TITLE: Your Highness!
SUMMARY: When the island country of Kishon claims Haruhi as their Princess it leads to a stranger wanting to claim her hand in marriage. Haruhi's new status leads to the members of the Host Club's parents all insisting that they wed Haruhi too! Having a Princess in the family would raise anyone's status, and we discover this country's elite fighters might be stronger than Honey and Mori!
STORY PAIRINGS: Haruhi+Tamaki, Honey+Mori

PLEASE NOTE: This story is rated M. According to the FF site, that means it has to be appropriate for ages 16+ WITHOUT explicit content, which includes adult language, themes, and suggestions. This story meets those requirements.

The Hasuakuzon Style!

Groaning from the sound of banging on his door he reached over for the alarm clock, tilting it so he could see the time.


"Haruhi, could you get that," he groaned. Then he realized. Haruhi wasn't here. That's right; she had gone to study abroad in the U.S. That's where his little girl was right now. Sitting up he stretched, the relentless but non-panicked knocks continued. "You'd think after three or four they'd go away…"

Opening the door Ryōuji Fujioka growled an annoyed, "Yeah?"

The sight that met his eyes was surprising. Four large men in suits were standing outside his door, and directly in front of them was what an appeared to be a seventeen year old boy. He looked like he could have easily been a member of the Host Club that his little girl had been a part of. The teen was certainly handsome enough, and his clothes looked so expensive. His hair was jet black and he looked to be about the same height as the twins had been (when they last came over a few months prior).

"Can I help you?" he asked scratching at his barely visible beard which always itched horribly before he got dressed up to shave it.

"Yes," the boy said smiling. "I was wondering if you were the man who married this woman?"

He held up a picture. Ryōuji glanced down at it. It was his Kotoko wearing an exalted outfit from her Zuka club days, he reached out taking the picture from the boys hand with such speed that boy gasped and Ryōuji felt an iron strong hand clamp onto his wrist. Ryōuji winced from it.

"Please," the boy said to the man and he let go.

Glaring suspiciously at the boy he looked more closely at the photo, "Yes, this is my Kotoko…"

"I see," the kid said smiling. "Then could you please tell me… Did you and this Kotoko ever bare a child together?"

"You mean Haruhi?" Ryōuji said frowning. The kid's eyes widened with mild surprise and then a soft grin split across his face.

"So… it's true then. May I speak with this… Haruhi?" he asked.

"I'm afraid not…" Ryōuji said. "She's currently studying abroad in America, but more importantly… How do you know my Kotoko?"

The boy smiled, "I don't."

He looked up at his silent companions, "We're leaving."

With that he turned and began to walk down the outdoor corridor. Only Ryōuji rushed out after him. "Wait! How do you know my—"

Suddenly his arm was twisted behind his back and he thrown to the ground with great force, much more force than the man had used when grabbing his wrist earlier. "No one runs up on the young master!"

"Leave him be, Hasuru…" the boy said without so much as a backwards glance. "We don't need to cause trouble with my future father-in-law now do we?"

The large man known as Hasuru released him, and Ryōuji pulled himself up into a sitting position. "Future father-in-law… what are you talking about?"

The kid didn't stop, but Ryōuji took the steps two at a time to meet him at his limo. "WAIT! Just what are you talking about!? Future father-in-law!?"

"Don't worry Father," he said smiling. "When I find her, I will invite you to the wedding."

Without another word he climbed back into his limo. Ryōuji didn't dare run up to the door, that Hasuru guy was big and scary! When his lackeys got in the car as well and they drove off, Ryōuji immediately took out his cell phone trying his daughter, he noticed a bruise already forming on his arms from where the man had pinned him.

"Remember, the first one who grabs their phone has to buy lunch for everyone!" Tamaki said smiling. "This is a commoner's way of deciding who picks up the check…"

Him and the other members of the currently (non-existent) host club were sitting in restaurant booth enjoying a rather elaborate dinner. It was honestly nice having them all together. Though Haruhi hadn't expected it. When she decided to go to the US to study, she thought it would be just her. Then Tamaki decided to come, and after they got here. The next thing she knew the whole Host Club showed up! Despite her surprise and despite the fact that she had been looking forward to time alone. She was having a lot of fun. Haruhi, who had just taken a bite of her burger, looked up as her phone started to vibrate.

"Uh…" she slowly reached for it.

"Ah, Haruhi," Tamaki said smiling his classic smile. "Remember the rule…"

"But it might be my Dad calling," she said.

"Reeeeally," the twins chimed together. "You mean you have the money to pay for all of this? Including Honey-senpai's cakes, which is a pricey feast on its own..."

She glared across the table at Honey-senpai who was onto his fourth rather expensive cake. She immediately withdrew her hand frowning.

"And thus, let the games begin," Tamaki said wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. Suddenly Kyoya's phone began to ring as well.

"Ah… will you lose Kyoya?" Tamaki asked smiling.

"Hardly," Kyoya said taking a sip of his drink.

Next, the twin's phones went off… then Mori's… then Honey's…

"Isn't a little weird that all our phones went off so suddenly? I think someone is really trying to get ahold of us…" Honey said frowning.

"Then will you lose Honey-senpai?" Tamaki asked smiling.

…and then… his phone went off. His expression fell and curious sort of boyish look came over his face. "You know… it… might be mother. Or father… or grandmother…"

He suddenly got a panicked look on his face, "What if something happened to Antoinette?"

"Antoinette's back at home remember? We brought him with us," Haruhi said killing his dilusion.

"Then what if something happened to Grandmother… You think she's sick? Maybe Mother took ill again. Or maybe Father was in a car accident," he said looking horrorstruck. "I GOT TO KNOW!"

He grabbed his phone with tears in his eyes? "Hello!? Grandmother!? Father!? Mother!? Are you okay?"

"We got a free lunch! We got a free lunch!" chanted the twins together happily.

"What?" Tamaki gasped. "Yes, Haruhi is with me…"

"Who is it?" Haruhi asked looking up at him.

"You're Dad," he explained before turning his attention back to the phone. "Sir, I'm putting you on speaker phone, hold on…"

"…and don't let Haruhi out of your sight for a moment!" Ryōuji nearly shouted.

"Dad what's going on?" Haruhi asked nervously.

"A bunch of thugs came to our house looking for you Haruhi."

"What?" Haruhi gasped.

"Rich thugs too! They might be Yakuza I don't know, they showed up and manhandled me… Lousy little… but they knew your Mother. They showed up here with a picture of her and asked about you!"

"Haruhi? Are… are you in debt to the Yakuza?" Tamaki asked seriously.

"Of course not!" Haruhi snapped.

"Was your mother in debt to the Yakuza?" Hikaru asked, sounding panicked but it seems to be more for the reason of making Tamaki look worried than actual concern.

"Of course not!" he father spat from the phone.

"What did they say they wanted Miss. Ranka?" Kyoya asked straightening his glasses as he did do.

Almost as if this caused a switch in his brain he brought out his overly feminine voice when he next spoke. "Oh, they didn't seem to be here for a debt. No, the boy that was with them seemed to be implying that he was here to marry Haruhi."

"Marry!?" they all (but Haruhi and Mori) gasped together.

"I wanted you to be on your guard and stay safe. They seemed rich so I can assume they could afford a tickets to the US."

"But… why me?" Haruhi said thinking…

"I don't know, but stay safe and call me every night sweetie! Get the cops to camp out at your place if you have to," he said.

"Fear not honorable Father," Tamaki said happily. "Anyone who wants to marry Haruhi will have to go through me! I will protect Haruhi with my life!"

"Not to mention we got Mori and Honey here and they are pretty much as good as an army," Hikaru explained.

"Don't worry Haru-chan's Daddy, we'll protect Haru-chan," Honey explained.

"Ahh," Mori nodded.

"I am so glad Mori and Honey are there to protect my little girl when I cannot… Thank you boys!"

