Southstuck Ch. 2

Hey everyone pieguy6mc here, Ch. 2 is FINALLY HERE! Sorry for the lack of updates, I've had school and have been communicating with other writers. so I have decided to add in some OCs. Around Ch. 5-6 maybe my Homestuck OC will join the story & around Ch. 7 maybe two South Park OCs will join. Me and my friends. If you don't like this then PM me. Anyway, on with the Chapter! Oh, and can someone tell me how to make a poll?

As you walked outside into the chilly Saturday morning air you couldn't believe what you saw. There were like 6 people in weird looking pajamas. But one had HORNS and had on a jacket. Then The one in light blue pajamas noticed you. "Hi. I'm John. John Egbert. Nice to meet you. what's you name?" he asked kindly. You looked at all of them, then said, "I'm Stan Marsh. And why do you have on pajamas?" you asked. "It's called God Tier. Hey do you know where we are?" he asked Stan. "Welcome to South Park, Colorado." he replied. "Hey, it's cold out here, wanna come in for some hot cocoa?" he added. "Sure, I can introduce you to my friends here. Let's go!" John answered happily.

Sorry it was SO short. It's 9:42 PM and i'm laying here typing this while listening to The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance on repeat. But I think I did a good cliffhanger. Please review on how I did, I like to see my mistakes, just don't be jerks about it, ok? Ch. 4 may be coming soon. BYEEE!