Hi everyone! This is my first fanfic. I hope that you'll enjoy it! I have to clear up some things from the get-go to prevent confusion. For the sake of this fanfiction, FNAF 2 will be a sequel to FNAF 1 (I know that the game is a prequel tho). I see the old animatronics as in the first game. The new (toy) ones are the same as in the second game. Also, the genders are the same as the official, except for Mangle being female. The events take place in 2017. Also, they can do whatever people can: eat,sleep,feel, etc.

Most importantly, Balloon boy will not be included in this fanfic. I hope you guys don't have a problem with that.

That's about it...now on with the first chapter...enjoy! :)

8:30 PM, January 24th, 2017 ~ The Old Pizzeria

It's finally closing time. After a long day, the last kid has left the pizzeria. Freddy, Bonnie and Chica could finally take a breath and enjoy the peace and quietness. The 3 janitors entered the pizzeria for their usual cleanup. They started cleaning the dining area from all the mess that kids have made. And every evening, they entered the pizzeria with a huge sigh, because of how much mess was made every day. To add to the mess, today one kid threw up on the floor after eating too much pizza. They started with the tables by throwing away used paper plates and throwing plastic cups into the dishwasher. Then the table cloths, then they moped the floor. The worst of all was cleaning the stains from the walls.

Freddy, Bonnie and Chica weren't allowed to move, because they couldn't let people know that they are "alive". They could just watch the janitors as they cleaned. Sometimes they whispered to each other when the janitors weren't near the stage. When all the employees left, it was 11:30 PM. They could finally move. Bonnie sighed: "Finally! You know, I love being near the kids, but when we have to just stand and do nothing for 3 hours, it really becomes boring and nerve-wrecking."

Freddy and Chica nodded. "Yeah, I can't take anymore of that. Sometimes I wish humans were ok with us being like them, so we could move!" Chica added.

Freddy hated the "no-moving" period the most. Though he loved the kids the most of the three/four. He was like a fatherly figure to the kids. He also tried to protect them whenever he saw any adult looking suspicious. They were finally able to move during the day after so many years after the bite. Even though Foxy bit the kid back then, the others forgave him. Though he was still out of order.

After a few minutes, Foxy peeked out of his curtain, after hearing them talk: "We be ok to move now?" The others were happy that they can finally do whatever they want. The clock struck 12 AM, though it was no matter to them. They didn't even notice it, because they had fun talking with eachother and playing "Monopoly".

"Hehe, lass, ye owe me 20 thousand", Foxy chuckled. Chica groaned and gave him 20K. Then it was her turn: "Okay, three. One, two, three, chance! Hmm...go to the nearest utility, if you pass start, take 20K." It was Freddy's turn. "Oooh, snake eyes", Bonnie chuckled. Freddy shrugged and played, "One, tw..." he was cut by the sound of a key clicking as someone unlocked the pizzeria door. They started to panic. No one ever came to the pizzeria until 8 AM when it was time to open.

The new security guard entered. He was shocked after he saw the animatronics moving, but kept calm. "What are you guys doing off the stage?" They all froze after they heard him speak. "And...Foxy?! How are you moving, aren't you supposed to be deactivated?" The animatronics looked at eachother and decided that he knew too much. They all started walking towards him. They could hear the fear in his voice. "Wh..what are you guys doing"? They grabbed him and carried him to the backstage room. He was scared for life, as he started shouting: "Please, don't kill me! Please, i'm begging you, don't hurt me!" Then they let him go. He was shaking in fear. Freddy was first to speak: "Who the fuck are you?! Why did you come here this late?!". Then he stuttered: "M-m-my name is Mike Sch-midt, I am the n-new night guard". Freddy then said: "But we didn't have any night guard since 1999! How come the owner decided to hire a new guard?". Mike answered his question with another question: "How are you guys talking?". Freddy answered sarcastically "With our voice boxes". Mike then said "No, I meant...think-talking. Your AI is programmed for entertaining kids, not for having conversations, and...swearing." Freddy answered: Haha, well...even we don't know. Sorry we scared you like that. Though tell us, how come Mr. Johnson hired you?" Mike answered: "I don't know, I just saw a flyer with the name of the pizzeria that said "help wanted"and...i just took the job because...uhh... I need money." Freddy, turning towards the others, said "Strange...why would he need a new guard?" The other three shrugged. "Whatever, if you are the guard, then go to the office and do your job.". The animatronics were turning away, planning to continue their Monopoly game, when Mike, after relaxing a little bit, spoke: "Actually, I didn't take the job for the money". They turned back to look at him. "I...i took the job because I wanted to spend some time with you guys." They became curious: "How do you know us?".

