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He is alive. I am not dreaming.

A small genuine smile appeared at Midorima's face that only Kuroko saw.

"Thank you. Thank you for being alive, Kuroko." The greenhead whispered gratefully as he digged his right hand inside his pocket, searching for something.

"Here." He handed a small pink bunny key chain to Kuroko as his face slowly changed back to his usual serious, tsundere look.

"W-What is this, Midorima san?" Kuroko asked confused with the greenette's expression.

He was scolding him and asking him to leave a moment ago, and now he is smiling at him?

"Lucky item for Aquarius today."

After the day when he thought Kuroko was dead, he have always brought Aquarius lucky item with him as well, hoping to give him luck even when he is at somewhere far far away.

Midorima adjusted his glasses as he turned to face Seirin, "Even though Kuroko is in this team, Shutoku will not lose. We, Kiseki no Sedai, will not lose at all." He said arrogantly.

"W-What-" Hyuga was going to explode as he was interrupted again.

"What the hell. We will surely win you and get into the Interhigh Preliminaries." Kagami proclaimed.

Midorima simply adjust his glasses as he proceeds out to the exit.

Kuroko simply stayed where he was, feeling confused.

What? What the hell?

"Huh? What's with his problem? Didn't he chase you out just now, and now he is back with this weird keychain?" Kagami scowled as he glared at the exit door.

"Maa maa, it might be his way of apology, maybe he realised he was being rude?" Koganei thought.

"Then why did he even ask Kuroko to get out in the first place if he know he was being rude." The red head protested, not convinced with Koganei's answer.

"Kuroko, you okay?" Koganei asked worriedly, translating what Mitobe was showing.

The bluenette nod simply while staring at the bunny key chain intensely, 'Why is everyone from my past so shocked that I am alive? If we are really teammates, shouldn't they know everything?'

He touched his heart. Truthfully, him being part of the Kiseki team, Kise kun, Midorima kun, even him playing basketball all come as a shock and haven't really sipped inside him yet.

"Thinking about what happened is useless! Now, let's practice! The coach should be back soon." the clutch shooter exclaimed as he picked up the basketball that were forgotten for a while and start shooting.

Kuroko shook his head, trying to get rid of his thought.

Thinking now will not do anything.

He sat aside as he took out his notebook. As a manager, he perhaps should start by analysing his team's ability then later watch the videos of Shuutoku.

As a very observant boy, he wrote down some detailed things and many useful information and points to take note of.

"Look out, Kuroko!" A shout cause him to stop writing and look up.

His hand subconsciously took hold of the orange ball that was about to shoot his head.

"Mengo Mengo*!" Koganei placed his palms together as he rubbed it in an apologetic way.

"It's okay, senpai. Here." He passed the ball to the brownette.

"Ah! Kuroko, you played basketball once right?" He exclaimed as though he just remembered.

"Yes. However, I don't quite remember-"

"Captain! Why not let Kuroko join too?" He shouted across the court, and he turned back to Kuroko, "You can just practice with us!"

"But…" The bluenette looked down at his wheelchair, "You say that but how?"

"Oh! That's a good idea!" Izuki shouted in agreement, followed by all the agreement given by the rest and a big thumb up by Hyuga.

"See! Everyone agrees too! Come on." Without waiting for the reply, he run behind Kuroko and pushed his wheelchair towards where everyone is waiting.


It's really fun. Kuroko had tried passing and shooting while on his wheelchair.

The Seirin people are quite patient as they slowly teach Kuroko some of the basic, but he learned it quite fast, probably because he played it before. Even though he had forgotten.

"Here." Kagami passed an extra towel from his own bag, "You looked like you had a lot of fun." He grinned.

"Thank you, Kagami kun." Kuroko wiped his sweat as he grinned happily, "Yep!"

The red head looked away, turning beet red from the bluenette's smile, "G-good."

The bluenette rotate his wheelchair to face the team as he bowed very low till his head almost hit his thigh, "Thank you, minna!*"

Today is probably the day he had the most fun since he entered this school.

Hyuuga shyly scratch his chin as he walked over and pet his head, "W-well. Don't mention it. You can always come join us."

"You sure I won't be a burden?"

"Of course not, baka kouhai*" the captain ruffled the bluenette hair as he scolded slightly which later turn into a smile.

"Ah. I haven't analyze Shuutoku's video." Kuroko suddenly remember.

"Well. Shall we all watch together?" Captain said to the rest of the group resulting in the 'Oh!' screams in the gym.

The bluenette smile. Ain't he feel oh so lucky being in this warm team?



"I'm home!" Kuroko Tetsuya announced as he slowly and carefully pushed his wheelchair through the narrow door.

"Ah. Welcome home, Tetsuya." Kuroko Meiko, Tetsuya's mother shouted from the kitchen, "Dinner is done soon. Go get changed and come here."

"Hai!" Tetsuya moved his wheelchair towards the most end room at the first floor, quickly changed as he moved out and bumped into his father.

