Ikkaku and a group of his fellows were walking down the street, covered in blood and gore and looking highly satisfied with themselves, ostensibly returning from a recent Hollow hunt, when they happened upon one of the new arrivals hanging around their division.

While the figure's standard shinigami shihakusho didn't show much of a feminine silhouette, and honestly it never did unless you were Matsumoto, the long blonde hair was enough to set them to catcalling.

"Hey, baby!" Ikkaku called as the others whistled and made lewd comments. "Looking for some real men?"

The figure's head whipped around, blonde locks flying aside to reveal some kind of mechanical device over one eye, while the other eye glared at them menacingly. To their horror, two fingers jerked up and the blonde said in a clearly male voice, "Katsu!"

The eleventh division exploded.

Nanao goggled at the massive fireball and wondered belatedly where that artist she had been showing around had gotten off to.