Phantom Rider: Prologue

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Somewhere On Route 1: A Year After Ash Quit the Pokemon League

~??? POV~

The warm breath of Midnight Thunder tickling my face wakes me up.

I giggle, and very gently push the Ponyta's head away from my face.

I open my eyes to see the fiery red eyes staring back at me, with the blue flames lighting up the area.

"Morning," I whisper softly, slowly sitting up and running a hand over my face.

I wince as I feel the scar that runs from the bottom of my cheek to the top of my forehead.

It still hurts after two years.

A Team Rockets bullet was the thing that did this to me.

They also took my parents.

I live now in a mystery, every enemy, including the gangsters that almost took my life when I fled the Elite Four, fears me.

I'm the Phantom Rider.

Buddy, my Growlithe, growls deeply in his throat, alerting me that there's some gangsters close by.

Quickly, I grab onto the saddle and bridle, slipping it on Midnight Thunder without a second thought.

I check to make sure that all of my six occupied pokeballs on my belt are still there.

I slip on the hood and the mask, covering the lower part of my face.

Satisfied, I hop on, and soon we're galloping towards the known location. Buddy leading the way, easily keeping ahead of us even though Midnight has the speed of a Rapidash.

I stop at the top of a hill, seeing the culprit trying to steal a kid's pokemon.

He's going to pay for this.

I watch as the kid's pokemon fight valiantly, and fall one by one to the more experienced Rocket.

Time to turn the tables.

I snap my fingers, and Buddy immediately lets out a Roar, and both of the figures turn to me.

I sit tall, the blue flames of Midnights mane and tail contrasting sharply to the black coat. A Growlithe, which would easily be mistaken for an Arcanine, size-wise, sitting next to me.

With a flick of my wrist, two pokeballs go sailing into the air, Buddy already charging down the hill for the Rocket.

My Charizard, Charmy, appears in a flash of light. Roaring as he does a Fire Blast on the Rockets pokemon. The next one to appear is Sue, Buddy's mother, twice the size of a normal Arcanine.

She leaps for the Rocket without a second thought, jaws clamping around his arm before he has a chance to react.

Buddy, with a roar, is right behind her, clamping on the leg. No matter what, I don't kill, I make the Rockets regret crossing paths with me, but I don't kill.

After a few minutes, I whistle, calling off my pokemon. As Buddy and Sue come running back, with the Rockets pokebelt and Charmy's pokeball clamped between their teeth.

I trained them well.

I reach for another pokeball on my waist, tossing a pokemon that I worked with ever since I snatched it from another ex Team Rocket member.

I give it to the trainer, knowing that the kid from the way that his pokemon fought for him was a kind of kid to trust.

Then, without anything else said or done, I turn Midnight Thunder around and trot away.

Two years ago, I was a prestigious member of the Elite Four.

A year before that, my parents were alive.

Team Rocket ruined everything.

There's corruption in the Elite Four.

There's also a traitor.

And, even if it kills me

I will stop that traitor.



A/N: If it's pretty confusing right now, it will be straightened out later on in the story. Please review.