The Penny Blossom Recalibration

Scene 1 – Thursday

As the gang gathered at 2311 North Los Robles Ave., Apartment 4A for dinner and began eating, it was Amy Farrah Fowler who finally spoke up.

"Leonard, why are we not waiting for Penny to join us? Is she delayed at work, seducing another doctor into buying more pharmaceuticals with her fetching, yet betrothed body?"

"No, Amy. Penny got a call early this morning. Something happened with her sister, some kind of car accident and she flew home to help out."

"That was very kind of her. As I recall, she and her sister do not communicate very often. They are not as close to each other as my bestie and I. It must be very bad for her to leave without informing me."

Sheldon interjected, "Amy, considering the odd dynamics of your own family and those of the rest of us, don't you think it might be a bit presumptuous to opine on Penny's family dynamics? After all, her family hasn't fractured despite the number of obstacles they have had to overcome."

Leonard added, "With her brother still in jail, her brother-in-law laid off from his job and her parents farm not doing so well, I sure hope that they aren't dealing with something major. That would be horrible. It could delay our wedding."

"We should be prepared to offer Penny whatever support she requires rather than seek to reaffirm our place in her social hierarchy," said Sheldon.

"I don't believe that's what I was doing, Sheldon."

"Amy, when a statement you utter begins with the subject at hand and ends with you as the focal point that is exactly what you are doing."

"Sheldon, I prefer that we discuss this in private."

"You began it in public, Amy. And I have said all that I intend to on the matter. And I believe I was clear. Leonard, when do you expect to hear from Penny?"

"I'm hoping she calls me tonight but I wouldn't be surprised if she's tied up and I don't hear from her till tomorrow."

"When you do hear from her please determine whether there is anything we can do to assist her. And find out where flowers can be sent."

"I will, Sheldon. That's a bit unusual for you, thinking of others."

"Flowers for the infirm are the social convention, Leonard. As you recall, I have sent flowers to your mother on several occasions, most recently when it was determined her ovarian cyst was benign."

"What? Um, yeah. A little too much information there, buddy."

Scene 2 - Tuesday

Penny didn't call or respond to calls or messages until three days later and at that point it was only to let Leonard know when her flight would be landing. He went to the airport to pick her up and waited outside baggage claim for her. He finally spotted her but she wasn't alone. He quickly waved and ran over to give her a big hug. Penny rebuffed the hug and pointed to the person accompanying her, a skinny young boy with long blond hair and green eyes whom Leonard recognized as her 12-year-old nephew, Peter.

"Want to catch me up?"

"Not right now, Leonard. I'm tired. It was a rough few days followed by a really bumpy flight. We just want to go home, take a shower and get some sleep. Peter, this is my friend Leonard. He lives across the hall from me."

Peter, who seemed quite shy, offered his hand and Leonard shook it. Then he looked at Penny and said, "Friend?"

"Not now, Leonard."

They drove home in virtual silence. Leonard looked over at Penny a couple of times and could tell she was deep in thought. He helped her and Peter bring their bags up to her apartment.

Penny turned to Leonard. "I'll be over a little later. Okay?"

"Um, sure. Are you guys gonna want something to eat? I can order."

"Right now all I want is a shower we could both use a nap. We'll probably order a pizza after."

And Penny ushered Leonard out the door and closed and locked it behind him.

Scene 3

Leonard returned to his own apartment to find his friends waiting.

"Where's my bestie?" Amy asked impatiently.

"She's taking a nap. She brought her nephew back with her."

Bernadette piped in.

Bernadette screeched, "Why would she do that? It's the middle of the school year. It's gonna totally mess up his schooling!"

"She said she'd be over later to explain. Listen, I know you guys all wanted to welcome her home and show your support but I think maybe it's better if I'm the only one here when she comes over. We can probably all get together tomorrow."

"What about me, Leonard? I live here," stated Sheldon flatly.

"Sheldon, you can always sleep over at my apartment," offered Amy, "With me."

"Sheldon, I suspect it'll be past your bedtime by the time she comes over but you'll probably need your noise-canceling headphones."


A/N: A coupla things. Of course this is AU. Most of my stories are. And the characters are not exactly reflecting their Season 8 counterparts because the current incarnations of most of the characters are annoying, depressing and nothing like the characters we love. Be that as it may, let me explain some things. I'm well aware that Penny's "real" nephew is probably significantly older than 12. I suspect that he is around 20-21 by Season 8, but that wouldn't work for the story I want to tell. Besides, if Penny had a very smart adult nephew who kind of looked like her who came to Pasadena you just know that Amy Farrah Fowler would be all over that. No, I'm not terribly worried that I've just chased some folks away from this story. They stopped reading when they saw my name attached to it. Not a terribly open-minded bunch. But, the way I see it Shenny = Freedom, whether it's Sheldon and Penny as friends, lovers or groundhogs. My story. My rules. BTW, anonymous reviews are ignored. Abusive reviews are deleted and, if they have accounts, blocked. And, like most of my stories, this one was completed before I started posting. The only thing that can interrupt the tale is technical difficulties. Like I said, Shenny = Freedom. My freedom to tell whatever story I wish. And your freedom to enjoy it or move along to the Shamy fantasy section.