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On Edge...

Under attack... they were lately always under attack. Killing titans alone was not something Levi was concerned about, more or less he could handle himself just fine... but he was concerned about others. What if they too were separated from their teams? It would be a big issue if all the top ranks were wiped out.

It wasn't like every year they got promising new additions. But they sure died every year.

Levi's steely eyes scanned the surroundings... titans... lots of them, all headed in one direction mainly. He had been killing them for a good while now, separated from his team by an overgrown titan... people died again.

But put that aside... he got his jacket dirty. Scowling he landed on a roof of a half destroyed house, no titans here at the moment, like It ever took them long to find humans to snack on.

And so there it comes, with its unnatural moves. Almost like a crippled toy with barely coordinated jerky progress, created for one cause only... destroying lives.

Wobbly it run to a target Levi could not see, so he hastily moved towards it, whatever the target was, was quite unimportant... he just had one more titan to eliminate.

The target turned out to be Eren and it looked the brat had run out of gas, soldier on the ground was just as good as man overboard. Well of course Eren might be able to handle this just fine by turning into one of these... dickless things himself but it didn't look Eren was up to it.

"Eren...move!" he shouted before his two swords flashed and two neat cuts were made on the titan's nape. Good thing Eren obeyed him in an instant otherwise the titan's body would have squashed the guy However still midair Levi felt something quite odd.

Shouting that to Eren was usual and Eren obeying was usual also. What was quite unusual was Levi's own reaction to Eren's submissiveness. It had to be the adrenaline coursing through his veins that made him feel his heart bounce in his chest.

Landing beside Eren in a flash he wrapped his arm around the guy and instantly leaped for the next roof of the next building just as wrecked as the previous one.

While in the air, there it greeted him again, Eren was actually clinging to him, well how else of course he had to but for all that was holy why on earth did Levi liked this brat pressed against him.

Why on earth his body said it was quite okay... do it more.

Landing on both feet by a shaky looking wall, with Eren's arms still around him he looked at the others face... they were too close and he forgot to let Eren go because that pinkish dust on those boyish cheeks was something he hadn't seen before...

Was Eren blushing?

It was captivating...alluring and it was by no doubt something that did deserve his attention.

It wasn't that long... but it felt like they were staring at each other forever. It was right before Levi's eyes, that pink dust turned into something fiercer... something redder.

It looked...

"Levi h-heichou..."

"What?" of course he knew Eren wanted to ask why is he still being held there, but Levi's mind was in disarray, no he didn't feel like letting go. Or more like he finally felt like actually letting it all go.

Eren however leaned back as if wanting to get away from him, cheeks now blazing with that delicious colour. So unconvincing was this youth. He knew Eren liked him, they all only thought he didn't care or didn't see the things around him. Why in all honesty he probably noticed more than anyone else. Just like he had noticed Eren looking at him time to time. Being no simpleton Levi translated it first as adoration for his skills. Which still was the truth of course but later he realised it was turning into something more.

And he never tried to get that idea out of Eren oh no, why should he.

To think that even in a middle of an attack Eren was giving him this sort of flustered appearance... probably having ideas of him in that stubborn head was nothing more nothing less than arousing.

From there it only took one speedy heartbeat and he found himself pressed tight against Eren's body, that shaky wall came in handy not letting Eren escape him.

Gasping Eren grabbed a firm hold of his shoulders. "L-Levi heichou! Wha-.."

With his face close to Eren's... just close enough to feel those hot breaths hitting his lips as Eren harshly breathed, he whispered in a low tone "You talk too much...Eren."

Eren's body quivered at him saying the younger's name... he expected it, it made him feel smug. There was no better feeling than to know that he was affecting Eren this way.

His mind forgot all about the issues at hand, all he wanted was to feel those pinkish lips. Feel them with his own and even if Eren was pushing on his shoulders as he leaned closer still he knew it was half hearted. When his lips laid on those of Eren's Eren gasped... what more did he need to devour that sweet mouth, he pressed harder into Eren and all Eren did was fist his hands on his shoulders crumpling up his jacket.

