Chapter 2: Frozen

There is snow in the air
The coldness reaches my heart
There is death everywhere
My stone heart is tearing apart...

-Anastasia Schofield

It was an early afternoon when Sabrina headed over to her parent's home to gather a few of her old training books and guides to pass off to a few of her colleagues back at the gym. Once there, her mother offered to make her lunch. Haven't eaten yet for the day, Sabrina accepted as she skimmed through a book regarding energy channeling.

Almost being able to compress the more destructive side of her powers, Sabrina found this particular book most useful during her recovery stages.

"Sabrina, darling, are you all finished?"

Sabrina peeked up from the book grasped in her hands to perceive her mother standing in the den's doorway. Sabrina's eyes shifted over to the empty plate besides her on the nightstand where her lunch used to be.

"I am, thank you." Sabrina answered, returning her gaze back to the book.

Sabrina's mother smiled and walked over to grab the plate. As she was leaving the room, Sabrina thought of a something she's been meaning to ask for some time now.

"Mother? Can I ask-?"

The plate suddenly fell from her mother's hands and shattered on the ground causing Sabrina to jump to her feet and drop the book on the bed.

"Are you alright?" Sabrina asked, rushing to her mother who was already kneeing on the ground and picking up the broken pieces.

Her mom flinched anxiously once Sabrina placed a concerned hand on her shoulder. Her body was shaking.

"It's alright darling! You just startled me, that's all!" Her mom quickly answered and revealed a cheap smile etched on her face. Sabrina released her grip from her shoulder and backed away. "I'm also just a little clumsy, I guess." She added and stood up with the broken pieces and exited the room without any further word.

Sabrina's expression momentarily changed to that of dejection as she overheard her father and mother quietly talking in the kitchen. She shut them out, allowing them the privacy they deserve. Yet, it was impossible to evade the wariness emerging from the room.

Sabrina sighed and left her parent's home with the books, heading out to the gym for the remainder of the day.

In the stadium, Sabrina sat serenely next to one of the exits on the upper level. She did not feel the need to sit in close proximity to the other spectators. The stadium generally saw many faces on Fridays of visitors and Pokémon trainers alike. However, tonight for some peculiar reason, the amount of people arriving appeared to be unending.

The Viridian City gym had recent renovations that had caused for expansion due to public demand. With the community becoming more involved, Sabrina's employer had no choice but to magnify. In doing so, he was able to create a separate facility at a different location, which served as Team Rocket's new headquarters.

The expansion, regrettably, allowed for a full stadium in Viridian which citizens from all over were permitted to witness battles despite the former rule of one Pokémon trainer at a time. Her boss despised the proposal initially but seemed to soften up knowing he now possessed the additional departments and resources he so desired before.

Sabrina crossed her arms over her chest and rested her back on the cold wall. How unusual it was to merely be a spectator rather than a trainer, a feeling she has not been able to surmount yet.

Once six finally rolled around, Sabrina was longing to depart back to the headquarters and leave this city. The unforeseen amount of people in the stadium was prompting her head to spin into a minor headache with all the extra voices that echoed around her thoughts. Even with all her previous psychic training, she was still adjusting to crowds of people, hence the reason why she lived in solitude underground.

Through the clamor, her mind caught awareness of the Gym Leader, Giovanni, taking a seat in his usual imperial chair above the doors to where his Pokémon were summoned. His pet Persian rested on the floor next to him, delicately cleaning its front paws without care.

Much to Sabrina's delight, the announcer's jovial voice echoed over the loud speaker to hush the crowd. He declared the ten battles tonight that would take place between the Gym Leader and the challengers. He then listed the names of the challengers and the rules of the battle to the audience.

The battles soon commenced after. Sabrina watched with uninterested eyes as Giovanni was quickly able to overwhelm the first few Pokémon trainers with little effort. He defeated each of their Pokémon with ease. At least, she praised, he did not spare any time doing so. Yet, why was she required to watch tonight's battles? Sabrina was still trying to piece together that puzzle.

The next match, unexpectedly, caught Sabrina's attention as this Pokémon trainer was going to use an Alakazam. She could already feel the potency emitting from his pokéball before summoning it out of its hibernation. The trainer activated his pokéball and out came Alakazam, a well-trained one too. This was the first time she had seen one in battle. This was a match that she did not object to observe.

She uncrossed her arms and rested them gently in her lap while sitting completely up in her seat.

She carefully watched Giovanni, speculating what Pokémon he might use to overcome the psychic. Her bosses' mental shields were always up, making it nearly impossible for her to read him. Despite the fact she worked under him, she knew exactly what kind of man Giovanni was. Yet, for someone of his conceited disposition, she always found it hard to believe that he could have such a strong embrace on his own mind.

So, which of his Pokémon would he use?

Alakazam would be a worthy opponent, she was convinced. But, she felt the usual smug-like impression roll off Giovanni's facade. He was undeniably hiding something. She had been coaching Team Rocket's psychic Pokémon, and they never had anything to match an Alakazam. His Pokémon all appeared rather useless in comparison to one.

