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Mycroft glared at his little brother, "Just protecting your best interest little brother," the snide comment came out like silk lined with razor blades.

Sherlock was not ruffled by the comment, "Mycroft, if there was something to interest me here I would surely keep it better hidden. It was nothing more than a lark of John's to invoke increased readership, obviously it worked," the deep tones of the younger Holmes resounded around my small flat.

I felt devastated; it was 'just a lark', nothing more than to garner more hits on a blog. I felt like crying but would not let them have the satisfaction. I glared at Watson who looked stunned at what Sherlock had said. I just wanted them all out of my home so I could be miserable and alone once again. I saw the older Holmes eye his brother looking for a crack in the armor, something to attest that his statement wasn't true, but then he sighed.

The older Holmes looked at me, "My apologies, Miss Raines."

He left in a huff as the three of us watched. John looked strangely at Sherlock before nodding. The doctor came over to me with the most humble and apologetic look etched onto his face. He took my hands, "My deepest apologies, this will never happen again," his tone was somewhat annoyed, but genuine in the apology and I could tell the annoyance was not directed at me.

"I will make sure of that John," Sherlock told him, his tone was a bit triumphant as Watson left my home. The younger Holmes turned to me, "You have my apologies as well Rosalind," he smiled slightly taking my hand and pulling me closer before continuing, "I will see you from my window," he kissed my cheek lightly and very sweetly before turning to leave. He got to the door and gave me a sly win as he left.

I stood in the middle of my flat stunned, speechless and shaking. I felt my knees give out and fell to the floor unsure of what had really happened. This was by far and away the strangest day I've ever experienced. I smiled hesitantly, the corners of my mouth twitched upwards; he would watch me from the window. I felt my cheek his lips touched and tried to pull myself together as tears of frustration, anger, happiness and confusion fell; wondering if I would ever be that close to him again.