As stated earlier Eren was stubborn and this was by far the best moment to assault anyone sexually but however it was, even if it was all adrenaline that made him step this far it was still something he enjoyed immensely, he moulded his lips on Eren's making them wet and supple. But that stubborn creature trapped by him tried to put up somewhat of a fight.

Too bad Levi was enjoying this too much... the feel of the soft lips against him, the sweet feeling of pushing his tongue slightly in that hotness just to get another shiver from the body against his. Eren didn't disappoint, trembling and going all still after. Small sound escaping at his aggressive attack... that sound.

Eren signed his fate with that little moan.

Levi's hands laid on Eren's chest feeling, pushing the jacket to the sides, he wanted more skin to feel, just more wherever. His mouth moved down the pale jaw line to the neck... unblemished and pure was the skin he was loving with his mouth, his lips, his teeth because he wanted this boy to belong to him now.

"Levi heichou, we have to... find the others."

Levi growled... of course they had to but life was too short.

Eren was squirming now, was it a sense of responsibility winning over him now in Eren's head? Or was it inexperience of the other. With a smirk of now wet and marked neck he knew it was the second. Eren was too young to know these things, at least in practice.

"Stop pretending, Eren." Whispering the boys name darkly on purpose right in that innocent earlobe he pushed his leg up and between the quivering legs, high enough to feel Eren's weight on it and to hear Eren let out a shocked gasp.

Levi's face twisted into a grin and he bit on his lower lip. "I'm not the only one it seems..."

He was right, he was affecting Eren, the hardness he found between those legs told him all he had to know.

He fought Eren's shirt open but that was pretty much all he could do before the straps of the uniform stopped his advances. He was no fool, he wasn't going to undo those in case a titan pops on their heads but he sure ridded the boy of the jacket, he was getting too hot in his own. And really this was sufficient his eyes were spoiled by a naked creamy chest.

Levi's leg raised up some more and a low moan escaped his own mouth when he felt Eren's fingers entwine in his hair. He thought Eren might want to pull them to get him away but no such thing came as he opened his mouth to enclose a tasty looking nipple in it Eren's hands pulled him closer, making his cock twitch in his too tight pants.

Oh this was his sanctuary for sure... it was such a raging ruckus around them, explosions could be heard, ground was shaking under titan overgrown feet and here they were in a corner of half destroyed house panting hard and so far from it all.

"Eren..." he didn't know what he wanted to say he just felt like saying the name... letting it out to be heard maybe it was the breathy quality of his voice that made Eren whisper right back at him. "Heichou..." and try as he might he heard nothing negative there.

Eren sounded defeated.

But it was by far not enough, Levi pressed the heel of his hand on the younger's crotch and Levi was fully hard when that loud, full grown moan came from Eren.

He could live for this, he could die for this. All was worth this.

"Let me have you." He growled rubbing his hand on the hard flesh covered by the thin material of the white pants the other one sneaked behind Eren grabbing hold of a perfectly sculpted butt cheek.

"Levi heichou!"

Eren was trying to stop him, but it only provoked him for more action, he was fully ready to ravage the slim body right here and now and screw the titans it was what he would do.

His hands fiddled with Eren's pants undoing them while Eren's hands were doing a poor job of stopping him, panting on his face grabbing on his chest, never pushing him away if only feeling the trimness of it, there was no wonder indeed that Levi's face showed an ecstatic expression as he got the pants open and pulled them down.

Eren's cheeks bright red, the white teeth abusing the plump lower lip, everything about Eren was too big of an invitation for him to stand by. He never would any more.

Yet again it was only so far he could pull them pants down before the straps stopped him, realising he was getting nowhere he dived for another fierce kiss, making sure Eren feels his tongue deep inside, making sure he grips the cock in his hand harder for Eren to moan for him more. Naked in his hand Eren lost all the objections. With his tongue in the hot mouth Eren did nothing but melted right into him.


