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Chapter 1: Ambition

"Anything standing between ambition and its goals
become collateral damage."


"He seems pretty restless. It's too dangerous to apply a stimulant to him now. Use a tranquilizer! Put him to sleep!"

"Injecting tranquilizer."

Unknown voices echoed around his head. The voices who used to be nothing but mere whispers were suddenly loud, frightened shrieks piercing him like knives. What had caused them to change?

Then, the voices began to deliberately fade. But why? He wanted to reach out for them, to hold onto them for a while longer, for he was terrified of being alone again. He had to hold on - the empty darkness was beckoning to return.

"Brainwaves are showing signs of returning to normal."

"Tranquilizer injection complete."

A different voice sighed in relief and spoke. "Brain waves are normal. Mewtwo has entered a deep-sleep state."

The voices had suddenly vanished. He was utterly and completely alone.

A long time…I've slept for a long time. His mind whispered, slowly bringing him back to the surface. A faint light that he could see formed in the distance. He moved towards it, for the voice continued.

Things about… A name, his mind echoed. Amber... And something more, Things about the Pokémon created here… Everything disappeared from my memory during my sleep. And then…

He opened his eyes that were able to quickly adjust to the water his form was submerged in. He first saw his reflection on the glass, then he focused his gaze even further and blurry figures came into view outside of the tank he was confined in.

Where…am I? This…this is not the same. Was everything before just a dream? He found himself questioning, his conscience growing in alarm now that his eyes had fully adapted and was able to view what laid on the other side of his glass reservoir. Those observing, yet familiar eyes stared at him.

However, he felt a strange sensation overtake him and slowly his anew obtained vision was beginning to fade. He couldn't see their eyes any longer. He had tried to hold on for the questions in his mind demanded to be answered.

Why? Was all he could conjure before slipping back into unconsciousness.

And then, a spark lit up and it had started all over again. The voices. They were returning. A dull whisper at first that soon led to cries and shouts. But this time, he wanted them to stop.

"Doctor, look at this!" A woman's thrilled voice was heard, external to his own mind.

"What?" A man asked.

"Its brainwaves. They're surging!"

They continued, the voices, growing louder and louder with every exclamation and statement that left their bodies.

"Let's run another scan!" He heard someone else shout in excitement.

Slowly, he was somehow able to open his eyes once again that were instantly met with warm water.

Those voices. His mind hissed.

"I hope we don't lose this one!" Another voice frantically stated.

Are outside.

"We can't lose this one!"

Where I must be.

His eyes widened to the thought. He had to get to the voices. They had answers to his questions, questions that have been revolving around his mind from the very beginning.

And then it ensued. His mind irrevocably understood his single demand. His need to get out of the water and beyond the glass wall of the confinement. He felt the surge run through his body. His eyes were now fixated on the glass that began to crack the more he concentrated on it.

After seconds, the confinement broke, glass shattering all around him as the water quickly rushed over and onto the floor. The wires holding him in place had broken off and he was no longer floating, but sitting on the bottom of the reservoir.

"Radio Giovanni's helicopter! Tell him what's happened!" A voice shouted.

But he didn't move, didn't even flinch knowing that the voices were much clearer than before. He watched them, the humans. He wasn't sure how he knew what they were, but somehow he did. And they watched him, awaiting any movement.

"Quiet!" A man suddenly spoke who was standing in front of him. The noise in the room quieted down. "Let us hear its psychic powers."

This seized his attention from the previous commotion. "Psychic powers?" His eyes found the owner of the voice who had stated this and awaited his response.

"For years, we struggled to successfully clone a Pokémon to prove our theories. But, you're the first specimen to survive." The man gestured his hand over to the wall to his right, "That is Mew. The rarest of all Pokémon. From its DNA we created you, Mewtwo."

His eyes glanced over at the ancient portrayal on the wall. "Mewtwo. Am I only a copy?" He asked. He found himself growing annoyed the longer he examined the fossil. "Nothing but Mew's shadow?"

"You are greater than Mew!" The human eagerly proclaimed. "Improved through the power of human ingenuity. We used the most advanced techniques to develop your awesome psychic powers."

Things were seemingly falling into place within his own mind, "So, I am simply the end result to your experiment. What becomes of me now that your experiment is over?" He asked the human.

"Oh, our experiment isn't over yet, it's just beginning! Now the serious testing begins."

Mewtwo, now finding the appropriate name to call himself, cut off his telepathic link between them, shutting them out of his mind. He wasn't sure how he did it, but he knew they could no longer hear him.

These humans, they care nothing for me. He deduced as he watched them congratulate one another. He could hear each and every one of them. No matter where in the room they stood, he knew what they were saying and what they were thinking. Then, the voices returned.