"You're welcome!" Honey said taking another bite of cake.

"I… I said I would protect her too!" Tamaki pointed out staring down at the phone he had placed in the center of the table so everyone could hear him.

"As I said!" Ryōuji snapped. "I am very glad that Mori and Honey are there!"

"Dad, I'm sure this is a misunderstanding…" Haruhi said nervously looking at the despondent expression on Tamaki's face. "If these people show up we'll just explain I'm obviously not who they think I am."

"If you say so Haruhi, but you call me every night mind!" he said. "I gotta go to work now. Daddy loves you!"

With that the dial tone sounded. Haruhi sighed.

"You think it's a case of mistaken identity then?" Kaoru asked.

"What else could it be?" Haruhi asked. "I can't imagine anyone would want to marry me having never met me…"

"Well, regardless," Kyoya said patting his mouth with a napkin before getting to his feet. "It seems our King is paying the bill this time."

"Wha!?" Tamaki gasped as everyone got up to leave.

"I wouldn't want to be paying for this meal, thanks milord!" Hikaru said throwing his arms behind his head as they walked to the exit.

Back at Haruhi and Tamaki's apartment they were all staying. Even though they all had apartments in the building, Mori-senpai had mentioned that if someone was looking for Haruhi then it would be safer if they were there in the same room.

So they were all camping on the sofa or little futons.

"Guys this hardly necessary," Haruhi said dully looking at how cramped they all were there.

"I understand why Mori and Honey are camping here, but why are you two delinquents here?!" Tamaki snapped pointing at the twins.

"Hey, if we're all camping out here then why do we have to be left out?" Kaoru asked frowning from his futon on the floor.

Kyoya had been on his computer since they got back.

"Did you find anything Kyo-chan?" Honey asked looking over his shoulder.

"Well, I got the surveillance footage from Haruhi's building, but it's rather blurry… Unfortunately the camera that took this seems quite old and even video enhancements didn't seem to help too much. But I got the video of what happened with Haruhi's Father."

They all crowded around the screen as they watched the teen and four body guards approach Haruhi's door. After a few minutes of knocking the door opened, but they couldn't see Haruhi's father at first. As the men began to leave Ryōuji took off after them reaching his hand out to stop the guy only one of the men, with impressive speed and strategic movement, he had swung Haruhi's father around before pinning him to the ground.

At that moment Honey and Mori exchanged glances, which no one else noticed.

Then the four men and the well-dressed kid took off in a limo with Ryōuji standing there looking rather dumbfounded, and he pulled out his cell phone as he walked back into the house closing the door behind him.

"That's where it ends," Kyoya said closing his laptop.

"It's a mistake," Haruhi explained. "It has to be, even blurry. That guy didn't look familiar at all."

"Even so," Tamaki said gallantly. "We have to make sure nothing happens to Haruhi men!"

All the club members of the club lined up like they were ready for a fight saluting him. It brought back Host Club memories, and Haruhi laughed, "You guys, seriously. I'm sure this isn't a big deal! It's late and we got class tomorrow..."

"She's right men! Let's sleep in a circle and have Haruhi furthest from the door. It'll be safest that way, and tomorrow someone will always accompany Haruhi as she goes about her day!"

"Ugh…" Haruhi sighed. As always, the host club was taking things too far…

Camped out in the living room with the furniture pushed against the walls so as to make room they were all sleeping, or so Haruhi thought. When one of the twins let out a particularly loud snore Haruhi woke up, and groaning she started to cover her ears with her pillow, however, she had glanced up mid-motion and noticed something moving by the light of the window. It was Honey-senpai, who was seated on the windowsill looking out. Bun-bun in his arms…

Haruhi was just about to look up and ask him what he was doing when a soft beeping sound came from their little group. In an instant Mori had shut off the alarm on his wrist watch. It was so soft; she couldn't believe it had woken him up. He climbed out from under his covers walking over to Honey-senpai.

"Mitsukuni," he said softly, and Honey looked up. His eyes were determinedly focused. It was scary when Honey's eyes got like that. But they softened immediately upon looking up at Mori. Haruhi covered her pillow above her head pretending to not be awake.

"Shift change then?" he asked smiling hopping down from the window sill.

Shift change? Haruhi thought… Were… were they really that worried? The other Host Club members never mentioned taking shifts, did Mori and Honey not tell them...

Honey started walking over to his futon when Mori's voice called him back, "Mitsukini."

He stopped turning back to him, and Mori put his hand underneath his chin tilting his head up he kissed him softly. Out of surprise, Haruhi let out a small gasp and quickly covered her mouth.

( ) ( ) (#) ( ) ( )

They pulled apart at the noise and Honey smiled at her. She could only just make out his face from the moonlight that came in through the window. Walking over he crouched down in front of her putting his finger to his lips and whispering, "Shhhh."

He climbed under the covers of the futon to her left. The idiot Tamaki was in the futon at her right and seemed fast asleep. Looking slightly crestfallen (though again, how can you really tell? It's Mori), Mori took the place on the windowsill where Honey had been. Honey fiddled with his own watch for a bit and then glanced at Haruhi who was still looking at him.

"Honey-senpai," Haruhi said whispering to him. "Why are you guys taking shifts?"

Honey smiled at her before placing a hand on her head. "Don't worry Haru-chan. We won't let anyone hurt you."

"But…" she began only Honey put his finger to his mouth again. "Shhh… it's sleepy time now."

With that he rolled over curling up with Bun-bun, she glanced up looking at Mori who smiled at her. Frowning she curled up under her covers falling asleep as well.

Come morning every one of the Host Club members had messages from their parents on their phones. While none of them were worded in quite the same way, they all stated similar messages. Kyoya was the first to notice the text message order from his father, which read:

It would be in our Family's best interest for you to wed Haruhi Fujioka. Make it happen.

Yawning Kaoru sat up checking his phone, and to his surprise his mother had left him a message which read:

So, whichever one of you (I can't remember which) that had the crush on Haruhi. Try to make it work. Just found out some juicy info, and it would be really great if you could make it work with her. I've already got the prettiest wedding dress in mind!

"What?" he said rubbing his eyes. He was sure he had read it wrong. Kyoya was already wide awake and typing on his computer. Hikaru rolled over looking up at his brother questionably.

"What is it?"

"Mom is talkin' about you marryin' Haruhi now…" he said tossing him his phone.

"What!?" Hikaru sat bolt up grabbing the phone from the covers where it had fell and reading her text over.

"Hhhmm…" Honey said looking up from his pillow. "My Dad texted me about marrying Haruhi too…"

"WHAT!?" the twins exclaimed together crawling over to confirm Honey wasn't lying.

"How can Honey-senpai marry Haruhi? He's too short to marry Haruhi! Everyone knows the guy is supposed to be taller than the gir—."

Mori turned his phone around for the twins to see. He too had a similar message… "But you're too tall!" the twins snapped together.

"Okay… this is too freaky… I think it would be easier now to count the number of people in this room who wasn't instructed to marry Haruhi," Hikaru sighed.

"Well," Kyoya said as he typed away. "If we assumed Tamaki got one, then the total would be none."

"Wait? Your parent's told you to marry Haruhi too?"

"Yes, that was the general message…"

"Ugh, this is nuts! None of our parents cared in the past about Haruhi and now all of a sudden they're all interested in her?" Hikaru snapped looking quite annoyed. "What the hell is going on!?"

Meanwhile, Haruhi was as sleep on her futon. Tamaki had (at some point in the night) snuggled up close to her, and the two were currently holding hands while sleeping.

"Aw, aren't they cute," Honey-senpai said smiling at them and yawning. Mori glanced over at him but said nothing.

"Milord," Hikaru snapped kicking him lightly. "Get up we got problems here!"

"Ow!" Tamaki snapped opening his eyes, "What?"

