Dear Marcel,

I hope this finds you well, at least I hope you'll read this or have it in your possession and no one else's. I just wanted to thank you for everything. Saving me numerous times, always taking me back in and saving my life. Not to mention taking care of me with the Ripper side starts to kick in. You were generous enough to open your home; heart ad secret to me even thought I was nothing but a stranger to you. You always thought of me with high respect as I've done the same for you. Out of these hundred and some years of knowing you, you've been the constant in my life.

The cold, dark realization that I'm here began to set in even though it's not going to last that long. I will turn to ash and my memory will be wiped away from a lousy fire. It seems like we will meet our demise but you'll still be here. I don't hate you for your decision with the serum; I'm past all of that. If I was in your shoes, I'd probably do the same thing. The only thing I can't seem to figure out is why my life doesn't matter much to you...

I hate to write this in a letter especially if these are my last words. But it's better to get this off my chest and not die with any regrets. I've been by your side through thick and thin, I've ran when you needed me. After Davina's death, I started to realize more about us. I'm not Rebekah, I can't fill in her shoes. She is your first love, and I am your last. At least with me out of the picture, you too can be together without little ol' me ruining it. I hand over the title of Queen of New Orleans to her. We're better off as friends than anything more. I love you Marcel, I do but I'm not a fool. You don't look at me the way you look at her. We tried but it seemed pushed it and it was one sided thanks to me. I know what we are and what we're not. As for me, I'll stand in the same position I've held for years, second fiddle. I know how to stand in the back. Let Rebekah know she won.

Whether you're reading this as a beast or normal vampire, I hope you rebuild our city and make it what it once was...I wish I could be there at your side but the other side calls my name. Considering that it now is gone, I unfortunately won't be able to watch over your shoulder and I just want to find peace through all of this. Just promise me one thing. Promise me that you will let your hatred for the Mikaelson's go. Klaus means well, he really does. I get you don't see that right now but try to understand his point of view. I get that the last few weeks we didn't get along either but I want you to remember all the good that's came out of this. Also if you would be a dear and tell the Mikaelson's thank you and I'll be forever grateful to them.

One last favor, place me next to Thierry and the other vampires. And if you throw me a funeral or memorial or whatever, please DO NOT do a purple theme. Sure, throw in some violets but don't go over the top. I sweat everyone thinks that's my favorite flower and or color. Just to be on the safe side, I like roses and I don't have a favorite color. Put me in that emerald dress, if it isn't burn to ashes that I wore at the one party. I loved the color of that and I'd be honored. Then again, I don't even know if my body would be in tact...Whatever, do what you want.

I will carry you with me forever and know I didn't die in vain.

Always and forever Marcel. XO Violet.

Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah had all witnessed the compound burn to the ground. Kol and Freya had just reached their siblings with a shocked look on their face. Some of Marcel's vampires were lying dead on the street, some like Josh and Malena were checking on everyone while keeping their eyes glued to the scene. Elijah was in bad shape; Freya and Rebekah were trying their best to help him by doing whatever they could.

"Niklaus, we need to find Lucien immediately" Kol spoke up looking at the wood, ash and mini fires that were still burning.

Klaus shook his head and scrambled to his feet. They had backed away and were almost blown away but everything that happened. "We need to find them...Get Elijah out of here Rebekah, Freya stays and Kol..." The disbelief on his face was so transparent that Kol had never seen him look like that before.

"We can't leave you here Nik" Rebekah said looking at him.

"You need to figure out something for our brother. Kol knows about witches, he knows spells and things, figure something out!" He could feel himself get angered for no reason. He looked at his brother who was sweating profusely and was in and out of it. "Get him to Hayley and figure out something. Freya can help me destroy Lucien; I need to find Marcel and Violet"

"Nik, they can't possibly still be alive after that" Kol said and Klaus just glared at him, a cold hard glare. He shook his head not understand what Klaus was thinking. Rebekah was fighting back tears for both Elijah and Marcel but she still managed to help him to his feet. Kol helped his sister and Freya stayed like he said. Some of them didn't believe Lucien was still around, some did. In the end, he did get what he wanted. Break Klaus down and he'd be stupid enough to do something against him. He wasn't stupid nor a fool, Lucien needed to get what he wanted.