Sabrina waited in mild eagerness as Giovanni snapped his fingers for the stone door to be opened to reveal his Pokémon. The crowd broke out in hushed murmurs as an unknown Pokémon covered in armor could be seen once the light reached its body. And what was it? It stood up on its brawny hind legs and reached about two meters in height. Its body was of a light lilac color with a darker plum shade for its lower abdomen and long tail that curved up in the air behind it.

The computerized voice of the pokédex was beginning to circulate around the gym as the public sought to understand the identity of this mysterious Pokémon.

"Pokémon unknown. No available data." Floated in the air that only added to the crowd's dismay.

Presently, Sabrina had wished she was sitting closer to see this strange Pokémon. She let her mind seek it out, past all the commotion the people were producing. However, her abilities were abruptly struck away from it and she could feel her head grow in pain.

What the hell?!

She momentarily clutched both sides of her head before taking back control. She then shot a glare down at Giovanni's Pokémon once her mind had unwound and the discomfort began to fade. The power that was emanating from the Pokémon was incredible! It was psychic, she finally reasoned, which would explain the massive shield her own mind ran into. Yet, she never knew of a Pokémon who was able to defend their minds from her so well.

The match soon embarked and her focus was brought back on the Alakazam who made the first move using its psychic powers. He lifted both spoons in the air, sending forth an unseen attack.

However, Sabrina scrutinized back over to the other Pokémon as it was unscathed from Alakazam and remained motionless. Although normal people would not be able to see, Alazakam's attack should have thrown the Pokémon across the room in an instant. Sabrina's eyes caught a glimpse of a powerful psychic shield that surrounded the armored Pokémon.

Alakazam's trainer clenched his fist and began to shout out more attacks.

Without a word from Giovanni, the armored Pokémon's eyes were glowing a light blue under its helmet. Sabrina looked back to Alakazam who was now moaning in pain as its body was slowly being elevated into the air and thrown into the wall behind its trainer.

The vigorous and harsh attack rendered the Alakazam unconscious, immediately declaring Giovanni's Pokémon the winner.

Sabrina blinked. How could one Pokémon have this much power? It was incredible! Nothing's she's ever seen or felt before. She continued to feel its robust power circulating in the air around the stadium, as if to have total control of the entire arena if needed. Is it even possible? It defeated the Alakazam in mere seconds without even moving a muscle.

She watched only the Pokémon covered in armor remain stationary as the crowd broke out in hysterical cheers. The blue glow from its eyes disappeared and a sense of sorrow had washed over Sabrina then. Not her own sorrow, she analyzed. She slightly tilted her head in bewilderment as she found that the sensation was coming from the armored Pokémon below. The emotion hit her hard, leaving her feeling like she could not breathe. Yet, she remained upright in her seat. Her perfect posture never altering.

The stone doors began to close as the armored Pokémon remained behind them. But for the first time of its appearance, its head shifted to the side. Its shielded helmet aimed in her direction. She kept her hard glare on it, never taking her eyes away. She was finally able to break past its psychic barrier. Or, had it easily broke hers?

"Who…are you?" A male's voice questioned in her mind.

Sabrina stood up in an instant. Has it just spoken to her, and only her? Did anyone else hear? The Pokémon's tinted visor never left her gaze until the doors were sealed shut in front of it.

Sabrina immediately walked to the exit she was seated next to and stepped past security to push the doors open. However, the doors forcefully swung open before her hands made contact, alarming the people around her. She paid them little attention as she strode down the hall.

She tried to keep her powers from making other objects near her go flying in all sorts of directions. Her powers had never felt so out of sync before. She walked faster, not sure where she was even headed at this point. She walked by a fire extinguisher locked behind a glass case that suddenly formed a sharp crack as she passed by.

Sabrina came to a halting stop after her head seemed to have ended its spiraling of madness. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths.

The urgency of her wanting to leave the city came back to mind. She quickly focused her will deeply on teleportation for a moment and let her body vanish and reappear back to Team Rocket's off location facility where she lived.

Once her rapid heart rate came back down, she opened her eyes to see where she had ended up in the facility. The vacant hall she stood in was shadowy where the only light came from the moon shining through the small windows above. She knew this was an abandoned sector of the facility, still going through revamps. She walked over to a nearby bench and sat down, resting her elbows on her knees.

Then, the emotions all at once hit her. Emotions she had never felt before, that didn't even belong to her. They were the ones she sensed from that Pokémon. She wanted to weep or show some sort of reaction from the unwelcomed sorrow that had cut its way deep into her mind. Yet, her inner self would never allow her to do so. Instead, her body sat still in pure agony, rapidly becoming engulfed in this force that was assailing her. She stared down at the floor between her legs and let the time pass that would rid her of the misery. An hour, two, three hours had by now passed.

It did this.

Her head shot back up, now realizing what had happened between their trivial exchange. That Pokémon had broken her shield, presented her the conflict and confusion occurring in its mind. But why? It's mind, so full of hatred, and so perplexed.