Haruhi woke up from the noise as well. "Good morning…"

She opened her eyes looking around noticing that everyone was staring at the two of them. Looking down she noticed that they were holding hands. Blushing, the two of them broke apart.

"Look alive you two, we got serious problems here!" Kaoru snapped.

"Oh?" Tamaki blinked. "What?"

"Before we say anything milord, check your phone…"

"My phone?" Tamaki reached into his pocket pulling it out. "Oh, hey… My Grandmother texted me…"

"Uh-huh…" Hikaru frowned folding his arms.

Suddenly Tamaki's face suddenly lit up. He suddenly took Haruhi's hands in his own smiling. "Good news Haruhi! My Grandmother approves of us and has given us her blessing! She has suggested that we get married!"

"Uh…" Haruhi hesitated.

"Yeah, that's what we thought…" the twins said together. "We all got similar messages."

"My Grandmother texted all of you about my and Haruhi's engagement?" Tamaki asked blinking.

"No boss" Hikaru sighed. He couldn't get over what an idiot Tamaki could be sometimes. "We all got messages from our parents that we should do our best to ensure our own marriages to Haruhi."

"Whoa, wait? What?" Haruhi blinked looking worried. "Why?"

"That's the question isn't it?" Hikaru said frowning.

"I'll text Mother and ask," Kaoru said taking the phone back from Hikaru.

"Don't bother, I've already figured out why. And I doubt we'll be the last ones asked to try for her hand too," Kyoya explained fixing his glasses on his face.

"What!?" The twins rushed over to Kyoya both trying to see his computer screen.

"Back up!" Kyoya said sighing pushing them back. "It seems, an announcement was made a few days ago. The King of Kishon believes that Haruhi is the descendent of his daughter Princess Koriko Tokari Korokawa."

"Huh!?" Haruhi gasped. "What? Why?"

"It seems his only child ran away at seventeen never to be seen again. However, when his counsel claimed that he should abdicate his throne he refused to do so on the grounds that his daughter was out there somewhere and that the throne belonged to her…" Kyoya explained. "The counsel then swore to find her alive or dead to prove to the King that she was gone and he should turn the throne over to them. After what appears to be months of searching they finally tracked the Princess down…"

"You mean…" Tamaki said. "They think Haruhi is this Princess Koriko…"

"Don't be stupid," Kyoya snapped and Tamaki frowned. "They think her late Mother Kotoko was actually Princess Koriko. Since she is dead, and if we assume this news is true. That would make Haruhi the only living heir to the throne of a large and wealthy country..."

"Wha!" Honey-senpai gasped turning to Haruhi. "You're a Princess Haru-chan?"

"No of course not!" she snapped. "This is a mistake! If my Mother was a Princess, I'm sure she would have told us. Besides that, Mother was poor in her childhood. She worked her way up from nothing to become a good lawyer. She always said so…"

"Poor huh…" the twins said together. "If she was so poor, how is it she has all that Zuka club memorabilia?"

"Huh?" Haruhi glanced back at them…

"That IS damning evidence," Kyoya said thoughtfully contemplating the idea.

"Why?" Haruhi asked looking up at the twins, who were smirking.

"Lobelia Academy is just as much a reputable school as Ouran is…" Hikaru pointed out.

"Costs just as much too. You'd have to have pretty high standing to attend there…" Kaoru explained.

"Maybe… she got in on a scholarship… like me?"

"Well… there is a record of Princess Koriko attending until her seventeenth year… Never even finished," Kyoya explained. "However there is no record of a Kotoko though, and the pictures of her are even more damning…"

He turned his screen around revealing a girl in Zuka club regalia, who was unmistakably her mother. Haruhi walked over to the screen. "That's my Mother alright…"

"Wrong, that's from Princess Koriko's days in the Zuka club…"

"Ugh… I don't understand. If this is true… then… why didn't she tell me…"

"Haruhi…" Tamaki said softly getting to his feet.

"This explains who that guy must be, he must be the one looking to take the throne, but now that Haruhi's in the picture he has to marry her to get it…" the twins said together in a classically harmonious nature.

"That also explains why we all got those texts from our parents. I assume other Ouran students probably got similar messages from theirs. What member of aristocracy wouldn't want the chance to marry off their children to a Princess and have royal standing added to the list of titles present in their family?" Kyoya said folding his arms contemplating.

"Haruhi," Tamaki exhaled again, since he was clearly being ignored. His eyes hadn't left the back of her head where she stood staring at her Mother's picture. "Haruhi, you know what this means don't you?"

"…" she turned to him blinking.

"You're a Princess Haruhi! All this time!" he rushed over hugging her like he had done the first day she was a part of the Host Club, and he spun her around happily. "I can't believe it! A genuine Princess! Don't you worry Haruhi! We'll protect you from all those other suitors and I as your one and only Prince Charming will see to your every need!"

"Tamaki-senpai," Haruhi said frowning. "Don't jump the gun here. We don't have any proof! Where is this country anyway?"

"Kishon is a large island country in the Pacific Ocean. Their main exports are oil, diamonds, and gold…"

"That's quite the trinity…" Kaoru and Hikaru said to eachother frowning.

"In addition to the main island their country owns many neighboring islands. Most of which are used for tourism or personal getaways for the royal family and government officials. They have a rather large army, with a handful of secret service agents who are trained in the way of Akuzon…" Kyoya stopped reading at that word glancing up at Honey and Mori. Honey placed a finger to his lips, and thus Kyoya didn't say anything…

Having not noticed anything Tamaki suddenly released Haruhi and spun around. "Alright men! We have an honest to God Princess to protect! We shall see her to school to ensure this stranger doesn't steal her away and whisk my Haruhi off into a forced marriage!"

"Wait!" Haruhi snapped. "Nothing has been confirmed. I'm sure… there is a reasonable explanation for all of this!"

Regardless, twenty minutes later Haruhi found herself being escorted to her classes for the day.

"Seriously, you guys don't have to walk with me," Haruhi said in an annoyed tone. For Tamaki, Mori and Kaoru were following her to her class.

"Well we go to the same school," Kaoru explained. "So it would really be hard not to follow you. Except for Mori…"

Haruhi glanced up to him. "It's fine…" he said. "I wanted to come."

Frowning in a very usual way she rested her chin on the books she was carrying. "You guys keep making a big deal out of this and I don't really understand why…"

"Some crackjob is trying to forcefully marry you, and you're saying you don't understand why…" Kaoru explained.

"You don't know he's trying to forcefully marry anyone. Maybe he's just gonna ask me. That is if we assume I really am who he's looking for. Besides, in today's day and age you can't forcefully marry anyone," Haruhi explained. "If this guy shows up I'll explain I have no plans to marry anyone right now…"

Tamaki who had been protectively walking while holding Haruhi's free hand stopped in his tracks when she ran out of arm length to walk away, she turned to him questionably.

"Tamaki-senpai?" she asked staring up at him.

"No…plans… To marry anyone…" he said. He looked like he was about to slip into his little depression state he used to fall into at the Host Club.

"Well…no," she answered him, and Tamaki looked like he was losing strength, his expression faltering.

"Milord," Kaoru said frowning. "Could you hold it together until we get our Princess to school?"

"Please stop calling me that…" Haruhi sighed.

"What do you mean…no plans…" he sighed…

"Senpai, either walk with me or let go of my hand so I can keep walking to class," she said groaning. Ever since she and Tamaki had started dating she had gotten even more used to his antics. However, many times (such as the case of now) she still found it quite annoying…

Mori walked up forcing their hands apart he placed his hands on Haruhi's shoulders physically making her walk forward.

"Ugh!" This had seemed to awaken Tamaki from his stupor and he rushed forward. "Uh… Mori-senpai? That's not really necessary…"

"We need to keep walking," he explained with his stoic expression never changing.