Who am I? It asked. Or, was it he who asked?

Mewtwo narrowed his eyes as he continued to watch the humans shake hands causing him to look down and examine his own hands. They were much different from the human's pale hands.

"We'll start the testing right away!" Mewtwo caught one of them saying. The anger within him was stirring to cultivate. How could it be that he was nothing more to these humans? Was this to be his life? His mind was racing for the true answer, yet always fell short of finding it.

Is that my purpose? Am I just an experiment? A laboratory specimen?

He perceived them all now, every last human in this room with as much hatred as he could conjure. His mind stepped in again as he felt the aurora uncontrollably emit from his body.

This cannot be my destiny!

His mind understood his intentions and leapt in to assist. The glass from other tanks and tubes within the room all began to crack much like his reservoir did at first.

Mewtwo could feel the power seep from him and with a simple stare, all the glass in the room shattered at once, throwing the humans into a state of panic.

He didn't realize it but he was levitating now, his power surrounding him in a fiery, blue energy that also filled his eyes. With one swift motion of both arms, he expanded that energy instigating the scattered humans to fall to the floor. The same energy quickly reached the walls of the laboratory causing them to crumble like they were made of dust.

He did not know the full extent of his powers, but he was sure to find out soon.

Security, or a failsafe, was initiated as robotic arms came racing towards Mewtwo, each grabbing hold of his form to restrain him.

The power within that was taking over was too great, for Mewtwo simply emitted another energy wave that completely crushed and devastated the mechanic arms around him, freely himself from their unwanted grasp. Sparks showered around him.

He would destroy this place, and leave no one alive. These humans would not be allowed to continue their sickening experiments. The hatred was being poured into his attacks now, his glowing blue eyes turned in every direction, ripping apart anything in his path. The place was engulfed in flames and explosions, but the screams from the humans only reminded him that they were still alive.

He remained afloat in the air, a force field had somehow protectively formed around him as he moved through the fire to regard his assault. Despite his unrestrained strikes, the place still remained whole. He then thought to his mind that it needed to be erased completely.

Allowing his mind to take control, another blue glow formed around Mewtwo's body. Yet, this time it grew larger and larger the longer it built up. And finally, he released it. He watched as the beam of light spread out, consuming everything it touched. It demolished what was left of the walls of the laboratory and engulfed the entire facility. It shot up high into the sky and an explosion like never before seen cleared the area.

Fire and smoke now filled his view as Mewtwo dropped to the ground to stand upon his destruction.

"Behold my powers." He declared among the flames. "I am the strongest Pokémon in the world."

A piece that was not entirely destroyed from his abilities was the portrait of Mew he was shown earlier. It lay before him on the dirt. "Stronger even then Mew." He sinisterly added.

He stood in place and continued to watch the place burn until an unfamiliar sound caught his attention. He looked over his shoulder and saw a large machine in the sky loudly hover above the land.

A man suddenly appeared from the smoke, walking in his direction. His expression gave nothing away, he was untouched from the scene before him. He was not from this place.

"Those fools thought you were a science experiment. But I, I see you as a valuable partner." The man boldly spoke, stopping a distance away from Mewtwo.

Mewtwo's eyes narrowed, recalling what the word meant,"Partner?"

The man soundlessly nodded. "With your psychic powers and my resources, together we can control the world."

Mewtwo was quick to respond in irritation, "I do not need your help for that, human."

The fire around them continued to burn, however neither felt imitated from the growing danger the flames produced.

"A wild fire destroys everything in its path. It will be the same with your powers unless you learn to control them. I can help you do that."

Mewtwo's eyes broadened in curiosity, "How?"

"Trust me and I'll show you a way to focus your powers that will make you invincible."

"Show me."

It had been several weeks after Sabrina had said goodbye to being the leader of the Saffron City gym, and Saffron City itself. Her parents were reunited at last, but she could always feel their frightened eyes watching her. As if they were waiting for a terrible day that she would snap and fall back into her old self. So she had finally set out to discover new ways to use her powers to help humans and Pokémon alike who were similar to her.

However, her quest proved to be quite challenging as most others seemed to consider her as ominous and abnormal the further away from home she traveled. She could always hear their whispered exchanges amongst each other, even their thoughts as she passed by. They all had heard the stories of the dark gym leader from Saffron City.

Her path eventually led her away to be taken up by a group known as Team Rocket to help care for and develop their psychic Pokémon. Sabrina did not feel concerned as to what the corporation did, as long as she could work in peace without the outside world needing to study her.

She was able to live on site in her own residence hall, never having to leave if she did not wish to do so. Although she lived alone, she was never truly alone. Haunter had remained with her, and for that, she didn't feel the need to be around others. She never captured him, finding that this connection between them did not need to be of master and Pokémon.