"Tetsuya. Welcome home. Do you need help?" Kuroko Rei asked his son with his famous blank gaze.

"Ah it's fine. I am done changing. Let's go." Rei nodded as he took the initiative and helped to push his son out to the dining room.

Well, in the beginning, even changing clothes was tough to Kuroko. But after a while, and feeling like a burden to his parents for helping him day and night, he tried to do some things by himself no matter how much his parents disagree and insisted on helping him with his daily tasks.


"Oh Tetsuya. Why are you late this few days? Is the library club that busy?" Meiko asked gently as she scooped some vegetables to her son's plate and started a conversation.

"Ah no. I joined another club." He smiles happily.

"What club? I am glad that you are enjoying high school, Tetsuya." Rei said, despite his blank face, Tetsuya knows that Rei is genuinely happy for him.


"B-basket- what?" Meiko dropped her spoon to her plate quite loudly.

Tetsuya tilted his head to his side, "Is… Is something wrong?"

"Quit the club, Tetsuya. There are other club you can choose. Why do you have to choose basketball." Rei said unexpectedly, rather sternly and to be quite frankly, rather unreasonable and demanding.

"Why? If you are worried about my legs, its fine. I am just a manager, and also my teammates said that I am not being a burden." He tried to reassure.

"No." His father didn't budge his decision.

"Listen to your father, Tetsuya. We are doing all this for you!"

"Father, mother." He placed his cutlery neatly beside his half eaten plate, "Why? Is it bad that I played basketball?" He stared straight at his father's blue clear yet with a small tinge of sadness eyes.

Meiko and Rei told Tetsuya a lot of things about his past when he lost his memories. Bad and good, everything. But none about basketball. Actually, this is the part that Tetsuya don't understand the most.

"We are doing this for you! You will regret it if you play basketball." Rei closed his eyes as he said firmly.

He stopped eating as well and stood up leaving his half eat food aside, "I am done." And there, he left.

Tetsuya shifted his gaze to his mother who just shook her head, "Your father is right."

"Just put your plate aside once you are done." She said this last sentence as she, also stood up and went to her room.

"What…" He stared at the empty chairs, confused, "What's going on."

He closed his eyes trying to understand the situation which turned out to be unsuccessful.

Well. All he knows is that the fact that he is enjoying basketball right now. Will he regret like what his parents said? Will he eventually hate basketball? For what reason? There's one answer.

His past.


Kise's apartment

Ring ring.

"Mou. Who is calling now?" Kise said lazily as he was already on the bed, lying down, reading some magazine and doing his daily mask treatment.

He removed the mask sheet from his face, throwing aside and sat upright as he reached out for his phone which is on the table across his bed.

"Kise Ryouta's here!" He exclaimed cheerfully despite his complains just now.


"Ah! Midorimachhi! It's rare that you are calling me." He grinned widely after hearing the voice from his old teammate.

"I. I saw Kuroko."

Kise's smile instantly dropped, "Ah. I see," He paused to take a deep breath, "Yes that's right. Kurokocchi is still alive."

"Why is he in basketball club?"

"It's his decision."

"No. Kuroko will definitely not play basketball after that match."

"Ahhh. Midorimacchi doesn't know yet."

"Know what? What happened to Kuroko? And now that you say so, why is he on a wheelchair? Is it the aftermath from that incident?"

"Kurokocchi doesn't remember us."

"What do you mean? I mean he…" Silence was followed by that sentence.

"I'm sorry, Kise. I need some time to process this."

"Mi-" He was cut off by a beep beep sound, signalling the other have already hung up.

"Midorimacchi… It was our fault. That match was not supposed to end up that way… We caused Kurokocchi's legs and memories." Kise said sadly as he is still holding the phone.

He hold up his phone again and dialled another number which he memorized by heart.

Ring ring.

Ring ring.

Ring ring.

Ka ching.

He removed the phone from his ears as he stared at it.


"Why is Kurokocchi not answering?" He smiled sadly as he curled into a ball and lied on his bed, "I miss him already."

To be honest. He didn't know what to say when Kuroko picked up.

Then why did he call?

Saa. He had no idea. He just has the urge to… Urge to listen to his voice again. To make sure it was not just a long long dream. To hear his beautiful voice again. He missed the bluenette. Sure, of course. Kuroko Tetsuya had already conquered Kise Ryouta's heart completely.


Hey! I know I made Kuroko's parents a little dramatic but heyyy. You and I know that Kuroko's accident was partially caused by basketball. Which parents in their right mind will let their child go back to basketball when it once almost killed their child even though it was an accident? Gee guys. Actually, everything and of course I mean EVERYTHING are just so dramatic. But you can't really blame me, okayyyy. I really don't know how to convey that feeling into words. And it just turned out being exaggerating. Ahhh well. This is the best I can do.

*Mengo mengo: Gomen gomen = sorry sorry.

*Minna: Everyone

*Baka kouhai: Idiot junior