"Mori-senpai?" Kaoru said hurrying forward. "What's wrong? You're acting strange…"

Haruhi looked up at him. Though his expression was very much as it always was, there was an emotion to the eyes that he didn't often have… One of worry…

"Senpai?" she said raising an eyebrow.

"Here we are," he said after a minute or two. Sure enough, they had finally arrived outside her school building.

"Alright my Princess," Tamaki said. "You get to class and I'll meet you for lunch!"

Though Tamaki had ensured that he was attending the same school as she, they were still in different grades and therefore didn't have classes together. Despite the uproar he had made at the class registration office.

"Uh…" she glanced up at Mori again as though waiting for some confirmation to his actions, though he simply started at her. "Alright then… See you guys at lunch…"

"I'll walk with you to class!" Kaoru said smiling. He however, had managed to get the same schedule as her. Hikaru though, had chosen to go to a different school for his study abroad. It was still in the area but he had told Kaoru he thought it would be too hard seeing Haruhi every day at school as well as seeing her every day back at home.

"HEY! DON'T YOU PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND MY PRINCESS!" Tamaki snapped, for that is just what Kaoru did as the two hurried into the building. Mori walked over to a picnic table where he laid down on the bench seat looking up at the sky…

Haruhi was in the first row of her French class and next to the window. Tamaki had made her take this elective because he said it would be so romantic if the two could speak a language that was just for them. Kaoru, who was only taking the class because Haruhi did and wasn't actually willing to learn the language, was understandably bored.

"Hey Mori didn't go to his University…" he said looking out the window. Haruhi who sat just in front of him glanced out and noticed Mori laying on the bench outside the school.

"Why is he still here?" she questioned.

"Are you two paying attention?" asked their French teacher Madame Malken in perfect French.

"Ugh, Oui…" Kaoru said grinning.

Haruhi buried her face in her book. She wouldn't have been surprised if that was the only word he knew.

"Sorry I'm late."

Mori opened his eyes to see Honey crouching on the school wall that he was climbing over. He jumped down as Mori sat up.

"She's in class now huh?"


"You can head out then," Honey said yawning.

"Mitsukuni, you look tired…"

"Just a little bit," he admitted. "I was too afraid to fall back asleep last night because I know how hard it is for me to get up from a nap and I didn't want to sleep through their attack."


"You should hurry to your class so you don't get in trouble. You can't go skipping school at the University level. You'll ruin your gpa," Honey said as he stifled another yawn.

"When we get back, you're taking a proper nap," Mori told him.

"Okay," Honey said sitting on the bench Mori had gotten up from.

Mori ruffled his hair before heading out, and Honey's eyes narrowed dangerously once again.

"Honey-senpai? What are you doing here?" Haruhi asked as she, Tamaki, and Kaoru went outside to eat their lunches.

"I came to have lunch with you!" he said happily in his classically childish way.

"Did you even bring a lunch?" Kaoru asked.

"Uh… no," he said smiling. "But Mori packed the lunches today… Haruhi you have your lunch right?"

"Uh, yeah of course," she said pulling it out of her bag. It was the bento box Mori had packed for her. Since they had come here, Tamaki had thought it would be fun for everyone to take turns packing lunches for everyone else. Since there were seven of them, they were all assigned a day of the week. Tuesdays were Mori's day.

"Look under it," Honey said smiling.

She noticed her bento today had two compartments; the bottom compartment had another packed bento. That one had a rice ball in the shape of a bunny head, some meat, and a cupcake.

"That one's for me!" Honey said smiling. "I had an early class so I had to leave before Mori could give it to me."

"I see, here you go then," she said handing it to him.

"You sure that one's for you Honey-senpai?" Kaoru asked. "There is meat in it."

"Yup, Mori and I made a deal. I can have as many sweets as I want as long as I eat the same amount in meat and vegetables," he explained.

"I see, but he didn't budge on the whole bun-bun situation…" Tamaki asked smiling.

"We agreed that I could bring him once every three days," Honey explained and then pouting slightly he added. "Today isn't the day I can bring him…"

"Oh, I'm sorry Honey-senpai…" Haruhi said frowning.

"So... I'm gonna walk you home today okay, don't go back without me alright," Honey said as he began eating.

"Look, you guys don't have to be following me… Mori was even waiting outside the building for a bit…"

"He was waiting for me," Honey explained. He had eaten his cupcake first. "He has afternoon classes, and I only had the one morning class today."

"That doesn't really explain why he was waiting. Couldn't he have met you somewhere other than our school? If you're doing this to protect me you don't have to when I'm in the school. It's not like this guy is going to barge right into my class or something."

"Well, I have nothing better to do, so I'm gonna wait out here if that's okay..."

"…" she looked at him. "Senpai? What's going on? I'm getting the feeling you're not telling us something…"

"Huh?" Honey-senpai blinked. "Well, you're a Princess right? Like Tamaki said we should be protecting you."

"That's right Honey-senpai!" Tamaki exclaimed making Haruhi sigh again. Great, he got him going on that again… "I always said you were our Secret Princess… and now you really are!"

"Tamaki!" Haruhi snapped looking rather annoyed. Her expression reminding him so much of the old Haruhi.

"I'm kidding," Tamaki explained throwing an arm around her he pulled her close. "We'll get this whole situation sorted out soon. So don't you worry... Princess or not, we will be here for you!"

"If it turns out you are a Princess, you should let our Mother design some dresses for you," Kaoru explained.

"Trust me it won't… It can't be…" she said. Just the idea that her mother could have had such a life and not told her made her more than a little upset.

"Ugh!" Hikaru sighed as he sat with Mori on a bench outside Mori's university. "I mean, I get it! She picked Tamaki! But somehow her possibly being a Princess makes her cuter and stupid Tamaki-senpai keeps flaunting their love. Now Ma's wanting me to end up with her… And clearly I can't. I mean… This whole situation just pisses me off…"

Mori was sipping his drink listening to him. He laid down on the other end of the bench scowling at the sky.

"Speaking of which… What are you gonna do?" he looked up at Mori.


"Didn't your parents ask you to try for Haruhi too?"

"Yeah. But I can't do anything unless Mitsukuni requests it…" Mori explained.

"So, you're saying if Honey-senpai told you to marry Haruhi you would?"


"…" Hikaru sat up. "So, you will just do whatever he tells you? No matter what?"


"I get the whole, your family used to serve his thing, but don't you think there should be a limit to that?" he asked frowning.

"I pledged my hands to him. Thus I serve him unconditionally…"

Hikaru took a bite of his sandwich. Contemplating it, "What does that mean?"

"It means you give your mind body and soul to another person. You agree to follow them blindly, and protect them at the cost of your own life if need be. It's an unbreakable and silent contract. You serve as their sword when needed; you become their shield when necessary. This is an unbreakable bond that clan members initiate with one another or when honor bound or in return of a debt."

"Unbreakable?" he raised an eyebrow. "So you mean you're bound to Honey-senpai? Out of curiosity… your bond or whatever… Did you want to obey him? Or do you have to obey him? I mean… I get that your family was in service to his a long time ago and you obey him out of respect to that… but did you want to… what did you call it? Pledge hands? Did you want to do that or did your parents or someone make you?"

"…" Mori frowned. "I wanted to…"

"Ah," Hikaru sighed turning back to his food and took a drink of his soda.

"Mitsukuni didn't…"

Hikaru who hadn't been expecting that stopped drinking to stare at him. His expression revealed nothing however…

Yawning, Honey-senpai held on to Haruhi's jacket so he wouldn't get left behind while they walked back to the apartment.

"If you're that sleepy, why did you wait outside the school? If you had no more classes today, you coulda just went home and took a nap."

"I'm okay," he said smiling.

"Maybe some cake would wake you up," Kaoru suggested.

His face suddenly lit up. "Yeah!"

"Let's stop by that place we went yester—" Tamaki began only the screeching of Tires suddenly met their ears as three black cars skidded to a halt encircling them in front of the garden wall they were standing in front of.

