school before being noticed missing.

"Ok, so that's a turkey on rye for you, with those Doritos and a Coke." I point to a blonde girl sitting on a stool. "And you want ham and cheese on white, with no crusts, and pretzels and a diet vanilla Coke?" I ask her dark-haired friend.

"Right. And Marcos and Jimmy each want a turkey and cheese with tomatoes and mustard on wheat, with Lays and Fritos and a Sprite and a water." She finishes.

My head spins with all the orders, but my hands continue to make sandwiches. I finish up with the girls and hand them the food. "That'll be $21.55." I tell them.

"$21.55? Are you sure?" She asks.

"Yeah...It's a buck a drink, $1.25 for chips and $2.50 a sandwich. Plus tax."

"That's crazy. $1.25 for chips?"

"You don't have to buy them."

"Yeah. I'll buy them." She bitterly plunks down her money and stomps off to her crappy Accord with her friends.

"Just what I need today!" I roll my eyes, as another couple kids come to order.

~Dom's POV~

"Whoa, watch it Dom." Mia says. "We can't have Letty's fiancé-to-be falling and knocking himself unconscious." She smiles as she holds the ladder for me, while a string twinkly lights around the garage.

"So, she's not going to kill me is she? I mean this whole pissing her off idea isn't going to backfire is it?"

"No. She'll be mad, Letty-mad, but when you get out to the beach, she's going to completely melt."

"Or demand you then and there in the sand, so you don't get a chance to say anything, much less pull out a ring." Vince grins and rocks the ladder. I smile.

"Hell, either way I win, right?"

Mia smacks my leg. "You actually want to be engaged by the time the night is over, stupid!"

"Yeah, yeah. Ok, so the plan is, when Letty calls, because I'm late, Vince, you answer. Tell her I'm still working at the garage and to drive over. We can't go to dinner. Got it?"

"Yeah yeah. We've been over this before."

"I just don't want anything screwed up." I climb down from the ladder and continue to work on the garage's temporary transformation.

~Letty's POV~

God! This day has been exhausting. I glance at my watch with almost heavy eyelids. 6:55. I smile, realizing I can close up, and at the thought of my dinner tonight. It's been a loooong time since Dom and I have had an actual date. I take the tables inside and slide the metal door down over the front of the market. I chill on the counter, finally getting a chance to read my magazine by the flickering fluorescent bulb overhead and the daylight still filtering in from the outside. 10 minutes goes by, and I flip through the magazine distractedly, glancing outside every few moments. 10 more minutes goes by and I'm worried that something's happened to him. Another 10 minutes goes by and I decide to call the house. Vince answers casually.


"Hey V. Is Dom still there?"

"No. He hasn't been back."

"What? He was supposed to pick me up a half hour ago."

"No, he's still working at the garage. He said dinner's off and to come by the shop when you were done."

"That's really great! So nice of him to actually tell me. I'll see ya later V."


I growl to myself as I jump off the counter, flinging the magazine aside, and turn off the light. I get into my car and tear down the street, ending up at DT pretty quickly. I kill the engine and look at Dom, who comes out of the garage rubbing his head and chest with a towel He puts on a shirt, as I stand there and glare at him. I clear my throat to get his attention.

"What?" He asks, sliding off his coveralls in the open driveway and putting on a pair of jeans.

"What the fuck, Dom? You just weren't going to call me?"


"About dinner? You were just gonna leave me at the store and hope I called Vince? That's really nice of you."

"Sorry, Let, but I was really busy. The garage was full of shit to do today. But I don't know why Vince told you we weren't going. We can still go."

"Since you didn't go home, I don't have anything to wear.....and by the looks of it, neither do you. Trattoria's a fancy place, but I thought you'd know that, considering you arranged it and all." I spit out at him.

"It's ok. Let's still go."


"Come on. Get in the car." He gets in the driver's side of his Mazda and gestures to the passenger seat. I scoff and get in unwillingly, crossing my arms. I look out the window as the landscape zips by refusing to glance at him and my weariness overtakes me. I fall asleep as we zoom down the highway. I only wake up when Dom pulls to a stop at the restaurant. No, it's not the restaurant. We're nowhere near the city. We're at the beach.

"Where are we Dom? I thought you decided we were going to dinner?" I ask irritably as I get out of the car.

"Changed my mind. Come on." I reluctantly let him grab my hand as we walk onto the sand. I sit down with him and we take off our shoes and toss them back towards the car. Then we continue to wander down the beach. Suddenly, in the middle of the sand is nestled a hibiscus flower. He goes to pick it up and hands it to me.

"That's weird." I say, and take the gift. Soon, I see another one, and another one. "This is so weird. Where are they coming from?" Dom just smiles at me. "Dom?" I question him. He doesn't reply, but just puts an arm around my waist and pulls me closer. Then, as we approach the rock where we always sit when at the beach, I see a gorgeous spread of candles and all kinds of tropical flowers. More hibiscus, tiger lilies, plumeria, orchids, ginger, birds of paradise, and even heliconias. "Really, Dom. What is this?"

