He is standing behind the newest grave in the cementary. It' s simple, without any unnecessary decorations or quotes. Just a name. Jennifer Jarou - Hotchner. And an empty place next to it. For his. He still can't believe that he has lived her. That he had to bury another woman he loved. Another mother of his child. Children, in fact. She became a mother for Jack and he' s proud to call Henry his son.

He watches people leaving. Derek with Emily, Reid and Ashley, Garcia, well, Lynch with her husband. Everybody with love of their lives. But love of HIS life is six feet under.

He is sitting in his favourite armchair, with glass of scotch in his hand. He thinks about a certain blond.

She wasn't killed by an Unsub nor illness. One morning she just didn't woken up. She was supposted to live longer than him. But she didn't. And now he has to deal with the biggest lost of his life.

None of them was working anymore. They grew older together, rised three children, so he shouldn't be complaining. He was given three decades of happy merriagge and he is grateful for that. It's just an emptiness of their house without her.

He hears someone entering the house. For a very, very short moment he thinks that it's she, coming back from shopping or something. But it isn't. These are their children. Jack and his wife, Chloe, with their twins, Victoria and Caroline. Henry and his wife, Clara, with their son, William. And his youngest son, Michael, with his fiance, Margaret.

"Daddy, we're home. Where are you? We've brought you dinner." he hears his oldest.

"No, I'm not hungry, Jack, but you eat" he replys dryly, much more dryly than he wanted.

"Dad, please, you haven't eaten anything today. You have to eat something. Mum wouldn't want you to die of starvation" At the end, he eats dinner with them. Chloe and Clara put their children to beds and joins men and Margaret in the living room for a grown-ups conversation.

They share their favourite memories about their Mum and wife. He doesn't speak much. He prefers listenig. About making gingerbreads for the first time as a family, about Halloween party. He doesn't listen to them anymore. He focuses on his sons. All of them are high, well-built men. Jack looks like Hailey, but has his dimples. He had problems with his career choice. Finally, he decided to become an FBI Agent, not that Hotch was suprised. Henry looks like male version of his mother. He's a chemist, much to Reid's delight. But Michael, as he said, wanted something more from his life. He graduated medicine and joined the army as an army doctor.

He's so proud about all of his children. He loves them all. So did JJ, he thinks. And she wanted them to be happy. As he stares into the fire, he understands, that her "them" included him. So he gives her spirit one of his rare smiles.