"Must be that guy," Kaoru pointed out. "Guess we're going to finally see who he is…"

"Guess so…" Tamaki sighed folding his arms a slight smirk on his face.

Clearly neither of them was worried. They were with Honey-senpai, and this was the guy who had taken out the Otori personal police force with little effort after all… Looking at her friends, Haruhi thought it was strange that the only one who looked worried… was Honey…

"Haru-chan," Honey said softly. "Stay behind me please…"

She blinked at him, "Honey-senpai…"

He took two steps forward to be in front of her.

The car on the far left opened and a man got out. He wore a suit and dark glasses and was bald. Walking to the middle car he opened it and a kid stepped out. He had black hair and brown eyes and was wearing black slacks with a white shirt. He had on a tie but it was undone hand hanging loosely from his shoulders.

"Hello," he said smiling. "Sorry for encircling you like this but… I didn't want you to run off…"

He took a few steps forward. "My name is Keishin Ashiro. I am the son of a nobleman from Kishon. Now, I am sure you must have heard by now, but we believe you are the daughter of our former Princess and I have come to take you home. Also, I would like to respectfully ask for your hand in—"

"My name is Tamaki Suoh," Tamaki exclaimed walking up to him with his hand outstretched. Only the guy in a suit blocked him.

"Please keep your distance from the young Master," the man said staring down at Tamaki with a look of disgust.

"Uh… alright," Tamaki said looking around the body guard. "Um… Anyway. I'm Tamaki, and I'm not sure exactly how all this came about, but I'm currently dating Haruhi. So… if anyone is going to be asking for her hand then—"

"You're dating her…" the kid said frowning. "No, that doesn't work into my plans at all."

"Well too bad!" Kaoru said glaring he walked up to stand with Tamaki. "Haruhi is currently on a study abroad trip so she can't really go anywhere anyway…"

"Yes... I am aware of that…" the kid said. He bypassed his body guard and started walking towards Haruhi. Tamaki made to stop him only the body guard grabbed both him and Kaoru holding them back.

"Hey let go!" Kaoru snapped trying to kick the guy.

"What are you—" Tamaki growled.

"Pardon me Princess," he said ignoring the struggles of Kaoru and Tamaki as he stood before her.

"Listen, let them go!" Haruhi snapped. "I'm not going anywhere right now, and I'm not marrying anyone anytime soon. I'm sixteen."

"I'm seventeen," Keishin said smiling. "But that doesn't matter. In our country people can marry as young as fifteen. Now, if you'll come with me I promise to have you back here by Monday at the latest. I am sure an official decree from our King will be enough to excuse your absence from school."

"I'm not going."

"Princess," he said sighing. "Please be reasonable. Your Grandfather has waited a very long time to meet you, and it would just break his heart if I returned home witho—"

"She's not going," Honey said bluntly looking up at him. "She said she doesn't want to go."

Keishin knelt down looking at Honey-senpai and he smiled. "And who are you little boy?" he asked.

"Mitsukuni Haninozuka," he answered in the same dull tone so unlike the cheerfully happy voice they were all so accustomed to.

"Hani…nozuka…" he repeated and then a smile split across his face. He stood up. "Oy! Hasuru, I think you'll find this kid interesting…"

The door of the third car opened and a tall muscular man stepped out. He had a blond head and beard, bushy eyebrows, grey eyes. Tamaki and Kaoru stopped struggling to stare at the guy, he looked so menacing…

"My, it's been years little Mi-chan!" he said grinning. "You haven't grown up at all…"

"Ojisama…" Honey said acknowledging him, but barely.

"How has your Dad been then?"

"He's fine."

It was odd, Honey-senpai was responding in a similar manner that Mori would. Short and quick sentences. Though Honey's responses felt rather cold...

"Oh good," Tamaki said smiling nervously. "They know each other."

"I don't think it's as good as you think…" Kaoru said and turning back to the man holding them. "Will you let us go already!?"

"Hasuru," Keishin said looking up at him. "I want Haruhi to come with me, but I don't think this kid is gonna let that happen…"

"Don't worry about him," Hasuru said. "As I recall Mi-chan was always rather unskilled when it came to the family fighting technique. I was his first teacher after all…"

"Oh shit…" Kaoru said stopping again in his struggles when he heard that. "That… can't be good…"

"You don't think this guy is stronger than Honey-senpai do you?" Tamaki asked frowning he too had given up trying to get out of their captor's embrace.


"The Princess is coming with us Mi-chan. Step aside so you don't get hurt," he placed his hand on Honey's head lightly pushing him to the side. It looked for a second like he was about to fall from the push but instead he knelt down jumping up and kicking him in the back of the neck. His uncle was thrown forward into the garden wall behind him. He threw out his arm to stop his face from running into brick.

Haruhi gasped. Honey's expression was in full on fighting mode…

"So…" Hasuru said getting to his feet again he turned. Apparently unhurt, "You've learned a bit after all…"

Honey's eyes flashed quickly in Haruhi's direction before he lunged forward. Wrapping an arm around her waist he lifted her off the ground, and ran along the garden wall in an arch and landed before Tamaki and Kaoru. He let go of Haruhi and she fell onto the ground just as he jumped up and kicked the guy holding Tamaki and Kaoru causing him to let them go, and they two fell to the ground. With a spinning kick he sent the guy flying at his uncle and landed on the ground with all three of his friends behind him. All of this he did in the time span of a few seconds.

"Honey-senpai?" Haruhi gasped.

"You three, stay behind me," he ordered.

"You really have learned a bit…" his uncle said grinning. "I have pledged my hands to the Korokawa Family, and by decree of the current King of Kishon, he wants his Granddaughter to come home. So don't think I'll go easy on you just because you're my nephew."

"That's never stopped you before," Honey answered glaring at him.

Hasuru grinned walking towards him and Honey brought his fists up preparing for him.

"Uh… if this guy was Honey's first trainer shouldn't we be more worried?" Tamaki asked getting to his feet and helping Haruhi up.

"Yeah... maybe it's time to call Mori…" Kaoru said taking out his cellphone.

CRASH! Kaoru jumped when a shuriken went through his cellphone.

"Eeee!" he gasped. Turning he saw the Hasuru guy holding another.

"This is between my nephew and me… I'll thank you to stay out of it..."

"Now… how's that arm of yours doing? Last time I saw you, I believe I had just broken it…"

"Let's find out," Honey answer and lunging forward he sent his fist flying into the side of his face. Haruhi was reminded of the time Honey's little brother had asked to see him and immediately begun a battle. She thought their fight would be like that. Only it wasn't. This fight appeared as though they were legitimately trying to hurt each other. Punches and kicks flying. Honey (being so small) was easily dodging everything. Until…


Honey's uncle had grabbed his arm and pulled it violently behind his back. They all heard a sickening crack. He let go and Honey spun around in an effort to kick him, but it was blocked easily. Honey was no longer dodging as well as he had been before. The pain in his arm clearly messing him up… Bringing out a knife his Uncle lunged at him and Honey dodged the first swipe, but the second cut his shirt and Haruhi saw a small gash on his stomach. The blood was soaking through his shirt as he landed back. Honey looked… tired…

Another lunge forward, but his Uncle saw it coming and the man's foot collided with Honey's chest knocking the wind out of him and sending him flying back onto the pavement.

"Honey-senpai!" his friends shouted from the side lines.

"Stop it!" Haruhi snapped stepping a few steps forward. "Isn't Honey-senpai your nephew? Why are you trying to hurt him like this!?"

"Why not? If he were stronger he wouldn't be hurt. Now would he? It's not my fault if he lacks training and skill."

Gasping slightly Honey looked up at him.

"I got a good 30 years of study on you in the Haninozuka technique. You'd better stay down for sake of your health kid…"

"This clearly isn't a fair fight!" Haruhi snapped.

