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Chapter 1:

He sat in the darkest corner of the Shadow Realm, a place where souls rot away and become nothing more than evil entities that hunger for light. He was all alone, no one else was there to share in his misery; was he angry? No, he was sad; he sat in the shadows bawling his eyes out. It wasn't just the effects of the Shadow Realm that has caused him such despair, but his previous actions. What he had done in his mad quest to rob the Pharaoh of his power and the three Egyptian God Cards, it was nothing less than horrible. He was a monster; he hurt and almost killed innocent people for a power that was never meant for him to have in the first place. He was Marik, the dark side of the young tomb keeper Malik, and all he wanted now was to apologize.

He laid there on the shadowy ground for who knows how long, he was certain that his spirit would spend the rest of eternity here in this horrid place, but then something began to happen. All around him a light began to shine, an unseen voice spoke to him. "You only have one chance, if you fail you shall spend the rest of eternity within the Shadow Realm", it said. He gasped as an unseen force pulled him through the shadows, the dark entities shrieking in anger at the loss of a new soul to torment. The next thing Marik knew was that he was forcefully thrown onto the ground; he sat up and slowly rubbed his aching head. He looked up, half expecting to see the endless void of the Shadow Realm, but instead saw himself in an immense forest. The place was unfamiliar, but his attention was drawn towards something else.

He had rubbed his head to stop it from aching, what surprised him was that he even had a head and that it was aching. A minute ago he was a spirit meant to rot in the Shadow Realm, now he saw that he had his own body, and he was wearing his original clothing which happened to be somewhat torn. Marik decided to try and find his way out of the forest and seek help from someone; he walked and walked for what felt like hours. His lungs were burning with the new-found need to take in air; he walked out of the forest and found himself outside a small and colorful town. He pulled his cloak down over his head so no one could see his face. As he walked through the town, he saw that the people were not people at all. They were all horses-horses with wings, horses with horns and horses without either; as confused as Marik was, all that mattered was finding something to eat and somewhere to sleep. He wouldn't have tried to steal food, but in this strange land, the only thing he wanted to do was fill his empty stomach.

As a fruit vendor had his back turned, Marik reached into his tall and grabbed a few apples. Just as he was about to walk away with his ill-gotten snack, a winged horse passing by shouted "Thief!", drawing the attention of the vendor. His horn glowed as he used his magic to swing a broom at Marik. He ran away as fast as he could, dropping all the apples he had stolen as well. He finally stopped in an alley where he dropped to the ground and began crying. He was lost and alone in this foreign place, with these strange creatures that did not know him, and would probably not even help him. Marik sat wallowing in despair and to add insult to injury, it started raining. He began to sob loudly though it was drown out by the sound of rain and hooves hurriedly hitting the ground. A purple Alicorn wearing a crown walked along the wet streets, she held a small umbrella over her head using her magic. She carried stuffed saddlebags which indicated that she had run some errands and was buying things at the market; as she turned the corner to head home, she heard the sorrowful sound of Marik's sobbing. The purple Alicorn walked towards the noise, she saw him sitting on the ground in a dark alley. He did not notice her because he had his hands over his face as he cried. She pulled a washcloth from one of her saddlebags and wiped it across his face; he made no move to pull away from her as she said, "Oh you poor boy, are you all alone and lost out here in the rain? Why don't you come home with me? It's nice and warm where I live, you can't stay here or else you'll get sick".

Marik looked into the Alicorn's smiling face, she was friendly and she was offering him to stay with her. He only nodded as she held out her hoof to help him stand up; he began following her towards her home, which was to his surprise, a castle. It looked like a crystal tree with a house-like structure between its upward branches. A large crystal star stood at the top of the castle; the purple Alicorn led Marik through the entrance. Just then, lightning flashed across the sky, making its loud booming thunderclap; the sound had caused Marik to jump out of fear. "Wow, sounds like the Pegasi are really going at it with this storm, huh? Hey Twilight, how was shop- um what's that on your tail?" The voice that spoke was that of a small purple dragon; the Alicorn, Twilight, looked behind her to see Marik frightfully clinging to her tail. She laughed sympathetically and said, "It's alright. I think that was the only thunderclap we're going to hear. You're safe now, so you can let go of my tail".

He released his grip and sat on the floor, shivering from the cold rain water that soaked his clothes. Twilight grabbed a nearby towel and draped it around his shoulders, "There you go; that should dry you off. By the way, my name is Twilight Sparkle and this is Spike the Dragon. What's your name?" she asked. Marik took a few seconds to regain his composure before he answered, "My name is…Marik". His voice sounded a bit raspy from crying, but nonetheless, Twilight brought him towards a lit fireplace; he sat comfortably as the warmth from the fire soothed him. "Well, Marik, the first you're going to need is a nice hot bath and then afterwards, I'll make you something to eat. Spike, can you go run a bath for him and see if there's anything dry that might fit him", said Twilight.

Spike nodded and hurried along to do what she had instructed. Twilight sat next to Marik by the fire place, she gently patted him on the shoulder with her hoof, "I'm not sure what kind of creature you are, but just so you know I'm here for you. I'll take care of you", she said. This almost made Marik cry again, no one has ever shown him such kindness. Spike managed to find a beige tunic that surprisingly fit Marik perfectly; after finishing a bowl, or rather three bowls of vegetable soup that Twilight made, she showed him to large room down the hall. "This is the guestroom, you can sleep in here. Tomorrow, we'll go and see Princess Celestia; perhaps she knows what kind of creature you are and where you came from. Until then, goodnight Marik", said Twilight as she gently closed the door behind her. Marik laid down on the bed and made himself comfortable on the clean sheets and under the thick quilt; as he laid there, he thought to himself. I don't know what force gave me my own body or sent me to this strange realm, all I know is that I've been given a second chance at life. I had better not ruin my only chance to make things right. Marik slowly closed his eyes as he fell asleep.

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