Chapter 1: Hold My Hand, Collision

~~Hello again. I do a prompt writing challenge and a day was to write a fan fiction so I chose the Originals. It has to do with Marcel, Klaus, Elijah and an original character I made up for roleplaying named Violet. And yes, the city belongs to Marcel and his vampires in my opinion.Enjoy~~Reanna

"This is our city and I will be damned if I let Klaus and his siblings take New Orleans from us, from you"

Violet looked across the river to the city that was once a city for vampires. Now it was a city full of werewolves and witches. She gave that speech to Marcel and Thierry four months ago. Now Thierry was dead and Marcel lost control of the Quarter.

"You ready to go? The bags are in the car"

Marcel slammed the trunk closed right when she snapped out of her thoughts. She nodded and slid into the passenger seat. Violet and Marcel have known each other since 1845 but that didn't mean they had a rocky friendship.

"So the goal is to drive into the city, get the dogs to follow us and basically kill everyone that comes to us?"

"If you want to stay here you can. I can do this alone"

"I lost Thierry, I am not about to lose you Marcel"

She looked at him as he started the engine. Violet smiled before looking over the river again.

"I know I bailed in the 90's but I honestly just want our city back. Every king needs a queen"

The dirt road was a straight, narrow line. Marcel's eyes were locked on the bridge coming up. Violet stared into the rearview mirror for any werewolf.

"There aren't any of them near us"

Silence filled the car as Marcel approached the bridge. The car came to a halt and Violet quickly caught herself. She looked at him and he stared forward. When she turned around, she noticed all of the people on the opposite side of the bridge. Watching…Waiting.

"You've got to be kidding me, what do we do?"

"I'm going to drive this car at full speed"

There was another moment of silence as he looked at her. It was a matter of life and death, the city would be his again. He had to be King of New Orleans. Violet placed her hand on his.

"Go" She spoke the word quietly which was enough.

Marcel pressed on the gas pedal and the wolves jumped out of the way. Violet pointed at a man and once Marcel turned the wheel, the car flew onto its side. The car and two vampires plunged into the river below…

Klaus Mikaelson stared at the picture he was painting. He stopped when he heard footsteps in the compound. Hayley and Elijah were off doing werewolf business in the swamp. Cami hasn't spoken to Klaus so it could only be one of two people.

"What is it you want from me now?"

He dropped his paint brush on the table and turned around. Marcel stood in the hallway, his stare was almost lifeless. He had blood on his head; his clothes were wet and torn. He wouldn't say a word.

"Marcellus? What happened to you?"

Klaus walked over to him and led him to the closest chair and sat him down. Marcel lifted his brown eyes looking at him before speaking. "They have Vi…"

Elijah stood with his arms crossed. He tried to think of something but those wolves were not ones to mess with.

"This whole situation is atrocious, you cannot just go in and attack, you or Niklaus"

"It's been hours since I last seen her, she could be dead Elijah. I lost Thierry and I'm not losing Violet"

Violet awoke to the sound of chains clicking together. She groaned in pain and looked at them. She noticed she was in a cage but the surroundings were unfamiliar to her.

"Um…Hello? Marcel, I need some help" She leaned forward to look out but a person blocked her view.

"You're with us now vampire. How are you holding up in your new home? You also will not find your precious king here"

The man towered over her his black hair fell right above his eyes. He wore a tank top and jeans; he must have pulled her out of the water. Violet vamped out and tried to jump at him. He pulled a gun out of his waist and shot her. She yelled in agony and crawled back.

"Wooden bullets hurt, don't they? I was afraid you'd try to do something so I brought this with me. Try anything and I'll keep putting these in your body, deal?"

He waved the gun at her and disappeared. Violet looked at her shoulder and began to dig the bullet out. How was she going to escape with a pack of wolves on her tail?

Marcel was crouched behind some bushes watching. Klaus and Elijah were somewhere close but hidden as well. He scanned the area and moved forward when he smelt one thing, Violet's blood. He looked around the cabin and used his vampire hearing to detect where she was. He nodded at Elijah who stepped out and knocked on the door. The same man from before answered and Marcel quickly zipped inside.

"Vi? Hey, it's me…I'm going to get you out of here"

She looked up with hazy eyes, she had been around vervain. It killed him to see in the condition she was in, he blamed himself. Klaus tossed him the keys and Marcel pulled her out very carefully and held her close. Her blonde hair lay in front of her face as she curled up to him.

"I suggest that we move now. I'm sure they will be back anytime" Elijah looked everything over.

"Let's move" Klaus spoke up peeking out the door.

Marcel shuffled around the body and stepped outside. The Mikaelson's followed behind him but Klaus was the first one who noticed the arrival of the pack. About 20 men stepped towards them with a scowl on their faces.

"The girl stays here, what happened to Joey?"

"He's a bit sore right now; I think the broken neck did the trick. You all can suffer the same fate as him if you'd like"

The wolves stared them down and wouldn't move an inch. Elijah slipped off his jacket and Klaus quietly told Marcel to leave. He held Violet tight and zipped to the right. A male followed behind him as the two brothers found the animals. It was going to be a bloody war.