Phantom Rider: Epilogue

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~General POV~

A figure sits on the edge of the plateau.

The same plateau that two figures sat on a year ago, one of them just declared Pokemon Master that day.

So much has changed.

The Johto treaty was signed today, signifying changes that sweep to both Kanto and Johto.

Johto, being declared an independent nation, almost breaking all ties with its counterpart. Only the badges and it welcoming new trainers is the only thing that connects the two nations.

Another change of many is that the gym leaders and the Elite Four have enough power to overthrow a member if one becomes too greedy.

With that condition, both Giovanni and Sabrina fled, still being looked for.

Today is a day of change.

A soft "Rai?" Comes from the figures side, and the newly declared Pokemon Master turns to his trusted partner that has been with him since the beginning of his journey.

The pain and distress that they went through is finally over, finally taking back their place, which they deserve.

A Roar interrupts the figures thoughts, and he turns his head towards the sound, instantly spotting the Rapidash with blue flames and black coat, two Arcanines that are twice the normal size on either side of the horse.

A lone figure sits on the Rapidash, staring right at him for a long moment before tossing down a pokeball, which the watcher catches.

Then, suddenly the Rapidash rears, the rider staying on easily, and in a blink of an eye, they are gone.

Ash just smiles, holding his new pokemon.

"Good luck, Sara." He whispers.


Many years pass...

Sara just disappeared after the treaty was signed, Tracy being the only one to know about her whereabouts.

Team Rocket is gone.

Ash, with the help of Sara, who appeared when she is needed, spent many long years battling Team Rocket, being lead by Giovanni and Sabrina.

The final act, in utter desperation, the gangsters attacked Indigo Plateau. The battle would've been lost to Sabrina's Mewtwo and Mew if it weren't for the Phantom Rider showing up just before Ash surrendered.

It was a massacre.

Her Pokemon, enraged and driven by some unseen force, swept through the ranks like they were matchsticks, very few survived.

Two of them were Giovanni and Sabrina.

Dragged in front of Officer Jenny by Sara's Arcanine's, were arrested and sentenced to life in prison.

Nobody saw a trace of the Phantom Rider...

Until the next day.

Ash was the one who found her, driven by the howls of two Arcanines, only to find her laying dead in a clearing, Buddy and Sue still howling over the loss of their beloved master.

No person could figure it out.

There was no mark on her, no poison, bullet, no nothing.

There is still debate on what happened today.

Many speculate that the ones from Team Rocket who escaped from the battle in Indigo Plateau killed her.

Others say it was all the stress that she lived through, with her parent's death, and her trying to stop Lance.

A few others say that her life was accomplished, that the death of Team Rocket made her life complete, and her job was done.

There was no fancy funeral, she never asked for one, just to have her ashes spread over the ruins of her house, the place of her parent's final resting place.

There was much debate on what to do with pokemon, it didn't last long.

Many, like Buddy and Sue and Charmy, died the same day as their owner, heartbroken over the loss.

The rest followed soon after.

All of them, on a unanimous vote from the Elite Four, were buried in the final resting spot of their owner and her family, a spot that is just shown with a plain grave marker, none showing the accomplishments of the trainer.

And nothing showing the feat that shook everyone in the Pokemon World to its core.

The thing that changed the way that Indigo Plateau and the government forever.

There is no doubt that Sara Giles is dead.

But if a trainer is ever in trouble from people wanting to steal their pokemon...

A Roar is heard, and the thief flees, an Arcanine, sometimes two, twice their normal size at his heels, attacking him if he/she gets a chance.

If the trainer that is saved looks for a brief second, he/she can see a Rapidash, its blue flames contrasting with its black coat standing at the top of a hill, with a rider sitting tall on top a good distance from him/her.

Just before they...


Many argue that it's just an illusion, few know or believe the truth.

Like a ghost in the night...

The Phantom Rider will always be there to protect the innocent.


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