Hi! First of all, thank you somuch to all who reviewed. It's great to know that people actually read this!

Secondly, I hope you liked the second version! If you really preferred the first version, you can e-mail my beta and she'll send it to you: aimee_the_beta@yahoo.com

Also, I can't guarantee that the new version is perfect, I edited the changes a lot less than the first time around...if you find any mistakes feel free to email or leave it in a note and we'll fix it as soon as possible!

I'm sorry, there will not be a sequel. It just isn't too viable, I guess the only thing I could do is go back to the future and have Lupin tell Harry and Ron what happened to Hermione...but I think that that's better left unsaid, plus it wouldn't make for that great of a plot.

Also, please see my next fic, "The Longest Week Ever." It's not really as serious as this one, it's more fun...at least I had fun writing it!

I'm bouncing around ideas for a new drama piece, like this one. I have a few things I could go with, but I don't want to rush it and have it be rubbish. Oh well.

Love you all!