"Haruhi," Tamaki snapped throwing an arm around her. "Calm down… we'll reason with them."

Honey sat up and spat a bit of blood on the ground. Kaoru had run over to help Honey but he had climbed back up onto his feet all on his own. "I told you three, to stay back."

"Honey-senpai…" Kaoru said nervously.

"Stay back," Honey commanded. "That's... *gasp* ...all I need you to do."

His uncle laughed loudly. "You're still going to fight me? Please… The Princess will be coming with us. I suggest you step back before I really decide to hurt you."

"You know… Princess," Keishin said smiling. "Perhaps you will come for just this upcoming weekend. School won't be in session during that time so it won't interfere with your studies. We'll be holding a ball in your honor to announce to the world we found you again."

"If I go, will you leave and stop attacking Honey-senpai?" Haruhi asked looking furious.

"Of course," he said smiling.

"Fine then!" Haruhi snapped. "I'll go."

"Haru-chan…" Honey said breathing hard. "I'm fine. You don't want to go to their country trust me, they—"

"Shut up Mi-chan," his Uncle snapped. "This doesn't concern you!"

Honey's eyes widened slightly as though an idea had come to him. He stood as tall as he could and despite being hurt, and bloodied with a broken arm and a shoulder that didn't seem to be in its socket quite right. His unbroken arm wrapped around his chest which seemed to be hurting him. He glanced back at Haruhi as though considering her for a moment. Then he smiled, this sudden idea seemed to give him a sense of strength and the appearance of being taller and more threatening that he normally appeared.

Then, in a strong voice he proclaimed, "I pledge my hands to the eldest daughter of Princess Koriko Tokari Korokawa!" he exclaimed.

His uncle's eyes flashed for a moment, "Do you understand what you're doing?"

"I think I understand better than you do," Honey retorted.

"Fine then…" he said and the man turned his gaze to Haruhi who still looked quite nervous. "This is a nice little weapon you've just acquired Princess."

Haruhi blinked. What did he mean by that?

"Well then, let's see how well you can protect her—"

"Not now," Keishin said frowning.

Honey's uncle stopped looking back at him. "Why not?"

"We have made a deal with our Princess, we stop in exchange for her coming to our Ball. We won't be starting off on a good foot if we don't fulfill our first promise to her..." He turned to Haruhi.

"My Lady, I cannot wait to see you this weekend. I'll save a dance for you..."

She frowned at him.

"Well Hasuru, if you're done catching up. I think we'll be heading home for now…"

"Fine," Hasuru said smiling. "Give your Dad a hug for me when your arm heals…"

With that the strangers got in the car, even the guy Honey had kicked earlier so they would release Tamaki and Kaoru. He was clearly meant to be just muscle for he didn't seemed skilled in fighting, and the side of his face had a long scrape down the side.

Honey fell to his knees as the cars drove off.

"Honey-senpai!" Haruhi gasped the three of them crowded around him.

"Gosh I didn't do so well did I?" he asked laughing cheerfully and childishly again, but he stopped almost immediately wrapping his uninjured arm around his chest from the pain of trying to laugh.

"Honey-senpai should I call an ambulance?" Tamaki asked nervously looking down at him.

"No, I'm okay," Honey said his bangs hiding his eyes. He didn't look it...

"He needs to go to the hospital…" Kaoru exclaimed.

"No, I'm fine…"

"Honey!" Haruhi snapped dropping the suffix to get his attention. "You NEED to go to the hospital!"

He looked up at her. "Is that an order?" he asked.

"Yes it is!" Haruhi snapped desperately trying to get him to understand.

"Okay then…" he said smiling widely before he suddenly fainted.

Kaoru caught him, "I don't think Honey-senpai has ever had a beating like this one…"

Tamaki quickly took out his phone, "I'll call an ambulance, Haruhi. You call Mori-senpai and let him know what's happened…"

"Uh… right…"

Kaoru was supporting Honey so he didn't just fall to the ground. His breathing was quite slow.

Mori and Hikaru were beginning their walk home when Mori's phone rang. "It's Haruhi…"

Hikaru looked up at that. As far as he knew, Haruhi didn't ever call Mori-senpai… Why was she calling now? For one horrific moment, he imagined that she was calling to claim her undying love for him and that he was the one she was picking to marry. But the next, that idea was wiped from his mind at the look on Mori's face.

"Where are you?"

The next second, he hung up and took off running.

"Wait! Mori-senpai, what happened?"

"That guy from the video showed up like we thought. Mitsukuni's been injured!"

Hikaru's expression went from concerned to shocked at that news as the two kept running. What creature of hell could possibly have harmed Honey-senpai? He and Mori were… the best!? After rounding two turns Hikaru's side was really starting to hurt, and then he came around the next to find Tamaki, Haruhi and Kaoru all huddled around an unconscious Honey-senpai.

Hurrying over to them Hikaru stared down at him in complete shock. He was so used to the idea that no one could beat Mori-senpai and Honey-senpai… seeing him like this… was scary…

Mori knelt down grabbing Honey's head he took off his sweater letting Honey use it for a pillow. He then felt his arm. Apparently to see how injured it was. Next he softly pushed on his chest… "He's has at least one broken rib, maybe more…"

"Ahh!" Tamaki looked nerve racked. "He's gonna be okay isn't he?"

"Of course, none of his injuries appear life threatening…" Mori said but that didn't lesson any of the worry on his face.

The Ambulance pulled up then and it came to a stop just short of running over a bunny shaped shuriken that had impaled itself into the ground.

"It seems you did well," Keishin said as he and Hasuru were heading back to Keishin's hotel. "I'll let our King know about what a wonderful job the Hasuakuzon style has done against the Honinozu—"

Blinking he had noticed that Hasuru has slumped down in his seat a ways.

"Hasuru?" Keishin said. "Hasuru?"

He waved his hand in front of his face and then Keishin noticed a cut on Hasuru's sleeve and pulling the sides of the cloth open he noticed a tiny cut beneath… "He seems to have poisoned you with paralysis… I guess that's why he didn't jump immediately back into the fight after falling down, probably waiting for it to kick in I suppose. Then again, what else could he have done? He must have realized he couldn't match your skill…"

Hasuru (as expected didn't say anything, but his eyes looked furious). "Second thought I don't think I'll be telling the King. This really is an embarrassment on your part… being beaten by someone so small…"

At the hospital only one person was allowed in his room immediately, so Mori went in while the rest of them hung outside Honey's door. Kaoru was recounting the match for Hikaru and Kyoya who hadn't been present.

Then, the sound of the pitter patter of little feet met their ears. Turning they saw a very small woman in Japanese kimono walking towards them. She had brown eyes and brown hair that was pulled back into a small bun atop her head.

Tamaki was still yammering away at Haruhi, with his back to the woman, about why they shouldn't go to this Ball. So he didn't notice her until he felt two soft taps at the back of his knee. He turned, but when he saw no one he looked down. The woman smiled, "Pardon me, but is this the hospital room in which Mitsukuni Haninozuka is currently staying?"

"Uh, yes it is ma'am?" Tamaki said somewhat shyly, which was unusual for Tamaki…

"Thank you," she said and the pitter patter commenced once more as she headed over to the door. Reaching up she tried to grab the handle but couldn't quite reach…

"Here ma'am," Tamaki said. "I'll get that for you…"

He turned the doorknob for her.

"Oh, thank you young man," she said, and the pitter patter initiated again as she made her way into the room.

Mori immediately fell to the ground upon seeing her. Bowing so low his forehead nearly touched the floor.

"Hello Mori Glory!" she said smiling. Tapping his head (as if he were a dog as she walked by).

"Mori Glory?" Hikaru snickered from where the rest of the Host Club were watching at the door.

Mori glared at him as the woman walked over to Honey's bedside. She stood on her tiptoes trying to see him. Mori immediately rushed over pulling up a chair to Honey-senpai's bedside and he (with a respectful bow) picked her up and placed her on it.