After coming to this understanding, the pain began to fade from Sabrina's body, as if being beckoned away by something. Was it still in control? She wondered silently.

Deciding up her mind, she had to see Giovanni and demand his reasoning for the events of the battle she was forced to witness. This was not a part of their original agreement. And what in the hell kind of Pokémon was that, by the way? That Pokémon was far too dangerous for someone like Giovanni to possess.

See had to see him. Now.

He and his team had returned from Viridian City about an hour ago, she had somehow detected earlier during the pain.

She slowly got back up to her feet and strolled down the dim hallway to seek him out. However, something was calling for her. She stopped, feeling a cold shiver creep down her spine. She could hear her name being whispered around a dark corner ahead. As if being in a trance, she allowed her body to follow wherever her mind was directing her beyond the cornor.

She descended down a few flight of stairs and eventually found herself standing in front of a large pair of metal doors. But what was inside the room behind the doors? She could hear her name being sweetly called once again from the back of her mind.

Nothing ever truly frightened Sabrina, she liked to suppose, however her conscience was growing in caution as her hand hovered above the door's handle. She could sense it then, the door was locked. No matter, she thought. She focused on the handle and the lock loudly clicked opened. She leisurely pushed the twin doors open with her powers and regarded the dark room before her.

The faint light from the hall behind her made the room appear vaguely ominous as she took a small step in. Presuming it was safe, she walked further in as her eyes began to adjust to a dim, blue glow on the opposite end of the room. She progressed towards it, however the doors that she had just opened moments ago slammed shut behind her. The room was immersed in pure darkness.

Sabrina kept her emotions and sensations concealed as she stood still, only to give the closed doors a small glance over her shoulder.

Her dark eyes focused forward again and now perceived that the blue glow across the room had grown incredibly brighter.

Something unexplainable summoned her to keep moving forward. Like an insect, she wordlessly obeyed and found her feet moving her towards the light once again.

The closer she came, she discovered that it was not just one glow, but two separate illuminations that were close together.

She snapped out of her trance then and took back control and forced her body to stop moving when she was still a distance away for she knew what the glow was. Those eyes, she could never forget.

"What are you?" She firmly asked aloud, ensuring her expression remained impassive before the creature for she knew it could see everything, even in the darkness.

Even slightly hidden behind its tinted helmet, the glowing blue eyes grew as intense as they were in the gym arena where she first witnessed them.

Her inquiry was at first met with silence. But then, the creature spoke. "It is not you who asks the questions, human." The male Pokémon's voice snarled in her mind. "How do you come about with such abilities?"

She caught the grave irritation laced in his voice.

He was unquestionably psychic with astounding powers, so what kept him from entering her mind just now? His form of telepathy was simply remarkable. And he was, after all, the one who unmistakably drowned her mind with those excruciating emotions earlier.

"I could ask the same of you." She humbly stated. Sabrina noticed that her fingers were anxiously gripping the sleeves of her jacket. She quickly let go.

The Pokémon shifted slightly in place from where it stood. Sabrina finally remarked that it had not moved nor walked since she entered. The Pokémon's glowing eyes had provided enough light for her to see the machine behind it and the wires leading from and to his armor. What was it for?

"I have never known there were defects among your kind, as well." He scoffed, yet his body stayed in place.

Defects? Her powers? She took another step closer to him, ignoring her mind's panic alarm beginning to sound. It was naïve of him to have articulated that for there were many like her. Yet, a great intelligence orbited around him, something she did not quite understand.

She crossed her arms over her chest, "Well now, you must not know much about humans." She plainly countered with the only logically explanation for his words. "Why are you here?"

The Pokémon's head dropped to some extent, as if her very question was a peculiar dilemma he was struggling with deep inside. He knew why she was here, knew her purpose at this place and in the world. Yet, his remained a mystery to himself.

"I - I do not know."

There it was again, the sense of sorrow from earlier was beginning to fill the air around her. She focused her will to put up a wall between her and these strong energies floating about.

"Leave me. It was a mistake to bring you here." He suddenly warned, making the sharpness in his tone evidently clear to her.

Sabrina found herself asking another question, completely overlooking his previous request and the consequences that may follow. "What kind of Pokémon needs to wear armor?"

Pokémon? Mewtwo mocked. He was no genuine Pokémon. He was something better and much stronger. There was a moment of silence before he answered her, "It assists by allowing me to focus my powers."

"What are you?" She asked, trailing back to her original question, taking another bold step forward.

The blue glow from his eyes was suddenly gone and the room went pitch black.

Sabrina briefly blinked and suddenly found herself standing in her own room across the facility. She collapsed to her knees from the sudden shock.

Haunter instantly appeared beside her. He could sense something was not right, but stayed silent.

Sabrina remained on the carpeted ground, resting her hands on her knees. The realization had struck her the moment she saw the armored Pokémon in the stadium, yet she elected to ignore it until now. So, this was Giovanni's plan. She was to help this psychic Pokémon.

But how could she help something so full of hate?

A/N: This chapter was such a pain to write. I apologize for the lack of dialogue...something the next chapter will have much more of.