Klaus had slowly moved to the mess and tossed a few bricks around. He began to throw things everywhere, bricks, wood, and guardrails from the upstairs. He threw a large dressed, a table anything that was in his way. Freya had called out to him and moved forward but he didn't listen. He made Violet a promise but in his mind he failed it. He couldn't do anything if the witches were stronger than Freya.

He continued and continued until he saw something. "Violet…" Klaus jumped that way and he could see her blonde hair covered in red and black from blood and ashes. He called for Freya to help him and she scrambled that way. Violet was lying on a pile of wooden beams that must have gave from up above her. As Klaus stepped closer, he saw the major problem that he was facing. Her jeans were ripped up and her white shirt was cut and torn. Some of it was stained black but the pull of blood was the major concern. When he reached her, his face twisted in pain. He sunk to his knees next to her and grabbed her face.

"Violet…" His eyes trailed down to her chest were she landed on the railing. It had pierced her heart as she must have directly landed on it and it was over. Her skin was a pale grey and her were still open. Her arms and legs were sprawled out which meant she just completely fell through right on it. When Freya saw the scene, she couldn't believe it either. "You know…I told her I wasn't going to let this happen…I failed her"

She placed her hand on his shoulder and he slowly placed her head back down. He gripped the fleur de lis that covered the top of the railing and yanked it from her chest. Klaus placed his fingers over her eyes to close them. First it was Cami, Davina and then Violet. He looked at her and remembered them telling him something about a blonde lying in the street in a pool of blood. Sure there were differences to what they said but there was something eerily similar to it.

"Well isn't that a shame, your little girlfriend had met her demise...It's a shame that her boyfriend didn't...Yet"

He snapped his head in that direction and Freya placed herself behind him. Klaus's eyes widened when he saw Lucien have a hold of Marcel. He looked battered just like Violet covered in blood and black. He saw the blood pouring from his mouth. "I told you these two had to die, it was part of their fate. Now all we need to do is kill off Marcellus and I've poured gasoline into the fire, no pun intended of course"

He did his famous Cheshire grin and Klaus's eyes began to turn amber. Veins crept from underneath his eyes and he took strides near him. Lucien stepped a little to the side and shook his head. "You know, I was thinking you'd be ready to attack by now. I mean, did you really think I just left the city? I said you were going to suffer by losing everyone around you and I started it. Tell me, how is Elijah doing? I know you've seen one brother die from the nasty bite so why not another?"

Klaus charged for him but Lucien moved too fast for him. "Are you forgetting I've got Marcel here on a thread of his life? All I have to do is rip my hand from his chest and it will all be over. One more step and I will end him"

"You were always one with threats and lies. You've followed me like a lost puppy ever since you've arrived" Lucien's face dropped the amusement. "You knew that Violet was a bigger part of the family than you will ever be. Marcel will always be a son to me and you; you are nothing but a stable boy. Always and forever"

Freya had moved out of everyone's sight by slipping into an ally. She dialed Kol's number and had a plan in motion. All she needed was Klaus to stay on guard and keep Marcel alive. Marcel who was near death barely could look up as Lucien pressed his hand further into his chest making him yell quietly in pain. Klaus watched him like a hawk and refused to take his eyes away.

"I know an old motto called hit them while it hurts. I think it's best to show everyone what I do best, don't you think?" He cocked his head to look at Marcel before ripping his hand from his chest. Marcel's eyes had met Klaus's while he screamed out for him. Lucien through the former King of New Orleans towards Violet and he crashed next to her. Dropping his heart to the ground, Lucien's eyes turned ready and he stared down Klaus.

"Simple as one two three, now the city is crownless"

The Original Hybrid's veins were on fire, they raged with revenge, pain and anger. He didn't have time to process anything through as he just wanted to finish what was started. Lucien waved to him before zipping off down the street. He quickly followed right on his heels.