The whiny quality of that moan, the wetness on his hand... Eren was ready for him just like he was hurting in his pants. If a moan of his name was not enough to tell him that, nothing ever would be.

Removing his hand from the throbbing arousal Levi did a quick job to turn Eren around hearing a displeased, disturbed squeak.

He offered Eren a quick bite on the neck and without a doubt he felt Eren's ass push back right unto his hips. Levi's smile turned devilish as he entwined his fingers in Eren's brown locks.

"Trust me Eren, I want to fuck you looking in your face too." His hands one laid firmly on Eren's hip pulling the body more unto himself while the other one sneaked to Eren's mouth pushing two fingers inside the mouth.

"Uhn...Levi." the sound muffled by his own fingers turned him on further just like the wet tongue touching his digits did, he moved them and Eren unconsciously or on purpose applied suction.

Levi's eyes closed...the images he was getting now. Oh how he wanted that they had all the time in the world to do this. He would get so much more out of this... feel Eren play with his skin too... he really wanted that to feel that hot blazing mouth on his cock. The thought was making him insane, with one hand he undid his pants, moaning low and deep when it gave him such sweet relief.

His fingers were wet enough even if Eren seemingly had started to like what he was doing, hugging Eren's chest from behind he led his hand downwards his own breath catching in his throat when his fingers sneaked in between the perky butt cheeks, he found the wrinkled skin there...

"You ready for me, Eren?"

"No... Levi heichou...we shouldn't."

'Shouldn't' was so far from I don't want to or even we can't...

His finger pressed inside with his other hand he pulled on Eren's hair making the younger turn the head to the side where he claimed the already abused lips anew. Eren was returning his kiss, why it suddenly felt hundred times better, to feel those plump lips move against his, the shy tongue twirling with his. He wondered did Eren realise this was probably the closest he had been to happiness in a long time.

It made him press his face on Eren's nape as he inserted his second finger. The hot tightness, just another thing making him insane... preparing Eren it seemed taking forever, he wanted to be where he belonged, buried deep inside that scorching heat.

"The noises...Levi heichou...they are, getting closer."

Eren was still able to realise what was going on around them, he heard them approaching noises too, only he hardly cared for now.

"You sure you're ready?" He knew Eren wasn't, he was teasing to hear that unnerved sound of 'nnn'.

Pulling away he swallowed hard just thinking about it was making him drool, getting on his knees he held Eren's hips securely pressing one of his hand on Eren's back he made him lean down, then he made sure Eren spreads the slender legs wider.

The sight before his face was making him reel somewhere so high... tingling all over, his hands laid on the pale ass cheeks, squeezing, enjoying the shy way in which Eren was squirming for him. He was probably too rough squeezing hard enough to see the gentle skin turn reddish right before his eyes, parting the luscious ass cheeks he saw the wrinkled patch of skin twitch inviting him... parting just slightly more revealed a pretty pink for him and that was his undoing he leaned forward poking his tongue out to meet that pink skin.

"Ahh! Levi...heichou... not there!"

There was exactly where he wanted it, he pushed his tongue inside, his fingers had made sure it would be easy and a minute later he realised he loves this enough to feel his own cock leaking with pre cum. Tongue-fucking Eren was a joyous deed... moans and gasps he got plenty of them, the shocking quality of them... was thrilling.

"Eren..." now his own voice was croaking but he really doubted any of them cared."You are pushing back on me." He finished with a lewd smile, pressing his face once again between Eren's ass cheeks, delighted when Eren moaned loudly and pushed back on him harder than before.

"Levi...I can't"

Levi's hand sneaked between Eren's legs... true enough someone was painfully hard and leaking juices, now Eren was ready.

Standing up he rubbed his cock, yes he was there too, painfully longing.