"Oh, thank you Mori Glory!" she said patting his stomach this time because she could not reach his head. She turned to Honey smiling brightly. "Honey bunny! Wake up now… it's Mumsey Mum!"

She shook him lightly until his eyes opened. He looked up at her. "Oh, hi Mama-san…" he said rubbing his eye with the hand that wasn't attached to his broken arm, and with effort he sat up a little further on the bed.

"So… that's Honey-senpai's mother?" Haruhi said frowning.

"No wonder their whole family is full of a bunch of shorties, look at the size of her—" Hikaru began only Tamaki and Kaoru covered his mouth for Honey's mother had glared in their direction with fearful eyes that matched Honey's when he was angry almost perfectly!

Then just as suddenly she turned back to her son.

"Mummy heard you got really bad ochies…" she said and as the words left her, her eyes got bright and became brimming with tears. "So she brought you some cake to cheer you up."

His face suddenly flashed with worry. Mori's too.

"Uh, no thanks. I'm not all that hungry right now…" Honey said nervously.

The rest of the host club looked like they were going to die of shock!

"He's refusing sweets," Tamaki said looking paniced.

"Are pigs flying? Has hell frozen over?" Hikaru exclaimed frantically.

"It must be the end of the world!? Honey-senpai being beaten in a fight AND refusing sweets in the same day!?" Kaoru gasped.

"Nonsense," his mother said pulling out a drawstring bag, which upon its opening revealed there were a number of cute and mini bite sized cakes.

"No really Mama-san. I'm not feeling well…"

"Mumsey Mum spoke with the doctor on her way up here. You have two broken ribs, a broken arm, and a dislocated shoulder. Absolutely none of that has anything to do with your stomach! Now here…" she said holding a cake out to him and placing it in the hand attached to the arm that wasn't broken.


"You don't want it? But… Mama made these so very special for her little honey bunny!" she said. Her eyes round as marbles and glazed over with tears that were sure to soon fall. "You… you won't eat any? What did I do? What I did I do to my sweet Honey bunny to make him hate his poor Mother so…"

"I don't hate you Mama-san!" Honey-senpai said with tearful eyes that matched his Mother's so closely. "Sure, of course I'll eat them!" Honey said…

Staring down at it he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and stuffed the whole cake in his mouth. Instantly he started to look ill… "It's so yummy Mama-san thank you…"

She turned suddenly to the rest of the Host Club at the door and hopped down from the chair walking over to them with the bag of cakes. "Would you all like one? There are plenty," she said cheerfully.

"Uh, I'm getting over a cold so I really shouldn't—" Kaoru began.

"I had a ton to eat for dinner so—" Hikaru was pointing out.

"I'm diabetic so I really can't—" Kyoya began explaining.

"I'm not overly fond of sweets, so I'll pass but thank—" Haruhi had started. She like the other had caught on to Honey's actions. If there was a cake in existence that Honey-senpai refused to eat, then it probably wasn't a good idea for anyone else to eat it either.

While her back was turned Mori handed Honey-senpai a trash can so he could spit out the cake he had been chewing.

"Nonsense," she said smiling. "Mama's cakes are great for colds. They're filled with protein and vitamins, and they make great after dinner snacks. Not only are they diabetic friendly but they are also aren't sweet a bit. They're full of vegetables you know!"

"Oh…" Haruhi laughed nervously. She suddenly understood why Honey didn't want to eat them.

"You all are disgraceful!" Tamaki exclaimed. "This woman has put her heart and soul into a healthy snack alternative for her eldest and injured son, and you won't even try them!? Fear not my lady; I would be most happy to partake of your delicious and healthy cake bites!"

He grabbed one of the cakes from the bag and stuffed it into his mouth and his expression too fell, just as Honey-senpai's had. "It's uh… very…rather… interesting flavor… and… it's hot… really… really hot. REALLY HOT!"

"Oh, you must have got the one with the Habanero peppers…" she said smiling.

"Wha!" Tamaki exclaimed! He suddenly took off running for the nearest bathroom. The twins broke out into a fit of laughter.

"Well, why don't you all take one," she said.

They did, but they didn't eat them...

"Ugh, Mama-san," Honey-senpai said calling her attention back to him, and during the brief moment of her back being turned Mori had passed them the trash can, into which they all threw the cakes.

She pitter pattered back over climbing upon onto the chair once more.

"Mama-san, why did you come all the way here to America?" he asked.

"What do you mean? Mama's little Honey bunny was injured. You can't expect a Mother not to want to see her child when he's injured! Besides, we all know Mommy kisses are the only things that heal injuries," she explained and leaning forward she kissed his cheek. Honey had had to lean over too as she couldn't quite reach even though she was standing on tip toes.

Suddenly the loud pounding of feet through a corridor was heard and a large man came bounding up the hall. He was also dressed in old fashioned Japanese clothes. Though he was very large, not freakishly large, he didn't look like a giant or anything. Though upon his entering the room they noticed he was a good head length taller than Mori-senpai.

"Son!" he said sternly upon entering. "How is it that you were defeated?"

"I guess I was just sleepy," Honey said smiling. "I didn't sleep well the night before I was challenged so I guess I just wasn't on my game."

Haruhi blinked… That was true. Honey and Mori had been taking two hour shifts to guard her at night, not to mention one of them had made sure to always be with her in the day time. Was… had she been the reason Honey got hurt so bad? If he hadn't been so tired, would he have come out better in that fight?

"Who was it?!" he snapped. "I demand to know, we'll sent the whole Haninozuka clan after them!"

"No, that's okay Papa-san. I don't really know who it was, just some street thugs trying to pick a fight I think."

"Ugh… Honey-senpai," she said speaking up. "That's not tr—."

Suddenly Mori stuffed one of Honey's mother's cakes into her mouth. A clashing taste of avocado, banana peppers, and… was that peanut butter?!

She choked on the confection, hearing Mori say, "You looked like you needed cake."

Forcefully swallowing it down she turned back, "Mori-senpai!"

He frowned at her with a look that told her not to speak again…


"I know Papa-san… I'm sorry…" Honey said looking ashamed.

"Well what do you expect from someone who fails to embody the Haninozuka way so completely?" said a dull and dismal voice from the doorway. Upon turning they saw it was Honey-senpai's younger brother.

"Chika-chan! You came to see me!?" Honey cheered.

"I only wanted to confirm if what Mother told me was true… so you were injured afterall…" he said his eyes scoping his brother and taking in the state of him.

"You mean you wanted to check and make sure I was dying? Disappointed?" he asked smiling.

"A bit…" Chika said shrugging before leaning against the wall.

"What a thing to say about your brother!" snapped his tiny mother jumping from the chair she pulled out an umbrella (from who knows where) and hit her youngest son over the head with it a few times.

"Mother! Cut it out! Stop! Wait a minute!" he frowned as he brought up his arms to shield himself.

"You may be a rude boy, but that is no reason why you shouldn't have cake!" she said holding out the bag to him.


"Please have some my baby Chiki Chika!" she said.


"What a rude boy, don't you love your Mummy… After she slaved over a hot stove, with her tiny legs, and little arms. She could have died… Tripped and fallen into the oven, all in the efforts of making her precious boys some treats. The sacrifice a mother goes through for her children, and yet they treat her like this…" she sighed. "I even made yours with a tiny cutesy chicky on it, because I know how much you love them…"

"I don't either!" he snapped.

"But look at it!" she said holding it out. Indeed the little chick on the cake was imprinted in the icing looking just about as cute as anything…

"I don't…" he said frowning. Though his eyes were watering, much like Honey-senpai's would do when he saw cakes that he wanted but couldn't have, like back when they had banned sweets from the club room. Giving in and groaning, he held out his hand.

"Now what do you call me?"


"No!" she smacked him again with the umbrella.