Freya had been chanting behind the building with the proper things needed Kol brought her. They both could hear every hit, every blow and the noises coming out of both them. Kol was on the tip of his heels bouncing wanting to jump in the action. He tried to hurry her up but it only took patience.

"Okay, I have what's need to do the reversing spell thanks to Davina and what you brought. Now once I start going, you need to be near him"

"How am I supposed to know when it's done?"

Freya's hands were shaking as she was trying to get everything prepared. "Once it's done I'll come up to you. Just make sure you have the right opening to jump in"

He nodded peeking out the other side of the building looking at the two fighting; Klaus was getting the hell beat out of him. Lucien never any attempt to bite him so that was a plus so far.

"Niklaus Mikaelson, I may be a stable boy but how does it feel to be kicked to the bottom? You are supposed to be this big bad hybrid that every vampire is supposed to fear. Now I am stronger than you, I am better than you…"

Klaus was laying on the street his blood covering his chest. Lucien of course was getting the upper hand but he wasn't going to give up without a fight. He wasn't just fighting for him; he was fighting for everyone else.

"I've taken two people closest to you today, Finn the other day and Elijah will be next. I will love taking Kol and Rebekah's life as much as I did theirs. And sweet Freya, she'd be good to have at my side but I've got better plans for you. In the end, all the Mikaelson's will be extinct"

He took steps towards Klaus who was backing up on his hands as he leg was badly injured. Klaus's eyes trailed to Kol who snuck up behind him in shock. He swiped his hand from left to right and off popped Lucien's head. His body sunk to his knees"

"Guess again" He said pulling a stake from his back and plunged into his chest. Klaus had given him a look. "What? I'm just double checking that he's dead"

He moved to his side and helped his brother up. "Freya did a spell to reverse the serum and all I had to do was do the dirty work. Say goodbye to the enemy…"

Marcel had sat up rapidly grabbing his chest. He was taking deep breaths not really realizing what was going on. He looked around; his eye sight sharper than it was before. Placing a hand to his face, he felt the deep veins and the multiple fangs pop up. The serum had worked…

He turned to his right and seen Violet's lifeless body. Emotions spread across his face as he grabbed her shoulder shaking her lightly, she didn't move. The deal he made with the witches was supposed to be secure; they were sacrificing their lives for hers. He gritted his teeth before biting into his wrist. Marcel hesitated giving it to her wondering if it could hurt her in the long run. Right as he placed his wrist over her mouth, she rolled to the left coughing heavily.

Violet's eyes were bulged and she didn't realize where she was. It took her a few minutes to realize what was going on. She pulled her shirt out a little to look at the wound on her chest. It slowly started to close and she slowly turned to her right. Marcel was watching her and she looked into his eyes.

"Am I dreaming? Is this the other side that was supposed to disappear?"

A faint smiled played on his lips and he shook his head. "No…We survived"

Violet dropped her shirt and grabbed him into a hug. She wrapped her hands around the back of his neck and held him tight. Clamping her eyes shut before tears could fall out; it was a miracle that they lived. "How am I here? How am I alive?" She opened her eyes and looked at the ground, the little glass vial was lying a few feet away.

Before he could answer, she pulled back and looked at him. The veins were still there, she must not have noticed them the first time. Violet placed her hands on his cheeks and rubbed over the purple veins.

"You didn't…" She was shocked more so than anything else. Violet did tell him that he should have taken it but she believed that he did. It crossed her mind that he took the serum and knew he was going to survive it, she wasn't going to. There was something very wrong about this situation, something that wasn't adding up.

"Marcel…What did you do?"

His eyes trailed away from her and he climbed to his feet, the noise echoing down the street. Marcel offered her his hand to help her up but all she could do is stare at him. They both heard the footsteps approaching them and they looked that way. Klaus, Kol and Freya stopped and looked at the two newly resurrected vampires.

"How in the hell…"Kol said mostly to himself.

Marcel stared down the Originals, his fangs approaching. The war wasn't over.

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