"It's for you."

"But, why?" I turn to him and look him directly in the eye.

"Does there have to be a reason?" He grins at me.

"No.....but I know you. Why can't you stop smiling?" I ask, my hands on my hips. He puts his hands on my shoulders and kisses me lightly, and then it deepens. When he pulls away, I'm a little breathless. Slowly, he bends down on one knee.

"First off, Let, I want you to know I started planning this way before I ever found out you were pregnant."

"Ok.......What exactly are you doing?" I question him, completely bewildered. I'm in a sort-of state of shock, so thinking clearly is not possible for me at the moment.

"We've known each other forever, right?" I nod my head at him. "And, when you were 16, I finally realized what the hell I was missing by not being with you. You've had my heart completely, since I was 20, and you haven't had to work for it since then, though sometimes you might not know that. Now I want to know, that I have yours, forever,s-"

"Dom. You've always had my heart, and you always will."

"Baby, let me finish. I want to know I'll never have to worry about losing you to someone else, someone that can offer you more, because believe me, there are a ton of guys out there that could offer you much more than I can. So please, if you love me as much as I love you," He pauses and slips a little box out of his pocket. "Take this ring, and say you'll be my wife." My eyes widen as he opens the velvet casing and I see the simple, yet gorgeous ring. It's a silver band, encircled with tiny diamonds. Suddenly, my mind clears of its fog, and I realize what's happening. I look into his eyes and see he's actually scared that I might say no. I gently grab his head and pull him to me, kissing him urgently, to let him know I'll never want anyone but him.

"Dom.....Yes! Of course I'll be your wife. You've always been the one I wanted, always have been and always will be." His face lights up like a little boy at Christmas and he picks me up and swings me around. "Where did you find this ring?"

"You like it?" He asks as he slips it on my finger.

"It's incredible! I don't know how you picked one so perfect! It's not like I thought much about marriage, but I knew I didn't want a big bulky ring." I hold out my hand and look at it.

"It was my mom's. My dad gave it to her when they got engaged." He says quietly, almost shyly, and looks up to the sky. "I wonder if he can see us now."

"I'm sure he can."

"You know what he said to me once?" I shake my head. "Well, one time I came home after going out with some random bimbo, he kind of shook is head sadly and said, 'Dom, why can't you find someone that fits you? I mean someone like, like Letty?' I brushed it off at the time, but damn, he was right." He brushes a hand against my cheek, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I kiss him hungrily then, wrapping my arms around his neck and he pulls me close. Soon both our shirts are flung to the side and slowly, I pull him down to the sand.........

~Jesse's POV~

I finally slowly make my way up Gin's driveway in the twilight. I tried to make myself go before, but I couldn't do it. I feel so ashamed, like I'm some criminal. I am a criminal. But I've never felt like one until last night. Reluctantly, I climb out of my car and make my way to the door. I ring the bell and I hear the light patter of feet coming to the door. It creaks open and Gin stands there in boxers and a tank top. Her breath catches in her throat as she sees me and she closes the door in my face quickly. Before I can knock again, she opens the door once more.

"Hi," she says quietly.

"Hey." Silence hangs in the air for a moment. "Can I come in?"

She looks unsure, but nods. "Why are you here?" she asks honestly, as I walk in the door.

"Because........I want to talk about it and.........because I love you. I know why you're shocked and I understand, but is something that I did that was stupid going to ruin whatever it is that we have?"

"No." She says quickly and grabs my shirt, pulling me to her. "I just....I didn't know what to think. My father was a dirtbag. I didn't want to be attracted to a dirtbag as well. But thinking about it today, I know that's the farthest thing from what you are." We kiss gently.

"So.......we're cool?" I ask, not knowing what else to say.

"Yeah," She laughs. "You could say that."

~Dom's POV~

A little while later, we get in the car and drive back to the garage. "I forgot something earlier. Come with me?" I ask, and she complies. I spread the bay doors wide and her jaw drops as she takes in the lights, candles, flowers, and dinner spread out before us. Leon, Vince, Jesse, Brian, Mia, and Gin, the whole team is sitting around, playing poker, obviously waiting for our arrival. This makes Letty laugh.

"So?" Vince asks.

"So, you're a lying little fucker." Letty looks at him. "And if it were supposed to be worn on my middle finger, I'd flick you off, but it's one finger over." She holds up her ring finger in a joking salute to Vince. Everyone starts to smile and congratulate us as they filter out of the garage, giving us some alone time. Vince stops in the doorway.

"Ya know, I never thought any girl would be able to tie him down.........until he fell for you. Then I knew it was only a matter of time. Anyone else, and I don't think I'd truly be happy for him. Congratulations guys." He walks out of the garage, leaving us to our dinner. We sit down at the little table set up and Dom serves amazing pasta that Mia made for us.

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