Yeah... I say I'll try to put out chapters faster but that doesn't usually end up happening, does it? By way of announcement, I plan on finishing up the doc I have full of half drabbles and the list of requests of have, but after that, I can't promise there will be many updates. I still love Black Butler and these two will forever be my OTP, I just feel like after 100+ chapters it's hard to get a variety and they're all starting to kind of feel the same.
As for this chapter, this is like a blend of three different requests so let's hope that turned out okay.

"The Queen's Watchdog… Heh, what would they think if they saw you like this?"

Ciel can't fight down his whimper as his hips rut against air. He looked wrecked back when they were making out against his desk; he has long since passed wrecked. No, he knows he looks absolutely debauched like this: his trousers pooled around his ankles, coat and waistcoat discarded ages ago, his shirt hanging open on his slim shoulders. Inky ropes of black essence keep him pressed face first on his desk, bind his wrists together, and keep his shaking legs spread. Sebastian's load drips down the back of his thighs, adding to this sinful picture. But what does it the devil is watching Ciel buck back against the dark tendril that penetrates him and rubs mercilessly at his swollen sweet spot.

"Ahn!" Ciel cries out and thrashes against the desk as pleasure jolts through his shuddering body. His voice went hoarse with his last release - now all his shouts are little more than breathy whine made high in his throat. "Se-Seb-Seb- Oh!" Every touch makes him beg for it to cease and keep going all at once - his over sensitive body longs for a break yet keens for more decadent pleasure all at once. He tried to close his parted thighs but Sebastian only tuts as more chthonic ropes twist around his legs and force them open.

"Don't try to shy away from me, little pet," the devil croons in his ear, sending gooseflesh down Ciel's arms. "Not when we both know you love it so. You love to be filthied by my hand, you beg for more so long as it is me who brings your pleasure." He shushes Ciel gently when he lets out a sob. Tears wet his eyelashes and drip down into his hair, but he presses back against the ceaseless assault on his prostate. "Naughty boy. What would anyone think if they saw you like this? What would they do if they knew how you loved to be trussed up?"

"I-I don't! Ahh!" Ciel tries to protest but it more than misses the mark as he spends a second time. The assault doesn't stop; in fact, another digit of inky black slips in his used hole and massages that spot that rips screams from his throat.

Sebastian clicks his tongue. "You try to lie but I know it's true. I know how you adore my tongue on you; how you long for me to bring you pleasure. How you love to be fucked like a lowly - little - whore."

"I don't!" he gets out between his sobs of ecstasy. He throws his head back with nothing short of a scream when the tendrils press more insistently against that little nerve.

"You do," growls Sebastian. "You beg for my cock like a bitch in heat. I'm sure if you had your way, you'd drop the pretence of earl and just beg to be filled all day long. I'd service you," he croons. He finds himself unable to keep his hands off the boy and slides his hands down to palm his pale arse. He bounces his hands lightly, watching as the flesh wobbles. "Give you load after load after load, just like you want. All you have to do is beg."

Ciel whimpers when the last words are breathed against the shell of his ear. He tries to cling desperately to his pride - until blackness squeezes the base of his member and he's suddenly filled with pleasure that has nowhere to go. "Seb- please!" He can't be ashamed of his begging, not when he had been so close to another climax then was suddenly and rudely denied it. "Please, I need it! I need to come, let me come! Seb-bastion!" It ends in a high whine when the tendril is removed and his release crashes over him and he spends.

The assault slowly eases off until the blackness dissipates completely, leaving Ciel breathing hard as he sprawls over the top of his desk. Sebastian gathers the quivering, thoroughly wrecked boy in his arms. Ciel immediately curls against his chest and Sebastian scrapes his nails lightly through his slate hair. "My little kitten," he croons. Ciel finds his eyes feeling heavy, and the way Sebastian rocks him as he is carried to his quarters does nothing to help the sudden exhaustion. "They will never see what a little wretch you can be. That is for me only; you are mine alone."