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I love him. Never met the man in my entire live and I am hopelessly, desperately and totally in love with him. I see him when he leaves his flat on Baker Street to solve all those fascinating stories I read on the blog. This man, this fantastic, unreal and brilliant man I see from my window and would never have the courage to talk to does more than I could ever dream of. I was in love with him even before I knew how brilliant he was, such a beautiful man. That hair that begs to be messed up, that serious face and sharp cheekbones and those eyes that burn with such intensity; and yet I see despondency in his eyes sometimes, a longing for something more. I notice it more when he plays. The heavenly music that pours out of the second level at all hours when he thinks, the melancholy tune lulls me to sleep sometimes. I often daydream at my office if I could be the thing that takes away the longing I see. That fleeting thought goes away in seconds. How could I, this frightfully normal and boring and as he would say idiotic woman possibly be a challenge for him? I'm a nothing and a nobody, just a random person who resides on the other side of Baker Street. This beautiful disaster of a man who can look at someone and see and observe them like no one else will remain in my dreams.