"I used to come here when i was 7 years old. You guys were the best thing that ever happened to my childhood. I couldn't wait to come back from school just to visit you guys." A smile appeared on all of their faces for a second, but then it disappeared after what Mike told them next. "You know, I came here today while you were busy with the kids. I have to break it to you. Mr. Johnson said that he was gonna close the pizzeria next week. He said that he was gonna deactivate you guys. I'm gonna work here the last week" Their eyes widened. Bonnie asked: "But...why? Why would he close the pizzeria? Why would he deactivate us?" Mike then replied: "He made a deal with another man that owned a bigger entertainment company. He sold the pizzeria to that man. That man is gonna open another pizzeria at the new location and...new animatronics." Their jaws dropped, as Chica started crying. Bonnie gave her a hug, but then he broke and started crying as well. Freddy and Foxy fell on the ground with their jaws dropped and hands on their heads. "No..."

Mike then said: "I'm sorry, I never knew you were so full of emotions. I didn't see this coming. I never thought I would tell you what would happen..." Freddy then whispered in shock "It's ok". Mike said: "Though you will not get scrapped. The new manager bought you too, and will keep you".

Freddy then asked: "So..who are the new ones?". "The animatronics? They are the new versions of you guys. As the man said, they are more "kid-friendly". Chica then snapped and said in a crying voice: "We are the most kid-friendly animatronics you could ever meet! It doesn't make sense!" Mike then replied: "Not like that, Chica. I heard a few parents complain about how the animatronics are creepy and that they don't want their kids to go to the pizzeria." Chica then went back to hugging Bonnie and crying.

There was 10-15 minutes of silence, until Foxy broke it. "Why don' we forget 'bout that and spend time together for the last week, no?" Freddy stood up and said "Foxy is right, let's hang out and make the best of our last week. And Mike..." Mike then looked at Freddy. "...would you like to join us?". He then said "I'd be more than happy to!" Foxy was holding the door of the backstage room for everyone to exit. When Mike was about to exit, he stopped and looked at Foxy. "Hey Foxy..." "Aye, lad?" "I just wanted to say that...when I was little, you were my favorite" Foxy then let out a hearty laugh "Yarr harr harr! Ye said that like ye were still a li'l kiddie! Ye will always be part of me pirate's crew!" and then gave him a hug.

They all played Monopoly, with Foxy winning every single time. Either he was good at this game,lucky, or the closing news didn't affect him too much, though the first one can't be true. Chica went into the kitchen baked 5 smaller pizzas for each of them. Mike was surprised that they could eat, but he didn't bring it up because he didn't want them to get uncomfortable. Bonnie, after devouring his pizza first, said "My compliments to the chef! As always, you make the best pizzas ever, Chica!". Chica then gave him a hug and whispered to him: "Listen, i need to tell you something. Come to the kitchen." Bonnie followed Chica, curious to what she would say to him, though he had a hint of happiness in his expression.