Of course, she still had Kadabra, who proved to be most helpful with training other Pokémon since Haunter had the tendency to vanish mid fight or make the others laugh and break a day's work of focus.

She spent most of her days in a smaller gym that could only be found deep underground, beneath the numerous levels and facilities Team Rocket owned. She would train Team Rocket's newly captured Pokémon to ensure that they could compete in battle with their powers fully mastered. Not only did this benefit the Pokémon, but Sabrina was able to advance her powers as well with every new Pokémon brought in.

It was one Friday evening that Sabrina and Kadabra had been training with a young Abra when Sabrina felt someone's presence in the arena. Her midnight blue eyes surveyed up at the stadium's seating to see a man standing in one of the doorways observing down at them.

She could only see his silhouette from the bright hall light behind him, but she knew who he was even if his features were darkened. It was odd of him, of all people, to be paying her a visit. Besides him perched on all fours was his feline Pokémon, Persian.

She ignored their presence and resumed her eyes towards the duel with Abra, who now had lost its concentration and had fallen asleep. She cursed under her breath.

"Kadabra." She steadily spoke.

Without requiring any further orders, Kadabra raised the spoon grasped in its hand and pointed it towards the sleeping Abra. With a slight jolt, the Abra immediately woke up and jumped back to its feet.

Sabrina's reconnected link with the Abra and Kadabra was beginning to fluctuate yet again to the man standing above. She could now sense his intentions and need to speak with her. He was moving, walking down the steps towards the bottom of the stadium. Two Rocket members followed silently behind them, remaining hidden in the shadows.

She soundlessly exhaled and glanced back to Kadabra who understood her unspoken words and withdrew from the arena. The Abra was then teleported back to its chambers to sleep.

"Miss Sabrina." The man greeted as he walked onto the stadium's floor. He stopped and remained concealed in the shadows where the light from above did not reach. His Persian did the same, she caught its reflective eyes shining at her.

"Yes?" She asked turning to face him.

"I wanted to take this time to stop by and congratulate you on the superior work you've done with these psychic-type Pokémon. This department has never seen such a progressive surge until now."

Sabrina scoffed. She wasn't quite sure how to answer, yet she effortlessly distinguished that this was not the reason for his unexpected visit. She waited for him to continue.

The man shrewdly chuckled and clasped his hands behind his back, "Nonetheless, tonight there will be a few battles I want you to attend and observe. Please come to the main stadium at no later than 6. Is that understood?"

Sabrina quickly caught the slight tone in his voice, meaning these battles were not optional but mandatory of her presence.

"I understand." She spoke.

His lips curved upwards, "Good."

He turned on his heel and proceeded up the steps with the Pokémon closely at his side. The other two members followed him out of the arena and closed the door behind them.

Sabrina soon after left the arena to return to her chambers and change into her ordinary clothes. As she was pulling on her knee high black boots, she could feel something materialize into the room.

"You're becoming careless, Haunter." She quietly muttered. It was always his game to sneak up on her, yet she could always perceive when he'd try to do so, stealing the fun away from him. There were times when he almost got her.

"Haunter!" He groaned as his arms fell from his body to the floor.

Nevertheless, he always put a smile on her face as his attempts never ceased to amuse her. They chuckled together until she felt her mood lighten up. She stood up from the bed and grabbed her red jacket, slipping her arms in and fastening up the golden buttons.

"I have to leave." She spoke more seriously now, turning to face him. "They require me to inspect a battle."

Haunter gave her a questioning look. "Haunter?"

"No, I'm not certain why. But I will be back as soon as they allow."

A/N: Hello Everyone! This story is an excuse for me to write while I try to come up with inspiration for my other stories. I have been on a Pokémon craze lately by re-watching the original anime and movies. Mewtwo has, and always will be, my favorite. And by some strange reason, the idea of this story came from a dream. I know shit about Sabrina. And she's only in a few episodes. So, why? Don't ask me, because I DON'T KNOW! The thought of the two of them meeting seems pretty twisted, but in a cool way.

By saying that, this story will be closely related to the anime. Also, the timeline might be a little out of sync, so sue me.

This first chappy is obviously a re-write from the first movie Mewtwo Strikes Back and will evolve (no pun intended) to what happens after. For Sabrina, like I said, I don't know much, so this will just pick up after her battle with Ash and what she's currently up to.

The rating is up and may be increased because I really want this story to have a darker side. I'm not used to writing darker fics so please bare with me as I try and tackle how to set the tone. Blahh. This will be a Mewtwo/Sabrina sort of fic, who were/are very troubled characters, although I'm hesitant to turn it into an actual relationship as I just want to focus on their development. So, don't expect this to turn out to be a mushy, good feel fic...even though it's always a possibility.

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