And Eren's little juicy hole kept twitching for him all exposed, taking firm hold of Eren's hip and holding his erection with other he aligned himself, leaning close to his willing victim he pressed his cheek on Eren's shoulder as he breached, claimed, invaded.

Eren gave out a half pained sound, a shocked moan that turned into a mewl as Levi bit on the flesh where shoulder met the neck.

Eren was tight, too tight to get inside fully, instead he started to move slowly, holding his burning desire to be rough aside... holding his moans inside, this was too good, too hot, too pleasant and when his hips finally met Eren's ass cheeks he let the deep growling moan outside.

This was heaven, sanctuary call it however you wanted, they were burning each other when Levi finally started to move for real.

"Eren... you know what we are doing now?" he breathed out snapping his hips forward hard enough to hear the overly naughty sound of skin slapping on skin.

"U-uuh..." He didn't expect an answer really.

"I'm claiming you... you're mine!" he had to grab around Eren's waist because obviously the trembling legs finally gave in and Eren moaned louder with Levi supporting all the weight.

Levi really wanted this different. He pulled out gasping when Eren squeezed down on him to keep him buried inside. Eren's hand grabbed behind him latching on his hips also not to let him go.

"Shh." He whispered as he pulled out unwillingly and turned Eren around to face him. That red face was what he had missed, it was clear as the day now when he saw it. Now when he saw Eren had drooled down his chin because of him he hit a completely new high perching Eren up on his hips, bending him so far he could access what he wanted with the pants still on.

Good thing Eren was bendy enough for him to do that and good thing Eren raised no more objections... not a single one. Instead there were arms wrapping around his neck and even if he had to support all of Eren's weight on his arms with little help of the wall this was so much better when he could look into the green eyes as he pushed himself back inside, the heat enveloping him willingly.

Seeing Eren's mouth part and the eyes close in some sort of bliss as he started to move his hips anew spurred him on enough, his moves were no longer gentle and Eren didn't need it anymore.

This animalistic way suited them better...

"Tell me what you want..." just a whisper but Eren heard him, the bright green eyes opened half way and looked at him pleadingly.


And that was the end of both of them, Levi's moves lost any sense of rhythm and Eren was reduced to a moaning, drooling mess perched on his arms, legs bent so far he could also perch them on his shoulders.

It was too short and Levi was wanting for so much more... so much indeed. Yet it was quite enough, Eren pulling his hair was his undoing, or so he though. His hand went for Eren's stiff cock holding it in his hand firmly, stroking in time with his vicious moves.

With his moves erratic and hard he breathed Eren's name and maybe something about this feeling good got out of him also.

His hips snapped forward hard ramming Eren into the wall hard. "Levi heichou, ahhh!"

So that was his undoing, the sound of his name moaned out when Eren was at his highest, drowning in pleasure, surrendering to him and being his.

"Eren...mmh." he was coming too, feeling hotness hit his shirt on front... now he was even messier but cared not. Not in the slightest he wanted more of the mess to be on him. He milked Eren dry while going through immense pleasure himself.

Breathing hard he was doing his best to keep them both up, but his legs felt numb, he let Eren's legs free not missing the wince Eren pulled when he slipped outside of the messy heat.

When he though Eren will be able to hold his own weight he ridded himself of his jacket and his shirt, putting the jacket back on he used his shirt to clean their mess. Eren's that were pretty much everywhere and his that was leaking out of Eren sliding down the pale thighs.

He was done cleaning when very near to them came another explosion. Right in time he would say as he pulled Eren's pants back on leaning down on one knee to do them up.

Eren still red in the face did up his shirt and never looked at him, face still red.

"Eren!" but the green eyes remained cast down.

Levi simply took hold of Eren's face and pressed a light kiss on the still gasping lips.

"I don't mess around, you know that!"

It was endearing how after hearing that Eren's cheeks turned a shade redder still.

They would do just fine it seemed. He rubbed his nose against Eren's and offered a somewhat warm smile after which Eren smiled too.

"Let's kill..."



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