After she closed the door, she started: "Bonnie, since the pizzeria is closing and we are getting deactivated, I think it's the time to tell you that...I...uhh..I...well...I..." Bonnie then cut her off by saying "..love me?" with a huge smile forming on his face. Chica was surprised, and then asked: "How..did you know?". Bonnie replied: "Well I was going to confess to you as well. But you beat me to it...Chica...I love you too. I was too shy to break it to you, I thought you would think I'm cra..." He stopped talking. He couldn't talk because Chica's lips..well, beak..was on his lips. He was kind of surprised by a sudden kiss, but he closed his eyes and returned the kiss. Both of them were blushing madly, they looked like a pair of tomatoes. They were kissing so passionately for 2 minutes straight. They didn't even notice that Foxy got into the kitchen. He noticed that they were kissing, so he started sneaking to the fridge, grabbed a bottle of coke, and leaned onto the counter watching them with a smile on his face while drinking the coke.

After they broke from the kiss, they finally noticed him. They looked at him as they quickly broke from the hug, playing innocent. "Foxy...you..how did you..." Both of them stuttering while blushing madly. Foxy, then, with a hint of guilt in his voice, said: "I be sorry for interrupting ye two love birds, but I just couldn't 'elp but watch ye two. The sight warmed me servos, I be leavin' now...sorry again, I won't be tellin' Freddy." After he left, the two kissed once more, but this time only for a few seconds. "I love you Bonnie..." "I love you too, Chica".

Their last week together, everyone had a blast. Then came Mike's last day at work, which was also the animatronics's last day.

It was 6 AM, and a few minutes before the mechanics came into the pizzeria, Mike promised something to them: "Listen, guys, I've heard that the new boss is looking for a night guard. I spoke to him yesterday and he said that I will probably get the job. After that, even if I know nothing about mechanics and robotics, I will try my best to activate you guys again!" The animatronics were stunned when they heard what Mike would do for them. Freddy then said "Mike, look, we appreciate that a whole bunch, but we don't want you to get yourself in trouble." Mike then confidently said with a smile on his face: "Don't worry about me, I will be ok!" Then they heard the door open. Mike then said to them "See ya later!" as he went back to the office to pick up his stuff. Bonnie and Chica didn't care if Freddy knew or not, they kissed and both said at the same time "I love you". Freddy looked at them and was very happy to see them together. He then told them: "I kind of knew it" with a wink. Then they quickly returned to their positions and pretended to be inactive. Through the door entered 5 men, who looked like they could lift a heavy animatronic. They decided to start with Bonnie. One of them went behind Bonnie and opened a compartment on his neck. With a flick of a switch, Bonnie went limp and collapsed onto the remaining four engineers that caught him, lifting him up in the air and carrying him out through the door. Chica watched it and softly whimpered. They did the same with Freddy, and then lastly with Chica. They placed them into a truck that was gonna get them to the new location. Soon after, Foxy joined them as well, though they didn't deactivate him the same way, thinking that he was deactivated already,because that's what Mr. Johnson told them. That took him by surprise. He listened from the inside.

"Ok, sir! We got them all in!". Then another voice spoke. "Great job, boys! Here is the money, and here are your tips. 100$ for each of you, for your troubles." "Wow, thank you Mr. Stevens, we really appreciate that!" said the mechanic.

The engine started, as the truck drove away.

Meanwhile, back in the pizzeria ~ Golden Freddy's P.O.V

I've been watching this place for 30 years, and even if I'm alone, I enjoy watching over this old place. I haven't come out for a while now, but something inside of me told me that I somethings wrong, I could feel it. I decided to check on the place again. I came out of the basement where I was living. I saw that Freddy and the others weren't in the pizzeria. That's strange! They never left the pizzeria. For 30 years, they were always in here. Something is definitely wrong. I'll try to contact Freddy...

Why can't I speak to him? Why can't I reach his mind? He isn't responding! Something must have went horribly wrong. Without them, there will be no children. I've got to find them! I hope they are ok.

That's the end of the first chapter. What do you guys think? I'm still a noob, I don't know much about how this site functions, though I will git gud. I really hope you enjoyed the first chapter. I know that this chapter has nothing to do with the title, BUTT,(no it isn't a typo) i promise, the story will soon be all about Foxy x Mangle. I'll try to make the upcoming chapters a bit longer as well (3500-5000 words) Until next time...
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