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Summary: Kuroko was supposed to die in an accident right after the middle school match which destroyed Ogiwara. But what if, he did not actually die, he joined Seirin but something else happened to Kuroko instead.

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Akashi's POV

"Ne,* Akashi kun." Akashi turned around to look at the bluenette.

He smiled, "Yes, Kuroko?" (When they were still in second year, Akashi had not really change yet.)

"Today, will you be playing the violin for me?" Kuroko said with his eyes sparkling even though the blank face still present.

Akashi nodded as he smiled slightly.

The redhead did not once love doing the things his father told him too. Everything he did was an order by his father. Including violin, business course and etc. Except for basketball.

Not once, someone told him that something he did because of his father, violin was nice and relaxing when Akashi played it.

And that someone who did that was Kuroko Tetsuya.

From then, Kuroko and Akashi would often stay back after practice and Akashi would take out the violin as Kuroko will listen attentively.

After he finished playing, Kuroko will always clap his hand and compliment how great it sounded.

Well, that may sounded like flattery but the redhead knows how Kuroko hated lie and will not flatter about such things.


"Why… Did you have to play that kind of match…?" Kuroko asked after the last year match.

"Why…? The difference between our strength is huge anyway. No matter what we do, the results won't change." Akashi said back.

"I said I didn't want you to go easy on them."

"We merely manipulated the match. Compared to just competing to see who scores the most, this way the team concentrated even better."

"No! What I'm saying is-" Kuroko shouted with his eyes wide open.

"If you think I'm just justifying myself, it doesn't matter, but if you wanted us to play seriously, why didn't you say something about the other matches?"

"It's also impossible for me to forget everything. So… I won't play basketball anymore." Kuroko said sadly as he leaves.

Akashi watched him left as somewhere inside his mind, he saw Kuroko disappearing like a real phantom.

He narrowed his eyes.

He wondered too. Why did he do that? When did he, no, they changed?

He just hurt him. He won't play basketball again.

He will be able to meet Kuroko again… Right? School year was not over yet.

Still feeling weirdly insecure, he ran out of the gym to find Kuroko.

"Where are you going, Akachin?" Murasakibara asked when Akashi was opening the door.

Akashi kept silent as he dashed out.


Kuroko's POV

Those words… I see.

He tried to stop the tears from coming out as he was waiting for the train.

He remembered all the good memories he had… especially with Akashi kun.

He was sure he will miss it huh. The soothing sound that came out when Akashi kun pulled the string. After Akashi had changed, the time they spend together after practice to listen to violin had become lesser and lesser till it became none.

When Akashi played the violin, it was impressive indeed. But what makes it more captivating was Akashi's face as he pulled the string. The way he closed his eyes as he played while swaying his body slightly to match the sound.

"Train SAK123L had arrived. All passengers please move behind the yellow line. All passengers please move behind the yellow line."

Kuroko snapped out of his thought as he went in the train and people around also started walking in.


Akashi's POV

Akashi was running with all his strength to the train station. He looked to the train as he saw Kuroko was sitting inside. There were not much people therefore Akashi can see Kuroko clearly.

He was about to call out to Kuroko but the doors had closed.

Akashi panted from the running he did.

He stared at the train as it went. After staring for a few seconds, he walked out of the station.

What was he even going to say to Kuroko if he met him?

He had no idea and was currently standing at the entrance/exit of the station. He looked up as the sun had gone totally down and moon had become more obvious. The stars were sparkling up above. He let out a sigh which it's rare for him as he left the area.

As he was halfway walking to the area where his driver was supposed to meet him, he looked to the sky. The sky had changed. The moon had dimmed down, the stars had replaced with gloomy clouds. Soon, rain droplets had fallen from the sky.

"It's raining?" He said in a puzzled manner, the forecast did not mention about raining.

There are things that cannot be predicted. Even Akashi.

He quickly walked faster to a sheltered area which happened to be in front of an electronics shop. He dried himself as he fished out his phone to tell his driver the new location.

He snapped his phone off as he looked to the sky. (again.)

It was really gloomy.

"Just a few moments ago, we received news. Train SAK123L had collided with another empty train which was on the way to maintain! The passengers in train SAK123L do not have a lot of people. We were still investigating the cause! Apparently, a track had misfunctioned and did not change the direction where the empty train was supposed to go!" The reporter in the news exclaimed. (Err… the track the side thing that moves to different direction thing? I don't think it is possible but let's be unrealistic here. :P)

Train… SAK123L?

"Ah. It is around this area isn't it?" A customer said worriedly as he was inside the shop looking at the news.

"Yeah. You can just walk from here. I hope they are fine." The shopkeeper told the customer.

Akashi's mind went wild.

"I am Kuroko Tetsuya. Nice to meet you."

"I like the way you played the violin, it was nice."

"Akashi kun…"

"Akashi kun."


"Are we playing violin today?"

"Sorry, I am busy."

"Akashi kun, Aomine kun had-"


"Why… Did you have to play that kind of match…?"

"… I won't play basketball anymore"

"Train SAK123L had arrived-"

"Train SAK123L had collided with-"

"Akashi kun."

"Akashi kun…"

"Akashi kun…"

And darkness was all it left.


'I needed… to apologize to Tetsuya…'


It's too late to apologize.



Akashi woke up in a panic. He shook his head vigourously as he tried to get rid of the dream.

It was all in the past. It's been a few months since Kuroko left.

(Let's take it that Teiko locates at Kyoto.)

After the news, all of the Kiseki no Sedai* left Kyoto. The place where Kuroko had left them. None of them wants to stay at Kyoto except for Akashi that is.

Aomine and Midorima moved to Tokyo.

Kise went to Kanagawa and Murasakibara went to Akita.


Akashi was getting ready for his first day of school. He had joined Rakuzan High. That… was the school his father demanded him to join. But there is one thing that he defied his father.

After Kuroko's death, Akashi had rejected every single violin lesson. He even broke the violin he had.


"Seijuuro, I expect you to show a good role model for the first day of school." His father said as they were eating breakfast.


His father nodded in satisfaction as they continue eating the breakfast in silence.


If only you are still here. Would life now be different?


*Ne: Hey

*Kiseki no Sedai: Generation of Miracles