"Ugh… Mama-san…" he sighed.

"Good boy," she said and she placed the cake into it his hand. Then she stood on her tip toes and patted his head. He was easier to reach since he had fallen to the ground while she had been smacking him with the umbrella.

"Mitsukuni!" his father snapped calling Honey's attention back to him. "You have disgraced our family name. I expect you to work harder in the future to recover from the shame that's fallen upon us today…"

"I will Father," Honey said looking serious. It seemed Honey would switch from Papa-san to Father depending on how serious he thought the situation was.

"Well then, I have to get back to the dojo," he walked over to his son tousling his hair slightly. "I am glad to see you're doing fine."

"Thanks for coming to see me Papa-san!" he said grinning.

"What about me?" piped up the lady from the chair beside him.

"And of course you Mama-san!" he said carefully leaning over he hugged her.

"Tsk… If you're not dead then I'm leaving," Chika sighed turning to go. His Father suddenly reached out his hand grabbing Chika by his collar.

"You say goodbye properly to your brother!" he snapped spinning him around, and thus Chika was forced to give Honey a proper goodbye. Shortly after they left…

Mori walked out into the hall after then and waited until they had rounded the corner when he turned to the door of what appeared to be a hall closet. Which he opened quickly.

"Whaaa!" his brother had fallen out onto the floor.

"I thought you would be here," Mori said staring down at him.

"Ha…" Satoshi jumped to his feet.

"Did you follow Yasuchika here?"

"Yup!" Satoshi said grinning. "He got mad at me though and said I couldn't follow him. But I still did in secret!"

"If he ordered you to stay, you should have stayed…" Mori said blankly.

"Well…" Satoshi sighed. "I couldn't not follow him… You should have seen his face when he got the call saying Honey had been injured. He looked like his whole world had ended and while he packed for his flight here he kept going on and on about what he was supposed to do if Mitsukuni died…"

"Mitsukuni will be happy to hear that," Mori said smiling a little.

"Ugh! Don't tell Yasuchika I said that okay!"


"So Mitsukuni is okay then…"

"Yeah," he explained.

"Good. Well anyway, I'm gonna go sneak off after him again!" Satoshi said. "Bye big brother! See you later, tell Mitsukuni I hope he gets better soon!"

With that Satoshi took off down the hall after them, and Mori turned back heading into Honey's hospital room and closing the door behind him.

"So your brother followed Chika-chan huh?" Honey asked.


"Alright, now that we're alone I got some questions," Haruhi said turning to Honey. "Why didn't you tell your Father about your Uncle? And what exactly is with all this secrecy between you two. Both you and Mori-senpai have been acting like there is some secret going on just between you guys."

"Well, I'll guess I have to tell you everything," Honey said smiling. "Hhmm… let's see… As you know, Hasuru is my Uncle, but we kicked him out of our clan some time ago. I was… Four… Five maybe… I'm not sure… Anyway, he was very skilled and really strong. However, he didn't use the Haninozuka way like you're supposed to. He went out of his way to hurt people. For many years, he was the main teacher at our dojo. Now, when you train someone you're supposed to go easy on them so they can build up their strength and slowly improve. But he would go all out on the students using techniques far above their level and a lot of our students got hurt. I remember in my last training session with him he used all the strength he had while fighting me and he broke my arm in the process."

"Didn't you say you four or five when he left?" the twins asked.

"Yup," Honey answered.

"So he broke a five year old's arm…" Kaoru said frowning.

"Harsh, what an asshole…" Hikaru snapped.

"He would make you feel bad too. According to my Uncle, you should use your full strength in every fight, no matter who your opponent is, and if they were strong enough they would be able to withstand it. If they were too weak, they would get hurt. He was my Uncle and my teacher so I believed him. I didn't even tell anyone my arm was broken for a few days because I didn't want my father hearing about how badly I had failed."

He looked up at Mori smiling, "But my Grandmother came to visit me shortly after that and she found out my arm was broken, so I had to tell her how it happened and she was angry. She banished my Uncle from our Clan and had me go to the doctor to finally get my arm looked at. She explained to me that that was not the proper way to learn how to fight and that's when she gave me Bun-bun. She said he would protect me even when she wasn't there to look out for me, and that I should never be afraid to stand up for when I felt someone was doing something wrong…"

"So… out of curiosity was your Grandmother short too?" Hikaru asked.

"Huh?" Honey blinked. "No. Grandma was tall… Why? What's it matter?"

"No reason…" The twins chimed together.

"Alright then… why didn't you want to tell us about it? You two have been acting worried so…"

"Well, Uncle holds a bit of a grudge. He even developed the Akuzon style of fighting, which is basically our family's style except more brutal and deceitful. His style is just as powerful but without mercy or honoring ideals. We noticed from the video Kyo-chan played for us that it was his style, and we knew if he wanted to use force in an effort to take you then someone was going to end up really hurt."

"Well, you did…"

"Hhmm?" Honey blinked at her and smiled. "I don't count. Mori either. It's our job to protect and defend, it's in our clans honor code, and since my Uncle's style wouldn't exist were it not my family's way of fighting. That makes what every evil produced by his technique is by extension, our fault. So it's our job to see to it. That's part of the reason why I pledged my hands to you Haru-chan."

"Mitsukuni? You did what?" Mori said staring at him. But Honey seemed to be ignoring his gaze.

"Yeah about that, what does that mean?" Haruhi asked.

"That means I have to obey your every command or die in the attempt. So when you said you weren't going, that was me telling my Uncle I'd die before I let him take you."

"Well, you didn't need to take it that far did you?" she asked frowning.

"Well, that wasn't the only reason why I did it…"


"Clan servants can't be romantically involved with the people they serve," he explained. "So by doing this, my Dad can't pester me to marry you... I'm glad he didn't notice you were here. He'll probably be a little mad… But I think serving a Princess would be better than marrying one. Either way it still shows my family in a good light. So I doubt Papa-san will be too mad…"

"…" Haruhi frowned.

"Besides," Honey said leaning back onto his pillows. "You told him you would go to that ball didn't you. Kishon is a pretty rotten place and being a pledged servant to you this will ensure that I can follow you anywhere within its borders."

"I doubt you'd have to follow me senpai," Haruhi said frowning.

"On the contrary Haruhi, Kishon is currently under a dictatorship. The citizens and even visitors don't have the same rights and freedoms as they do in other countries. Once you touch their land you'll be on their turf and then are subject to their rules. It's probably a very good thing Honey did what he did otherwise they could confiscate your passport and prevent you from leaving after you arrive there."

"Couldn't they still?" Haruhi asked raising an eyebrow.

"Technically yes, but forcefully containing a commoner is an entirely different thing from forcefully containing the family heir of rich and ancient noble family," Kyoya explained. "With Honey being a pledged servant to you they can't force him to leave your side, nor can you be taken anywhere without him. Not, without it causing an incident of course…"

Kyoya turned to Honey-senpai. "Quite a smart move, I'm impressed."

"You're not the only one who thinks ahead," Honey said smiling. "But it would probably still be better if we all go there to protect Haru-chan. Besides that I doubt Tama-chan would want to leave her side that long…"

"Speaking of our Lord, where is he anyway?" Hikaru asked looking around the room for the light brown hair he was classically known for.

"Last we saw he had ate that hot cake from Honey-senpai's mother and ran off…" Kaoru pointed out.

"Maybe someone should go look for him," Honey pointed out. After a moment of silence in which no one moved he added. "And I'm referring to the someones who aren't currently laid up in a hospital bed…"

"Yeah, okay, we get the picture," the twins sighed. "We'll go look for him."

This is my first Ouran Host Club story so I hope it turns out to be good! *crosses fingers* We'll see!

If you're confused at all about the set up, this story takes place right around where the manga ends. If you haven't read the Manga I highly suggest you do. It's awesome, and many manga only characters will be featured in this story. So please do read. XP