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Hey guys thank you soooooo much for all your help suggestions and requests^^ Im going to go with a choice that makes as many of you happy as possible.

Okay so I'll be posting Memory Loss first and then Dragon Friend (the sequel)- before some of you get mad let me say why.

Some people wanted this and others wanted a little break, so since Memory Loss is another daily updated story it will take just under three weeks to post fully- which is what most of you seemed to think was the best time for the sequel anyway. So I will be posting Memory Loss this Sunday (29th) and Dragon Friend on 19th April (three weeks away).

I apologise if you asked for something else or don't like this choice but this was the best compromise I could come up with. okay so summary

Memory Loss- 29th March

Dragon Friend (the sequel to Dragon Boy)- 19th April

See you guys then ^^ I hope this is okay for you


When it says Frostcup at the top at the time I thought Frostcup meant friendship and Hijack meant romance BUT! (Before the shippers get upset- please don't, just read on, all will become clear) the way I write is that I do not confirm or deny any romance and leave my stories open for you to see whatever kind of relationship you want.

So if you want to see it as romance sure go ahead but I won't say for definate either way (this way I avoid attacks by rabid shippers)^^.